How to make an electric bike from an electric screwdriver

Electric bike with their own hands in 30 minutes. Homemade electric bike

The popularity of such a compact, lightweight, and safe form of transportation as a folding electric bicycle is growing year after year. How to make such a design with their own hands to save on the purchase of?

Experts say that to make a fashionable and durable design it is enough to have a little ingenuity, buy the appropriate parts. and the faithful electric horse is ready. It has a lot of advantages:

  • On such transport you can perfectly move around the city, full of traffic jams;
  • it does not require a driver’s license;
  • no fuel required, just a charge for the electric controller;
  • it contributes to maintaining athletic form due to the muscle power used;
  • homemade electric bike made with their own hands helps to be independent of stores and market prices.

The average unit reaches speeds of up to 42 kilometers per hour, and goes under 26 kilometers per hour at cruising speed.

The weight of the entire unit will be up to 35 kilograms. To perform a high-quality and reliable model from available materials, it is worth using the recommendations of experienced craftsmen.

Modification of an electric screwdriver into a grass trimmer or lawnmower

To make an electric mower with your own hands, you will need the following parts and materials:

  • A piece of plastic pipe about 2 m long;
  • a soldering iron with a soldering kit;
  • fasteners: self-tapping screws, bolts with nuts;
  • 45 degree plastic corner;
  • plug on the tube;
  • 12 V motor from an electric screwdriver and the battery from it;
  • wire;
  • adapter from 40 to 50 mm for plastic pipes;
  • power button;
  • plastic bucket;
  • contact clamps (crocodiles). 2 pcs;
  • blades from office knives.

Attach 2 screws electric motor;

install an electric motor by slipping its wiring into the tube;

mark with a marker on the tube the location of the future switch;

connect the wires to the switch, mount it;

Attach contact terminals to the ends of the outgoing wires to enable quick connection to the battery;

a battery holder is made from an adapter;

connect the storage unit, connect the adapter to the tube;

with the help of the usual terminal clamp connect the nozzle to the motor shaft;

from a plastic bucket make a protective cover;

check the operation of the construction.

the created device will allow you to mow only grass with soft stems.

There are many different variants of lawnmowers on the basis of networked models of drills, screwdrivers. The pictures below show two homemade.

First create a base from metal, plywood or other materials, to which then attach the wheels, as well as the control handle. Screw the electric screwdriver to the table with clamps or to the stand. The cutting head is inserted into the chuck. To protect the legs from flying grass, a guard is attached to the back of the base. Power supplied by pushbutton or directly from the mains.

Cordless or mains model of an electric screwdriver can be turned into a graver, which is otherwise called a dremel, boromaschina, mini-drill, straight grinder. For this purpose, it is enough to simply To buy a nozzle in the store

Homemade chuck will allow the use of a variety of accessories, designed for dremel.

The process of creating an engraver with a flexible shaft demonstrates the following video.

Equipment for the carpenter’s workshop

Each craftsman carpenter equips his workshop with the necessary equipment for his tasks. Not always a person for domestic use can afford expensive machines of production manufacture. And this situation is the impetus for the implementation of homemade products based on available parts and tools.

Wood lathe

A wood lathe will be an indispensable tool for home craftsmen. Round bolts, door handles, spherical and cone-shaped fragments for wooden railings, chair legs and much more can be made with a homemade lathe based on an electric screwdriver.

There is no need to spend money on factory equipment, if such a lathe without much effort can be made with his own hands from an old electric screwdriver, using a minimum of means and materials.

We can briefly describe one of these options of “homemade” machine. Made a box (bed) of rectangular shape of plywood with three sides. A seating hole is cut into the short side. In this simple wooden base and sets the electric screwdriver, button up.

The base, in our case a rectangular wooden box, is screwed to the table and clamped. This is done in order to fasten the base plate with the tool securely to the work table.

A wooden block is used as a support bar for the cutter, which is also screwed to the table with a clamp.

