Overview gasoline trimmer for Sungarden GB grass. Champion T433-2

best inexpensive gasoline trimmers-rating for 2022

Updated: 05.05.2022 gasoline trimmer for grass is a type of garden technique for mowing vegetation. The device is able to cope with different grass, dried, young shoots of trees and shrubs. Unlike traditional lawn mowers, this is a more universal tool. It works both in open, even, and in hard.to.reach areas, with uneven relief.

With the help of a gasoline trimmer for grass (lawn mowing), you can perform diverse tasks. Maintain order on the site of a private house, care for flower beds and lawns, garden and garden. Use for hay harvesting, away from housing. The design of the device allows you to effectively remove grass along the borders, buildings, under trees and other places of complicated places for other technology.

The device of the lawn mower is quite simple. Consists of a gasoline engine, a long bar with a gearbox, control handle. Engine and gearbox, in most cases, are located at the opposite ends of the bar. Additionally, the tool is equipped with fasteners and various cutting nozzles.

The main advantage of the gasoline device is autonomy and ease of work. It does not depend on the availability of a power grid as an electric. Managing a trimmer without a wired connection is much more comfortable.

The disadvantages include increased noise during operation, the presence of exhaust gases, more complex maintenance (compared to electric).

Classified gasoline trimmers for grass according to several signs.

Inexpensive household models, thanks to the affordable cost, the most popular segment represented by a wide range. Among the best devices, it is really possible to choose an option that will successfully cope with the tasks.

For an inexpensive trimmer for grass, the following characteristics are important:

    Engine type and power. The engine of most models is two.stroke. Advantages: the use of a cheaper fuel mixture does not need a separate lubricant. compact than four.stroke does not weight a braid. Among the disadvantages are less resource, power, smell of burning when burning oil, the need to prepare a mixture.

By power, trimmers for grass can be divided into groups:

  • Up to 1 liter.With. (horse force). Effective for rare use and small volumes of work.
  • 1-2 l.With. For more large.scale tasks and long.term work: processing the average in size of the site, for hay harvesting and other.
  • than 2 liters.With. For long.term work in large areas.
  • Whole and collapsible. The first is more reliable. The second more convenient for transportation.
  • Direct and curved. Straightforward, withstands greater power. Curved is considered ergonomic, hands get tired less.
  • A reel with a fishing line. It is more convenient for semi.automatic coils in which the fishing line feeds when the button is pressed with a blow to the ground. a fishing line for a trimmer can have a different diameter and shape. The more powerful the device, the greater the permissible thickness of the fishing line and better cutting properties.
  • Form (profile) can be round, square, stellar, twisted. Included with inexpensive devices usually there is a round fishing line for a trimmer suitable for lawn grass. With the help of a thick star fishing line, it is good to cut off thick grass and shoots in hard.to.reach places.
  • Metal knife, or disk, cuts off tall, thick grass, shoots of bushes and trees. The knife can have 2, 3, 4 and 8 blades affecting the effectiveness of the cut. Nozzle of this type “does not like” obstacles in the form of stones, borders, etc., Too uneven relief.

The cost of the device depends on the combination and the presence of certain characteristics, quality of materials, brand-producer.

Presenting a rating of inexpensive gasoline trimmers 2022. The best 11 models that were selected by our experts on reviews and user estimates.

Rating (2022) Prices, ₽ Country
one. Patriot Pt 3555es Country from 10,000 rubles China
2. Huter GGT-1900T from 9300 rubles China
3. Champion T333-2 from 10900 rubles China
four. Denzel DT 43S from 11700 rubles
5. Huter GGT-1300T from 9600 rubles China
6. Elitech T 33r from 8100 rubles China
7. Patriot Pt 443 The One from 8900 rubles China
eight. Redverg RD-GB233S from 10300 rubles China
9. Interskol KB-25/43V from 8000 rubles China,
ten. Carver Promo PBC-43 from 6200 rubles China
eleven. Stavr TB-1400LR from 6600 rubles China

Stavr TB-1400LR

One of the top models of the brand TB-1400LR opens the rating. The trimmer for grass is designed for household needs, for mowing grass and small shrub with a stem diameter up to 1.2 cm.

