How to cut acrylic on a laser machine properly. Acrylic milling machine with CNC

Cut the plexiglass, acrylics on the laser and milling

High.quality and accurate cutting of acrylic plastics and plexiglass can be performed both by a milling cap with CNC and a laser. The choice of equipment for processing materials depends on the specifics of cutting. In the company of the company, Alfasm has both machines, so our company guarantees the high quality of acrylic cutting and outfits. We provide a full range of services, including 2- and 3D cutting.

Outline organism and acrylic, produced, on modern high.precision machines allows you to solve any technical problems and cut out:

  • letters for signs and other elements of advertising products;
  • components for further assembly of furniture;
  • souvenirs;
  • panels;
  • stands;
  • Details for assembling any orgplack products.

Using high.precision high.speed processing, you can perform deaf and through holes, as well as apply inscriptions, drawings, patterns, create voluminous images. Both types of cutting are suitable for the manufacture of streaming products. the same type will fully coincide in all parameters.

Differences of organes and acrylic

Plexiglass or acrylic. in fact, the same material with different names. This is a polymer plastic that has a different degree of transparency. It can be mirror or color. Often, out of ignorance, orgnster is called transparent plastic, and acrylic. colored or mirror. This is an erroneous division. For each of the mentioned materials, any term is applicable. both acrylic and plexiglass.

acrylic, laser, machine, milling

Acrylic laser cut for sale


Acrylic laser cutter or acrylic laser engraver. This is a kind of laser machine with CO2, it can cut, engrave, poison non.metallic materials, such as acrylic, plexiglass, glass, cardboard, skin, wood, wood.fiber plate, plywood, etc. D.

Its transverse beam is made of high.strength aluminum alloy, which is characterized by low weight, low resonance and more smooth work. 2. The high.precision linear guide transmission provides a more stable cutting operation, thereby providing high accuracy of cutting and good stability. 3. The recently modernized laser head has a stable and powerful laser beam, which provides high cutting speed and good accuracy. You can also choose a laser head with automatic focusing, which can automatically adjust the distance between the laser head and focus. four. The conveyor tape is characterized by high strength and elasticity. He can move steadily with a slight noise and can soften the blow and vibration. 5. High.quality laser is able to generate a stable output capacity. It has an increased service life and protection measures.

High.performance laser cutting and engraving of plexiglass: process technology

The need for accurate cutting of polymeric materials exists in a wide range of large and small.scale industries. Traditional processing methods, such as cutting and milling, make it almost impossible to release small.sized or complex details. The laser cutting method, common in the industrial sphere, is one of the most effective ways and is suitable for obtaining surfaces of any complexity.

The principle of processing polymers with a laser is to influence the material of the coherent radiation bundle focused by the optical system. The depth of the penetration of the beam into the plexiglass is regulated by the power of the laser and the degree of its focusing. Computer control allows you to create complex patterns in a short time with the minimum participation of the operator

The high temperature transmitted by the material causes its almost instant evaporation, and a thin laser beam minimizes the loss in the form of steam. Products of evaporation are removed from the cutting zone with compressed air or inert gas.

The rapidly formed cropped edges of the plexiglass have aesthetic shape and do not require additional processing.


The initial procedure for processing the material was in manual control of the laser block, which moved in a plane parallel to the processed surface. Modern technologies allow you to program the laser movement and reproduce them on any such equipment.

The control computer system can change the power of the beam and the depth of its focus. This is necessary to work with the material of various thicknesses and physicochemical properties. In addition to trimming, external surface processing is also possible, produced to create a decorative matte layer.

In front of a sharp sheet or fragment of plexiglass is located motionless in a fixing device. The program includes a task for work containing the shape, size and number of necessary details. The optimal location of the cut figures is determined automatically, after which the laser is brought into the work.

Equipment for cutting

The technology includes the use of a complex of mechanisms to control the harsh. All processes are combined in one device. laser machine. Modern aggregates have a high degree of automation and allow you to do massly a massive work.

