How to cut the pipe exactly in half in a corner grinder. How to cut off a profile pipe evenly

How to cut a corner grinder along a round pipe for exactly 2 parts

The first method is not entirely convenient, but quite accurate. Suitable in cases where you are in the tundra and there is nothing at all, except for a pencil and roulette. A couple of times I had to use it. The diameter of the pipes does not matter.

An important condition is the presence of a flat plane near the cut. It can be the edge of the pipe, a bell, a worn or a ground clutch, a seam or any other concentric circle.

Risk notes the place of the cut. We measure the distance from the risks to the flat plane. We rearrange the roulette along it and make risks in a circle using a given size. We get a circle from the crook.


Widely replicated on the Internet. We take a sheet of paper or a newspaper. We wrap the pipe so that the edges come together at one point. The edge of the newspaper. this is the plane of the cut. We carry out a pencil or marker. the markup is ready.

I do not see restrictions on the diameter of the pipes here. The only question is what to take for wrapping. For marking new pipes of large diameter, roll paper is suitable (for example, facsimile). For old rusty pipes, we made clamps of steel tape width about fifteen centimeters.

Materials can be different: painting tape, roll sandpaper, a roll of penofol.D. The denser and wider the tape, the more precisely the marking.

Draw under the paper

Draw a straight line for a trimmer for a profile cut and any pipe using a sheet of paper. The main thing is that it has at least one even side. The paper is applied with an even edge to the cut out on the profile and wrapped around. When winding up, the sheet is leveled so that its straight side comes together throughout the pipe. After that, under paper, like a line, a fishing line for a trimmer is a marker, according to which a cut is made.

This method is convenient to use for cutting large pipes from 100 mm. It also works on a small profile, but with multiple markings, the cut takes a lot of time.

Mark the roulette

The second method of marking the pipe is suitable if one of its ends is even. The roulette is taken for marking, clings to the straight end and the necessary length of the profile is measured along it. On its scale, a mark is made on the pipe first at one edge, then at the second. The planned points are connected by a marker in a fishing line for a trimmer. In the same way, the opposite side of the pipe is noted.

Further, the corner grinder is cut one line, then the profile is turned over and an incision is made on the opposite. After it is laid to one side, and is cut already by eye, focusing on protruding sections on the faces of the pipe. If the profile is wide, then you can immediately outline all 4 sides and connect the points under the ruler so as not to distort the incision, especially on the last two sidewalls.

How to cut a profile pipe along. cutting technology

If the transverse cutting of the profile does not cause special difficulties, then the longitudinal incision that is necessary for some work in the household is more complicated by virtue of its length.

One of the problems when it is carried out is the accuracy of the marking, for its application in the center or at the other point of the cut edge, the marks are placed along the entire length at the same distance from the side wall and then connect them with a pencil, marker or damn, using as a guide a smooth corner, construction building rule, level, profile from drywall.

In order to cut the metal profile in the longitudinal direction, they lead an angle grinding machine along the line, gradually cutting out a through hole. the method is not too accurate, the tool has to be kept without support.

A more convenient way to cut the workpiece with a qualitatively longitudinal way. the use of auxiliary supports in the form of a metal corner or even straight plates. To do this, the corner is attached to the surface of the workpiece with the help of clamps and lead a corner grinder along its side edge, if the length of the template corner is small, it is unscrewed and rearranged further to a new place, after which the cutting is resumed.

The second method of obtaining a flat longitudinal cut line is a rigidly fixed corner grinder on a machine or a table in a lateral position. The cut.out workpiece is moved along the guides, leading to the rotating disk of an angle grinding machine (the principle of operation resembles an electric tile cut), the straightness of the resulting line is determined by the stiffness and length of the support elements.

To obtain the specified sizes and configurations of profile pipes in the household, circumcision is used using an angle grinding machine and inexpensive cutting corundum discs. To get a flat and accurate fishing line for a cutting trimmer, it is better to use support guides or home.made steel templates that set the desired angle.

We twist

The way I most often use when cutting pipes of small diameters.


I put the pipe against the wall, with a free end I rest it in a corner (if necessary, put something so that the pipe does not roller). At the place of cut with a pencil or marker, I touch the pipe. So that the hand does not flinch, resting it on the wall. I rotate the pipe beyond the edge, and the pencil outlines a flat fishing line for a cutting trimmer.

It may seem that the method is suitable only for small pipes. Once we managed to mark the pipe so a little more than a meter in diameter.

They once brought a pipe three meters long to the workshop and something about twenty meters in diameter, I don’t remember exactly. They ordered to do. Frankly, a non.standard task for us. But we coped.

