How to make a barrow for a power tiller

How to make a barrow for a power tiller with your own hands?

It’s hard to imagine an avid gardener without a power tiller in the household. This is an indispensable thing, which, above all, is needed when plowing land on a garden plot. But the functions of a mini-tractor can be expanded by attaching a wheelbarrow/trailer. Of course, it is easy to buy a cart for a motor-block in a specialized store, but a real man can easily make a trailer for a single-axle tractor on his own.

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The cart variations for this kind of equipment depend directly on the ability to transport a certain load.

  • A simple single-axle dolly. Max. lifting weight up to 70 kg. Its construction would be simple and inexpensive.
  • A cart for a power tiller with carrying capacity up to 110-120 kg. The most universal version for use in the household.
  • A trailer for carrying heavy objects weighing more than 120 kg. The construction becomes more complicated, the cost of material for the frame and facing increases. This variant is more expensive, but the possibilities of carts are much higher.

It’s a good thing we’re not feeling well yet! But then

You know how it is. Once out of kindness, then the second, and then it seems that you are already obliged. This was exactly the situation in my case.

The auntie-neighbor mentioned above has decided that day to use the abundance of free labor to the fullest extent.

After we arrived at the place and unloaded the household goods (the car sighed with relief), it turned out that leave immediately back into town will not work.

There were plans to rearrange, move, and relocate some things on the property. Then it was necessary to bring from somewhere a dozen buckets of sand, a couple dozen manure, pour water into the tank.

In a word, my packhorse had all the chances of not making it till sundown. However, I had no moral right to die on the meadow, either.

In the evening I had to take my spontaneous employer home with a promise of a good supper.

At first I started to work with the student’s fervor, but I soon realized that I would not make it to the evening. And that’s when a garden wheelbarrow came into my field of vision, aimlessly lounging on my neighbor’s property. The neighbor himself was also present, but he was doing such work that he obviously did not need the car. He was whitewashing the trunks of apple trees.

And that’s when a great plan came into my head. For a couple of good beers I borrowed a vehicle in the hope of alleviating my backbreaking hard labor.

According to my calculations, using the cart, I could finish all the work in an hour and a half, and then take a walk in the woods, in the vicinity of which there was a summer cottage of my neighbor.

Alas, the bright plans were not destined to come true. You will never guess why.

It’s just that the cart was two-wheeled. I somehow didn’t think about the fact that the paths to be ridden on were quite narrow.

And if one wheel drove on them, the other always tried to follow “the ploughed”, “the planted” and other places, where the mere thought of moving wheeled vehicles was considered blasphemous.

As a result, after paying two beers to rent a cart, I never got to use it.

For the fact that I dared to slightly damage a couple of seedbeds and break a branch at the currant bush I was severely reprimanded and given a strict injunction to “immediately restore everything as it was. The consequences of my outrageous behavior I liquidated with lamentations about today’s youth, for whom, it seems, there is nothing sacred at all.

Of course, a good dinner was out of the question. Rather coldly saying goodbye to me at the entrance, a strict aunt said that I never again will ask for anything.

It seemed like a terrible day, but the lessons learned helped me make the right choice years later when buying a garden wheelbarrow.

I guess it was one of those times when a negative result is also a result.

How I bought a garden wheelbarrow

Only one-wheeled! No other options! It’s very handy. Excellent maneuverability, ability to drive on narrow paths, pass between puddles In a word, in most cases, one wheel is much better than two, much less four.

It’s a common belief that a one-wheeled cart is less comfortable because it’s always trying to tip over. It’s all bullshit! What are you on?? Hold on tight and you’ll be fine.

They also say that a two-wheeled wheelbarrow is more load-carrying than a one-wheeled one. That’s partly true, but according to my cart’s instructions, you can carry 180 kilos on it. That’s me, my wife and no, my son’s grown up. Then two more of our cats with a cat. But I haven’t been able to test that yet.

Do you really need more capacity?? Remember, we’re talking about a garden wheelbarrow, not a construction wheelbarrow. You will transport in your garden a cargo weighing 200-300 kilograms? I seriously doubt it.

The strength of the trough is another matter. This is the part where you put the load. It’s just that when we were picking out the wheelbarrow, we wanted to get the cheaper one first. for 1099. But after appreciating the thickness of metal from which the trough is made, we decided not to be stingy and take the one that is more expensive. for 1999.

Here’s what the garden wheelbarrow rack looked like at OBI. The items are sold here in a disassembled form and one has to be very careful not to take all the necessary parts, on the one hand, and not to take anything unnecessary, on the other.