The model is characterized by effective power and performance in its price segment, the quality of the details. Equipped with a two.stroke engine of 1.9 liters.With., a reliable type of Ruixing carburetor, wear.resistant chrome piston and cylinder. The advantages include the design of the starter, with a primer for a light cold launch. The maximum number of revolutions with a fishing line of 9000 and increased spying width with a fishing line 44 cm.

The fuel tank is designed for 1.2 liters of gasoline, this volume of fuel is enough for a large area of ​​work, without refueling. At the same time, the tank is not too much weighting the device, all motorcycles are 7.9 kg. For the convenience of its use, a shoulder belt, a bicycle type of handle is provided.

The owners of the device note reliability in the work, good power, simplicity of control. Of the features, I like the collapsible construction of the bar, for the convenience of transportation. A good equipment that includes a reel with a fishing line and a knife necessary for maintenance tools and accessories.

  • Effective power/cost.
  • The reliability of the engine.
  • Lightly cold start.
  • Speasing width 44 cm.
  • Clear bar.
  • Good equipment.

best benzotrimmers

Among the leaders in the production of professional garden equipment are Husqvarna, Echo, Hitachi, STIHL, whose benzotrimers are reliable, high functionality and good technical characteristics. It is also worth noting an attractive and ergonomic design of modern products. The mentioned manufacturers also produce benzotrimers of an amateur and semi.professional class at affordable prices.

All kinds of Chinese brands of varying degrees of “honesty”, mimicing “under Germany” (yes, hello huter and others like him), “under the best case, we will talk about the local prefabrication of the Chinese“ designer ”under stamps of the“ bison ”type). confidently occupy the budget segment of the market and have already settled well on average. Here you need to understand that the low price is not taken from the air: it is worth choosing among popular and common models in sale, since they have already managed to gain the experience of operating (and inevitable breakdowns) to you, and with spare parts it should be easier to be easier.

Choosing the best benzotrimmer: Basic aspects

When choosing a benzotrimmer, such indicators as power and performance, which should correspond to the volume and intensity of the upcoming work, are of key importance. To serve the garden plot and the planned use of the tool 1-2 times a month, it is advisable to buy a small power of a small power that can cope with weeds and a haircut of the lawn, and more than one season will last. Although the service life also depends on the manufacturer, with a low load, this aspect is not so important. as a rule, a low.power tool is inexpensive, and the difference in the price of models from popular brands and Chinese companies is small.

For frequent use and work for 6-8 hours a day, it is better to buy a high-power and good-quality benzotrimmer, from a well-known manufacturer of professional tools (Echo, Husqvarna, Stihl, etc. The long service life and reliability in the work justify the high price of such units.

It is also necessary to consider who will be the operator. a man or woman and his physique. The weight mowers are very different in weight, and it will be difficult to work with a heavy tool for a girl or a teenager.

Many benzotrimers have a ranks. this moment is quite important when choosing a tool for prolonged continuous use. For infrequent work, units with classic straps are suitable.

The productivity of the lawn mower depends on the type of rod directly. in models with a curved rod, the movement of the cutting tool is given by a steel cable that is not designed for high loads. But the metal shaft in structures with a direct bar, due to its strength, allows you to work with greater power.

The type of cutting tool determines the possibility of using a benzotrimer in certain conditions. The fishing line for the trimmer is designed for mowing grass and weeds, and if there are a metal knife in the kit. it becomes possible to pick a hard shrub and young trees.


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Pluses: Light disadvantage: a year later, the teeth (7-and) got into the lower connection. Lettall turned out to be weak in the absence of a factory smoke in the rods Review: Before you use, lubrication of all components is required.

Pros: light, rather quiet innocent sound, works great at medium speeds, and very economical. For 4 years at full load and 50l. Gas not spent. Cons: handles are weak, break quickly, the starter spring broke.

Pros: light, rather quiet innocent sound, works great at medium speeds, and very economical. For 4 years at full load and 50l. Gas not spent. Cons: handles are weak, break quickly, the starter spring broke.

