Band saw with his own hands simple things

Welding and soldering band saws: how to do it right with your own hands?

In the woodworking industry saws are widely used, the main feature of which is a continuous cutting surface. It is a ring of band with metal teeth.

The welding of band saws is at the heart of their manufacture, as they are obtained by joining a pre-prepared band into a ring. The process is also used in their repair. This article will talk about the main features of welding such devices.

General information

At first glance, welding and soldering band saws for wood or metal does not seem that difficult a task. The work is simple and uncomplicated. This is true, but there are nuances. You have to take into account that band saws are under a great deal of strain as they are operated. These loads constantly stretch and bend the saw. And if the saw successfully copes, then the welded connection can not withstand these loads. And it’s all about the quality of the work. In order for the joint to withstand all loads, it must be as strong as the saw itself.

How to achieve a quality joint? Of course, entrusting the welding to a special machine. Contact butt welding technology can be used to achieve a strong, continuous weld. But at the same time use a special machine for band saw welding. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Assembling the frame

Assembling the frame of the band saw, it is better to give preference to hard and strong species of wood. Otherwise, the final construction will not have the required stiffness and will start to create vibrations. Individual elements, including the work table, are made of strong plywood, and the stiffening ribs are further strengthened with slats. The most affordable option. to dismantle old furniture.

The first thing to do at home is to make drawings, on the basis of which the assembly of the frame will be carried out. They are designed to accommodate the height of the work area and the physiological characteristics of the person who will be working at the saw.

Mounting the boom and pulley supports

The most primitive band saws created by your own hands with a frame made of plywood or logs, have a support bar 8×8 cm thick. Two strong supports are attached to it, which will hold the pulleys. It is desirable to create supports for band saws from strong materials, including multi-layer plywood with a rigid core.

The distance between them is chosen in such a way that the log to be worked can be placed there. Specialists recommend making a small gap to prevent possible problems in the future.

Recommendations for installing a roller unit for a machine tool

The home-built bandsaw for wood will work correctly and without malfunctions if the hardened rollers are used. The knot, which includes them, is best made by yourself. Then you can be sure of its reliability, which is not the case with the finished mechanism. The design of this unit has the following features:

  • there are three bearings in the machine. Two of these are of grade 202, the third is slightly larger;
  • Shaft and rollers are made to fit different band saw widths. If necessary, a washer is placed between the bearings;
  • The shaft enters the two tubes, installed one inside the other, with a slight offset of the axis;
  • The pulley assembly is mounted on a homemade machine with the ability to adjust in height or offset to the sides.

Mounting the rod and supports for the pulleys

The most primitive band saws created by their own hands with a frame made of plywood or logs, have a support rod with a thickness of 8×8 cm. Two sturdy supports are attached to it, which will hold the pulleys. Supports for band saws should preferably be made of strong materials, including plywood with a tough core.

The spacing between them is selected in such a way that it is possible to place the log to be cut there. Experts recommend making a small gap to prevent possible problems in the future.

Looking for the ideal place

Optimal conditions. own workshop or other room for the processing of such materials. The minimum area of such a construction is 18 m2. The most uncomplicated way out. the “dislocation” of the sawmill in the open air, but it has a big disadvantage. This is the sawdust flying into its territory, as well as descending on the neighboring areas.

In this situation, the most sensible way out is to build a solid fence around the unit. Plywood or polycarbonate can serve as the material for the fence. A large canopy over the sawmill is also not bad, because the roof will allow to work under any weather conditions. The next requirement. a place to store the manufactured timber, so you need to solve this question before drafting.

Accessories, materials, equipment

Only high-quality materials and components are able to ensure reliability, so the preparatory work requires special attention. No construction is without risks, but before building such a complex machine, which must also withstand considerable stress, care must be taken to ensure the quality of all parts and materials.


Here the favorite is electric, which meets the power requirements. Though gasoline-powered ones are also used. The advantages of the first are obvious: they do not promise problems with the connection of the band saw to the power grid, have a long service life, and the ideal quality of the material cut guarantees the stability of the revolutions.


Solid logs require solid material, but “its” for each element of the unit.