Keep in mind if you forget to take a part at once, then you can not come to the store and just take it from the shelf. In my presence, a gentleman lamented that he forgot to pick up a package of mounting bolts. I do not know how he ended up, but the store employees were not inclined to immediately give him the missing.

If in doubt exactly what to take and in what quantity, it is better to ask the salesman.

Spare wheels for wheelbarrows are also sold here. You can buy it right away, you can buy it later when you need it. (at the time of writing). The other parts separately, alas, do not sell. So you will have to treat the update with care.

Assembling a garden wheelbarrow

My particular version consists of the following parts:

Wheelbarrow Types

Wheelbarrows may differ in the number of wheels. The most common option is a two-wheeled cart or a cart with one wheel. It is also possible to make a wheelbarrow on 4 wheels Each of them has its pros and cons. For example, a wheelbarrow with one wheel is very convenient to use as a garden or vegetable garden, because it is swiveling and will pass on any, even the thinnest path, thus not hitting any plantings. A two-wheeled cart is not suitable for this kind of work. But for construction work, for example, or to transport something heavy over long distances, it’s perfect. In turn, a unit with one wheel is not suitable for such a unit, because it is unstable and requires enough energy to carry it in your hands. To move earth on wheelbarrows with two or four wheels is much easier. Ideally, if you have two versions of such wheelbarrows.

As you may have noticed, the wheelbarrow is made for a particular purpose and under particular conditions.

Honda FJ500 Power TIller Field Test

And another argument for having two wheelbarrow options. for example, if you have a wheelbarrow for manure in the spring, it’s no good for harvesting in the fall.

It is good to have more than one wheelbarrow in the country

What kind of material to choose

If we build a wheelbarrow for the garden by ourselves, we use all available materials. But if you are faced with a choice, let’s describe popular options.

Wood. A minimum of tools is required to work with this material. A hacksaw can be used for sawing, and the wooden parts are fastened together with bolts and angles. The disadvantage of the wooden wheelbarrow is unstable to moisture.

Black Metal. The material is characterized by its strength and long service life. In addition, it is not expensive. When working with ferrous metal, you will need a welder and angle grinder.

Stainless steel, or galvanized steel. The material, which has a special durability. Is not exposed to the negative effects of external natural conditions. This wheelbarrow will cost more in price than those mentioned above. However, it will last for many years.

Step by step instructions

This section is devoted to step by step instructions for creating a two-wheeled wheelbarrow for the garden with a frame of metal corners and pipes.

For independent work, you will need the following set of materials:

  • Sheet metal thickness of 1 mm;
  • two wheels;
  • A solid, non-hollow blanks, 20 mm wide, to make the axle;
  • angles and profile pipes; welding machine;
  • angle grinder;
  • a tape measure and a tap;
  • a set of bolts and nuts.

First of all, you need to take care of making the axle. Cut it to the necessary length, and in the end parts cut out the threads for the bolt. It can be used to hold the wheels on the front side.

As for the stop on the inside, we use a washer. Carefully weld it to the inside of the axle. Put the wheel on bearings.

To prevent moisture from getting into the moving parts, you should treat them with Lithol. The wheels will move smoothly and quickly.

On the fabricated pair of wheels for the wheelbarrow frame should be welded, then the body. It is not difficult to make the frame. We take 32×32 mm angles and cut them into rectangular shapes. The lower form should be smaller than the upper. You can fasten the parts together with the help of metal crosspieces.

make, barrow, power, tiller

The lower rectangle should be reinforced again. For this we use two flat shaped profile pipes. Due to them the weight of the entire box is held, and therefore the bottom is supported.

The further point of the instruction, how to make a garden wheelbarrow with your own hands, involves assembling and welding handles. It is recommended to make them H-shaped. For a proper bend, it is necessary to clearly weld the two tubes, then heat them to give the desired appearance. Then separate and weld to the back of the frame.

The next step is to weld the axle. By slightly shifting its central part to the back, the front of the wheelbarrow lowers by itself. This is necessary for easy transportation of the load.

The axle tube is fixed on the brackets, which in turn are welded to the surface of the frame. A small stop is attached to the back of the garden wheelbarrow.

The last thing left to do is to cut parts from sheet metal and attach them to the frame with a welding machine. If there is a desire, the garden wheelbarrow can be painted in the desired color.

Now you know how to make a wheelbarrow for the garden and what material for this is better to choose. Remember that it is better to use items that are resistant to adverse external factors in the economy. In high humidity, the cart material will remain intact and unscathed.

Making a simple trailer for a power tiller with your own hands

It is difficult to completely repeat the existing design of the product, as each of us has a different set of materials and components, experience selfmade and operating conditions of the trailer. The main elements of the design are the suspension and frame, so with their consideration we will begin.