In the chuck of the electric screwdriver is clamped a piece of rod with a thread suitable for hooking. A wooden block (dummy) is set on the rod. An electric screwdriver is turned on and twists the wooden workpiece. With the help of a cutter resting on the support ledge, the craftsman cuts out the desired volume-shaped part.

The tool is essential for craftsmen who use wooden parts and fragments in their work.

Table-top drilling machine

Many craftsmen in garages and workshops need a bench-mounted drilling machine for precise drilling holes in wood, metal, plastic, etc.д.

Talented craftsmen do not spend money to purchase production equipment. It takes a little effort and engineering skill, ingenuity and desire. The result is a good construction of a table drilling machine out of improvised materials.

The gearbox from an electric screwdriver can serve as the basis for the tool. Masters can make the stem (stand) of the frame from different materials. Everything goes: metal rods, typewriter carriages, wooden constructions.

The mechanism for raising and lowering the gearbox vertically is also made in many ways. Even springs from an expansion joint are not superfluous.

To fix the gearbox to the base rod makes home-made clamps from textolite, or use suitable parts from other devices or even automobiles.

Each construction is individual and interesting in its own way. The main thing is that the task that is set for the drilling machine. to be performed with the utmost accuracy and at the proper quality level.

You should not use for the machine broken and old screwdrivers, because the play in the chuck does not allow to achieve the desired diameter of the hole.

Handsaw cutter: step-by-step guide

If when working with wood you have the task to cut a groove or circle, do not go and buy an expensive milling machine. Showing ingenuity, you can easily solve this problem and turn an electric screwdriver into a hand router, creating with your own hands a lower bed. a structure that would hold vertically the tool. Manufacturing attachments for milling on screwdrivers (drills) are available for sale, but their purchase is not always financially justified.

The most readily available material for the do-it-yourselfer is plywood and wooden blocks. That’s what we will use to make the frame-adapter for milling, following the instructions step by step:

  • Let’s make the bottom of the bed. Take plywood 8 mm thick and cut a ring from it with an outside diameter of 10 cm, with an inside diameter of 5 cm. For this work we use an electric screwdriver with a “drill bit” for wood.
  • On the sides of the ring bolt self-tapping two wooden bars 4x2x10 cm. Put the stool up on the blocking bars. This will resemble a stool with the legs up.
  • Let’s make the upper part of the frame. Cut another ring from plywood with an outside diameter of 9 cm and an inside diameter of about 4.5 cm (about the size of the electric screwdriver’s body).
  • Screw the upper part of the frame to the lower part with self-tapping screws.
  • Put the base on the housing of the electric screwdriver. It fits tightly into the round hole on the upper part of the bed.
  • Insert the required cutter into the chuck and adjust the cutout of the cutter. Tighten the chuck.
make, electric, bike, screwdriver

The hand router is ready. You can start to work!

make, electric, bike, screwdriver

The above described self-made design of the milling attachment. bed for an electric screwdriver allows you to keep the tool without the weight and strictly vertically. The lower part of the bed serves as a support for the routing cutter.

Circular saw or angle grinder

The design of an electric screwdriver allows you to turn it into a circular saw (angle grinder). However, due to the low power of the electric screwdriver, this “circular saw” is rarely used for small jobs. cutting fiberglass rebar, steel chain or a drill stuck in the ceiling to drill concrete slabs, small thickness steel bands.

A bolt, nut and two washers allow you to clamp a small disc for working on metal. that’s all you need to turn an electric screwdriver into an angle grinder.

Of course, such an invention has the right to life, especially when the master is not able to afford the entire range of production cutting tools.


A priori, every electric screwdriver can be used as a drill. Much depends on the power and functions of the tool. For example, impact screwdrivers combine the functions of a peorator, an electric screwdriver and a drill.

In a situation like this, it’s not worth taking the long way if there’s a short. It is enough to take a screwdriver out of the chuck of an electric screwdriver and insert a drill. Switch the mode of operation to “drill”.