  • Square or rectangular cross section profile is suitable for the saw trolley, the support frame and the log bed. The most important requirement is the maximum wall thickness.
  • Square bar (at least 45×45 mm) or channel/bar for rails. The main requirement for them is straight geometry, otherwise all the irregularities will be copied on the workpieces. Angles are more prone to deformation, so the best rails are obtained from H, P, T-shaped steel.
  • Steel tubes, sliders, long screws and nuts (2 pcs.), chain transmission from car engine (bicycle chain with sprockets is a substitute). for the height adjustment mechanism of the carriage.
  • Ball bearings for rollers. The ideal. “wheels”, turned on a lathe and then hardened.
  • Band saws, it is better to buy several blades at once.
  • Wheels and hubs from your car. for the wheels under the belt.

Band saw with their own hands. an operation for the success of which you need a welding machine and skills to work with it. Bolt connections are not welcome here, because the reliability of such fastening will begin to cause doubts very quickly, and to check it regularly is not a rosy prospect. In addition to welding equipment will be needed:

  • fittings;
  • Angle grinder;
  • wrenches;
  • Boards (plywood) for shuttering;
  • drill or drill press;
  • ruler, tape measure, caliper;
  • hammer, pliers;
  • sand, cement, crushed stone;
  • clamps;
  • level.

You will also need “multi-caliber” fasteners. anchors, bolts, nuts and washers.


For effective use of band saws several blades of different widths and thicknesses will be required. When choosing a tool for a particular job, it is important to consider the following:

  • thin blade can only handle soft wood, otherwise it will quickly bend, the line for the trimmer saw will turn out uneven;
  • The wider the blade, the more accurate the cut will be;
  • thick saw is not suitable for working with small bars and thin sheet material, they deform because of the heat;
  • angled and curved cuts can only be made with a narrow blade.

Besides the geometric dimensions of the blade, it is important to pay attention to the profile and height of the tooth. Important criterion of a band saw blade is the number of teeth per unit length.

Please note! The more often the teeth are set, the flatter the cuts.

Saw with a more frequent tooth has a longer service life because less pressure is applied to each tooth. Saws with a coarse tooth are preferable for hard wood because they exert more pressure on the cutting edge.

Tooth height also affects cut quality. Large tooth pitch is best for roughing and cutting thick wood. Small wood and thin sheet material can only be cut well with a fine-toothed band.

Another important parameter is the tooth pitch. There is a distinction between a rhythmic pitch and a variable pitch. A saw with a rhythmic tooth pitch is good for fine work; it is good for cutting slats of small thickness, sawing details out of plywood. Choose a blade with variable pitch for soft and coarse wood. Due to the asymmetric arrangement of the teeth, the blade will not block and will easily cut through thick boards.

Types of band saw blades

A professional approach is necessary when selecting sawing equipment. In order to avoid problems during usage, it is necessary to take into account the technical characteristics, permissible scope of application, and capabilities of the tool. Not the least important are the parameters of the teeth, the size of the blade and the quality of the sharpening of the cutting edge.

A variety of saws can confuse even the experienced sawmaker. Depending on what they process, it is customary to divide them into types. It can be:

When working with metal or stone, you need to use a tool that contains heavy-duty alloys. Otherwise cases of breakage, defect in details processing or cutting blade breakage are possible. Before you yourself collect or buy such equipment, you need to determine the main working tasks and assess the amount of work to be done.

If it is necessary to perform a significant amount of work of various orientation, associated with the use of wood, boards, then it will be necessary to apply sawing. You will need both logs and a tool for processing. a sawmill.

Types of band saw blades

It is necessary to have a competent approach to the choice of equipment for sawing works. In order to avoid problems during operation, it is necessary to properly consider the technical characteristics, the permissible scope of application, the capabilities of the tool. Last but not least are the teeth, blade size and quality of the sharpening of the cutting edge.

The variety of saws can confuse even an experienced craftsman. Depending on what they process, they are commonly divided into types. It can be:

When working with metal or stone it is necessary to use a tool that has superhard alloys. Otherwise there may be cases of breakage, marriage in the processing of parts or breakage of the cutting blade. Before you independently collect or purchase such equipment, you need to decide on the main working tasks and assess the amount of work to be done.

If you need to perform a significant amount of work of various orientation, related to the use of wood, boards, then you will have to apply sawing. For this you will need both logs and a tool for processing. sawmill.


Particular attention should be paid to the manufacturer of the equipment. Bandsaw, like any machine used in woodworking, should be of quality and reliability, you should not pursue a temporary gain, it is better to buy a good device. Manufacturers with the name are not so much.

