How to Make a Boat Motor Out of a Chainsaw

How to Make a Boat Motor Out of a Chainsaw

Boat owners often use motors to make the boat as fast and manoeuvrable as possible. The cost of factory units is not affordable for everyone, so most users prefer to create a motor from a chainsaw to a boat on their own. It is worth noting that the upcoming intervention in the basic design is minimal, so the equipment will remain suitable for further operation, as intended.

How to make a motor for a boat from a chainsaw?

Homemade outboard motor from a chainsaw drawings, which is not difficult to find on the Internet, are best designed from powerful models. To complete the alteration, you will need to prepare the following components:

  • The chainsaw with which the engine will be taken.
  • The reducer is removed from the angle grinder.
  • A screw removed from an unnecessary or malfunctioning motor or improvised.
  • If a transom is not provided in the package, it must be purchased separately.
  • A clamp is used for fastening.
  • Transmission oil.

Additional devices for creating an outboard motor, attachments to a chainsaw:

  • Lathe.
  • Fasteners.
  • Billets from a metal corner.
  • Pigs of steel.
  • Calipers.
  • Ruler.

Do-it-yourself steps for creating a motor for a boat from a chainsaw

Replace the base for the chain element with a fixture with screw. It is worth noting that this is not a cardinal and irrevocable operation. Mechanisms simply need to be swapped. This procedure takes a minimum of time, the main points include:

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  1. Clutch remodeling. a smaller cup is turned out and the spring changes. This is necessary to reduce the starting moment of the clutch and adjust the size and weight of the parameters.
  2. The cup and cover of the coupling are fastened with brackets clamped by a screw and washer.
  3. The screw will close the pin that will connect the cup and shaft.
  1. To fasten the shaft and the engine, use the channel.
  2. During assembly, the distance between the front clutch cup and the support frame must be taken into account.
  3. The gearbox is mounted on the second side of the shaft.
  4. For a rotary assembly of home-made boat chainsaw engines, a piece of pipe is used, the diameter of which is slightly larger than the shaft with a flange corner used to mount the guide. The metal rod must match the dimensions of the hexagonal element.

After you fasten the screw and gearbox shaft with the studs, it is necessary to fill in the gear oil. After that, the lid is fixed using sealant. To make the outboard motor from a chainsaw as practical and comfortable as possible, it is recommended to design a gas handle.

To make a boat engine out of a chainsaw with your own hands, you should not buy a new saw unit. This waste will not be appropriate. For a homemade motor from a chainsaw to a boat, it is better to take used models. The more powerful the equipment, the more efficient the created motor.