How To Start A Patriot Lawnmower

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Medium Grade Lawn Mowers

Performance of electric models from 1.5 to 2 kilowatts, gasoline engines from two and a half to six horsepower.

Pay attention to this category if you have to process areas with unevenness and slight slopes of the surface. The equipment will easily cut weeds with a thick stem, significantly reducing the amount of time for cutting. Among the shortcomings, we note the relatively large dimensions and weight, as well as the increased cost against the background of a low-power class.

Main types

The following categories of equipment are presented on the Russian market:

Based on the above, we can conclude the following lawn mower is the optimal solution for processing areas with a flat landscape and simple geometry.

GARDENA PowerMax 1400/34

The GARDENA Lawnmower PowerMax 1400/34 is another member of the budget class, but equipped with a 1.4 kW electric motor. Rigid grass collector. It is located behind, under the handle, behind the wheelbase. Compared to competitors, it has a very low weight of only 9700 grams in a fully complete state.

The manufacturer claims the cord is long enough to handle a 400 square meter landscape space. The presence of an electric motor made it possible to significantly reduce the level of generated noise, bringing it to 79 dB.

How to operate a lawn mower

Any advertisement presents a modern lawn mower as a versatile tool capable of doing the work of a dozen mowers in an hour. In addition to high productivity, the lawn mower allows you to get a good quality lawn and successfully mow, regardless of skill, with relatively little physical activity. But working with a lawn mower is not so easy, it requires a certain skill in operating the machine and a good knowledge of the terrain features.

how to start a Patriot lawnmower

Lawn Mower Control Basics

In fact, any of the lawn mowers is a motor with a pair of sharp knives mounted on the motor shaft. The entire structure of the motor shaft with the impeller is covered with a plastic or steel guard and fixed to the wheel cart. Despite the relatively large weight of the unit, in theory, any adult without special physical training can mow with a lawn mower. However, mowing grass is not as easy as the advertisements might look like.

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To operate the lawn mower correctly and safely, you must:

  • Correctly service the device, adjust and prepare the mower for work;
  • It is good to navigate the terrain of the mowed area. Before starting work, inspect the area and remove stones, large branches, any debris that can break off the cutting edge, knife and engine;
  • If there are flower beds or shrubs on the lawn, plan the mower’s route and where to unload the cut grass container in advance.

Adjusting and starting the lawn mower motor

Maintaining and adjusting engine speed is considered to be the most difficult stage in preparing a lawn mower for work. Therefore, before engaging in the struggle with complex equipment, even with some experience, be sure to read and re-read the operating instructions. A typical procedure for preparing a new motor for operation looks like this:

  1. The lawnmower must be placed on a firm, level surface, and all folding elements and handles must be screwed into position. The wheel drive engaging lever must be switched off. If the mower is equipped with a spark cut-off system, be sure to turn it off;
  2. It is only necessary to mow with an absolutely serviceable lawn mower, therefore, before starting the engine, it is necessary to inspect it and make sure that there is no oil and fuel leakage. With a gloved hand, check the tightness of the chip on the candle and proceed to refueling with fuel and oil;
  3. The filling of liquids is carried out using the dipsticks; for the oil sump of the motor, it will be necessary to fill in the lubricant according to the average measure, no more. If overflowed, liquid may squeeze out of the vent or gasket;
  4. Be sure to change the oil after running in. If you decide to use semi-synthetics, do not switch to mineral water, and vice versa. For about the first 20-30 hours after running in the engine, it is necessary to mow the grass at medium and low speeds. The performance will be low, but in the end you will significantly benefit from the resource of the motor, after a couple of mows it will be possible to mow in normal mode.
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What kind of oil should I put in the mower? High quality mineral or semi-synthetics. It is most appropriate to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, rather than follow the advice of the seller of motor oils.

Do not believe the fables of sellers and advertising slogans about preliminary running-in of motors at the enterprise. This procedure is carried out in full at the enterprise only for powerful high-speed motors with a high degree of boost.

It is easiest to mow with high-octane unleaded fuel, but only if you are 100% confident in the quality of the gasoline. The engine of the lawn mower keeps the revs well and practically does not get warm. American and Chinese engines work fine on the A-92, European versions may be more capricious in the choice of gasoline. For two-stroke engines, gasoline is mixed with a special oil in a 50: 1 ratio.

We start the motor in the following sequence:

  1. Before starting, check the position of the lawn mower motion control knob, the transmission must be turned off, otherwise the mower will start moving and mowing on its own when the engine starts. We turn off the power to the magneto or the ignition system and turn the motor shaft several times with a starter cord or with a starter.
  2. We turn on the ignition, close the air damper and try to start the engine.
  3. If the start fails, turn off the ignition, open the air damper and, turning the shaft with the starter for a few seconds, blow through the combustion chamber.
  4. After successfully starting the engine, move the throttle control lever to the position corresponding to the rpm between medium and lowest.
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Start the mower motor only if there is no fuel leakage at the pipe connections.

Almost all models have the ability to mow and dump the grass into the grass catcher, so we choose a convenient place for the lawn mower parking to remove and unload the grass box and convert the machine or simply inspect it if necessary. There will also be fuel, tools and spare candles.

Do-it-yourself electric and gasoline lawn mowers repair

Repair of both gasoline and electric lawn mowers may be necessary at the most unexpected moment. We will tell you about the main breakdowns of homemade and branded equipment, tell you what to look for, and by what signs you can recognize a malfunction.

Engine starts and runs normally, but knives do not rotate

In this case, failure of the mechanical part is guaranteed or, as an option, its attachment to the motor shaft is destroyed.