Is it possible to cut a corner grinder. Where to put on good?

Cutting cast iron corner grinder. Cast iron cutting: corner grinder, pipelines, gas: equipment and features cutting cast iron pipes with pipelines

During the repair, many people try to replace all obsolete communications at once. It turns out that it is most difficult to work with sewer cast iron pipes that need to be dismantled. They used to be connected by cement, sulfur or aluminum. It turns out that the system was carried out for centuries. But then the end of the century came up. And at the same time, complex work begins.

At first glance, it may seem that removing cast.iron pipes is very easy. But here you need to work wisely. After all, having put too much effort, you can damage the riser, which unites several apartments at once. In this case, the anger of the neighbors is inevitable. Costs, time and a lot of work will begin.

possible, corner, grinder

How to Use The Angle Grinder | Stone Carving Tutorial

Before starting the dismantling of an old cast.iron pipe, you need to familiarize yourself with some rules:

  • turn off the water supply in the house;
  • remove the hose from the drain tank on the toilet;
  • Remove the toilet carefully;
  • take out all devices and items from the premises that can interfere with the performance of work;
  • cast iron. fragile material. Pipes that are far from the riser can be broken with a hammer;
  • removal of pipes that directly approach the riser;
  • Cuffs are installed on the bell. First, the bell is cleaned of lubricants.

Dismantling pipes from cast iron

So how to cut cast.iron pipes, let’s try to figure it out. If the pipe from cast iron used to be connected by gray, then the task is not easy. But here there is advice on how to make out cast.iron pipes. Like any other substance, sulfur should be destroyed under the influence of something. And these “something” is open fire. If the sulfur is heated with a soldering lamp, it becomes viscous. So disassemble the pipes is very easy.

Use open fire carefully so as not to make a fire. In addition, when heating pipes from the compounds, sulfur gas will be released. Therefore, you need to apply measures to protect your own health. You can heat the connection for several hours. In order not to suffocate during this time, you need to wear a gas mask. It’s not bad if there is a bucket of water nearby in case something caught fire.

Where corner grinders are used

I was a little distracted from what I wanted to write. About what is possible and what cannot be cut with a corner grinder. And why else can you use an angular-grinding machine (corner grinding).

Corner grinder is used for cutting and processing solid materials, as well as for grinding and polishing surfaces. For this, special nozzles are used. Few people know that there are crowns for Bulgarians with which you can cut round holes, for example in ceramic tiles.

In the decoration and repair of apartments, corner grinders are most often used specifically for cutting materials. Also, this is an excellent tool for sharpening ruins or other cutting or cutting tools, such as axes, knives and chisels.

How you can not use a corner grinder

Corner grinder tool of very narrow specialization. Everyone knows about it. It is even stupid to write about how and where this tool should not be used. It is unlikely that it comes to your mind, fight a corner grinder on the barricades or cutting her sausage. Perhaps in the distant future, when, due to evolution, the boundaries between the upper limbs of people and power tools will disappear, the brain of people will swell so much that it will be very serious to consider one of the auditory holes to exit out. Then what then? I don’t know I feel bad from these thoughts, and I lose the meaning of the narrative.

Imagine another situation. You pick up an unlucky, real corner grinder, and with evil decisive steps you go to something or someone. You only need to rummage in your memory and imagine what you would like to cut off with its help. Introduced? Now the whole mail from the distant corners of your memory is sent to your imagination, and the fingers reflexively compress an imaginary plastic shape with a frantically rotating disk. You are sure that the disk of corner grinding at a revolution of 11,000 per second will cut down anything. You are blinded by the imaginary universality of the tool. But it is here that your carelessness can turn into a tragedy and sensitively distort your own fingers. Such a case can undermine your reputation as the owner of “straight hands” and faith in the omnipotence of the Bulgarians as very cutting, but safe tools for you.

What disk to cut tiles

The tool for the tool is selected for a specific material. Several varieties of discs are suitable for cutting tiles.

Circles made of stone

Cutting element of significant thickness. Due to this, the cut is wide, the amount of dust during work increases. The main disadvantage is the rapid wear of the consumable. over, if chips or other defects appear on it during work, the circle is immediately changed. Otherwise, it can collapse by damaging the processed part and causing harm to a person working with him. Stone discs are the cheapest.

Steel circles

Thin equipment with different processing. For solid materials, select steel with diamond spraying. Such a cutting device easily copes with the task, for a long time does not grind. For cutting, three varieties of steel disks are used.

I cut it. Without water and the upper layer. more likely and slowly. It turned out quite normal.

If you saw, then only a file, so that the enamel is safe to save.

Do not cut it quickly for a very long time.why saw then.

Enamel, of course, will bounce. And except how to cut a bath, there are really no other options? Cut the niche in the wall, for example.