Often as a basis for the suspension use the rear Zhiguli beam together with hubs from front-wheel drive cars. The solution is simple and reliable.

The beam is welded vertically to the trailer frame. The loading platform is quite high. The beam dictates the size of the trailer, so it is heavy and of considerable size. No use for a weak power tiller with an air engine.

To reduce the size of suspension, you can cut the central part of the beam, and instead of it to the hubs welded tube 50×50 mm section of the desired length as an axis. The version of the stroller shown in the photo is easy for an adult to move with their hands. In more detail you can evaluate the process of making this construction with the following video.

Theoretically, you can use the rear beam from any car. In this case it is more convenient to use the rear suspension of the front-wheel drive car as less weight and dimensions as possible. Suspension of “Oka” car is good for load capacity.

The photo shows two versions of trailers with a rear axle from the VAZ classic as an axle. The gearbox should be taken out and its place covered with a metal plate and bolts. Axle shafts need to be pulled out, cut to 200 mm and put back in. Practice shows that they are successfully held on the bearings and do not come out. The axle is welded to the frame with two braces on each side.

A soft-suspension trailer is noticeably more comfortable, but more complicated. The load does not bounce in the cart at every bump and the driver’s “fifth point” does not suffer unnecessary overloading. Apparently, installing leaf springs and springs at the same time is overkill. It’s not that hard to make the arms on silent blocks and install the springs.

The bulk material truck should be folding. In this example the frame is made of 50×50 mm angle. The hinges are welded to the rear and the body. The bogie axle is positioned exactly in the center of gravity of the load. To unload the trailer, you need to stand on the stand, disconnect it from the power tiller, and then tilt it by raising the drawbar up. You should be careful not to make any sudden movements of the drawbar.

Determine the dimensions and prepare self-made drawings

A cart for a power tiller is a serious business, so you should start with the drawings. It is clear that every homebuilder chooses his own solutions, but the dimensions of already existing products will obviously help.

These drawings can be used to assemble a medium-sized trailer with rigid suspension. In this case the body is supposed to be made of planks.

make, barrow, power, tiller

This drawing will help to make the frame of the trailer presented above. Usually you use 25×25 mm or 20×40 mm section section profile tube for these purposes.

This diagram illustrates the parameters of a trailer with an elevator. It’s easy to make a telescopic support from two pipes of different diameter, inserted into each other. There is a ledge on the frame that secures the front part of the body from transverse movements during driving. A support under the drawbar makes sure the trailer is secured horizontally.

This drawing will help make a simple design with a flat loading platform. It is possible to make a light-weight trailer from 20×20 mm section profile pipe or 45×45 mm angle.

It is convenient to use the trailer suspension from a scooter “Muravy” or make one yourself. Two independent levers on the silentblocks plus shock absorbers with springs will provide a high smoothness of movement.

Another drawing of a trailer with soft suspension. In this case it is supposed to use the torsion suspension from sidecar or “Zaporozhets”. Note, no matter what design you have chosen, at least the simplest sketch of the frame with dimensions must be prepared. This helps to avoid mistakes, material damage and wasted time.

The garden cart with their own hands

When choosing the size of the cart, you should consider that it is best to make it of medium size. A small wheelbarrow will not accommodate large equipment, and a large one will be difficult to move because it will sink into the ground under the weight of the load. In addition, the wheelbarrow dimensions may not pass through the door of the garage or barn.

Cart with dimensions of 60 cm in width, 100 cm in length and 50 cm in height will be stable, light and maneuverable. It will be convenient to transport almost any cargo.

Assembling a metal cart

Metal construction for transporting goods will be durable and will last for many years. To make it with your own hands will need:

  • Sheet metal 1×2 m thickness of 1-2 mm;
  • Metal corner 25×25;
  • wheels with bearings with a diameter of up to 40 cm;
  • angle grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • metal pipe of the required diameter.

Walking Tractor / Power Tiller Chassis Assembling

Before starting work, it is recommended to draw a sketch of the future cart, indicate on it all the details and dimensions. The box is best to make a capacity of about 100 liters. For a wheelbarrow, which is expected to have a heavy load, you need to choose powerful wheels. They can be taken from an old bicycle, moped or motorcycle.

Having prepared everything you need, you can begin the work:

  • According to the sketch with an angle grinder cut the sheet.
  • Weld the box.
  • From the metal angle to make legs for support.
  • From a pipe with thin walls to build a handle. In this case the wheelbarrow will not be too heavy.