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How to Maintain Your String Trimmer

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gasoline, trimmer, sungarden, grass, champion

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some inaccuracies in the description of the goods (especially in terms of compatibility with external devices), but in general, everything is solved.

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Sungarden GB 34 AH

We have collected for you 4 positive and negative reviews of buyers and specialists about the lawn mower of Sungarden GB 34 AH. The average assessment of customers was 3.5 points. In their reviews, users described all the shortcomings and advantages of the Sungarden GB 34 AH lawnapers. If you had experience using the Sungarden GB 34 AH lawnapers. Add a review and share it with other customers! Read all the reviews about Sungarden lawn mowers

Sungarden GB 34 AH reviews

I gave it to my father. A year later, the trimmer for the grass ordered to live long. However, the problem was not only in the “steering wheel”, but also in the laying between it and the seat. If you have become the happy owner of this device. Read the instructions: Flexible lubrication. NECESSARILY!

Easy, rather quiet innocent sound, works great at medium speeds, and very economical. For 4 years at full load and 50l. Gas not spent.

Handles are weak, break quickly, the starter spring broke.

Not bad launch from 1-2 times to the cold. And from the first to the mountains. from the shoulder (the main thing is to get used to) the connective rod of the shaft steel, the average consumption is 10 acres per 2.5 tanks.

Vibration. After the tank of the mixture, the hand working with gas goes numb for half a day, I did not feel the horses of the declared there (my friend Mitsubishi 1.1 l. with here there is a horse with a tail and does not make noise and then cost 1.I took 8 tyr more expensive for 6700), the head scattered into the first hour of work (plastic overthrow is not a problem to buy an average of 300 r) one an abominable belt, noisy, noisy. (headphones or birushi immediately take it) the protective shield is not comfortable, you need to twist under a knife and a fishing line for a trimmer 4 e bolt with a nut, a tugber.shaped knife fishing line for a trimmer does not get on it and cuts the shield itself.

For almost 3 years I was silent about this year I did not regret. She stacked the mixture due to the impoverishment of the mixture (the carb unscrewed, began to suck the air a lot apparently) Champs 336 Almost a twin but cheaper on 2ru tyrov and probably more than a friend, the acquaintance does not complain. Now I am interrupting Champs 284. C and the difference did not even notice even more pleasant to work and there is no vibration so 🙂 And while I choose a replacement from more proven and eminent cos. Correctly say no need to save should be estimated and count. I do not advise this miracle Chinese, if you need a temporary option, it is better to take a cheaper one at 1.0-1.2 l. C in the region of 4000 tyr (this is its real price) you will not lose anything.

Great thing, I really like it, it works like a clock.

It’s bad that they have deduced from production, it’s hard to find a good shaft now. There are enough Chinese for the season, the rest of the consumables are suitable from other Chinese trimmers, you can choose.

I have been using it since 2011, I have never failed, to do it in time, here the shaft worked out its.

How to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass

The question of how to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass for grass is relevant for all potential users. The tool has a high price, and an unsuccessful option can cause additional maintenance costs. The main attention when choosing is paid to the type of engine and drive, power, and the shape of the bar. The cutting element affects the performance, the scope of application, and the design of the handles. on the accuracy of control.

Type of engine and drive

Inexpensive two.tint engine is uncertained, simple maintenance. For refueling, a mixture of machine oil and fuel is used, which has to be cooked independently. powerful 4.free gasoline trimmers for grass are highly price, performance. The tool has a large weight, requires complicated maintenance. This is a good choice for professional application.

Release devices with direct and flexible drive. The technique is distinguished by resistance to wear at high loads. Direct drive is more wear.resistant, easily copes with intensive work. The cable has a low price, but wear out quickly.


Engines with high technical characteristics are easier to cope with thick grass, shrubs. The disadvantage of engines with high power is low efficiency, intensive work requires a fuel supply in the tank, and this increases weight. To work on a section of 6-8 acres, a 1-1.2 liter motor is enough.With. Such a tool will cope with lawn grass for a larger area. If the plot is 10-15 acres, thick grass and shrub grow on it, then a technique with a power of at least 1.5-2.2 liters will be required.With.