Laser machine

The fundamental design of cutting devices with the programmable movement of the laser includes the following components:

  • a bed on which the main nodes are placed;
  • a fixing substrate that serves to fix the material to be pruned;
  • The control rod (element of the mechanical subsystem), on one end of which a laser is installed (optical subsystem). Moving for cutting flat figures requires two degrees of freedom during operation (moving in one plane). The processing of volumetric objects adds movement along the beam to the possibilities of the laser;
  • system of electromechanical drives and a computer with a manager for.


The variety of existing manufacturers and the appearance of new ones led to the emergence of an extensive range of devices for cutting polymers. The range of the main parameters of laser machines intended for large.scale use, as follows:

  • Laser lens diameter-12-25 mm;
  • type of emitter. working on carbon dioxide;
  • Linza material. zinc selenide or arsenide gallium;
  • Power consumption. up to 2 kW;
  • Luch capacity-80-120 watts. With an increase in radiation power, the maximum possible thickness of the processed material increases;
  • Building for refusal. from 2000 to 10,000 hours;

How to cut a plexiglass with a laser

The general cutting technology is a programmable transfer of the task and cutting the required figures with a laser. Not all machines used in industry are modern, so they require careful configuration.

The process of cutting plexiglass by laser on the machine

The quality of the resulting cut depends on the following factors:

  • Cut speed. With an increase in the thickness of the, the speed should decrease. A higher mass of material evaporating during cutting depends on the exposure time of the laser.
  • The processing speed is an important variable for obtaining the most even and aesthetic edge. High speed leads to the appearance of a striped section and recesses, and slow processing can give an overly dim cut and melted edges;
  • Laser focus. For the optimal, the highest quality section, the focus should be maintained in the middle of the thickness of the material. This is achieved not only by the correct setting of the optical system, but also by maintaining the distance from the emitter to the surface;
  • In older models, the laser is located motionless, and only a fragment of a plexiglass moves. In such devices, it is necessary to maintain the speed of the material and the supply of gas for the output of the evaporated products.


Among the undeniable advantages of using the laser machine are:

  • high performance, which is much higher than with mechanical cutting;
  • Increased production of production. An increase in the ratio of the mass of the obtained parts to the amount of waste reduces the cost of production;
  • the ability to cut out complex figures inaccessible to a disc saw or milling cutter, as well as obtaining a more neat cut;
  • low costs of human labor, which are possessed by more modern units. The part received once can be reproduced at any time;
  • Excellent precision parameters of cut figures. Their dimensions exactly repeat the specified settings, which allows you to use the resulting forms as standards in other areas of activity.

Drawing on an plexiglass

Another advantage of laser devices is the execution of engraving. The essence of the method lies in the surface focusing of the beam, as a result of which the material does not occur, but its surface melting. An important role is played by the ability to dynamically reduce the power of the laser, which reduces the degree of temperature exposure to the material. Also, the drawing on the plexiglass can be performed using engraving on a special machine.

The specific properties of organesis are melting and foaming polymethyl methacrylate at the micro level under the influence of laser radiation. The formed bubbles at the cut site are perceived by the eye as a matte surface.

The resulting texture allows you to engrave visible drawings and create embossed images, burning new planes on a polymer with specified angles of inclination and depth.

To perform an acrylic sheet section even, during the work, it is important to monitor the speed of feeding the cutting canvas. The process of cutting the cut is best started with the minimum power tools of the power tool. You can choose the optimal mode only experimentally. If during operation the acrylic material began to melt and stuck to the cutting canvas, then the work needs to be stopped, the canvas is cleaned of pollution, and give time to cool the workpiece to cool.

When cutting acrylic, it is best to work in a well.ventilated room, since the organic glass when heated is very strongly smoke and releases chemical components that are harmful to the environment.

In order to cut off a small piece of organic glass, you can use a screwdriver with a slotted tip. The screwdriver is heated over the gas burner and it is carried out by the slotted part along the line attached to the working workpiece.

Under the influence of the heated section of the screwdriver, a shallow groove will appear in the material. This groove can be deepened even more and then break the edge of the glass or take a sawing tool and in the direction of the groove to perform further sawing of the material. After the cut execution, the edge of the workpiece will be uneven. It can be leveled by long.term grinding.

