How to disassemble the gearbox of the motorbing of Tarpan. Refinement of the motor -cultivator Tarpan

Chain gearbox: device and principle of operation

We bought for a summer house like 3 ago, a certain texac, in the first year we broke off a handle for reverse (restored), then the gear of the same ugly rear to zero was eaten to zero. the plastic turned out to be! HOW?! Okay, no one wanted to make and look for spare parts, there was enough one front door. In the same first year, they forgot to pour oil into the gearbox, after an hour of work it creaked terribly. they cuffed, added oils. Dick there, the oil began to flee from all the seals in the gearbox, and for two more years a genuine butter plowed. In the second year, the attachment of wheels broke off. welded. This year I decided that I had to fix it all the same. It’s easy to remove the asterisk, but the gearbox to get, it was necessary to disassemble the entire frame, separate the motor. Under Pivas with a barbecue. Halved the gearbox and what do you think? there are no seals there, he should work on Salidol. It was interesting for solidoli that was there, only the whales were flopped on the wall inside the gearbox, he stuck to it lumpy, and to the chain and stars (chain transmission in the gearbox) in no way and did not reach it. And funny and sad. Oil, of course, washed all the lubrication of bearings. disassembled it, saturated. While the disassembled lies, this month I will buy everything I need, I will collect

The only motor has not yet delivered TFU TFUs.

I have a Viking HB-560 cultivator, I selected on www.Stihl.RU/Viking-Produkte.ASPX, apparently, got a good one.

For that kind of money, he simply must be good, mine is three times cheaper 🙂

I have a Viking HB-560 cultivator, I selected on www.Stihl.RU/Viking-Produkte.ASPX, apparently, got a good one.

Without looking, you can kill the best mechanism. Apparently you have something almost not killed, but everything has a limit, better look at.

If there are such barbecue, then why do we need a cultivator? I honest in my frankly in 2 years did not look until it works. But now I definitely look around, maybe something needs to be added.

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I have just the same Beezone, for the third year, I cracked a little frame in the steering area, drove on it with a trailer. And the bolts were reproached from vibration, put on glue there are no more problems. Great apparatus for its price,

I agree, for the most part I have a jamb due to a little careless handling, an uncle 2 for 2 plows, all my life worked on the KAMAZ)) the gearbox only upset me, more precisely assembly

I have not yet analyzed, I will soon strengthen the frame, I’ll look there, and so it is written in the manual before work to pour oil into the gearbox, I poured a transmision from the beginning, then something like nigrola, it runs more slowly. Everything would be good good, but the oil seals would not hurt, and the second speed

I have nothing in Russian and it was written)) But I think there should not be oil in my oil, for which it is mixed there with the solidol?

I have a plug plug on the side. Yes these Chinese you will understand the hell! The oil should dissolve the salts of the dol, and this is lubricated with the chain In short, the hell knows, you need to introduce the oil seals

here, too, there is a type of CHAPKA. I think to buy a kg of good lubricant and fill it, with the oil seals, the trouble will come out

The gearbox for the cultivator is no less important than the engine or working parts. The widespread opinion that this is just a passing detail is completely incorrect. Consider which criteria it is better to choose a gearbox for a motor.cultivator and how to use it correctly.

The main malfunctions of the motoblocks

And gasoline engines are different motorsurside. For the first, a normal figure is 4000 m/h, but the latter can provide only 1,500 m/h. Despite this, diesel models of motoblocks are not in high demand. After all, both when buying and during operation, they are much more expensive. Therefore, most likely, you work with a walk.behind tractor equipped with a gasoline (carburetor) engine.

All breakdowns that can occur during the operation of agricultural minute can be divided into two categories:

  • Engine malfunctions:
  • starting problems;
  • Dot in work.
  • Malfunctions of other nodes and mechanisms:
  • improper clutch work;
  • breakage in the gearbox;
  • problems with the chassis;
  • control and automation malfunctions;
  • Motoboblock malfunctions (. Lubrication, etc.).

In many ways, the success of the repair of a suddenly failed machine depends on the correctness of the diagnosis. As for maintenance, it is carried out precisely in order to identify small malfunctions, which will subsequently lead to serious.

