How to choose a perforator for home use

Impact force: The 12 best peorators for the home

What the quality of repair depends on? From experience, selected materials and tools. This also applies to perforators. You can’t do without this tool, whether you’re working with electrical wiring, fixing suspended ceiling frameworks or installing plumbing. Beginner masters often can not find a peorator suitable for their price and quality. What kind of tool is best suited for your work, and which 12 peorators we consider the best. read our breakdown.

First of all, when choosing a tool. not just peorators. Two questions need to be answered: How often you will be using the tool and what you need it for.

If you want to make a home repair and do not plan to further often ream holes in the walls, it makes no sense to spend on expensive professional equipment. Otherwise, masters-professionals can safely pass by the shelves with “household” devices, as they are not designed for daily and complex work.

Like other repair tools, peorators can be divided into three types:

  • Household. Distinguishing Feature. insignificant weight, in the range of five kilograms. Suitable for home repairs and light DIY jobs. Often, for the sake of economy, manufacturers refuse to provide additional functions and complex settings.
  • Semi-professional. It is a borderline model that will suit both amateurs, not limited by budget, and professionals. Such torches are more powerful and therefore heavier than domestic models.
  • Professional. The most serious machines. Powerful and heavy. A professional peorator can weigh more than 9 kg. Often with a higher impact force. Withstand high intensity of work, do not require frequent breaks in drilling.

What brand of peorator to choose

Today in any store of home electronics you can find a couple of popular brands. However, we advise to go to a special store for a special tool. There is a bigger choice. and the are often lower.

But how a beginner can understand all the abundance of manufacturers and models? It’s clear that you’ll have to pay extra for proven brands, and newcomers to the market often cost less. The price difference between two classes of devices can reach 30-35%. But is such a discount worth the risk?

For example, the torches from legendary Hitachi, Makita, and Bosch cost 3,000 to 5,000 more than tools from lesser-known firms. Brands ask for money not only for the name, but also for the quality of the tool that made them famous. In addition, the world’s leading companies tend to concentrate on the production of power tools, so they focus on quality and technical know-how. This applies not only to professional models, which embody the best engineering solutions, but also more simple, household tools.

Of course, new companies try to attract new fans by a low price, an interesting set of features or an additional warranty. So you need to think carefully about what’s more important to you. A couple of extra drills or, for example, an ergonomic design.

Anyway while choosing the torch for professional work we advise not to save money and to look at famous brands that give at least a 36-month warranty. If you need a peorator for your home, then you can evaluate the inexpensive models of Chinese manufacturers, because the pace of home repair depends on you. In case the tool breaks down at the site it can jeopardize the timing of all work, and at home you can quietly ream the walls at a pace that is convenient to you.

Don’t forget to look carefully at the tool’s passport. So you’ll know all the technical characteristics of your future torch and can compare all the parameters you interesting models.

Types of torches

The entire variety of gears can be divided into two main groups:

  • Household. Designed for simple tasks and work with both soft and hard materials. For convenient work with such a tool as a home helper is enough to have a power of 500. 800 watts, impact force 1.2. 2.2 J, was equipped with a special regulator to switch the frequency of rotation, had a protective clutch, which includes at least two, and preferably three modes of operation. Useful additional features will be a removable chuck to switch to conventional drills, so you can use the tool as a regular drill, and a set of special wrenches to change the drill.
  • Professional. If you are engaged in construction or repair, then you can’t do without a reliable tool. Professional rotary tool must have the power no less than 900 W, impact force of such tool must be from 8 to 15 J, the impact and rotation frequency must be sufficiently high, but no more than 1500 rpm, otherwise such a tool will quickly wear out, to be three-mode.

When you have decided which peorator to choose, you can take a closer look at the main features, which include both groups. Usually there are three types of peorators, but for the possibility of a more accurate choice, we will distinguish five.

Types of torches according to the number of working modes

The number of modes is one of the decisive characteristics that determine the performance and efficiency. Depending on the number of modes, all the torches are divided into three groups:

The simplest type of this tool and the least productive. For use only in relatively soft materials such as wood, drywall, or thin sheet metal.

Includes not only drilling mode, but also drilling with impact. Suitable for harder materials, including concrete and brick. It is the best option for domestic use.

The most productive and common type. Includes drilling mode, drilling with impact, and impact mode without rotation, allowing it to be used as a jackhammer.

There are four basic types of drives, each with its own advantages. The drive should be chosen according to the work to be performed.

  • Gasoline-powered drives are indispensable if you repair the roadway or work in open areas without access to electricity. These peorators have a combustion engine, they have a very high impact force, and the low fuel consumption allows you to work for two hours from the time you fill up the tank. Along with the advantages, they have a number of drawbacks: you will need a fuel reserve, you can not adjust the impact force, which can cause unwanted destruction, they have a very large weight, dimensions and very high price.
  • Electric goliaths are the most used in repair and construction work. The constant availability of a power source makes the operating time unlimited, they have good performance and sufficient power, additionally equipped with an anti-vibration system, which greatly facilitates their use, basically include three modes of operation, have a speed regulator and an affordable price. Disadvantages, unfortunately, there are in this type: the radius of your movements will be limited by the length of the cord, of course there is an output in the form of an extension cord, but still if the voltage in the network is unstable, and the performance of the tool will be inconsistent, wear chuck during prolonged use and extra costs for the purchase of a new.
  • Cordless torches are very handy in places where you have no access to electricity or when repairing facades where you can hardly reach with a power tool. They are lightweight and compact, which makes them very convenient to use. Even though they use a battery, they have a constant speed that you can adjust and enough power to drill even concrete. The disadvantages include limited operating time, which depends directly on the battery capacity, the need to recharge, which requires a long time, which means that you will not be able to use the tool immediately after it is discharged and there is stagnation in work. Sometimes buying a new battery can be a challenge, and if you accidentally drop such a tool, it will also fail.
  • Pneumatic torches are mostly used in rooms with explosion hazard, because their working principle is based on compressed air conversion. They have a low weight, fairly high RPM and impact power. The disadvantages of such a tool are significant: for continuous work you will need a compressor to supply air. The movement area will be limited by the length of the hose that connects the compressor and peorator, and most importantly, the high cost of such a tool.
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Criteria for choosing the optimal gator model

This tool is usually made with two or three modes. In the first case, it is only able to drill as an ordinary electric drill, as well as drilling (drilling with impact). The second version of the device allows you to additionally perform chiseling without rotational movement. It is with the three-mode peorators that peaks and blades are used.

Before choosing an electric torch, it is necessary to decide on the front of the work. You must be clear about what diameter holes will be made, and whether a jackhammer mode is needed, for example, for knocking down old tiles in the bathroom. In addition, it is also necessary to take into account a number of other parameters of the power tool.

Impact energy

The efficiency of percussive movements of the machining tool depends on the energy, which is transmitted by the hammer to the drill, the pick, and so on. Joules are used to measure this parameter. As its value increases, the probability of making larger holes increases.

It is not recommended to look for a device with maximum impact energy. After all, the choice of a peorator for your home should be based on common sense. So, an electric device with an energy of 27 Joules will strongly resemble a jackhammer, which is used during road construction works and weighs about 12 kg. If it is necessary to drill a hole with diameter of maximum 30 mm, the electric torch with impact force from 1,5 J to 2,5 J is suitable.

If you choose a power tool with low impact energy, the hole will not be punched, but drilled. This will lead to a rapid wear and tear of the tooling. In addition, you have to completely forget about the high performance.

For your information! The impact energy of an electric torch does not depend on the force with which the user presses on the handle of the tool. In this case, when the value of the parameter increases, the service life of the device decreases, because high loads have a negative impact on its refractory inserts.

Blow frequency

This parameter allows you to know the number of strokes of the piston in the hammer in 1 minute. As its value increases, the speed of drilling the hole increases. The productivity of the devices depends on the frequency and power of blows.

Leading manufacturers harmoniously combine both parameters. This is why efficient electric tools are produced, characterized by a long service life. They usually top the reliability rating of the peorators. That is why it is recommended to give preference to products of well-known brands.

Shaft speed

Peorator spindle rotates slower than an electric drill. Manufacturers produce percussion machines with a speed of 600-1500 rpm. The parameter decreases as the capacity and power of the power tool increases.

So, the performance models rotate slowly installed tooling, because they have a large diameter. Although the rotary motion is mainly used for dust extraction, which is the result of the boring process. Small-diameter drills rotate faster than large tools. Otherwise, the last consumables with working edges have reduced wear resistance.

Electric devices for drilling and chiseling of bricks, concrete and other similar construction materials according to this parameter are conditionally divided into three categories. Small models pull a maximum of 4 kg. The medium sized machines weigh 4-5 kg, and the larger ones weigh 5-10 kg. There are also heavier models.