This method takes a lot of time, but it allows you not to spoil the glass with a sudden appearance of cracks or chips.

CNC cutter for cutting acrylic

In addition to the laser cutter for acrylic, CNC milling machines can also be used to cut acrylic with CNC and Acrylic engraving. CNC cutter for cutting acrylic uses CNC bits for cutting acrylic plates physically under computer. Although the CNC milling machine copes well with woodworking, it can also effectively and accurately cut acrylic using the corresponding CNC bits for acrylic.

CNC bits for acrylic

One of the most important solutions when cutting acrylic using a CNC milling machine. it is the right to choose a cutter. This step depends on what you want to do.

You may not get satisfactory results if you cut acrylic boards with conventional jacket drills with wood. Because the removal of cuttings is also very important. Therefore, we recommend using special CNC bits for cutting acrylic.

For example, we usually use end cutters with O-shaped slots for cutting acrylic with CNC. Because he has a high score. He can pull the chips during cutting. And also prevents the accumulation of chips inside the cut curve. You can use all types of CNC crowns for acrylic, but we still recommend using larger. Since battles of larger size can increase the depth, stability and removal of chips.

In addition, an engraving nozzle at an angle of 60 ° can provide an ideal V-shaped thread for engraving acrylic using a milling machine with a CNC. Because he has a tip with a flat edge, which can provide the best edge quality.

1212 4-axis milling machine with CNC for cutting acrylic

1530s axial milling machine with CNC 3 for engraving and cutting acrylic

Many of our customers in the woodworking industry also produce acrylic products. Thus, they will also use our CNC milling machine for processing acrylic sheets. The next video is a review sent by the Portuguese client using our CNC milling machine for cutting acrylic.

How to cut acrylic using a milling machine with CNC?

Step: securely fix the acrylic leaf on the table of the carcass of acrylic with CNC.

Otherwise, the sheet may vibrate or bend, which will lead to damage to cutting and surfaces. The vacuum desktop has a strong and constant power of absorption and can firmly absorb an acrylic sheet. As an option, you can use devices to fix the sheet.

Step: Select the right CNC for acrylic.

As we mentioned earlier, the larger CNC bits may have the best results of cutting and engraving during engraving and cutting acrylic. Because the choice of CNC crowns has a great impact on the accuracy of cutting and the quality of acrylic.

Cutting acrylic home made cnc x4 faster

Step: set the corresponding speed of rotation.

Our CNC milling machines are equipped with spindles with a rotation speed of at least 18000 rpm. It is also the minimum rotation speed that we recommend. In this case, the machine for cutting acrylic with CNC can cut an acrylic sheet without melting it.

Step: set the feed speed in accordance with the CNC bits for acrylic. Recommended speed of supply of an acrylic machine for cutting 75-300 inventes. / Min. In addition, for larger chisels, a higher feed rate is required.

Step: Determine the depth of cutting. Acrylic cutting and acrylic engraving reflect the different cutting depth. Therefore, you need to establish the necessary depth in accordance with your needs. It is better to be less than 1/2 of the drill diameter so as not to break the crown.

Step: Make sure that the CNC milling machine starts cutting from the ramp, and not crash vertically. This helps to avoid acrylic deformation.

The price of a machine for cutting acrylic

The price of the machine for cutting the act with CNC varies greatly depending on the model of the machine. The price of a milling machine with a CNC for cutting acrylic is from 2.000 to 20,000. While the price of an acrylic laser cut can range from 5,000 to 15,000 US dollars.

Many factors can affect the price of a machine for cutting acrylic. For example, internal factors, such as the technical characteristics of the machine, dimensions, parts, laser power, etc. D. In addition, there are additional costs, including freight, delivery, customs clearance, software fee, training fee, etc. D.

The technical characteristics of the cutter for acrylic include the size of the machine, the choice of parts and components, additional modernized parts, etc. D. In general, the larger the size of the machine, the higher the price of acrylic cutting. In addition, the cost of imported components is slightly higher than domestic. Hence the price of the car is more expensive. To find out a specific price for a machine for cutting acrylic, please leave your contact information. I will find a professional seller for you.