If you do not have the necessary knowledge, room, tool and materials necessary for the maintenance and repair of the motor, trust the specialist!

The advantages and disadvantages of cultivators of the brand Tarpan

Since Tarpan motor cultivators are collected at an enterprise relating to the defense industry, the plant products are distinguished by high quality and reliability of the assembly. The first models began to be collected in the early 90s, when the production crisis forced the company to look for alternative directions of development. The lack of experience left its mark on the first cultivators. they could not compete with the products of foreign manufacturers. However, after the introduction of new technologies and the conclusion of contracts with leading engines manufacturers for agricultural machinery, Tulamashzavod managed to establish an assembly of equipment that meets the most stringent technical requirements and standards.

The competitive advantages of modern Tarpan motor cultivators include:

  • Reliable, hardy motors from leading industry manufacturers;
  • High assembly quality, technology performance;
  • Adaptation to domestic operating conditions;
  • Unpretentiousness in maintenance, high maintenance;
  • A wide selection of attaching equipment allows you to expand the range of work performed.

The disadvantages of the devices include a fairly small number of service centers and representative offices of the company, which creates certain difficulties in the process of maintenance and repair of equipment. However, this deficiency is compensated by the simplicity of the design. if necessary, following the instructions of the user managers, the owner of the cultivator will be able to independently eliminate most of the malfunctions.

Oil level

It is advisable to check the oil level before each working shift, as well as inspect the gearbox body for flows. After work, the measurements are not carried out, since part of the liquid is on the details, and the result will be inaccurate. Do not neglect this simple operation: the lack of lubrication can lead to a breakdown of parts.

The device of the motor block gearbox

Reducer is one of the most important components of the walk.behind tractor. It is on absolutely all models, without it the equipment will not work. Reducer function. uninterrupted transmission of the torque from the engine to the wheels through the cuneiform transmission. In addition, it provides a change in the speed and direction of the movement of the agricultural unit. Simply put, ensures the movement and management of technology.

The gearbox consists of a system of shafts and stars connected by a chain. The shafts take rotation and transmit using the chain. The input shaft is equipped with a lever and a fork that switch the mechanism. From dirt and dust, the details protect the plastic case with a bolt mount.

Motobobes are indispensable assistants in the farm

All parts are made of metal and need lubrication. With a lack of lubrication, the load on contacting parts increases sharply, which can lead to their rapid destruction. Timely oil change in the gearbox will ensure their serviceability and uninterrupted operation of the mechanism as a whole.

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Modifications of the cultivator Tarpan

Interesting. After the cultivator of Tarpan was released, work on it was not stopped. The manufacturer constantly studies the practical experience of using, collects reviews and suggestions. Gradually, he modifies the device and releases new modifications of the cultivator.


This option is able to work effectively on almost any soils. In particular, it is effective when working on virgin or hard clay soils.

This option is used:

  • American engine Briggsstratton Quantum 650, the power of which is 6 liters. With.
  • According to the attached leadership, a worm gear, which usually demonstrates higher efficiency compared to a common cuneiform transmission.
  • During the control process, a movable steering rack is used. One of the advantages that it gives is the opportunity to be on the side of the cultivator during work and not walk on the already plowed ground.


This modification has lower power compared to the previous option. In this case, it is 3.5 liters. With.

Read strawberry chosen one description of varieties photo reviews of gardeners

The model is characterized by a small weight (it is 28 kg). The width of the working strip is 36 cm.


  • Briggsstratton engine is used, with a capacity of 6.05 liters. With.
  • The width of the capture strip is 58 cm.
  • Soil processing depth. up to 20 cm.
  • Weight is 48 kg.

When selling, two sets of milling.

Tarpan Ec-03

The peculiarity of this variety is that it works from an electric engine.

  • The power of the device is 2200 watts.
  • The cultivator of this modification is able to perform soil processing at a depth of up to 30 cm.
  • This motor is easily installed or removed. It has a universal application. For example, if you remove it from Tarpan and install it on a lawn mower (for example, a string is suitable for this), then it will be possible to work on it.
  • When working, a very low noise level is shown.
  • A comfortable handle is used in the cultivator (you can adjust the height, turn or reject to the sides).