The shape of the bar

A curved bar simplifies the maneuvering between the beds, around the trees. Such models are equipped with a flexible drive, less powerful engines, which narrows the circle of tasks performed. Direct rod slightly reduces maneuverability, but allows you to install a hard direct drive.

Cutting element

The safest cutting element is the nylon cord. A fishing line for a trimmer is produced in different thicknesses, copes well with grass, but not with a small shrub. Special types of cord with a powerful engine can cut any weed. The more horsepower the tool for the tool, the more diverse nozzles. Two.lobed and three.lobed knives are effective in areas where there are a lot of dry grass, a young shrub. In dense thickets, only a milling cutter will help.

A pen

Models with a D-shaped and p-shaped handle are more maneuverable, but are installed on motorcycles with low-power engines. To care for large areas, it is better to choose a tool with a bicycle handle. You can keep management with two hands, evenly distributing efforts.

Other options

If the weight of the lawn mower seems large, then you can buy a wheel trimmer for grass. Summer residents who carry equipment to trunk can choose a technique with a folding bar. It is recommended to choose models with belts for carrying in the kit, otherwise you will have to purchase an accessory in addition.

Which gasoline trimmer is better for grass

All models presented in the review are worthy of choosing amateurs and professionals. Which benzotrimer is better depends on the scope of application, individual requirements. A powerful tool is not required to work in a small dacha, and only the lawn mower with a direct drive will cope with high loads. Team Vyborexperta.U recommends the following brands:

  • Patriot Pt 553. for a large summer cottage;
  • Elitech T 33R. a convenient collapsible model;
  • Echo SRM-22GES-a light braid for grass for a country house;
  • Sturm! BT8952D. will delight with its configuration;
  • STIHL FS 250. Choice of a professional.

What to choose a tool from our rating? Any trimmer for grass from our review, and the title of best lawn mower, was awarded the most reliable equipment to cope with correctly set tasks.

Trimmer nozzles for grass

In the sun in the telescope, you can see twice: once with a left eye, once right.

By the will of ingenious designers, detachable trimmers for Sungarden grass can be used as an engine for other nozzles:

  • Nozzle-knife for hard grass (eight-tooth disk)
  • Nozzle. Electric exhaust (loosening of the earth)
  • Nozzle. Busstores (scissors for bushes)
  • Nozzle. altitude (chain saw)
  • Nozzle. cultivator

In principle, Fuflo cannot work out all this for a long time, since it is especially necessary for a high torque, which is especially needed for a cultivator and a bushrer, through a wretched cable with galim compounds, you can not for a very long time, if you can at all. The designer is stupid to hope for ignorance by people of the materiel and the desire of the “economy” to get everything at once.- Simply put a scam.

TOP 20 of the best benzotrimmers presented on the market

The rating below included both budget, but worthy attention of the model, as well as models of medium and expensive price segment, characterized by good reliability and durability.

Stavr “TB-1700LR”

Universal gasoline trimmer for grass, capable of cutting vegetation up to 1.2 cm thick. Thanks to the collapsible rod, the device is easily folded and placed in the trunk.

НЕ ВЗДУМАЙ ПОКУПАТЬ,пока не посмотришь видео! Обзор бензотриммеров PATRIOT PT 443 и CHAMPION T528S-2

It is equipped with a 2-stroke engine with chrome cylinder, which provides a long service life and work without breakdowns.

The device is equipped with a hard shaft, a special protective casing and has an air cooling of the motor.

  • bevel width, cm. 44;
  • rotation speed, rpm. up to 9500;
  • Motor volume, cube. cm. 53;
  • power, kW / l.C. 1.7/2.31;
  • Fuel tank, l. 1.2;
  • pen-folding, T-shaped;
  • weight. 8 kg;
  • The manufacturer-China (brand-the kit includes a coil with a fishing line, a 3-lobed knife, shoulder belt, hexagonal keys (2 pcs.) and wiper 8×10 mm, candle key, screwdriver, mounting kit and guidance. Price. 5800 r.