No one will give guarantees, since the enamel is applied to the “factory” But if you cut it only with water! or exactly the enamel will jump. But I propose if there is such an opportunity, of course, gnawing (but not with teeth) in the plaster of the wall these 2-3 cm. If there is no opportunity to tell the answer

For a long time somehow in hack, they stuffed a bath- 170, where there were 150- and nothing, the edges went into the wall

At the expense of water, you once tried to cut the corner grinding pipe in which water remained?. if not, then do not try in dirty spray everything will be in the radius of the walls :)) And in the worst case and the current may be, tfa you. piz ​​Well, in short, hit and not weakJust imagine water at 6000 rpm. !And a wet cutting disk cuts worse

And about the enamel, if it is of high quality, then it will not just burn and melts in the place of cuts such things with canvases on metal is naturally sawn by a power tool.

You cut the enamel with a diamond disk. 2. You saw a cut on a stainless steel only slowly so as not to overheat. 3. You processed places drank soil-enamel.

I sawed my cast-iron bath in half with one 125th disk (can’t endure all).

possible, corner, grinder

In any case, I would dress the headphones! By the way and neighbors too!

Freezing, it will easily split. I tell you like a metal scientist

Wait, the neighbors will immediately come to you. hack your door if you do not voluntarily open. And you are your Bulgarian, sledgehammer, and your head will be broken.

possible, corner, grinder

She split well with a sledgehammer. Only a lot will be a lot

The ears will dry out of the orator, from the corner grinder the dust dust- the sledgehammer remained. Wrap the bathtub outside the old blanket and hug ten times well.

Where to start?

Before you break the cast.iron bath, it first needs to be disconnected from all communication. The first thing is to disconnect overflow. According to experts, cast.iron pipes were put in many old houses. Therefore, after many years, they are very rusty, covered with a scale and with the dismantling of cast.iron plumbing, the master may have difficulties. The situation is better if the communications are represented by metal.plastic components. In this case, they are simply unscrewed. It is enough for the master to cook only pliers. There are frequent cases when the grate of overflow is strong.

Before breaking a cast.iron bath, you need to dismantle this element. Many masters clamp it with pliers and scroll it counterclockwise. If the overflow is not possible in this way, it is cut off with a corner grinder. Judging by the reviews, often fasteners have a strongly rusted thread, which can only be cope with after it is cut. First they make several incisions on the grille, and then the overflow is knocked down with a chisel. Then the cross is knocked out under the grill. As a result, the siphon should hang freely, connected to the rest of the sewer communication. To remove it, the master needs to get rid of the connecting coupling. Some beginners are interested in whether it is possible to break the cast.iron bath with a sledgehammer. According to experts, it is quite possible to do it. It is only necessary to adhere to a clear priority of actions.


After its most vulnerable point has been found in the product, the following actions have to be performed:

  • First of all, the bath should be slightly pushed away from the wall. To complete this task, you will need a chisel and a hammer with which the plumbing product is eliminated from a cement mortar around the perimeter. The optimal distance of the bath to the wall will be from 100 to 150 mm.
  • With the help of a corner grinding machine equipped with detachment circles, several sawdust should be made on the bath. The task of the master is to deprive the product of the strength. In places of cutting on the bath should become its bent edges on both sides. They are used as stiffener ribs. If the work is done correctly, then it will form from strong strokes on the bottom of the cast.iron product.
  • Break the drain hole. At this stage, the bath does not need to turn over. The master only inflicts very strong blows with sledgehammer on the plum from the inside of the bath. Judging by the reviews, after these actions the bath is divided into two separate halves. If this does not happen, then he will come to do its side sides.
  • Turn the bathtub to one side and cover with old rags. Burlap is also quite suitable. Blows are applied to the outer part of the cast.iron product. As a result, the previously broken drain hole in the bathroom should be even more extended. After several strokes in the bathroom, a long strip is formed along its entire bottom.

How to use Your Angle Grinder on Wood

Cutting holes

The tile cutting cuts the tiles smoother and better than the corner grinder, especially mechanized. Such a tool is equipped with a wet cutting disk, which was mentioned above. After some training, a mechanized tile cutter can be performed by curved cuts. Hand analogue such an operation is not available.

The only drawback of tile cutter is a narrow specialization, which, coupled with a high cost, makes it inappropriate to acquire this tool for one.time work.

Corner grinder is the most suitable tile cutting tool, from the point of view of a home craftsman. The reason is universality: unlike tiles, it can be used to cut and grinding many other materials. The main thing is to rely on the above recommendations, choose the right equipment and perform cutting.


Cutting tiles with corner grinders is a painstaking and complex process. Therefore, it is recommended to initially practice in handling the device. try to process several elements, and then start finishing work.