Acrylic laser cutting

To achieve the best results when cutting extruded acrylic, it is necessary to raise the material so that it does not touch the table for cutting. This will significantly reduce the reflection of the beam from the back and the appearance of traces of the grid on the material after laser cutting.

What thickness of acrylic can cut your machine?

This will depend on the power of your laser machine.

A 30 or 40 W laser machine with a thickness of an acrylic with a thickness of 6 mm. As the power increases, you can increase the thickness with which you can work. A machine with a capacity of 50 or 60 watts will allow you to cut acrylic up to 9.5 mm thick, and a machine with a capacity of 75 or 120 W will allow you to cut acrylic up to 12 thick.7 mm.

Types of plywood laser cutting

Plywood is a pressed material consisting of glued sheets of thin veneer. The location of the sheet elements is usually perpendicular to each other, which gives strength to the plate. The adhesive composition with which the veneer is fastened, in different varieties, plywood differs and affects the moisture resistance of the material.

Classification of plywood occurs according to several signs:

Type of veneer wood. they distinguish between deciduous birch, beech, poplar, maple, linden, aspen. As well as coniferous spruce, larch, pine trees, fir. Combined plates combine the veneer of deciduous and coniferous rocks.

The variety of outer layers. the grade is determined by the “purity” of the veneer, the absence of knots. Gradation of the variety from the highest (e-elite) to IV. Markover ½ means that one side of plywood is 1 grade, the other of the second.

Adhesive composition. adhesives of animal origin (albumin, casein) and synthetic compounds (resins) are used to combine veneer.

Moisture resistance. FSF is used for street work, FC is used for internal work.

The plywood is also divided by humidity, size, thickness and type of surface processing (polished, without grinding).

Not every type of plywood is suitable for laser cutting. The quality of the product is affected by the type of veneer, the thickness of the plywood, its variety and adhesive composition.

CNS CNS for laser cutting and engraving plywood can process material up to 21 mm thick. Cutting and engraving occurs using a super.thin energy of energy with a high temperature, which forms a thin cut. Due to the rapid movement of the beam, the plywood does not heat up, and the cut site is even. The most suitable type of plywood is glued FC slabs from coniferous veneers, 3-10 mm thick, with a variety of at least 2/2.

Cutting plywood without soot

While working with plywood during cutting, a dark carpet may appear in places of exposure to the laser beam, more often on the bottom of the workpiece. The reason is the fever, insufficient blowing of the laser lens with compressed air due to low pressure, incorrect settings for the speed and power of the laser. To avoid additional time costs to clean the product from darkening in the sites, you must correctly configure the machine before working:

Adjust the optical tract. when the optics is set, the point of passage of the beam along all lenses is strictly in the middle, and the laser exit from the nozzle is also centered.

Cutting speed. lowering speed leads to the formation of soot, an increase. to the appearance of non.cut areas. If there are such intervals along the cutting, you can use the re.processing of these intervals, or use a stationery knife.

The supply of compressed air. the perfect gas for laser cutting is oxygen that catalyzes the cutting process. Insufficient blowing significantly slows down the cutting, as a result. If a low-power compressor is installed on the machine in the basic configuration for plastic processing, the flow of the air-gas mixture is not enough for the formation of an even seam on the faner. It is necessary to replace the compressor with a more powerful with a receiver of at least 100 liters.

acrylic, laser, machine, milling

Faner can also occur due to a large diameter of the compressed air supply nozzle, as a result of which the flow pressure decreases. In this case, it is necessary to finalize the nozzle on a lathe (cut the thread). The second option is to replace the tip with a suitable, with a smaller diameter of the hole.

What is acrylic

Let’s take a look at acrylic material quickly before checking the laser cutting projects of acrylic. Acrylic. This is a transparent plastic material with excellent strength, stiffness and optical transparency. It can be cut and engraved for various purposes.

When it comes to ease of use and durability, the acrylic material itself offers many advantages. The selected thickness affects the mechanical properties of acrylic. But regardless of thickness, acrylic material will remain stable and resistant to shocks and cracks. Acryl is also waterproof, so it is also suitable for projects that can be eroded with water or similar liquids.