Non.mounted equipment

As additional devices when working with a cultivator, the owner can be used:

  • Hinging equipment for hilling beds.
  • It is possible to use soil.spaces. They significantly increase the adhesion of this unit with the soil.
  • The configuration includes special wheels with the frame. They represent more amenities for moving the cultivator, compared to standard wheels.
  • As hinged equipment, it is possible to use a plow to carry out deep soil processing.
  • A shovel-offline can be used.
  • A string lawn mower may be provided, on which you can rearrange the engine from Tarpan, and after the end of the work, install it in the same place.
  • It is possible to use a nozzle-smooter nozzle.

Hinged equipment for a motor cultivator

Malfunction of engine systems when starting

In the event that when checking the candles, they turned out to be wet, t.e. The fuel comes normally, but the motor does not start, the problem may be as follows:

  • Failure of ignition system:
  • Air sunset through the seals of the carburetor, spark plugs, heads of candles and cylinders, as well as carburetor joints and engine cylinders.

If depressurization of the compounds is detected, it is necessary to carry out tightening fasteners, tighten the candles and check the integrity of the gaskets between the heads of candles and cylinders.

To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to ensure the free course of the damper, checking the quality of the drive work. If you find seizures, they need to be eliminated.

Violation of compression and malfunction in the carburetor

It happens that the launch is carried out, but its process is significantly difficult. At the same time it works extremely unstable and cannot develop sufficient power for normal operation.

The reason for this may be the loss of compression, which can be detected by:

In order to restore compression, you need:

If in the process of operating the engine a black smoke comes out of the muffler, and an excess of oil is revealed on the electrodes of the candles or they themselves are covered with soot, this means that:

  • An oversaturated fuel mixture is supplied to the carburetor;
  • The sealing of the fuel valve of the carburetor is impaired;
  • the oil.scrubbing ring of the piston was worn out;
  • Breeding.

To eliminate this problem follows:

  • adjust the carburetor;
  • replace the leaky valve;
  • replace worn piston rings;
  • Clean or replace the failed air filter.

In the event that when the engine is operating, light smoke comes out of the muffler, and the electrodes of the candles are dry and covered with white coating, this means that a lunch fuel mixture gets into the carburetor. This problem is eliminated by adjusting the operation of the carburetor.

Motobobe engine malfunctions during operation

The nodes and components of the engines that are installed on agricultural mini-equipment are subjected to significant loads. They can fail in the process of operation of the unit, which will very quickly lead to serious failures.

If suspicious noise, jerks and violations in the operation of the walk.behind tractor are found, it is very important to immediately turn off the engine, and then let it cool. only after that it will be possible to eliminate the problem.

If during operation the motor begins to independently gain momentum, t.e. There is a “different”, most likely this means that the attachment of the levers of the regulator and traction weakened. In this case, the user will have to re.adjust the engine.

Sometimes, with a completely open throttle, the engine does not accelerate when pressing the handle of gas, but on the contrary begins to lose power until a complete stop. This is a clear sign of overheating, so the unoic tractor needs to be turned off and wait until its nodes are completely cooled. After that, you should check the oil level in the crankcase, as well as to control the cleanliness of the walnut surfaces of the blocks and cylinder heads.

With increased loads on the engine, it can jam it. There may be several reasons for this:

If the engine of the walk.behind tractor jammed, it will have to disassemble and check the condition of the main components and components: faulty, deformed, melted, etc.D. subject to replacement.

How to change oil in a walk.behind tractor

The oil in the cylinders of the walk.behind engine on a hot engine changes. This applies to actions for both a two.stroke and four.stroke engine. A heated spent mixture flows well into a substitute container. The following actions:

  • turn the plug-paw;
  • drain the oil;
  • pour fresh;
  • plunge the plug-paw;
  • The operation of the unit is checked.