Ways to solve the problem without cutting

The mismatch of sizes is usually small. The dimensions of the bath are smalled 10 cm in length and 5 cm in width. Usually the difference is 2-3 cm, which is difficult to somehow compensate. It seems seductive to cut off the bent side and install the bath in place. However, it is undesirable to do this.

Since the edge of the side is a rib of stiffness, the cup without it loses its strength and begins to bend in one direction under the weight of water and a person. The result is even worse when pruning corner models or curvilinear with complex relief. Here the design is rigidly designed and balanced. Removing any rib leads to deformation of the bath.

It is recommended to refer to other methods of solving the problem and do without cutting.

If the bath has been acquired recently, within 14 days the consumer has the right to return or replace it without explanation. If in the same store he buys another, with more suitable dimensions, such a return does not cause difficulties.

The option is not the most profitable and convenient. If the bath does not fit by 2 cm, it is necessary to purchase a model with a length of 10 cm less or 5 cm less than a length of. There are too large cracks between the wall of the bowl and rooms when installing, which will have to be sealed with sealant, fill and insulate.

If the rest of the plumbing is not yet installed, you can try to find another place for the bath. If you simply expand it along the other wall, it is better to use this method. When this is not possible, reinstalling significantly increases expenses.

The bath installation is performed after the sewage and water supply system according to the planned layout. And if it needs to be put near the opposite wall, it is necessary to bring it to a new place of communication. If the pipes are not hidden in the screed, it is possible to grow them. But if the sewage system is laid under the floor, such a decision is unjustified. Cheaper to buy a new bath.

If the bath does not fit 2-3 cm, this “surplus” can be hidden in the strobe. To do this, in the walls adjacent to the bath, cut the groove the size equal to the thickness of the side. When installing, the font led to the resulting groove. Such work is better to conduct the walls of the wall. In the latter case, stroke is also possible, but it requires high qualifications: the finishing tile is solid, but fragile.

Horizontal strobes in the wall reduce the load.bearing load. Such work on the bearing walls is prohibited.

possible, corner, grinder

Possible consequences of acrylic cutting

Sprinking an acrylic bath at home is easy. The material is quite soft, so you can handle using a conventional angular grinder or electrician. However, cutting without taking into account the design leads to a complete violation of it.

The acrylic case itself is soft and is deformed under the weight. To hold a large volume of water allows a power frame made of fiberglass impregnated with epoxy resin. It involves a certain structure. If you just cut a piece of bath, such a structure is broken. The ribs cease to counteract the whole structure, like a tent without one support, shifts and loses balance.

So that this does not happen, experts recommend the following.

  • On the side of the cut, the bath loses stiffness. When filling it with water, it is noticeable that the geometry is disturbed. the bowl “leads”. To compensate for the excess water pressure, the model is put not on standard legs, but on a power frame. It is better if the typical option complements another 1-2 stiffener ribs fixed from the section.
  • You can compensate for the loss of ribs in another way. The product is equipped with a fiberglass bumper and an epoxy composition for urgent repair. It can be used to create a lost rib. The bumper is laid not for the cut, but on the inside of the edge for 1-2 cm. Thus, an additional edge appears, which replaces the lost support.
  • If the bathtub is frozen, stiffness provides support on the wall. A wooden block or an aluminum profile is attached to the wall from the cut to the wall and the side is based on it.

Bath shortening. unacceptable intervention in the design of the product. After such actions, the warranty on the product does not apply.

Safety precautions when operating an angle grinding machine

Corner grinding machine is a dangerous and difficult power tool in operation. If the safety rules are not observed, at best, you can ruin the material or consumable, break the tool, at worst. to inflict serious injuries to yourself.

  • Be sure to put on personal protective equipment. For cutting the angular grinder, a respirator will come in handy so as not to inhale the dust, glasses that protect the eyes from small particles, as well as strong protective gloves and special dense shoes.
  • Make sure the tool is working. The working equipment should rotate exactly. Check if you fixed it reliably. If the circle is old and turned off, then we recommend replacing it. Otherwise, the cutting element will simply split during operation. Make sure that the casing is worn and directed in your direction, and the cable (if you have a network tool) is not damaged.
  • Do not start work right away. When you just launched a corner grinder, wait until the disk is spinning, starting to give out a stable number of revolutions.
  • When creating a cut, lead an angular grinder from yourself.
  • Use working equipment suitable for material.

The better to cut the tiles: tile or corner grinding

If you are repairing bathrooms professionally, then buy a tile cutter. They are mechanical, electric, manual, type. We recommend choosing based on the volume of work and conditions: electric tile cutting is not suitable for cutting in rooms with high humidity, the machine will be inconvenient to install in a limited space.

It makes sense to use corner grinder instead of a standard tile cutter: as a rule, for one or two rooms it is not required to cut a lot of material. It is also permissible to use the corner grinder as a side version: for example, when for some reason you do not use a tile, and the tool is needed now.