How to Cut MDF Panel at Home

Greetings comrades. I won’t discover America if I say that MDF furniture, wall panels and other forms of application of this material have firmly entered our lives. But what if their color ceases to like? Painting MDF panels can change the situation, but not all paints are suitable for this. And if so, then you probably want to ask: which ones will work and what is the price of the solution? We will find out now.

How to Cut MDF Panel at Home

Painting panels made of MDF

Material Feature

Saw, cut, mill, drill, perforate and, of course, paint. It is for this set of qualities that MDF produced from wood waste is valued. All these operations are not particularly difficult, except for the staining process. if you do not know the characteristics of the material, furniture paints from MDF, it will take a lot, and the result will disappoint you.

Does color not harmonize with the wall? The problem can be easily solved.

  1. The material is very hygroscopic., he, like a sponge, absorbs coloring compounds;
  2. When stained from the interaction of the coloring composition, the wood pile rises. The result is an unattractive and rough-to-touch surface.

For raw MDF, absorbing 4-5 layers of paint is not a problem.

What is suitable

Looking ahead, I’ll say. it will definitely work out.
The secret lies in the preliminary application of the soil-insulator, saturating the MDF and creating a high-quality base, as well as in grinding the surface before applying the finishing paint layer.

Special two-component Sayerlack soil isolator for absorbent materials.

We will return to the surface preparation process. The main thing is to first understand what to paint MDF at home. We will need special formulations with high hiding power.

These include:

  • acrylic enamels and paints in the form of aerosols.
  • enamels made on alkyd-urethane, alkyd or oil base;
  • polyurethane enamels.

Acrylic enamel

This group is considered environmentally friendly because it is a water-dispersed composition based on acrylate or latex copolymers. Most manufacturers recommend their use in residential premises and even children’s rooms.

Video: How to Cut MDF Panel at Home

In the photo. MDF screen. For a bathroom, moisture resistance of coatings is one of the basic requirements.

Another plus is the good protection of surfaces from moisture and temperature changes, which is quite relevant for kitchen furniture and sliding MDF screens in bathrooms.

The following compounds can most often be found on sale:

Products of the Finnish manufacturer.

The composition can be used:

  • as a single coating;
  • like topcoat on primed surfaces.

Quick-drying paint (2 hours between layers at a temperature of 23C), has a high covering ability. Weatherproof.

The manufacturer recommends application with a spray only.

Acrylic Enamel from Belinka

Mandatory use of soil-insulator.

Among the features of this composition can be identified:

  • high resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • time for drying the layer is 4 hours.

This composition can be recommended for products located in direct line of sight of sunlight. If you doubted whether it is possible to paint wall MDF panels that are burnt out in the sun, then applying Belinka AQUA EMAIL in 2-3 layers will make them resistant to ultraviolet exposure.

Enamel acrylic Garden Aqua from Finncolor (aka Tikkurila).

Coatings are durable, enamel has good elasticity.

Method of application: roller, spraying.

Products from the Ukrainian manufacturer.

Use only after surface treatment with FEIDAL Acryl-Tiefgrund acrylic primer.

Drying time. 2 hours. The next layer is applied no earlier than 12 hours after the previous one.

Russian manufacturers also produce acrylic compositions at an affordable price.

  • painting sawn and planed surfaces;
  • OSB, MDF, plywood.

Protects from mold, rot, fungi. It forms an elastic, weather-resistant, dirt-repellent coating.

The manufacturer does not recommend using for coloring logs.

Drying time on a stick. 24 hours.

It is steady against washing, but not earlier than in 14 days after coloring of surfaces.

Some of the presented compositions can also be used as a soil isolator. For such purposes, the manufacturer recommends diluting them with water in a ratio of 70% paint and 30% drinking water.

Before painting a white door from MDF under a tree, it is necessary:

  1. first apply a base coat of light paint, after which you can apply dark tones;
  2. Using a special rubber brush, without waiting for the second layer to dry, treat the surface to obtain a wood structure.

In the photo. the process of applying the first layer to the primed surface.

Captain Evidence informs: if you choose what to paint with MDF panels of a small size, then it is impractical to purchase paint in a large-capacity package.
And since the smallest volume is 0.9 l, it is worth taking a closer look at acrylic paints in spray cans.
It is also important that when applying such compositions, wood fibers do not rise on the surface, which simplifies painting.

Among the available aerosol formulations I recommend paying attention to: