How to make a grass trimmer into a boat motor

Principle of operation

grass trimmer has a higher speed of blades rotation, which allows you to move through the water at a higher speed, which will allow you to start fishing faster than with a motor. Everyone has seen how the grass trimmer works. how it mows the lawn and regular grass, but here, its blades are twisted in the other direction and at the same time, serves as the most economical motor.

But if the grass trimmer is lower, the speed will be lower. But the main disadvantage of trimmers compared to normal boat motors is that they are very loud and you should not use them at full volume if you do not want to scare the fish.

Motor with a regulator

Grass trimmer boat motors with regulators are not common. To assemble the model you need a good quality connector. The starter is often of the manual type. The lever for changing the position of the stand is of short length. Some people mount it to a clamp. It is important that the driveshaft be thoroughly deburred before mounting.

You should also pay attention to the bottom stand, to which the propellers will be attached. Modifications with protected pushers are not considered in this case. The drive shaft should be used without a camshaft. Before installing the flywheel, the connector is checked, as well as the starter.

How to make a homemade boat motor from a grass trimmer

To convert an ordinary boat, even a rubber one, into a motorboat is very simple: you need to install a gasoline engine on it. Our electric is not valued by our fishermen: it’s heavy, has little power reserve, and there is no way to recharge it during long fishing trips. But the cost of even the simplest variant for a boat is pretty hefty. 20-30 thousand. р.

Boat motors from a trimmer for grass

Many inveterate fishermen have repeatedly wondered how to convert an ordinary rubber boat into a motorized watercraft. Make it much easier than it seems. it is enough to install a boat motor from a brushcutter on it. Let us discuss possible methods and nuances of the engine modification for its installation on the boat.

Ready set of nozzles

At the moment, there are ready-made attachments for a lawn mower, allowing you to convert your mower into a boat motor with minimal effort.

The attachment already has a ready-made solution for attaching it to the gasoline engine trimmer for grass.

Also attached to the rod is a control knob with a silencer button. The throttle grip is made in the likeness of a bicycle (meaning a bicycle with a gear shift) and has a ratchet that locks the selected position.

This kit even includes a special clamp designed to mount the entire structure on the boat (on the transom of the boat).

The grass trimmer attachment is assembled without difficulty, because its design is very simple. All that remains is:

If you read the reviews on the Internet about this device, they are mostly positive.


Boat motor from a trimmer for grass: step-by-step instructions for remaking

Almost every fisherman has a rubber inflatable boat at home. And of course, everyone would like this type of transport would be the fastest, most comfortable and convenient. If in addition to an inflatable boat you have a lawnmower in the economy, you can construct a homemade boat motor on the basis of a trimmer for grass. Such a device is made quite easily and quickly, and its performance and reliability will be quite enough to move the boat for long distances. Here is a step by step guide on how to build a boat motor from a brushcutter.

Working Principle

Motor for a boat from a grass trimmer has a higher speed of rotation of the blades, which allows you to move faster on the river. When the gasoline mower works when mowing lawns, its blades are reversed. When making a motor for a boat, the motor blades are inverted. Then the engine will work to push the boat. The higher to the surface of the water the blades are positioned, the faster the speed of revolutions and the higher the speed of the boat.

Motor from grass trimmer to bike and scooter

A man is always trying to make his life easier and to construct something new out of the means at hand. Something that will help him spend less effort and energy on his daily chores. To such inventions can be safely attributed homemade motovelocycle and motosamokat. If you have at hand a motor from a lawnmower and spare (or whole) bicycle/scooter. why not give them a new life? On how to assemble a scooter and bike with a motor from a grass trimmer, we will tell you in this article.

Features of a homemade motor

When converting the motor, it is worth considering that they were developed to perform different functions. A grass trimmer functions at high revolutions and low torque, while a boat motor should do the opposite. Therefore, remaking the device requires special tools and even a drawing.

Engine from a trimmer for grass to build more convenient and easier, since it has a number of necessary component mechanisms:

  • A very economical engine;
  • Built-in unpainted fuel tank, allowing you to easily control the amount of fuel;
  • Having a starter and gas in the device;
  • A boom equipped with a rigid shaft.

boat outboard made from a weed whacker

It remains only to buy the missing parts or make them yourself and you can proceed to the manufacture of an engine for the boat.

Grass trimmer functions at high revolutions and a small torque, and the boat motor should do the opposite

What you can do

There are several possible options for modifying the grass trimmer under the motor for the boater.

A very simple method, but requires additional financial expenses.

You will need to buy these parts:

  • A clamp for attaching the device to the transom of the boat.
  • Propeller. You can buy a ready-made set via the Internet, as in stores such products may not be available. Includes a special drive, made of stainless steel, as well as universal adapters for flexible shaft trimmer for the grass, which allows not to bother with the fact that they will fit your model of lawnmower or not.

