How To Cut A Ceiling Plinth Under 45

How to cut ceiling plinth and floor plinth and dock correctly

Installation of ceiling and floor moldings. This is the shortest and seemingly simplest repair phase. But surely many of you had to spend a minimum of time trying to drink these 45 degrees. The only exceptions are the lucky ones with a technical mindset and those who were friends with geometry at school.

Today we will tell you how to cut the corner of the ceiling plinth and the floor, rather than resorting to complex calculations. You will see that this is NOT a difficult job at all that can be done in a short time.

Method two. No additional tools

For the inner corner, you can use the simplest method for perfect joining. By marking on the ceiling. Another example of how to cut a corner nice and even.

  • Apply a fillet to the ceiling, tightly presses its even edge into a corner.
  • Draw a line along the long side of the plinth on the ceiling.

The same action is done with the adjacent part on the other side.

Mark the point of intersection of lines.

In total, you get an even angle of 45 , if you draw the line from the point of intersection to the edge of the part. Note that the above method of marking works only at perfectly flat corners.

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Trimming the inner and outer corners of the skirting boards

Cutting the floor moldings exactly is NOT more difficult than the ceiling moldings. Only the cutting tool is selected according to the material that we will cut. The work itself will also be similar, only for manual cutting, a slightly different marking method is presented here.

How to cut a skirting board at 45 degrees. How to cut a ceiling plinth at 45 degrees with your own hands, how to cut a plastic fillet: instructions, photos and

How to cut a ceiling plinth for perfect angles

In the corners of a room, when installing a ceiling plinth, for example, from polystyrene, small inconsistencies can often occur, which spoil the general appearance of the room. This, of course, can and should be avoided. So, how to cut the plinth with your own hands exactly? The first assistant in this matter will be such a tool as a miter box. But buying such one for a one-time repair is not always advisable. Although, if you decide to help all relatives and neighbors with repairs, and in the future also make money on this, then you need this device.

An example of ideal angles

If you are still limited to one installation of the plinth at home, then such a carpenter’s tool is not necessary. You can do without it. In order to consider all the ways how to properly cut the ceiling plinth, we will find out what it consists of.

Cutting methods

The product is installed around the perimeter of a rectangular room. Trimmed to trim right angles. Therefore, we will consider how to cut a skirting board at 45 degrees.

How to cut a ceiling skirting board without a miter box. Cutting method with miter box

The most popular mounting option. With the introduction of household tools. Miter box. Renowned carpenter’s assistant helping to cut the right angle. This is usually a tray, wood or plastic, with vertical slots for the blade at 45 and 90 degrees. How to cut the corners of a ceiling plinth with a miter box?

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First, you should attach the material to the ceiling, install its bar in the miter box. In this case, the tool must match the position of the product. Holding the plinth with your left hand, choose a position for the cutting tool (hacksaw) at an angle of 45 degrees. The material is cut without undue pressure. After that, the striker is cut, set to the far wall of the wort.

Holding the working material with your right hand, select the position of the hacksaw at 45 degrees and cut.

Angle slicing

How to cut ceiling skirting boards in the corners? The secret to a quality cut. In making cuts both on the outside and on the inside. The inner cut matters if we make the outer corner.

Usually they use professional technique. Miter saws or electric rock drills for industrial use. But home renovation advocates can get by with conventional tools. Basic requirement. At the end of the work, the result should be a clearly visible texture for the cornice, reflected on its front or back side.

Installation of finishing: features

Many owners of houses and apartments are often puzzled by the question of how to properly cut the ceiling plinth in the corners in the midst of renovation work. The problem is that it is not technically possible to make an incision at a 45 degree angle. To perform such manipulations, it is important to correctly dock at the boundaries of the outer and inner corners of the web, which is quite problematic.

Specificity of the ceiling option. Not only in the vertical position of the web. The mount is placed at the base at an angle of 38 to 45 degrees. The difficulty lies in the implementation of the incision at 45 degrees. It is difficult to connect cut edges from the inside, gaps appear between them, aesthetics are disturbed.

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For the most accurate cutting, a special corner element is used, which is inserted into the edge of the plinth. It will help to hide cutting errors. This element will emphasize the corners in the room, the choice of such a detail must be approached responsibly.

How to cut a skirting board without a miter box

Trimming the skirting board for the outer corner

Without a miter box, you can easily cut the fillet for the outer corner:

  • To do this, apply the ceiling fillet the way it should be standing here at the corner. Draw the line with a pencil across the ceiling beyond the corner.
  • Then we apply a fillet to the left of the corner and draw the line along the ceiling to the intersection with the first line.
  • On the fillet we make marks at the intersection of the lines and at the place where the corner of the room is.
  • We connect the marks with a line on the fillets and cut with a sharp knife. The cut should go inside the fillet.
  • We check the joint along the corner, trimming if necessary and glue the fillet in place.
How To Cut A Ceiling Plinth Under 45

Outside corner marking

In conclusion, it should be noted that the cost of the installation of the ceiling plinth. If you hire a team of workers, it will be approximately 100 rubles per 1 running meter. Count the number of meters in your apartment, multiply by 100. This will be the amount that you will save if you do this work yourself.