Laser cutting of acrylic projects

Since acrylic material has many advantages, it is widely used in many sectors. Acrylic laser cutting machines. One of the most popular laser cutting and laser engraving machines. He can completely reveal the characteristics of both acrylic material and laser technology.

Let’s look together at the projects of laser cutting acrylic and laser engraving on acrylic. You can draw inspiration from these projects and create your own acrylic cutting products.

Laser cutting of acrylic signs

Acrylic signs carved by a laser really like companies, hotels, advertising and other industries. Light acrylic signs for laser cutting are suitable for both internal and external use. The following drawings show three types of acrylic signs carved by a laser.

The first. These are acrylic letters carved by laser, which can be from 2 cm to 100 cm. Acrylic letters of different colors and thickness are suitable for companies.

Second. Beautiful and transparent, laser cut a transparent acrylic welcome sign. You can use it at your wedding, and you can also engrave your wedding oaths and a date on such transparent acrylic signs carved by a laser. The clarity of these transparent acrylic signs carved by a laser symbolizes pure love between you and your lover. It is also a souvenir in memory of the happiest day in your life. In addition, thanks to a strong and resistant characteristics, you can save this sign for life.

The third image shows acrylic numbers carved by a laser. These numbers can be used as rooms of rooms in places such as hotels, schools, office buildings, etc. D. Using LED backlight, acrylic rooms are no longer tedious.

Laser cutting of acrylic jewelry

There are many types of acrylic jewelry carved by a laser. For example, works of art on the wall, decorations on the table, festive pendants and jewelry, etc. D. Thanks to the features of acrylic material, laser cutting or laser engraving acrylic jewelry are beautiful and durable, do not age.

The photographs above show three acrylic jewelry carved by a laser and engraved by a laser. The first two. These are acrylic engraved ornaments of the correct form. On it you can engrave various letters and patterns. For example, you can engrave an inspirational phrase on it. Every time you see this proposal, it gives you the strength to withstand life difficulties. You can also engrave the image of your loved ones on it. This is a great option for installation in the office or at home. Or you can just buy a clean sheet and use it as a agenda or a notebook. When you think about something, you can write on this pen for a white board. Having finished all the agenda, rub the handwriting and use it for the next agenda.

acrylic, laser, machine, milling

The third photo. These are acrylic Christmas tree decorations of non.standard form cut by a laser. You can use a machine for laser cutting acrylic to engrave the patterns of a Christmas tree, Santa Claus or snowflakes, and then cut the patterns along the contour. Beautiful New Year’s acrylic engraving and carved jewelry are ready. Such jewelry is very popular during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Laser cutting of acrylic lamps

Acrylic lamps carved by a laser are a combination of acrylic material and LED lamps. The design of acrylic material provides a wonderful reflection of light. These laser acrylic lamps in combination with LED lamps of different colors can not only illuminate, but also decorate the room.

You can use a machine for laser cutting acrylic to cut off acrylic material and combine parts in light, as shown in the figure on the left. Or you can engrave various patterns on acrylic material and cut it along the contour, as in the picture on the right.

Light in the first image can use high.bright LEDs. Acryl of different colors reflects light of different colors when lighting LEDs. This is exquisite.

For lighting in the second picture, a simple acrylic lampshade is used. It can be used in hotel corridors and t. D. For lighting visitors going in the dark.

You can place an acrylic lamp cut in the form of a tree in the bedroom. This light will not be too bright so that you can not fall asleep. He can give you light when you wake up so as not to stumble.

Acrylic keychain beeps carved by laser

Keys carved by a laser should be at everyone, because they have a wide range of styles, shapes and patterns. In addition, it is difficult to break. This makes your keys noticeable and unique.

Acrylic Keychens carved by a laser in the first figure, women and children like. There are many cute patterns on them. You can also buy a couple of models and wear them with your beloved.

If you are a lover of cars, you can also choose your keypots, as shown in the right figure. There are many car models for your choice. Acrylic laser keypots made on an individual order with your name are also an ideal choice. The font and color of acrylic for acrylic engraving of these keychains. To your choice. These personalized acrylics carved by a laser will make your keys noticeable. You can also give these frames to your friends, and I think they will like it.