Just a side note! The lightest drill is virtually the same as an electric impact drill. It can be fitted with a cam-type chuck that enables the drill bits to be driven in. The result is a highly versatile piece of equipment. It will be able to drill most materials, and drill not too dense concrete building structures.

The lighter the percussion machine, which also provides the rotation of the work tool, the more convenient it is to use. However, as the weight decreases, so does the impact energy. If you do not need to drill large diameter holes, then a lightweight impact machine is suitable for the work. For example, a device that weighs about 2 kg will allow you to use drills with a maximum diameter of 18 mm, as its impact force will be about 1.4 J.

Types of cartridges

Three types of chucks are available for fastening drills. If you have to choose a peorator for home, the weight of which does not exceed 4 kg, it is recommended to give preference to the model with SDS-plus. Such chuck allows to make holes with maximal diameter of 30 mm.

On heavy models of large size for professional use, which can weigh up to 11 kg, SDS-max chuck is installed. This makes it possible to use larger augers. Their diameter can be up to 52 mm. Another type of chuck appeared not so long ago. SDS-top. Its use allows the use of drills with a diameter of 16-25 mm. SDS-top is often found on products of such a well-known manufacturer as Bosch.


Power drills have less power than drills. It is easier to drill than to bore holes. That’s why an impact machine has a slower shaft rotation.

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Power of the rotary tool with SDS-plus chuck is 400-800 W. The models with SDS-max have 1 to 1,2 kW. However, it is not necessary to be guided solely by power when choosing a tool. It is not an important parameter.

Shape and integrated functions

Electric torches are available in straight form and “L”-shaped. They differ in the position of the motor. The L-shaped models have it vertically. This makes them look more compact. In addition, such models are characterized by effective cooling. That helps them not to overheat during continuous work.

Straight devices have a narrow and long body. In it, the motor is located horizontally. They weigh less than L-shaped models. These features allow them to be used in confined spaces.


When choosing a pen is not necessary to look only at its power, but nevertheless it is also important.

  • 400-600 W are household models, but such models are also used by craftsmen when working under the ceiling;
  • 600-1000 W. more powerful household models and lightweight professional, working with drills up to 20 mm;
  • 1000-2000 Watt. powerful professional models with 30-50 mm augers that can handle any material.

Impact force

This value is also called impact energy and is measured in joules. Do not go for high numbers when choosing: it all depends on the type of work and material for which you are going to use the torch. Powerful models can easily cut through concrete, even large holes, but can damage fragile materials.

Peorators with an impact force of up to 3 Joules are suitable for everyday use, including chipping tiles, cutting through walls for wiring, or installing dowels.

For most construction work, a beater with an impact force of 8-15 Joules will be sufficient. The bigger ones also weigh a lot (5-12 kg and more) and are mostly used for serious demolition, drilling big holes and working with stone and porcelain tiles.

What features are important when choosing a torch for your home

Before you choose and buy a torch for your home, we advise you to pay special attention to the following characteristics:

  • Number and type of modes;
  • power;
  • impact energy;
  • Number/frequency of blows;
  • chuck type;
  • motor location.

Number of modes. The main mode of any construction tool is the jackhammer”. The more modes. the wider the functionality of the tool and the more types of construction work you can do with it.

Power. The power itself for domestic and semi-professional models ranges from 0.8 to 1.8 kW. This is a rather relative parameter, since depending on the design features, its efficiency can be different. At the same time it indirectly affects other important parameters: impact force, rpm and torque. The higher the power, the higher the efficiency of the torch, but also the greater its weight. For home use, you are better off looking for the golden mean

Additional functions of the peorator

The usability and efficiency of a power tool for drilling holes is determined not only by the technical characteristics, but also by the availability of additional options. This is especially important for those who plan not just to choose a peorator for the house, but also to work with them often and for a long time.

Another important moment that must be taken into account before choosing a brand or a specific model is its equipment. The wider it will be, the less additional accessories will have to buy in the future. The quality and compatibility of brand-name drills, chucks, brushes, and other components included in a set are usually significantly higher than those that can be freely purchased individually. over, it is not always possible to say which of them may be required at a certain moment.

Top 10 rating by KP

Wert ERH 0724HRE (from 3279)

The most basic model of the torch, good enough for occasional home use. You can drill a hole for a dowel in a panel house without any problem, but you can’t easily crush a concrete wall with it. 750 W motor powered by electricity. Supplied with additional handle, drilling depth limiter and carrying case.