Lubrication in cylinders of motor blocks of different structures is replaced in the following order:

  • The gasoline uniform tractor is installed horizontally;
  • With the help of a screwdriver, a cork on the tank is removed;
  • drain the development;
  • the cork is twisted;
  • Pour fresh oil into the box;
  • The cameling hole is closed.

Pour oil and pour freshly in 15-20 minutes. If you replace the waste oil with low.quality products, there will be problems leading to the repair of equipment. This applies to the lubrication of the engine and oil in the gearbox. Lubricants are aging and require timely quality replacement. After how many hours you can fill in car oil, is written in the manufacturer’s instructions. It is necessary to read it so that the purchased expensive unit will assist for a longer period.

The exhaust lubricant is disposed of in special points.

User manual

Check out the operating instructions. it will help to assemble the assembly and the first launch of the walk.behind tractor. The device is delivered disassembled, during the assembly process it is necessary to connect the wheels and the control handle. After assembly, you can perform the first launch and

First start

Recommendations for the duration of the different manufacturers are different. For Tarpan, 8 hours are considered to be a sufficiently period.

Light motor blocks can work for 40-60 minutes without a break, after which the engine must be allowed to cool, and then continue to work.

During the the engine, the engine should operate at 2/3 of the maximum power. The target is not processed during this period, since the engine and gearbox of the walk.behind tractor should adapt to the load. After running in, you can work with the walk.behind tractor using all its power.


Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the types of oil and fuel, otherwise the engine will work with interruptions, stall, and will quickly exhaust its production resource.

SAE 30 oil

Engine oil: for four-stroke with air cooling-SAE30/SAE5W-30. Gearbox oil: SAE 90, SAE 75W/90 (API GL-4, GL-5). Gasoline: AI-92 (93, 95).

The higher the quality of fuel and oil, the less often you need to replace fuel and oil filters.

Replace the filter after 50 motorized hours, that is, once every six months. When using a walk.behind tractor, you can change filters as necessary.

The main malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

If the engine does not start, check the level of gasoline in the tank, the condition of the spark plug. Launch a single tractor on a flat surface in full assembly.

Further in the table you can see the main malfunctions of gasoline motoblocks with four.stroke engines.

The main malfunctions and their elimination

If the unoic tractor for warranty and the problem is not solved on your own, contact the service center.

The lineup

4 modifications of Tarpan cultivators enter the garden mechanisms market:

  • TMZ-MK-03 and TMZ-MK-04-the middle class of the device, differ in the gear ratio of the worm reducer;
  • TMZ-MK-031-Light Class cultivator for working in mastered areas;
  • TMZ-KE-07-2.2 machine with an electric asynchronous engine with power supply from a stationary network.

Depending on the manufacturer of the power plant in the name of the products after a digital index, they include the designation: BS, Honda, Champion.

Modifications and technical characteristics

The most popular variations are TMZ-MK-03 and TMZ-MK-04. They can be an American or Japanese engine. Accordingly, BS or Honda is added to the name (the latter costs more). MK-03 and MK-04 differ from each other only by the gearbox (its transfer number).

Since both of the above.mentioned engines are not cheap, the manufacturers decided to create a more budget option by equipping it with the Chinese engine “Champion” G160VK, which has a capacity of 5.5 horsepower. The modification was called TMZ-MK-03- Champion. There is another “Chinese” of the same power. the Zongshen engine XP200, but it is put much less often.

The TMZ-MB-07 Unoa tractor is characterized by large dimensions, and it is also more weighty. In addition, a snowman can be attached to it (this is not provided for MK-03 and MK-04). But the cost of a walk.behind tractor is higher than previous models, so it is in less demand.

It is not very popular mini-version called TMZ-MK-031. It is weak (three and a half horsepower) and expensive, it takes less depth and width.


Characteristics Indicators Units. Measurements
Common parameters:
The type of fuel used Gasoline A-92
Type of gearbox worm
Earth cultivation depth (maximum) twenty cm
Earth cultivation width (maximum) 35 or 70 cm
Earth cultivation width (with pollars) 100 cm
Performance 600 M2/h
Cutter size (diameter) 32 cm
For models MK-03 and MK-04:
engine’s type Briggsstratton or Honda
Engine power 6 or 5.5
Cutter size (diameter) 32 cm
The weight 45 kg
Dimensions 78x70x75 cm
For the MB-07 model:
Engine model Briggsstratton l.With.
Engine power 6
Dimensions 140x56x109 cm
The weight 67 kg
For the MK-03 “Champion” model:
engine’s type Champion
Engine power 5.5 l.With.
For mini-model MK-031:
engine’s type Briggsstratton
Engine power 3.5 l.With.
Cutter size (diameter) 24 cm
Earth cultivation depth (maximum) fourteen cm
Earth cultivation width (maximum) fourteen cm
The weight 28 kg
Dimensions (length, width, height) 121x51x102 cm

Service features and operating instructions

Operating instructions. the main document of the cultivator, which contains a description of the design, as well as the rules for the operation, maintenance of storage and transportation. Compliance with the rules will help the owner increase the life of the equipment and ensure safe working conditions.

First launch and

After assembly, the new cultivator passes the preservation procedure necessary to protect the mechanisms from the effects of corrosion. Before the first launch, the owner must turn out the spark plug, rinse it with gasoline, and also scroll the crankshaft for 10-15 revolutions to remove conservative lubricants.

In most cases, engines are supplied without motor oil. It should be remembered that the malfunctions caused by the dry operation of the motor do not belong to warranty cases. The oil must be selected based on the ambient temperature and the recommendations of the engine manufacturing plant.

During the first 12 hours of work, the cultivator is running out. the production of friction pairs of all moving nodes occurs. In the process of, it is not recommended to use the cultivator at full power.

Upon completion of the, it is necessary to replace the engine oil, which contains shavings and other by.products of the operation of the nodes of the cultivator.

Change oil in the gearbox

According to the requirements of the operating manual, after the first 5 hours of work, it is necessary to replace the oil in the gearbox. During the selection of lubricants, it is necessary to be guided by the requirements of the operating manual.

Most of the models of gearboxes are designed for oils with an API GL-4 or GL-5 API. The use of improper lubricant, for example, TAD-17 or Nigrol can quickly disable the gearbox out of order.

Replacing the seals

During operation, under the influence of external factors, mechanical damage to the gearbox seals may occur, which leads to oil leaks from the mechanism. If the cultivator is still under warranty, we recommend that you contact the nearest service center. An alternative option. an independent replacement of the seals.

Before performing work, it is necessary to drain the oil from the gearbox. It should also be noted the spatial position of the shaft relative to the case to exclude the possibility of incorrect assembly.

Possible malfunctions

If you do not have experience in repairing or servicing cultivators, we do not recommend engaging in the independent elimination of malfunctions. Unskilled intervention can aggravate the situation.

Repair instructions

Tarpan Unoa tractor, as well as CAIMAN, Patriot, Texas, Prost, Crosser, Viking, Forza, Sadko, Don and their repair instructions are a rather standard list of problems with optimal solutions that are almost the same for all types of motoblock.

Consider the main problems that the owners of this walk.behind tract, as well as the methods for their elimination. Tarpo Tapan Unoa tractor and its malfunctions:

  • Tarpan Unoa tractor does not start. In this case, there may be several reasons: there is no fuel supply to the carburetor, an air filter is clogged or the ignition system does not work. Accordingly, the solution to the problems will depend on these reasons.
  • In the first case, you need to check the presence of fuel in the fuel tank, and then press several times on the leak. In the second case, it is necessary to clean the filter from foreign particles.
  • And finally, in the third case, the spark plug for the Tarpan walk.behind tract may be faulty, which will have to be replaced with a new. If the candle is still working, then it is necessary to remove the existing carpet from it. Cm. A new candle on

    Technical characteristics and of models

    Tarpan Unoa Tractor, the technical characteristics of which we will consider further, began to be produced since 1991. Factory experts annually improved the main characteristics of the model, wanting to make the unit competitive among motoblocks.

    However, in 1995 it was decided to suspend the production of motor blocks of Tarpan, considering this case unprofitable. However, thanks to the enthusiasm of individual specialists, the new Tarpan with a foreign engine Briggsstratton received fairly flattering reviews, which led to the serial release of the model.