After the brainstorming, they drove to the joiner and dragged the factory sheet of plywood. One side put it tightly under the pipe (angle to the future cut line). Along the second side, a fishing line for a trimmer on the floor was drawn. this is a perpendicular.

Then everything, as described above, only on a large scale. Two men rolled the pipe, trying to do it as evenly as possible. The third put a marker to the pipe and led it along the line marked on the floor. At the end, the marking was closed, which means that we did. There are no unresolved tasks. You just need to show ingenuity.

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Decorative solutions

The plastic corner is the most common and affordable option for decorative decoration of various joints in the bathroom. The use of such a corner helps to hide all aesthetic defects that arise as a result of the draft seams. The corner can close the gaps up to 3 cm wide. It is recommended to fix the baseboard using a transparent sanitary silicon. Silicon is an excellent glue, provides additional sealing, and also contains antifungal additives, which is necessary when decorating the bathroom.

Border tape is the easiest and most quick.filled way to close the slot up to 3 cm. The tape is a strip of polyethylene with an adhesive base. To glue it, it is enough to degrease the working surface, measure and cut off the required piece and attach, pressing with your fingers, in place of the gap. Border tape without an adhesive layer is mounted with silicone.

Experts recommend purchasing a border tape without an adhesive base and installing it using silicone. So it will last longer.

You can seal a gap with tile. It is better to use the tiles left after wall cladding. If there is no tile left after repairing, you can purchase several pieces of white tiles with such a size that a minimum of trimming is required. If the bath is white, the tile will merge with it and the curbs will be practically not noticeable.

pipe, exactly, half, corner

Sometimes, when decorating walls with tiles, masters use a decorative ceramic border. The same border can be designed and joints. It is attached to the surface with waterproof glue or liquid nails.

Methods of cutting metal products at an angle

The usual perpendicular cutting under 90 °, using an angular grinder, is carried out quickly and efficiently if the advice of specialists is not neglected.

Many people believe that if a large tool with a large powerful disk is used for sawing off, then you can not apply markings. Experts do not recommend sawing without applying the marks, because after pruning the part may not be compatible.

note! Before you understand how to cut off the pipe with a large corner grinder, it is better to make markings several times, make sure of the accuracy of calculations. After incorrect sawing a profile or gas pipe, you will have to start work first.

Features of cutting a cylindrical pipe under 45

Most often, a section at an angle of 45 degrees is required when installing heating or water supply systems. The main complexity of the work is that after combining the cut parts of the pipe, a right angle of 90 degrees should be obtained. A simple way to prepare a home.made pattern will help to achieve the quality of the cutting process:

  • Prepare an ordinary white sheet of paper.
  • Fold it diagonally.
  • The protruding part of the sheet needs to be cut off with scissors, so that in the expanded form a square.
  • The resulting triangle must be wrapped around the pipe so that the long side goes parallel to the cross section.

A paper pattern is great for cutting metal products in the middle.

Paper template

The half.folded triangle must be divided into two parts. Then the templates need to be wrapped around the pipe, and fixed with tape or island. The templates should be located in such a way that one edge of the base coincides with the second.

With scissors you need to round the upper corners of both templates. The resulting two blanks of the desired diameter should be put on the pipe, and marked the cut place with chalk or pencil. The prepared marked part can be safely sawn down.

For small diameter tubes, which must be cut close to the edge, the marking method is suitable using a container with water. On the deep container, the desired angle of inclination of the cut is noted, then the end of the tube is placed in the water, and leans to the marking. Fishing line for trimmer contact with liquid will become a tag for sawing.

How to note the place of cut under 45 on a profile pipe

Not everyone knows how to cut a profile pipe under 45 degrees with a corner grinder correctly and efficiently. Experts advise using an ordinary triangular ruler for marking a profile pipe with a square section.

First, on one of the faces, draw a straight strip located perpendicular to the side of the pipe. Then the workpiece must be turned, and apply a slanting label to the next line. It should go from the edge of the first strip at an angle of 45 degrees.

After that, the product rotates again, and a perpendicular fishing line for a trimmer is carried out. On the fourth edge it will only remain to connect the previously carried out strips diagonally. Now you can start the saw.

Additional Information! Many experts believe that the best way to mark the profile is roulette. However, with the help of this tool, it is very difficult to perform work perfectly, the cut may turn out to be uneven. The school line will cope with the task much better.

How to evenly cut the profile pipe across

Most often, households use a rectangular or square metal profile of the pipe with a wall thickness of not more than 3 mm, and when assembling welded frames, cutting is necessary for separate segments.

To correctly cut off the pipe, additional devices are used to mark and mark the slice of the cutting line of the cut, some devices act as a supporting surface for the cutting disk.