    • Fishing limiter.
    • Rich equipment.
    • Relatively small weight.
    • The engine starts the first time.
    • The ability to mow any grass without problems.
    • High power.
    • Collapsible bar, which allows you to achieve maximum compactness.
    • Grass is often clogged between the casing and the coil.
    • Large consumption. about 2 liters of gasoline for six “acres”.
    • Thin belt and weak carbine.
    • Low quality of the native coil for fishing line.
    • Large weight.

    Stavr TB-1700LR-a powerful gasoline trimmer for grass with a collapsible bar, convenient to use, transport and storage.

    Differs in light start.up, rich in equipment and acceptable noise. Rightfully enters the top and takes the 20th line of our rating.

    Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

    Model of a gasoline trimmer for grass with light access to an air filter, which simplifies service and allows you to quickly replace a contaminated element.

    The bicycle handle simplifies control and allows you to work for a long time without fatigue.

    The bar is made of aluminum, which excludes the appearance of rust and extends the service life of the product.

    Governing bodies are displayed on the handle, which simplifies control, there is a system of extinguishing vibrations and noise. A primer for quick starting is provided.

    • bevel width, cm. 40;
    • rotation speed, rpm. up to 9000;
    • Motor volume, cube. cm. 25;
    • power, kW / l.C. 0.8/1.1;
    • Fuel tank, l. 0.75;
    • pen / bar-T-shaped / straight;
    • weight. 6.2 kg;
    • Producer Country-China (brand-Italy).

    In addition to the lawn mower itself, the package itself includes a nozzle for grass, a suspension, a set of tools for assembly, instructions. Cost. 18,000 r.

    • The main elements are made of metal, which indicates high reliability.
    • Easily mowing thick grass with a fishing line with a square section.
    • Quickly starts “on hot”.
    • Low vibration level.
    • Substantial and reliable engine.
    • High.quality plastic.
    • Increased reliability even with active use.
    • Convenient management.
    • Difficulties are possible with the launch of the “cold”.
    • Not a very comfortable belt.
    • A container for downloading gasoline and oil is not provided.
    • The engine is poorly pulled if it is necessary to cut thick grass.
    • Expensive spare parts.

    OLEO-MAC SPARTA 25-a reliable gasoline trimmer for grass with a slight weight, a smooth launch and a large resource of work.

    Despite small Комментарии и мнения владельцев from the users, the device deservedly fell into our rating and is on the 19th line.

    ST-65M Stavmash (3.4 liters. C, 2500 W)

    Benzotrimmer with a comfortable T-shaped handle and the upper engine location. Thanks to a thought.out design, allows you to work for a long time without much fatigue.

    The engine has air cooling, which allows you to do without oil. The lock button is provided, the ability to work using fishing line and disk.

    • bevel width, cm. 44;
    • rotation speed, rpm. up to 9000;
    • Motor volume, cube. cm. 52;
    • power, kW / l.C. 2.5/3.4;
    • Fuel tank, l. 0.95;
    • pen / bar-T-shaped / straight;
    • weight. 7 kg;
    • The manufacturer is standard. Cost. 5800 r.

      • Easily mows grass of any thickness.
      • High power.
      • Small cost.
      • Convenient management.
      • Upper location of the motor, which simplifies control.
      • The ability to cut with a fishing line or disk.
      • Reliable gasoline motor with a good resource.

      ST-65M Stavmash is a universal apparatus from a well-known brand that is in demand among customers and is one of the best solutions among budget models. Located on the 18th line of our rating.

      What to look for when choosing

      The above models are included in the top of the best for 2022, but if desired, you can choose the option yourself. To do this, it is important to know the criteria that is worth paying attention to when buying.

      For manufacturers

      The most reliable include gasoline trimmers for grass from the following manufacturers.


      A German enterprise operating in many countries of the world with the main office in Vibelingen.

      Is engaged in the development, production and sale of chainsaws, trimmers and other motorized tools for the construction sector, rural and forestry.

      The STIHL assortment also includes batteries and electric trimmers for grass, special.purpose heaps and other similar equipment.

      All products are characterized by low noise, ease of work, slight weight and democratic price.


      A Swedish manufacturer engaged in the production of lawns and grass-beams, chain saws, bushes, vacuum cleaners, altitude and other equipment.