Laser cutting of acrylic trophies and medals

Seeing this jewelry of acrylic, carved by a laser, I realized that it should be very popular among girls. There are many types of acrylic jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair clips, etc. D. You can use your imagination to cut laser jewelry from acrylic various shapes and flowers using a laser cutter.

How to do it?

Cutting plexiglass at home is done in several ways. Smarts are used by an electrician, a metal hacksaw, a corner grinder with a three.toothed disk, a nichrome thread. In addition, manufacturers offer special knives for the cutting of plexiglass. Despite many options, laser cutting is the most progressive method. Such equipment allows you to create complex and original contours.

The quality and speed of processing depend on the power of the beam, and the feeding of the sheet affects the gloss edges.

The feed rate depends on the thickness of the material. the thicker it is, the slower the feed and vice versa. The quality of the edge is affected by the verification of the feed speed. With too slow speed, the cut will be dull, with an overly high edge, it will have recesses and the effect of stripes. The exact focus of the laser is of great importance. it should strictly correspond to the middle line of the thickness of the sheet. Organic glass after processing has transparent edges with sharp corners.

The entire process of fllexiglass cutting is under the control of a computer program, the guiding movement of the laser unit. If desired, you can program decorative decoration of the surface of organic glass, engraving, giving it dullness. The material sheet is laid on the work surface, if necessary, it is fixed, although there is no particular need for this, since it is not subjected to mechanical effects.

The necessary changes and tasks are made to the computer program: the number of elements, their shape and size.

A special advantage is that the program itself determines the optimal location of the parts.

After performing the required algorithm, the laser is driven. Many craftsmen independently make laser machines for work at home.

To assemble a laser machine with your own hands, you will need a set of components that allow you to get a quality tool:

Cutting Acrylic on CNC

  • laser gun. for transforming the beam;
  • a carriage whose smooth movement will provide the necessary results;
  • Many make guides from improvised means, but in any case they should cover the working surface;
  • engines, relay, gear belts, bearings;
  • software with which it is possible to enter the required data, drawings or patterns;
  • electronic power supply responsible for the execution of commands;
  • During operation, the emergence of harmful combustion products, whose outflow must be ensured, is inevitable, the ventilation system should be established for this.

The first stage is the preparation and collection of the necessary components, including the necessary drawings at hand. They can be done independently or use the services of the Internet, where there are a lot of useful information and ready drawings. For home use, they often choose an Arduino chip.

The control system can be purchased in finished form or collected on the basis of microcircuits.

Karettes, like many other nodes, can be printed on a 3D printer. Aluminum profiles are used, since they are light and will not weight the structure. When assembling the frame, it is better not to tighten the fasteners tightly, it is most correct to do this after the completion of all stages of work.

After assembling all the nodes of the carriage, the smoothness of its course is checked. Then the corners on the frame to relieve voltage that appeared from possible distortions are weakened, and are tightened again. The smoothness and lack of backlash is checked again.

The next step in the work is the electronic part. A blue laser with a wavelength of 445NM and a capacity of 2 W, complete with a driver, has proven itself well. All wired connections are fought and packaged in a heat shrink. Installation of end circuit breakers provides comfortable operation.

The case for a laser machine can be made of wood-based stove, plywood and so on. If there is no way to make it yourself, you can order in a furniture factory.

How to avoid mistakes?

To avoid errors when cutting organic glass laser, it should be remembered that this method is very different from the mechanical. The laser beam does not cut the plastic. where it is in contact with the surface, the material molecules simply evaporate.

Given this property, the details when cutting should not come into contact with each other, otherwise you can damage the boundaries.

To create a product of any complexity, a model is introduced into the program in vector format. The necessary parameters are set for the temperature and thickness of the beam, if the machine model does not provide for an independent choice of settings. Automation will distribute the position of the elements on one or several sheets of plexiglass. The permissible thickness is 25 mm.

Working with a laser machine requires maximum accuracy during programming, otherwise you can get a high percentage of marriage at the exit.

This will consist in deformation, melting faces or gross sections. In some cases, a polishing mode is used to obtain a mirror cut, this takes twice as long and increases the cost of the product.