How to make a circular saw from an angle grinder

How to make a “circular” wood grinder with your own hands?

A circular saw is useful, and sometimes necessary, for the home handyman. Owners of private or holiday homes are constantly repairing, constructing, rebuilding. The basic material is wood or its derivatives. plywood or chipboard, which must be cut, cut into blanks or parts.

Acquisition of a manual electric circular saw requires expenses, and the creation of a stationary circular saw with their own hands is impossible without a working shaft and an electric motor. A successful way out would be to use as a drive mechanism angle grinder, which has a landing place for the saw blade, has its own electric motor. It will only take the creation of external tooling, which turns an ordinary angle grinder into a kind of circular saw.

What you need to convert the angle grinder into a circular saw

The principle of making a stationary machine for sawing wood from an angle grinder is that the power tool must be rigidly fixed by fixing it to the base of a table or workbench. It will not be too difficult to implement, but you will need the following tools and supplies (depending on the scheme):

  • angle grinder or angle grinder. And it is recommended to take a powerful power tool, because the ability of the stationary machine will depend on this parameter. If a small angle grinder is used, then you can saw with it only thin materials, so you should take this into account even at the stage of making the device
  • Drill. is needed to make holes, which will be used to fix the brackets that hold the power tool
  • Welding machine for joining metal plates
  • Boards Particle board
  • Clamps, as well as fasteners

It is necessary to install a special disk for cutting wood on the angle grinder. Use a disk from the circular saw on the angle grinder will not work, because it will not fit on the outer and inner diameter. Disc installed on the angle grinder to cut wood, must match the diameter of the landing hole. over the outside diameter must have projections. teeth, the number of which depends on the tool itself.

With the choice of a suitable disc on the angle grinder will not have any difficulties, because they are sold under the appropriate models of angle grinder. In addition to the angle grinder with a wheel for wood cutting, you will also need to prepare a table on which the power tool will be fixed. Even a frame or workbench will do as such a table, the main requirement for which is stability.

This is interesting! Angle grinder creates vibration when working, so to increase safety, the base or bed must have high stability.

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If there is a ready-made table, you only need to attach the power tool to it. If there is no table, it can be made from improvised means. Boards or fibreboard can be used as tabletops. The tabletop also serves as a support.

To ensure the immobility of power tools, you must make the appropriate mount, using bars, planks or metal plates. Bracket for angle grinder can be movable or immovable, which affects the quality of application of the tool. A movable mount allows you to adjust the size of the cutting wheel. If the bracket is fixed, you can not adjust the depth of sawing. As clamps, metal plates and other materials can be used as fasteners, with which the angle grinder is reliably and effectively secured to the base.

After the installation of the angle grinder on the base has been performed, the only remaining action is to check the work of the homemade tool in action. For this, a short test run is made and all defects and weaknesses of the construction are detected. If these are not available, you can make a test cut of the wood.

The construction should be particularly solid, but not too massive. The effect of stability can be achieved by using special fixing elements that fix the base to any flat surface. Creation of the machine can be done without the use of blueprints. It is enough to follow the recommendations given in the article, having minimal construction skills.

For the manufacture of the working surface of the device you can use wood-fiber board or plywood. The most optimal is the plywood sheet, the thickness of which is 9-12 mm. Consider a couple of options on how to equip the disk drive.

Using the first option is considered the easiest solution. To do this, you should perform the installation of the disk to the regular place of the angle grinder. In other words, select the same disc, suitable for work with high rotational speeds. Take into account that the characteristics of conventional discs for wood have a lower speed. In addition, you should also take into account the size of the circumference of the discs used.

Higher loads are encountered when sawing wooden materials than when using an abrasive wheel.

To prevent possible overload, it is worth using discs of smaller diameters than those that are mainly used for the work of the angle grinder.

The peculiarity of the second option is its insignificant complexity. But using belt drives, it is possible to reduce the speed rpm of the drive and create conditions for increasing torque. In such cases it is possible to create a full-fledged machine. Equipping the equipment with several pulleys, we can make a device on which we can change the ratios. Such machines have the ability to use different disks in the working process, which will allow you to effortlessly saw any wooden materials and even sheet metal.

In homemade machines, the angle grinder can be attached not to the working surfaces, but to the bed. The fixation should be made as securely as possible. Do not use plastic ties, clamps and self-tapping screws for this. Do not neglect it, because of the vibrations and high speed, mounts can collapse pretty quickly, which will entail the most unpleasant consequences.

To ensure reliable fixation, you can use clamps, which are provided as accessories to the angle grinder. Or you can clamp the tool to the machine by means of selfmade clamps. To connect the threaded elements, you must always use threadlocks.