Budget electric bike (from an electric screwdriver)

The list of materials:- motor with gear from an electric screwdriver;- two batteries from an electric screwdriver;- switch from an electric screwdriver;- bicycle (with gears);- boards;- bottle;- wire;- screws, self-tapping screws;- epoxy glue, cold welding or similar;- chain;- sprocket with a ratchet from the back wheel of the bike;- wire.

Tool list:- glue gun;- drill;- soldering iron;- hacksaw;- scissors.

Step one. Installing the GearboxFirst, you need to disassemble the electric screwdriver and remove the gearbox from it. We are going to mount it on the frame of the bicycle. As a base we take a piece of board, to begin with the author glues the gearbox with a glue gun.

Next, the author screws in the wood and makes a clamp out of copper wire to secure the gearbox. Well, then the whole thing can be caulked with cold welding or something else based on epoxy glue.

As for the drive sprocket, the author glued it to the chuck of an electric screwdriver, the installation process is not shown.

Board with installed gear is screwed to the frame of the bike, using the screws for fixing roofing materials. After that you can tension the chain.

Step Two. Installation of the switchWe do not need to install a bike switch, but the same switch from an electric screwdriver is used here, which will allow you to smoothly control the speed. Under the switch the author made a frame from wood, gluing parts with a glue gun. We set the whole thing on the frame, using a clamp made from a piece of rubber from a bicycle camera.

Step Three. Installing the batteriesThe bike will be powered by two batteries for screwdrivers, the author connects them in parallel to increase the capacity. Next you need to make a case for the batteries, the author makes it out of a bottle, cutting a window under the batteries. And the bottle after that sets on the bike frame, there is a special holder for it. To make it look aesthetically pleasing, we paint the bottle and tape the batteries safely.

Step Four. FinaleassemblyWe connect the switch, we control it with one of the handles of the handbrake, connect the cable so that the loop compressed and pressed the button. Screw the motor to the gearbox, do not forget to lubricate the gears, also solder wires.

Everything is ready, connect the terminal to the battery and try to start the engine. Unfortunately, the author has not showed us the machine trials, but the bike jerked from the spot pretty sure, the torque should be enough for the ride.

I hope you are interested in this self-made machine, good luck and creative inspiration if you decide to repeat it. Don’t forget to share with us your ideas and do-it-yourself creations.

The main steps of the work

The first thing to do would be to weld the motor mounts to the bike frame. The best way is to use a motor from an old electric bike.

1 How to bend a profile tube into a ring. Faster than a pipe bender

Next, let’s assemble the removable cart.

We use profiles, round steel pipes, sheet metal and bearings to make the mount for mounting the front wheels.

We weld it to the front fork of the bike. Installing the wheels. Additionally it is necessary to make a “landing place” for the basket.

1 How to replace the battery in a Chameleon welding mask

The cart will be attached to the front fork of the bike, which we will use as a base, using a quick connector.

The next step is to install the handlebars, seat and brakes.

In this case the author decided to use only rear brakes and removed the front ones. Although it’s better to leave them on.

1 Soldering polypropylene pipes without an electric soldering iron

Install the trunk over the rear wheel and put a metal box with batteries to power the electric motor. Attach a metal basket to the dolly.

You will also need

You don’t have to use welding or other technically complicated methods of fastening.

make, electric, bike, screwdriver

Decide what you’re going to base your iron horse on. There are three good, repeatedly tested, options:

  • From a screwdriver. Drills and screwdrivers are handy because they have a battery that’s very easy to pull out for recharging. In addition, most models have several speeds, which is also quite a lot;
  • From a gyroscooter. Very good in terms of battery connection and control, but very expensive;
  • From the radiator cooling engine. Perhaps the most difficult option in terms of implementation, but the motor is quite powerful and almost free (to find a suitable motor can be found at any auto dismantling).