The main part of the design is ready, now all that’s left is to weld or bolt the wheelbase to it. With their own hands, such a base for a cart is made of profile pipe:

Cut two pieces of pipe, the dimensions of which should be equal to the width of the base plus the distance to install the wheels;

  • Short bars of 15-20 cm weld the pieces of pipe together (you should get a narrow rectangle);
  • To install the wheels, on the narrow edges of the rectangle, strictly in the middle to weld round pieces of pipe;
  • install the wheels, which can be assembled in stages from elements such as the locking part, bearings, studs, nuts for fixation.

The wheel base on the cart should be installed strictly in the middle. The garden wheelbarrow with their own hands is made and ready for use.

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Garden cart made of wood

Such a wheelbarrow is easy enough to make. No blueprints are required for its manufacture, and the missing construction materials can always be purchased in a construction store.

First of all, it is necessary to construct a frame from bars, the recommended dimensions of which are 1.5×0.7 m. Holes are drilled in its lower part for the axle. The axle, the role of which is played by a stud or a section of pipe, is inserted into the prepared holes and secure tightly with screws or self-tapping screws. Make sure that the protruding parts of the axle on both sides of the frame are equal to twice the width of the wheel.

Next, the wheels are put on the axle, which are fixed with cotter pins. If there are no wheels, they can be made from thick plywood:

  • impregnate the cut billet with olive oil or antiseptic;
  • put a tire on the wheel, and trim it with a metal strip or thick rubber;
  • insert bearings in the mounting holes;
  • Lubricate the axle and wheels with solidol.

Wooden wheels treated in this way will last quite a long time.

Cart body with their own hands is made of plywood. First, the bottom is cut out and rigidly fastened to the frame. the boards can be fixed, or attached to the hinges, and then they will unfold. This requires:

  • Attach one side board to the bottom;
  • The second attach through the adapter, the role of which will play a bar, the thickness of which should be equal to the thickness of the board;
  • the endboard is fastened through a bar of double thickness.

The result will be a cart that is flat when folded. In order to prevent the sides from falling during work, it is necessary to install hooks or bolts.

Making a cart from waste

With their own hands garden wheelbarrow can be made, collecting all unnecessary things in the house. To make it can be useful:

The technology of making such a cart is quite simple:

  • The frame is made of two bedpans and legs.
  • The bottom and walls of the body are cut from steel sheet.
  • The joints of all elements are spot-welded.
  • The resulting container is installed on a frame, its walls are bent and connected to the base.
  • The box joints are welded together.
  • From the legs of the bed is made wheel axle, axles and hubs.
  • Axles are attached to the tube on both sides.
  • The axle is welded to the inverted body.
  • The structure is reinforced with the brackets made by your own hands.
  • Wheels are fastened to the axles.
  • The handle is made of the bed backs and legs and welded in a convenient position for work.

The supporting leg of the cart is best made as a lifting leg. Otherwise it will slow down the movement.

Having studied several options for homemade garden carts, making one of them with your own hands will not be very difficult. By constructing it for personal needs out of leftover building material, you can get a cart that will not only be more convenient, but also cheaper than a purchased one.

The construction of a heavy trailer

Creation of such trailers implies the use of a trailer device from a car. If the necessary parts and tools are prepared in advance, this assembly will take about 2 days.

  • channel (65 mm);
  • front half-axles (it is advisable to use elements from “Zhiguli” or “Moskvich”);
  • profile (pipe 60×40);
  • steel pipes;
  • angles (60×60);
  • welding machine.

As a basis we take the axle from a channel. The dimensions of a cart for a power tiller are calculated from your needs. We weld on both sides of the channel the front automotive half-axle, and place the profile on top. Profile must be laid in the center of the structure.

On the edges of the channel (at the junction of the ends with the half-axes) lay a pipe length of 2 meters, so that the joint divides all the pipes in half. Lay the pipes parallel to each other. The ends of the pipes should be perpendicularly fastened with the help of angles.

In this way, the central pipe profile acts as a drawbar. From the front corners of the structure should be extended corners or profile, which will provide additional strength. The body and driver’s seat can be mounted on the finished frame. The trailer for the power tiller must be attached to the drawbar.

Do not assume that the cart for the power tiller will cost you almost nothing. for materials and other elements can be substantial, so it must be worth the extra effort. Before committing to work it is advisable to make an estimate, in which you need to write down all the costs.

Statistically, a cart for a power tiller can cost half as much as its factory counterparts. But it is necessary to understand that to achieve such a result. you need to do serious work.

At the stage of preparation for the work you need to think carefully about the possible problems, as well as to prepare all the tools and materials. Making a homemade trailer can take time, so you need to allocate a few days in advance. On average, such work takes one week, but it is possible that you may need more free time.