      Benzotrimmers of this brand are highly performance, low noise and emissions, loyal pricing policy.

      The features of the brand models include hollow rods with a wear.resistant shaft, the upper location of the engine, the durable cast reducer and a high.quality cutting set.

      Japanese brand engaged in the development and sale of high.tech equipment. The company produces chain saws, motorcycles and black cutters, blower devices and much more.

      The manufacturer’s products are characterized by good equipment, high quality parts and a long service life.


      A large Japanese concern with an office in Tokyo, who released the first product back in 1910.

      Benzotrimmers of this brand have economical and reliable engines, high.quality cutting elements and affordable price.

      Have a little weight, a comfortable belt and many protection elements.

      Other manufacturers, such as Huter, Makita, Patriot, Champion, Bosch, DDE, can also boast of quality goods at an affordable price.

      They have a good configuration, have earned many positive reviews, and their benzotrimers are included in the ratings of the best in terms of price and quality ratings.

      Sales indicators for manufacturers are shown below.

      Power choice

      When buying a gasoline trimmer for grass, you must look at the power. If it is high, this indicates the ability of the engine to cope with complex tasks, for example, the removal of thick vegetation.

      Of the minuses of this option, it is worth highlighting a high price (not always), more weight and fuel consumption.

      To process the country, garden plots and with a rare use of the tool (up to two times a month), you can choose a small power benzotrimer. It will last for many years, and its purchase will not hit much on your

      For frequent use and long.term work, it is better to take trimmers for grass of higher power from proven brands, for example, STIHL, Husqvarna or Echo.

      They are distinguished by a longer resource and reliability, which explains a higher price.

      Trimmer design for grass

      Structurally, the rod of the benzotrimer can be straight, curved or collapsible.

      The first option is characterized by simplicity and reliability of use, used in the most part of the devices under consideration.

      The curved form allows you to reduce the total length and simplify the process of work in hard.to.reach places.

      A collapsible bar is a big plus, implying the possibility of disassembling and reducing the total size of the device.

      For ease of use, a shoulder belt is provided, with which you can hang a trimmer for grass on the shoulder and transfer most of the weight to the back. This is very convenient when you need to work with a trimmer for a long time.

      The handles can be D- or T-shaped. The first option is compact and convenient for left and right-handed operators.

      But in general, T-shaped bicycle handles are more convenient, therefore, most often are used on light trimmers.

      The downside is that T-shaped handles are most often focused on right-handed users.

      The engine can be placed on top or below. The upper location is the best option for devices with medium and high power motors.

      This is due to the ability to unload the operator and simplify the movement during operation.

      The lower location of the engine implies a simpler design, but makes the work more difficult (especially with large engine weight).

      That is why the location of the motor from below is more suitable for low power trimmers.

      In rare cases, the engine can be transferred separately in the shoulder backpack.

      In some models of benzotrimmers, support videos and even wheels are found that allow you to roll the design on the ground and facilitate the process of use (see the photo above).

      The pluses of this design should include the support of the nozzle at the same height and the possibility of obtaining an almost perfect result. Of the minuses. weight gain and higher price.

      A large plus is the presence of a metal deck. an element of the case, which closes the knives.

      In more budget models, this element is made of plastic, but the metal is a more reliable and durable option.

      The main disadvantage of metal decks is the high price, which is especially true when using aluminum.

      Steel devices have a lower price, but also more weight. In addition, they require additional protection against rust.

      Functional features

      When choosing a suitable benzotrimmer, it is worth considering its additional functional features.

      • Blocking random inclusion.
      • overheat protection.
      • Fuel level indicator.
      • Collapsible shaft.
      • Adjustable / folded handles.
      • Handles for transportation and others.

      Sungarden grass trimmers. reviews

      For three years, the shaft was torn 2 times. The handle flew off right away. Handle clips and pipes burst. A year later, the air unit (valve) of the gas tank plug fell apart. Gasoline stream from the cork flooded the whole back. If you jerk firmly, then the motor stalls. It is impossible to buy a new gas tank plug. I had to cook from other old traffic jams (thanks to friends). The engine after 3 years of operation still works. Shore a motor for any fireman. I bought another trimmer for grass. Summary. If the hunt is poking and there is the opportunity to get spare parts (a wretched cable shaft that is hungry and breaks), then for 3 years is definitely enough, and so. one season for 30 acres, and goodbai. Repair in services. Sheepskin is not worth it.

