How To Disassemble A Bosch Kettle Twk 6001

How To Disassemble A Bosch Kettle Twk 6001

Other names for this model: BOSCH TWK 8611P, BOSCH TWK 8613, BOSCH TWK 8617

handsome. boils quickly. A friend wanted the same. A squeak at the beginning and end of the cycle is very helpful. Office on the stand. Plastic almost does not smell at the first boiling. The price for a smart kettle is just excellent. 2100 p.

He dances a little on the stand, but, do not remove the packing ring from the stand and will sit tight and whisper.

A comment:
Wipe the plastic with a soft cloth and the black lacquer effect will please the eye for a long time.

Your max. 1.5 l boils for 3 minutes 30 seconds. IMHO it is fast. Pouring water to the brim (1.5 liters is not enough), it took about 4. minutes. Quiet (in comparison with the Bosch 7706, which was bought instead, it’s generally silent, like a hang glider compared to a jet). The lid is opened 90 by a button on the lid itself = both button and degree are convenient; Undoubtedly beautiful, looks more expensive than its price in 2tys. Sinul a year and a half half an hour could not come off. The new plastic is not smelly (I just felt something inside the nose), after two drains there is no smell. functional, especially at its price. Seeing with her own eyes, she was scared that such a round nose would pour in vain, it pours well. Nothing superfluous fit into the bazaar (socket close), it costs exactly. The teapot at the base also does not hang out as someone wrote.

A glossy body will require care to preserve beauty. Stainless steel tops are also prone to stains even from fingers and water. Squeak may not be very loud, but harsh, I would make the sound softer and fill the glue, as someone previously wrote. The husband said that he was cumbersome because of the stand (I do not agree))))

A comment:
Everything is evaluated in comparison with the previous bosch 7709 and based on the experience of 1 day-purchase so far satisfied. let’s see what happens next

Pleasant appearance. Simple operation. It boils quickly.

First: Literally after a week of use, the lid stopped opening at the touch of a button. You have to help her a little by pressing the open button with your thumb and moving the edge of the lid where the latch is located with your index finger. When the kettle just boiled, this is not a pleasant occupation.
Second: Despite the small volume of the water tank, the kettle looks larger than it seemed in the picture, the size on which it is installed also adds dimensions. The monster is shorter.

A comment:
In general, the model is normal, wait and see, the main thing is to work, while it seems to work in this regard. The truth is still not brought to its size. Well, it’s a shame for the lid. I have never had a teapot with a convenient and reliable closing / opening of the lid.

1. Boils quickly
2. Holds temperature for a long time
3. Very comfortable
4. Beautiful
5. Large volume
6. Nothing leaks and undermines anywhere.

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A comment:
We bought it a long time ago, when it was just on sale, and since then have been happy as elephants. I didn’t stink, which is remarkable, not a day.
Firstly, I am a tea lover, so he works a lot and often. Enough to brew a large tea pot and two more cups of tea.
Secondly, I am a lover of "supplements." Therefore, it is very convenient that he keeps the temperature for a long time. in 30-40 minutes it drops by no more than 10 degrees (if there is more than one cup of water, of course).
The heating mode is very convenient. so as not to “boil over” if there is water left in the kettle.
I do not use temperature maintenance, since the kettle itself maintains the temperature for a rather long time.
Loudly announces boiling. for my husband and I, rather a plus.
I read a lot before buying that you can’t check the temperature, how much it has cooled. It’s a matter of habit. I don’t check anymore, I just know about the time.
The only inconvenience is that the ?? ryshka doesn’t recline with a hot kettle, you have to poke it with your hand. But this is only if you need to boil noticeably twice in a row.

High-quality made, nice and solid looks.
Able to different temperatures
Built-in thermos
Even if there is boiling water inside, the case remains slightly warm. On the one hand, it’s good. you won’t get burnt under any conditions, on the other hand, you don’t understand whether it is hot in water or not.

Stupid temperature selection system (a matter of habit)
Peeps loudly (yes not very loudly, I’m used to it)
Noisy (also used to)
Inconvenient pen (already quite comfortable)

A comment:
In general, it is quite large. than my old Philips 1.7l, for free, which is 1.5.
But the temperature selection system killed me the most. It would seem. everything is logical: turn on, select the temperature and rejoice. But this has to be done every time you turn it on!
I drink mainly green tea and in 90% of cases I need water at a temperature of 70-80 degrees (in fact, for this I bought it). And in order to warm the water to these 70 degrees, I need to press 4 buttons EVERY TIME!
Here is such a convenience: instead of one click. four.
He took off the teapot from the stand. he immediately forgot about everything. Neither temperature maintenance is maintained nor the selected temperature.
Ancient mechanical regulators, and in that sense, better! After use for about six months, I’m used to the teapot. And those disadvantages that I described earlier, no longer seem to be minuses, so, features.

Useful functions of my kettle that I do not use:
Heating temperature 70, 80, 90 degrees
Peak at the start of work
Keeping water hot
Useful features that I use:
Nice design and quality materials
Peak at the end of work
Stand Control
Thick not hot walls
Vodichka is really hot for a long time and without a temperature support mode
Overheat shutdown
The correct spout and water do not drip past the cup

The assembly is bad. The lid opens crookedly. He pressed the button, and she gets stuck.
You have to poke a finger or poke a button more sharply.

A comment:
The kettle is generally good. He copes with his tasks. It looks amazing. When the warranty comes to an end I will hand it over to repair the cover. It will be very funny to look at the reaction of the service 🙂 I don’t be too lazy to deal with this nonsense, and there is no time. I can recommend to buy. The main thing is pay attention to all sorts of little things.

Design, noisy, boils quickly

Just bought, so no flaws yet

A comment:
Many people write about a very loud and unpleasant sound when the kettle boils, but for me the sound is completely not loud!

It consists solely of virtues. All tasks are carried out clearly, quickly. If you want boiling water, get boiling water. You need green tea. please. get 90 degrees. Maintain a set temperature. yes easy! Before that, there was also BOSCH, so it was noisy! This comparison is not annoying at all. Did the job, signaled! The sound is not sharp!
Great design!

Temperature adjustment, fast heating, control on the stand, a beautiful design is what colors to choose from.

A comment:
I took this kettle to replace the broken redmond, which worked for 2 months, the kettle is decent, it has been working for more than a year now.