Nuances of work with a rectangular section

Rectangular blanks are much easier to cut along and down at any angle than cylindrical elements that are difficult to keep motionless on a flat surface. Transverse blanks at any angle are not of particular complexity. The fishing line for the trimmer of the desired angle is drawn on the side face and always coincides with the calculated (round elements require the use of special templates designed on the computer to connect their faces at an angle different from directly).

Which tool is used

As mentioned above, the main tool for cutting metal parts in everyday life is an angular grinding machine, if it is not available, you can use a hacksaw or jigsaw, which can also cut metal materials with a special blade with a diamond coating.

Electric contest cutting disks not intended for grinding operations are used for cutting using a grinding machine. As an auxiliary tool, roulette, metal ruler, various types of clamps, pencils and markers for marking are useful.

Paper Template for a pipe

Using a sheet of paper. This is a simple way to note a rectangular or square profile for accurate cutting at an angle of 90 or 45 degrees to its axis.

To make a mark for transverse cutting at an angle of 90 degrees, take a sheet of paper and wrap the pipe in them until the edges are accurately leveled, after which they are glued. In this method, a fishing line for a cutting trimmer is very clearly visible, unlike drawing with a pencil or marker along the edge of the template.

Cut a Perfect Miter Joint/Corner Joint in Metal Tubing with a Handheld Grinder!!

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After that, they cut the profile along the patterned edge, alternately from all sides, trying to prevent a complete cut of finishing sections. This can lead to a disc from sharp corners and its destruction.

A sheet of paper can be applied on the side walls of rectangular or square tubes. To do this, a sheet of paper is folded diagonally, and the resulting angle of 45 degrees is applied to the side walls and made appropriate marks. In order to hold the side oblique features at the same level, to the transverse oblique braid line located at an angle of 90 degrees to the axis, an acute angle is used, which was previously used by the way described above.

Miter pipe cutting box

Cutting a profile pipe is very convenient using a special template, which is an analogue of the box box for cutting building materials at different angles.

pipe, exactly, half, corner

To do this, the metal template is made from a profile pipe cut along a piece of the pipe from above or otherwise, can be designed to produce a straight braid fishing line or angle 45 degrees.

To cut the metal profile, a template is applied to it, and the dashed line for the trimmer is drawn by the letter along which the incision is then made. In other cases, the drawing is held, and the fishing line for the trimmer is held by a grinding machine along the surface of the workpiece, trying to avoid strong pressure on the side surface of the disk on the attached metal template. Then the template is removed, and the cutting continues along the well.designated deepening along the edges of the workpiece.

Using the template, you can get a very straight line for the trimmer of the cut, if you do not hold its hand and fix it on the workpiece using clamps or fasteners. For the independent manufacture of fasteners in the side surface of the U-shaped platform of the template, the hole is drilled and at that moment the connecting nut is welded outside, which is screwed into the bolt. To fix the template, attach it to the part processed and fasten the bolt, pressing the surface of the template to the workpiece, after the grinding machine with a metal disk cuts, slightly touching the edge of the guide.

What is a reverse blow?

This is the name of one of the most dangerous cases that can be in the process of work. The effect appears with a strong jamming of the circle into the workpiece, as a result of which the power tool abruptly throws back. It is necessary to carefully monitor the process and hold the corner grinder tightly.

The glasses were not enough

How to avoid a backup

  • Always hold the tool for standard handles.
  • Take a stable position on earth.
  • Use both hands.
  • Be a little away from the place where the tool will hit.
  • When moving, the angular grinder from herself during the reverse impact, it bounces to a person.
  • Be especially careful when processing angles and edges.

How to cut exactly

In order to cut off something angular grinding, it is necessary to perform the correct markup. For example, before cutting a piece of pipe, it is necessary to apply a marker or a thin chalk size. Then we take a sheet of paper with a flat edge and turn the pipe on the set mark. We will get a paper pipe on top of a metal. The border of paper and will be an exact trajectory along which a part of the pipe has to be sawn down.

For these purposes, you can use construction tape, which is easier to wrap the pipe and fix it. On the edge of the paper or adhesive tape we draw a fishing line for a cutting trimmer. Remove the paper, hear the pipe in a vice and cut the corner grinding.

In a similar way, you can cut a corner, profile or sheet. Do not only forget that during cutting it is impossible to change the position of the car. Circle skew will lead to jamming or breakdown. Should not be excessively pressed on a circle, especially thin. Deformation will immediately affect the curvature. The machine should be driven into the material, it only needs to be held.

The evenness of the cut depends on the correct selection of the circle. It is difficult to achieve a flat trajectory, cutting off part of the thick.walled pipe with a thin circle.