      I liked that the trimmer for the grass at the beginning of his life worked quietly and without unnecessary vibrations. Pleasantly mowed everything. Well located in his hands, had a pleasant severity.

      A few months later he began to vibrate quite strongly. A year and 2 months later (exactly after the end of the warranty period), the trimmer for the grass broke. The primary internal inspection showed that graphite brushes fell apart. Basically. consumables. The price of the issue. 100 bought new ones, inserted. Launched. Refusal again, brushes again broken. The secondary inspection showed that the brushes were broken for a reason, but due to the destruction of the engine rotor. Along the way, with secondary opening, fasteners on the case were broken off, which is an already unarmed case. Repair is economically unjustified. You need to look for a new one, stronger.

      In general, the model left good sensations from operation. 🙂 if it had not broken immediately after the guarantee ended.

      • portable trimmer for grass
      • gasoline 2.clock engine, 25 cm?, 1 l.With.
      • Speasing width: 45 cm
      • Included: a fishing line for a trimmer, a knife, shoulder belt
      • Anti.vibration system
      • Weight: 5.4 kg
      • Direct bar

      The third season has been working without problems (the third year), it starts up to the cold from 3-4 times, to hot. With half a turn.

      I can’t say anything about the professional use of this unit, I have it for weekly use in a summer cottage (8 hundred), t.e. Every weekend, 2-3 hours, for five months a year.

      • portable trimmer for grass
      • electric engine (1000 W) from the network cable
      • Speasing width: 40 cm
      • Included: Trammer Fine line (2 mm)
      • Anti.vibration system
      • Weight: 4.4 kg
      • Curved rod
      • portable trimmer for grass
      • electric engine (1100 W) from the network cable
      • Speasing width: 40 cm
      • Included: Trammer fishing line
      • Weight: 4.5 kg
      • Curved rod

      Highly supported engine (electrical safety, the ability to connect at least 2 types of nozzles (electric stove for knots, cultivator)

      It seems to be outdated, a trimmer head is too small, too easy to damage it. Although everything else is on top. I will wish her electric saw for knots from it

      • portable trimmer for grass
      • Electric engine from the network cable
      • Speasing width: 40 cm
      • Included: Trammer fishing line
      • Weight: 4.4 kg

      Good for your money. Three years operation in the tail and in the mane. Unpretentious, even on raw grass. There is a thermal protection of the engine. The reel under the different fishing line for a trimmer, which is changing rapidly.

      Flexible shaft inside it is advisable to process during storage. Otherwise, he loses his elasticity and may burst when loading. In general, the model is successful. Given the price and opportunities. The assessment is good. I am making an addition to the review in 2019. Almost 8 years have passed since operation. I would never have thought that this device would still work. Yes, I repaired a dull wire, launch key, the coil under the fishing line for the trimmer has worn out, but these are all the little things that anyone will do. The trimmer for the grass is still performing its work and after all we are operating as it should

      • portable trimmer for grass
      • electric engine (1000 W) from the network cable
      • Speasing width: 40 cm
      • Included: a fishing line for a trimmer, a knife
      • Weight: 5.9 kg
      • Direct bar

      The weakest location of the engine with a barbell two clamps was clearly weakly well finalized, welded to the P-shaped bracket that is included in the plastic grooves of the engine housing, the shaft stilett can be strengthened, but to prevent constantly cut, the terrible handle replaced with the iron, replaced it, replaced it The fixer was welded

      I bought the second exactly the same, after refinements I work stably, I serve a difficult relief to the hectare, mowed trees up to 40 mm. The inner shaft was twisted to twist with a simple wire finalized summer,

      • portable trimmer for grass
      • gasoline engine, 26 cm?, one.2 l.With.
      • Speasing width: 40 cm
      • Included: a fishing line for a trimmer, a knife
      • Weight: 7.2 kg
      • Direct bar

      The starter burned quickly enough. Then another one burned. The searches of the third took a year, but this also burned down. over, they burn (more precisely, a plastic part melts) in about an hour of work, regardless of interruptions. Last time worked for 20 minutes mowing. 20 overdles. After the third burned. Finally, with a black starter, she died completely. After about 2 hours of operation, the carburetor refused for 2 days. According to the craftsmen in the repair, the tubules were clogged, this happens to this oblique regularly. There have been no such carburetor on sale, analogues too.