You can buy them in many auto parts stores. In order to fix the angle grinder on the machine is suitable to use temporary clamps, but for the other parts. permanent.

Next, it is necessary to install one of the most important parts. the thrust strip. It is necessary to install it on the working surface parallel to the flat side of the disc.

It is more expedient to make stop bars from iron or aluminum corners. The shoring plates must be movable. For this purpose, the corners are not attached to the working surfaces, but to other plywood plates. In doing so, the slats are placed on the work surface. Fix them best of all by means of clamps, bought in specialized places for the sale of construction products. The design of the machine can be freely invented.

The only condition is to arrange all elements of the equipment as simply as possible. Having attached the work table to the bed and secured the angle grinder, it is necessary to cut a place for the disk. This can easily be done through the inside of the machine. After making the required number of marks, you should remove the table to mark the place for the slot with a ruler and an angle. The slot can be cut out according to the markings you have made with the angle grinder.

Attention! For this task, it is forbidden to put discs that saw wood on the tool. Because there is a high probability that this could cause the angle grinder to break off. There is practically no way to hold it with this type of drive.

For cutting plywood it is allowed to use an ordinary abrasive disk. When you make the cut at low force, nothing will happen to the angle grinder. The only drawback is a little smoke. It is best to do it outdoors and not indoors.

The use of plastic cable ties, for example, is well-suited for attaching the cord from the power tool to the machine frame. The switch can be made from an extension cord, in which the on / off power button is built in. An extension cord can also be attached to the bed by placing the button in any of the available and convenient locations.

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Take care of safety, your life and health depends on it. One very important detail to consider is the guard over the blade. For its manufacture, you can use plywood, making a small narrow box, fix it on furniture hinges, so that if necessary you can recline. Ignoring the presence of such a protective mechanism, you significantly risk harming your health.

Making a stationary machine with a table

There are many options for making a stationary machine for sawing wood from an angle grinder, the article discusses the best. The simplest option is a machine with a wooden table as a support. To make it, you need to do the following steps:

  • Of particle board with screws assembled the frame of the table, the corners are reinforced with wooden bars;
  • From a sheet of OSB or plywood to the size of the frame is made tabletop. Screwed on the perimeter with screws. In order to ensure that their flats do not interfere with work, it is necessary to make chamfers in the holes. Preliminarily, at the exit point of the disk you need to saw a rectangular hole;
  • To the back side of the table top with the help of bars and metal brackets you need to mount the body of the angle grinder. The on-off pushbuttons located on the handle are also rigidly secured with brackets;
  • Then mount the socket inside the frame, which is connected to the plug of the angle grinder. To turn the tool on, a switch is installed on one end of the outer casing, connected at one end to an internal socket and at the other end to an electrical power cable. For more convenience, the table can be attached to the legs of a wooden bar;
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Since the speed of the cutting disc angle grinder exceeds 9000 rpm, while working can cause friction and charring of the wood surface. To avoid this, you can install a rheostat in the electrical circuit of the machine, which will smoothly regulate the speed of the disc. It is better to mount it between the switch and the inner socket of the machine.

Design Features

The work of transforming one type of saw into another can be done using old, leftover elements from the repair. With locksmith skills and ingenuity, you will effortlessly cope with this task.

Distinctive features of this type of devices are that there are circular saws from an angle grinder as a homemade machine or handheld device, fixed on a table or other basis.

If you have an old angle grinder, it is best to remove the motor from it and use it as the core of the future saw. A washing machine motor will also work.

Any circular saw has several basic components:

  • A homemade table as a stable frame;
  • saw frame;
  • motor from the angle grinder;
  • slide stop;
  • A rod to adjust the height of the kerf;
  • gearbox, saw blade.

Such a machine is suitable for cutting small wooden planks. When you plan to process wood in large quantities and large dimensions, it is better to buy ready-made production equipment. Its cost is high, but for business this purchase will be the ideal solution.

To work safely on a circular saw, it is necessary to choose a disk with special care for it. angle grinder is a complex tool and cannot be used to cut wood. At any moment it can jam.

Rotating at very high speed, such an element can crush wood into splinters, which can cause injuries. This is because the disc is exposed to high temperatures during machining. It is best to buy a new item specifically for the circular saw.

If the circular saw is fixed on the floor, the frame should be secured with fasteners (corners) to ensure its stability. You can use an unnecessary cupboard or several sheets of wood chipboard to build the base. However, it is more reliable to make it out of metal.