How to saw without dust

Any dust is harmful to human health. During repair or construction, it settles everywhere. Remove it later and for a long and quite difficult. But the main thing is that it cannot be removed from the body. In order to work without dust, it is necessary to make a small and inexpensive device for angular grinder.

This device is very similar to a medical dropper. In a regular plastic bottle with a volume of 1.5. 2.0 liters, we put a tube from a dropper. We leave only the regulator on it. In the protective casing of the corner grinder, we make a hole along the diameter of this tube. In this hole we insert the other same tube.

We connect these two tubes, pour water into the bottle and open it to the supply to the circle. After the first approximate cut, we adjust the supply of water, which should extinguish all the dust released during cutting.

With such a device, you can process concrete, brick and many other materials that, when destroyed, distinguish a large amount of dust.

Instructions and recommendations for cutting corner grinders

Work with materials is characterized by one proposal: the direction of movement of the tool and rotation of the disk must match.

Safety precautions when working with disinfectants

note! It is necessary to in contact with the cut surface at the maximum revolutions of the spindle. otherwise it may occur.

  • A cutting fishing line should pass by a working person, and not rest against him. If the disk is shining, the reactive movement of the tool will pass by the operator.
  • Cut profiles start from a place with the smallest cross section.
  • The protective casing ensures safety only if it is between a person and a circle.
  • When cutting the walls, a cable, reinforcement or pipe may fall, which will lead to the opposite impact. Be away from the possible line of displacement.

How to cut off the pipe with a corner grinder

In order for the cut from the corner grinder to be even, it is recommended to use special devices to fix the metal blank. For this, prepared templates, struck or vise are suitable.

It is necessary to very smoothly mark a place for the saw so that the cut does not go to the side. With large volumes of work, for industrial purposes, special equipment is used to cut pipes in the form of turning machines or tape machines.

On a metal profile, you can make vertical and horizontal cuts, saw it at any angle.

Pipe trimming at right angles

The technology of trimming at right angles is quite simple. You just need to fix the metal part, mark the cut on the cut line, and cut the workpiece directly. The end of the cut part of the pipe should be over the support.

A wide or narrow tape, marker or simple pencil is suitable for applying the cut tag. It will simply be necessary to wrap the product, mark the place of the cut, and make an even incision. When winding, both ends of adhesive tape should be accurately fixed with each other

Direct cut

You can make an even cut at an angle of 90º only after applying the marking. Use a sheet of paper or painting tape. The latter is preferable, because it is attached directly to the surface and does not shift.

The sequence of actions looks like this:

  • A section of the desired length is measured with a tape measure, they note this place with a dash marker.
  • Further, tape is glued along the resulting label around the circumference of the pipe. The more even you glue the sticky tape, the better. optimal that the wide edges come together as precisely as possible. This will allow you to make an accurate cut of the pipe on the mark.
  • The next step, the pipe is fixed in a vice or pressed to a flat plane so that it does not shift during operation, and a smooth seam turned out. Note that one end of the pipe must be left in a free position, so that during cutting the disk is not clamped by the walls. Cutting start from top to bottom.
  • The last thing to follow. how to saw off the pipe with a corner grinder. To do this, you need to lead the disk as accurately as possible along the edge of the sticky sticky tape.

In cases where pipe products with large sections are cut, the work must be performed in small sectors. To do this, the pipe will have to constantly turn around the axis at the end of the next incision.

When working with cast.iron pipes, the action scheme will be slightly different. First, a continuous incision is performed throughout the diameter of the product, then with the help of a chisel and the hammer the resulting gutter is gradually drunk, as a result of which the pipe should split strictly along the cut line.

Cutting at an angle

In this case, we will tell you how to make a pipe cut at an angle of 45º. The marking will be needed in this case too (more: “How to cut off the pipe at an angle. marking options for a round and profile pipe”).

To apply it, you will need a square paper sheet that needs to be folded diagonally. The resulting triangle is wrapped around the pipe and fixed. So you get an angle 45º.

Of course, you can try to lower the pipes under the desired slope into the water, then the boundary of the wet surface will serve as a marking. However, it is best to use a special device for angular cuts. a stupid.

The form of the knock looks like an inverted letter “P”. In its opposite walls, finished holes with different angles have already been made. It is enough to put the pipe into the device and make a cut, conducting a hacksaw on the selected grooves.

Thus, making an even section of the pipe from any material yourself is quite simple. There are only a few tricks in this matter, which will allow you to quickly and efficiently carry out all the work and build the desired object for the economy or cottage. We also note that it is better to check the measurements several times before starting cutting, because you can accidentally make a mistake and spoil the material, while understanding additional financial losses.