  • Arntz (Germany). One of the world’s leading manufacturers of woodworking equipment. Saws of this manufacturer are of high quality, but belong to the devices of the highest price segment.
  • Lenox (USA). Popular American company that produces quality machines. Significant product feature is the proprietary cutting edge coating that guarantees durability and low operating costs.
  • Wikus (Germany). Excellent German quality plus a wide range of assortment. In the catalog of products everyone can choose a machine tool which fully meets his wishes.
  • Forezienne (France). The company offers a wide range of saws and other woodworking equipment. The cutting tools of this manufacturer are characterized by excellent quality and high reliability.
  • Lennartz (Germany). The company specializes in the production of band saws for different purposes, offering both small domestic machines and equipment for sawmills.
  • Doall (USA). A small company that managed to prove itself in the market of woodworking equipment. Offers a wide range of saws, spare parts and accessories.

Chinese manufacturers offer a wide range of band saws. These devices have a low price, but can not always boast of high quality.

Which type of blade should be chosen??

Band saw your own hands can be made of those materials that can be found at home. However, the blade would have to be purchased. Before you do that, it’s worth deciding what kind it should be. You need to know what you are going to cut. So, there are such blades:

Bimetal. They are used for cutting fairly high-strength alloys, stainless steel, and other ferrous materials. In doing so, you can be sure that the band will not break.

Diamond. They are used if you want to cut marble, granite, quartz or other very hard materials.

Carbide. They can be used for cutting such alloys, which are quite difficult to work with.

Made of tool steel. Such blades are most commonly used in the home or in small workshops. They are best for working on simple materials.

Working rules for band saws

Large volume of materials to be processed requires a blade with large teeth to be installed on the machine. The best option is to use universal band saws.

  • If you have a large-sized piece of work, use a block band saw with coarse teeth; universal cutting bands are best. This eliminates the need to change the blade when working on different materials;
  • Determine where to place the machine and stabilize it securely on a stable surface to avoid vibrations during operation. The room in which the band saw is to be installed must be well ventilated.
  • Remove the band saw blade after finishing work and put it back in tension only before starting work. This prolongs the life of the blade
  • Every two hours of operation turn off the band saw and let the motor. in this example a drill. rest. This avoids personal injury and overheating of the tool.
  • From time to time, check the separation of the cutting tines.

Doll costumes

Hey, Peekaboo! Since my main job I have less and less time for sewing, but since my brain needs a rest from mental work, I still try to find time to sew. In kindergarten, they asked me to prepare the same outfits for the matryoshka dolls. Red skirts and kerchiefs. At that time there was not yet a terrible rush at work, so I offered to sew the costumes. In the process of discussion we decided that it’s better not to sew skirts. And the sundresses. We used this version of the costume as the basis

The model was simplified a little, and I sewed a trial suit.

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Rectangles of sundresses. I went over the long sides with an overlock, then joined them together on the short side, tucked the bottom, then tucked the top a little wider to be able to slip in a wide rubber band. When hemming, immediately attached the straps prepared in advance (stitched and turned out). I overlocked the edge of the braids first, then tucked them in.

Such brigade of matreshkas turned out. It’s true, they look more like Mashenka

Setting up the band saw

Efficient and high-quality work of a joinery depends directly on the adjustment of the equipment. There is a diagram of the setup. First set the wheels parallel to each other. Next, the PTFE washers, necessary to prevent vertical displacement, were installed.

The first start-up is carried out without guides. At this stage, they check the smooth start and cleanliness of the motor, and then conduct a test sawing with the blade, but with minimum loads. For heavier loads, a block with guiding belts is used. Such a construction consists of two halves, which are installed in line with the cutting blade.

In the past, craftsmen made not only the machines with their own hands, but also the cutting blade. It is difficult to make the band saw unit ring by yourself and requires some initial experience in machine assembly. Manual sharpening is also done by the template method. All this can be done by yourself, saving your money, but today’s market is simply packed with all sorts of devices and parts that improve the quality of processing materials or make the equipment multifunctional. The main thing in this case. remember about safety precautions, because the production models or homemade represent a great danger to human health.

Work table

The main requirement for the worktop is its optimal height. Work at the table top for the master should be comfortable, so it should be high enough, but not too.

The tabletop can also be made in the form of a closed cabinet, then it can accumulate sawdust left after the processing of logs. To clean the sawdust collector easier, you need to make the table in such a way that the accumulated waste is easily accessible, for example, by means of a door.

The tabletop in the band saw machine is generally installed on the lower support of the rod and additional supports, in some cases, a simple additional support or supports connected to the rod can be sufficient. The main thing is to distribute the weight optimally and not to overturn the worktop.

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