The main working surface of the table top is better to perform from plywood or laminated chipboard. The table should stand very firmly on the floor, so that its vibration is negligible.

A more complex variant involves the installation of additional elements: pulley system, belt transmission. With this method of manufacture, the homemade construction will acquire the appearance of a production machine. The belt should reduce the rotational velocity of the disc.

How to make a circular saw from an angle grinder.

In this article I want to tell you how you can make a simple angle grinder, a portable, good and convenient circular saw. But at any time you can unscrew the attachment and it turns out again angle grinder.

For this, we need a small sheet of iron, size 13.5 cm by 11.5 cm, thickness 2 mm, but the dimensions may be different is not critical, I chose them depending on the size of their angle grinder.

Then on the top and bottom of this sheet indented 1 cm and drilled holes, as shown in the picture. The diameter of the drill was about a centimeter.

Then draw between the two holes a line felt-tip pen, as shown in the figure and start cutting through the angle grinder to get one big slit.

Then we need a small piece of metal about 63mm by 30mm, (4 mm thick), step back from the top edge of about a centimeter and in the middle drill a hole for a bolt, which can easily be screwed in place of the angle grinder handle.

When you drill a hole, a little rounded the sharp corners on an emery, as in the picture.

Next, try on our angle grinder put it on this sheet so that the slot was the drive, on top of screwing our workpiece.

Then we take another piece about the same size, I had it about 6 cm. Let’s put it at a right angle, as shown in the photo and weld it.

Now, it will be enough for you to pick up a saw disk under the size of the angular sander, put it instead of a cutting disk and quietly saw plywood, fiberboard, boards and so on.

The device is very useful, easy to remove and easy to put, that is, your angle grinder easily turns into a circular saw.

I think that any handyman in a garage, cottage or at home should have such a useful device for angle grinder. Have a nice day.

How to make the power button of the circular grinder

To make the button, you will have to disassemble the body of the angle grinder to bring out the wires. They must be connected to the switch, which is located at the manufactured base.

You can also use a simpler option: tighten the start button with a clamp. In this case, the tool must be plugged in to start work.

Step by step instructions

To assemble the system it is not even necessary to create a diagram, as the procedure is quite easy.

How to make an angle grinder circular saw. instructions:

  • Make a small table top from the available materials. The supports must have a length that allows you to put an angle grinder under the bed. Attach them to the stiffeners. small boards that are mounted on the corners of the table at intervals of about 125 mm from the bottom.
  • It is recommended that the outer work area be made of laminated particle board. When the table as a whole is ready, it should be turned down the front to make marks for mounting the cutting disc (in the future, the gap is determined by this node of the angle grinder. it should be greater in length and width of the cutter itself). With the use of a drill, 2 shaping marks are made.
  • Using a ruler, connect the joints of the gaps, with the drawing of 2 parallel strips across the width. Then the marking is removed, by means of an angle grinder. The slot for the disk is made.
  • You need a fresh disc that is locked in the angle grinder. The best solution for wood is 125 mm. The disc must have tungsten carbide teeth. The interval is chosen by the specialist personally.
  • At the bottom of the functional platform it is necessary to attach a plate for mounting an angle grinder. You can’t do without a clamping clamp here. The unit is installed by means of clamps, and tightened by means of nuts.
  • A fresh disc can be inserted in the gap. It should be placed so that the central area is slightly higher relative to the cover.
  • It is recommended to make fasteners for the protective canopy. It is available at any specialist retailer.
  • Thrust strip is made of any steel angle. It must be attached to the plywood or chipboard. The dimensions of the plate must match the parameters of the table top. Mounted at approximately two centimeter intervals from the teeth of the disc. At the ends of the rail to make a few gaps to install screws or screws. for a good attachment to the table top.
  • On the inside of the construction put the latch for the power outlet. It is usually fastened to the outside (on the ribs), but you can arrange it however you would like.

After assembling it is necessary to organize a test run, and try to saw a small bar.

make, circular, angle, grinder

Nuances of using a homemade circular saw

It should not be overlooked that the angle grinder by its main purpose. angle grinder. Therefore, when using it as a homemade circular saw, you need to pay attention to the nuances.

DIY Mini Circular Saw from Angle Grinder

  • The duration of continuous cutting should not exceed 15-20 minutes to avoid overheating of the motor.
  • The basic blade guard is not suitable for circular saws. Protective cover can be used from a real circular saw or you can make it yourself.

Keep in mind that the speed of the sander can be over 10,000 rpm. this is several times faster than woodworking machines. At that speed, the wood starts to smoke. Besides unpleasant odor, it can also cause fire.