    Since 1997, a new era of the Tarpan motoblocks begins, due to the annual increase in production rate and increase the competitiveness of this brand.

    The Tarpan model range is not very large, including several models, which will be discussed later.

    The Tarpan Tapan Tractor Tractor, as well as the Huter, Profi, Lander, Champion motoblocks, is a fairly multifunctional device designed to plow land land.

    In addition, using attaching equipment, this one.based tractor can carry out the most different set of works: hill, transport various goods, cut the lawns, etc.D.

    • type of motor used-4-stroke, carburetor type;
    • the number of cylinders. 1;
    • motor volume. 160 cm3;
    • power indicator. 6 liters.With.;
    • Launch type. manual;
    • Motoboglok length. 1400 mm;
    • Motobobe width. 560 mm;
    • motor block height. 1090 mm;
    • total weight. 67 kg;
    • processing width. about 70 cm;
    • the depth of loosening. 20 cm;
    • fuel consumption. 1.1 liters per 1 hour of work;
    • tank capacity with fuel. 1.1 l;
    • Type of adhesion. cuneiform;
    • gearbox type. gear.

    TMZ MB 07 01

    The TMZ MB TMZ TARPA TARAN TRAN TRACTOR is the most overall aggregate in the Tarpan Motoban family. Unlike other models, a snowman can be attached to this one.axle tractor.

    TMZ MK 03

    TARPA TMZ TMZ 03 Unoa Trutor is considered one of the most common models in its class. The engine for the Tarpan walk.behind tractor can be the most different (this information is indicated in the name of the model, following the serial number).

    In particular, it can be equipped with an American Briggsstratton (BS) or Japanese Honda engine.

    In addition, wanting to slightly reduce the cost of the walk.behind tractor, the manufacturer began to equip the Tarpan with the Chinese engine Champion G160VK, the capacity of which is 5.5 horsepower.

    • type of motor used-4-stroke, gasoline;
    • Brand of gasoline-AI-92;
    • the number of cylinders. 1;
    • motor volume. 160 cm3;
    • power indicator. 5.5 l.With.;
    • Launch type. manual;
    • Motoboglok length. 780 mm;
    • Motobobe width. 700 mm;
    • motor block height. 750 mm;
    • total weight. 45 kg;
    • processing width. about 70 cm;
    • the depth of loosening. 20 cm;
    • fuel consumption. 1.1 liters per 1 hour of work;
    • tank capacity with fuel. 1.1 l;
    • Type of adhesion. cuneiform;
    • gearbox type. gear.

    This Tarpan Unoa Tractor will be the best purchase for owners of small gardens. Small dimensions of the device do not allow them to install the entire list of attachments on them, so you need to consider this fact when buying.

    The Tarpan Unoa Tractor, the description of which we just examined, allows you to aggregate the most different attachments with it. This fact significantly expands the scope of the unit, allowing you to compete with many foreign motoblock models.

    Transmission oil for a walk.behind tractor. the choice of a suitable reducer lubrication agent

    For lubrication of the gearbox available in the design of the walk.behind tractor, a special transmission oil should be used. It must comply with a number of important criteria, the main of which is the degree of viscosity of the material. The oil for the gearbox should be viscous enough to cover all the rubbing parts of the mechanism with a thin film. At the same time, in no way, the composition should not be used too dense, since such a tool will not be able to penetrate inside all spare parts available in the gearbox.

    As additional devices when working with a cultivator, the owner can be used:

    • Hinging equipment for hilling beds.
    • It is possible to use soil.spaces. They significantly increase the adhesion of this unit with the soil.
    • The configuration includes special wheels with the frame. They represent more amenities for moving the cultivator, compared to standard wheels.
    • As hinged equipment, it is possible to use a plow to carry out deep soil processing.
    • A shovel-offline can be used.
    • A string lawn mower may be provided, on which you can rearrange the engine from Tarpan, and after the end of the work, install it in the same place.
    • It is possible to use a nozzle-smooter nozzle.

    Hinged equipment for a motor cultivator