      • portable trimmer for grass
      • gasoline 2.clock engine, 26 cm?, 1 l.With.
      • Speasing width: 42 cm
      • Included: a fishing line for a trimmer, a knife
      • Anti.vibration system
      • Weight: 5.5 kg
      • tank for 0.5 l
      • Direct bar

      Trammers for grass in the city of Nuremberg

      There are discounts on the promo code SIDEX250: popular trimmers for grass. buy in the city of Nuremberg and other cities at a discount price, without prepayment, there are 4445 pcs. Category: Country Technique. Delivery to Nuremberg, and other cities before buying use the selection by parameters, read reviews, see the characteristics.

      Interskol KB-25/33V. Portable trimmer for grass, gasoline 2.clock engine, 33 cm, 1.7 l.With., Speasing width is 45 cm, in the kit: Lines for trimmer (2.4 mm), knife, anti.vibration system, weight: 7.3 kg.

      The type of engine is gasoline, engine power (W) 1500, engine power (l.With.) 2, the number of engine tactes is two-stroke, engine speed 9500, fuel tank capacity 0.7, cutting element of a fishing line for a trimmer

      The type of engine is gasoline, engine power (l.With.) 2.5, the number of engine tactes is two-stroke, engine speed 8000, fuel tank capacity 1.1, cutting element of a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, diameter of the used fishing line 2.four

      Portable trimmer for grass. gasoline 2.clock engine, 43 cm?, 2.3 l.With., Speasing width 43 cm, 8 kg

      trimmer for grass gasoline, non.vegetable, engine volume. 45 cm3, engine power. 2.5 l.With., disk diameter. 23 cm, fishing line for trimmer 2.4 mm, capture. 46 cm.

      The type of engine is electric, engine power (W) 350, engine speed 10,000, type of power supply from the mains, cutting element of the fishing line for a trimmer, type of mowing coil manual, diameter of a circle of haircut 20

      Patriot Patriot Pt 5555es Country. portable trimmer for grass. gasoline 2x.stroke engine, 52 cm?, 3 l.With., engine brake, mowing width 44 cm, 8.9 kg

      Gardena Easycut Li-18/23r. Trammer for grass, battery, electric engine (lower location), mowing width 23 cm, weight 2.3 kg

      Patriot Patriot Pt 3555es Country. portable trimmer for grass. gasoline 2.clock engine, 33 cm?, one.8 l.With., engine brake, mowing width 44 cm, 8 kg

      Patriot Patriot Pt 3555es Country Catious Red. portable trimmer for grass. gasoline 2.clock engine, 33 cm?, one.8 l.With., engine brake, mowing width 44 cm, 8.1 kg

      Bosch Art 30 Combitrim (0.600.878.D00). Electric trimmer for grass, mowing width 30 cm, engine power 500 W, weight: 3.2 kg

      Trimmer for Bosch Easygrasscut 23 (0.600.8C1.H00). Engine: electric, type of trimmer for grass: portable, electric motor power: 280 watts, cutting element of a trimmer for grass: fishing line for a trimmer, mowing width: 23 cm, rod structure: straight wheel, number of wheels: not

      Husqvarna 536lilx. portable trimmer for grass, an electric engine from the battery (36 V), included: fishing line for trimmer, weight: 3 kg.

      Trimmer for grass gasoline, 46cm, 43 cm3, 2.5 l.With., Comfort coil with a quick refueling, 3 lobed and 40-toothed disk, hard, whole forged shaft

      trimmer for gasoline grass, engine power. 1840 watts, engine power. 2.5 l.With., engine volume. 43 cubic meters. cm, engine location. upper, fuel tank capacity. one.1 l.