Sometimes the kit may include a clamp, so before you buy it, clarify what is included in the kit.

The drawing of the attachment to the trimmer is shown in the manual. Assembly takes about half an hour.

For alteration you will need an angle reducer from the angle grinder, a screw, which can be cut from a sheet of stainless steel, as well as seals and bearings for fastening. This method allows you to get the maximum speed, despite the small pitch of the propeller. In the field, the device requires additional adjustment, which is done with a pair of pliers.

This method is done by hand as much as possible. Let’s consider it in detail on the example of lawn mower with two-stroke motor volume of 25 cm3. The 700 Watt, 4.5 kg device is equipped with a bent leg. Grass trimmer with such power allows the boat to move at a speed of about 5-7 km / h. For the conversion you will need an angle gearbox from an angle grinder, a propeller, which can be cut from a sheet of stainless steel, as well as gaskets and bearings for the fasteners

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What you need

Materials as well as tools will be needed to make it:

  • Grass trimmer.
  • Duralumin with a thickness of 2 mm. We need it for propeller.
  • Clamp or any other device for attaching the device to the boat.
  • Welding machine.
  • Fixing elements.
  • Additional tools for work.

All necessary elements you can buy or make yourself. You may need the blueprint to design a homemade propeller, but not for the drive. The size of the propeller depends directly on the power of the drive, as well as the weight of the watercraft. For example, a propeller with dimensions of 10×3 cm can move a vehicle weighing about 120 kg.

Manufacturing instructions

To make a boat engine from an ordinary grass trimmer you will need to do the following steps:

make, grass, trimmer, boat, motor

For running-in of self-made engine we need a tank of petrol (0,5 l.) with oil in the ratio of 1:40. One tank of fuel can cover about 10 km of territory. Speed of the watercraft with such a motor is in the range of 5.6. 7.9 km / h, depending on the loading of the boat.

  • It is much easier to convert the grass trimmer with a straight shaft.If the rod is bent, it will need to be completely replaced as the steel wire will not be able to transmit the proper torque. To change the curved shaft you will need to use a duralumin tube, press a sleeve of bronze into it and mount it in an appropriately fitted holder.
  • The propeller should be created according to the drawing from duralumin.Its dimensions can always be adjusted if necessary.
  • The screw should be installed in place of the trimmer head.Be sure to make a ring attachment to protect the cylinders.
  • On the Internet you can order ready-made kits and save time on creating the elements yourself.The set has all the necessary adapters to the shaft and the drive, sometimes the set even includes a clamp.
  • You can operate the unit using the starter knob, but very often it is inconvenient to use.It can be easily replaced, on the usual speed changer from a bicycle.
  • To mount the motor is used clamp, and the mount is made on the boat transom.

The presence of an engine on the boat greatly simplifies the life of its owner. However, gasoline engines make a lot of noise and consume a lot of resources. The alternative to this kind of motive power is electric motors. These are quiet units, running on cheap electricity and are slightly inferior to gasoline boat engines in terms of efficiency. This version of the engine will cost cheaper, all the more, you can make an electric motor on the boat with your own hands.

In the name “electric motor” lies the essence of the device, which it refers to. By electric motor for boats we mean the unit that drives the watercraft by the movement of the blades. Its action is based on the laws of physics. The peculiarity of electric motors is the resource they consume to perform their functions.

Fuel-powered boat motors are now common all over the world. An electric motor for a boat, unlike similar units, works by consuming electricity rather than gasoline. Among some boat owners there is a common opinion about low efficiency of such devices. But it is wrong. If properly designed, an electric motor can provide enough thrust to propel a watercraft through the water at normal speeds.

In addition, a homemade motor has a number of advantages, for example:

  • The final cost of building such a device will be significantly lower than the market cost of factory petrol engines and electric motors.
  • The country’s current environmental laws strictly regulate the use of electric motors for boats. These rules do not apply to homemade units.
  • The device works, almost without producing noise. This feature will be especially useful for fishermen, because any loud noises can scare away potential catch.
  • Electricity is cheaper than fuel materials. In addition, devices equipped with internal combustion engines consume incomparably more resources than homemade electric motors.
  • The owner of the boat has the opportunity to choose the appropriate power of the unit for him independently. The basis of a homemade motor is a drill or other devices. It is their power that determines the characteristics of the future engine. Which device the technician chooses, such will be the performance of the electric motor.

To create a homemade electric motor is fairly simple. It is enough to follow the instructions clearly. However, you will need certain materials and tools. There should be no problems with access to them. Most of the necessary tools are already in stock for any owner. All materials are readily available at retail outlets. It is not difficult to find and drawings required for the work.

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