How to Make a Launcher Out of a Chainsaw

Many farmers ask how to make a launcher on the T-40. Tractors of the T-40 type are equipped with a PD-8 push-pull carburetor starting device.

How to Make a Launcher Out of a Chainsaw

What is a launcher on a tractor T-40

Such launchers are equipped with a loop crank-chamber purge. The diesel engine is air-cooled and the air supply is in turn directed to the ribs of the cylinder. The starter on the T-40 tractor is mounted directly on the machine engine together with the gearbox. The gearbox acts as a speed reduction controller in the process of transmitting torsion torque between the crankshaft and the flywheel.

The main characteristics of PD-8 are:

  • carburetor type;
  • 1 cylinder located vertically;
  • power is 7 hp;
  • fuel is supplied to the launcher by gravity;
  • air cooling is forced;
  • the speed is adjustable in a centrifugal manner.

Despite the fact that there is a specially designed device for starting the T tractor, some craftsmen do not miss the chance to save and assemble the equipment with their own hands. The T-40 launcher is the easiest to make, however, this also applies to other tractors of the T model. Chainsaws are the most popular consumables for the manufacture of this unit.

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How to make a launcher on the T-40 yourself

A homemade launcher on the T-40, of course, is an attractive saving for agricultural workers or those people who work on tractors in their own personal territories.

So, for the construction of the mechanism, the old Friendship or Ural chainsaws are quite often used, which are now practically not used, but are still stored in many dachas.

So, in order to install a home-made launcher, you must first cut the starter mounted on the tractor almost in half, its shaft, on which the winding is located. An Asterisk nozzle from the Friendship or Ural chainsaw is welded to the sawn starter. In this case, you must be careful and observe the distance.

The starter bendix in this case is played by the spring that holds the mechanism. So, when clutching with a flywheel, this spring is compressed, and when the engagement stops, the part is unclenched. It is important to remember that you must turn on the tractor compressor before starting the launcher.

To design a homemade launcher, chains from mopeds are also used. In this case, the fuel supply to the launcher remains the same as in the PD-8: the diesel enters the launcher by gravity.

The benefits of a homemade launcher

Despite the fact that tractors are equipped with batteries, which, as in ordinary cars, can set the machine in motion, many users make their choice in favor of installing a launcher on the tractor. This is explained primarily by the fact that the launcher will not fail when frost.

The battery can freeze and not provide the required number of revolutions for warming up the engine, and subsequently very quickly discharge. The starter, even with the most severe frosts, can run smoothly, since it functions in a completely different way: the more the tractor driver turns the launcher, the faster it heats up.

To learn how to make a homemade launcher is quite simple. Since those who made the device with their own hands are happy to share their best practices in a global network with other users.