If you do not have much experience with these tasks, we recommend making an electric scooter with their own hands from a screwdriver.

The bike is powered by an electric screwdriver

Hello to all lovers of making something with their own hands. Today we will consider how easy it is to turn an ordinary bicycle into an electric bike. As a power unit the author used an electric screwdriver. Of course, the battery will not be enough for much, but no one prevents you from installing a more powerful battery on the homemade. The above design is just an example of how you can power a bicycle with an electric screwdriver. Your child will be happy with such a homemade bike, but don’t forget to think of footrests and install a reliable braking system. If you are interested in the project, I suggest you study it in more detail!

Materials and tools used by the author:

List of materials:- electric screwdriver;- old bicycle;- cable with a handle of handbrake from bicycle;- corner;- bolts and nuts;- round bar;- plastic couplers;- spring.

Step One. Experiment First of all we turn the bike upside down and remove the left crank and pedal. Decrease the diameter of the axle with an angle grinder and use the electric screwdriver chuck to grasp the axle. That’s it, now let’s try to spin the wheel. The spinning speed and rotation speed can roughly estimate whether the electric screwdriver will pull the bike, but that’s if you have experience.

How to Make Electric Bike using DRILL Machine

Step Four. AssemblyWe assemble the homemade, to do this we need to securely fasten the electric screwdriver, of course, it is desirable to do everything so that the electric screwdriver can be easily removed. The author decided to fix the electric screwdriver with plastic cable ties.

Also we need to equip the steering, for this we need a cable and a handle of the handbrake of the bike. The cable should be set so that when you pull the lever around the electric screwdriver button, the loop is tightened. To unclip the hinge, the author has installed a spring on the cable.

The electric car

The idea of modernizing a children’s vehicle. a pedal car. can also be implemented. The result should be a real electric car. True, the implementation of this idea will require possession of some locksmith skills.

To implement the idea, we have to prepare the following parts.

  • A steel profile tube for making the frame, which can easily be made on your own.
  • Wheels with rubber tires. The best way to do this is to disassemble an old garden cart.
  • For the body you will need either the body of the child car with a pedal drive, or you will have to make it with your own hands from improvised materials (plastic or metal-plastic water pipes will do).
  • The electric drives shall be made out of the aggregates of two dismantled screwdrivers, for which the motors and gearboxes will be used. They are placed in specially made covers.
  • Install a bearing to support the output shaft.
  • The car model is recommended as a battery.

Screwdriver can also help in such an improvement of a child’s vehicle, as making a small snowmobile from an electric car.

They use the newly built electric car for this purpose, but modernize it a little.

  • The frame is improved in order to install a driving wheel, which will be the main engine of the apparatus.
  • Skis are installed instead of wheels, and the plastic “steering wheel” is replaced by a metal handlebar from a child’s bicycle.
  • The chain gear will act as a drive.
  • Such an upgrade will save both time and money, and the joy of children will be genuine.

In addition, the process can be fixed, using the drawings, and the reverse transformation into an electric car will be more than possible with the onset of the warm season.

How to make with your own hands

Make an electric bike from an electric screwdriver at home is not difficult, if we act in stages:

  • The first thing to do is to disassemble the electric screwdriver and take out the motor and gearbox. To do this, unscrew the housing and open it. Unscrew the chuck, take out the motor with the gear and ratchet, as well as the button with the adjustment. Clean the parts well from dirt and put them back (all except the button). Assemble the housing, but without the cartridge.
  • Cut off the lower part of the body (the handlebar). It will no longer be needed.

After this, you can put the resulting electric bike to the test. The first time is best done on the spot, with the rear wheel up. If everything is in order, you can ride it for a while.

How to Make Electric Bike with Drill Machine

Such a homemade electric bike from an electric screwdriver. a wonderful idea, which can be performed by almost anyone. But it should be understood that the duration of the ride depends on the battery capacity. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a powerful battery, which will provide several hours of cycling.