Practical and inexpensive torch, suitable for home use. In spite of the fact that the power of the motor is limited to 700 W, the energy of the hammer blow is 3 Joules. Engine power can be controlled with a starter button. The tool is cord operated and cord length is only two meters. for some people this might not be long enough and an additional extension cord would have to be purchased. No carrying case included.


A compact unit for those who will use it only in the home. Weight of only 2 kg the tool has a 450 W motor and impact force of 1.2 Joules. Yes, it will not be enough for “impact” mode, but this model simply does not have it. Comes with a handy carrying and storage case. Powered by this peorator from the mains. It is useless to compare it to powerful competitors, but for sporadic jobs around the house it is a great option.


Lightweight and reliable tool from a renowned manufacturer, which took fourth place in our list of the best torches for the home 2022. The German company has designed a comfortable grip on this “pea”, so it will work comfortably even for a long time. The tool weighs only 2 kg.2 kg, but it hides a 550 “honest” watt motor. It’s cordless, and the popular chuck allows you to use a wide variety of accessories for the job. Comes with a storage case.


Powerful heating system that you can buy for renovation work in a large detached house or a private home. Impact energy of 5 Joules, more than enough for drilling for wiring and demolition of not the thickest brick walls. For comfortable operation, the model is equipped with an anti-vibration system, which is sure to benefit from the productive motor of 950 watts. Can be stored in the convenient storage case. Top model in the list of the world’s best home rotary tools with vertical footprint.


Builders and installers all over the world know the manufacturer of this torch. The model stands out from its competitors due to its mobility. the cordless rotary tool can even be used in places without electricity. Engineers had to pay for this by the weight of the device and its power. Only one battery included, but you can buy more if you want.


One of the best price-performance ratio of the 2022 torch for the home. Here is what you may need for serious repair in the home. three modes of operation, a powerful motor (880 W and 3.2 J) and the anti-vibration system. Model is also praised for its long, soft four-meter cord that won’t break even with frequent ducking. Included with the rotary tool is an additional SDS-plus chuck and carrying case.


Advanced peorator for home or professional use. Thanks to the anti-vibration system, working with this tool is easy and comfortable. An 800 watt motor produces a maximum impact energy of 2.9 J. Motor power is based on how hard you push the start button. This is a cordless rotary tool that runs from the mains but has a long cord.

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Expensive, but premium quality rotary tool from the German manufacturer. Proven performance with almost no kickback to the user. Despite this, the 900 watt motor delivers a maximum impact force of 4 watts.2 Joules, a performance not everyone can boast of. Special tool case, drilling depth stop and lubricant included with the tool.


Curious model of a powerful battery-operated peorator. Despite its independence from the mains, the powerful tool produces up to 2.1 J maximum impact energy. You won’t feel a shock hazard thanks to the smart anti-vibration system and ergonomic handle. Two batteries and a battery charger are included with the 2022, the best compact torch for your home. It is noteworthy that the batteries of the tools of this manufacturer are interchangeable and fit for different types of devices.

How to choose a torch

Vendors offer different types of tools that will suit the wallet of different customers. Like other construction power tools, peorators are a complex design, in the body of which a powerful motor is hidden, performing useful actions. Together with the seller of the construction tools store Sergey Belov we will tell you how not to make a mistake when choosing the best georator for your home.

Engine power

As a rule, the weight of the torch depends on the power of the motor that is installed in it. Don’t believe the salespeople who assure you that you can easily crush walls in your apartment with a 3 kg “peom”. Light models (up to 4 kg) are up to 600 W. punch holes for dowels or chisel away at lightweight tile with this handy tool. Peorators weighing up to 8 kg are considered medium-powered. up to 1,000 watts. With such a tool you can make a through hole for a pipe or punch a groove for wiring in a brick. Finally, heavy peorators weighing more than 8 kg are called “heavy” and with a wattage of more than 2,000 Watts. These monsters are in circulation of workers at construction sites that demolish entire walls with powerful tools.

Operating mode of the torch

At the beginning let us describe schematically the work of the torch chuck. Powerful electric motor drives a piston that transmits the impact to the hammer, connected to the drill. It can move the drill in different ways. Modern geared motors can function as a drill. Most models have three operating modes. drilling, drilling and hammering. First mode is good for wood, brick, or iron. The second is the basic mode, used for working with stone or concrete. The third mode simply strikes the wall or stone, without rotating the tool. Of course, you need different drill bits or drills for each job.

Type of chuck

There is a special chuck in the geared drill unit for fast drill changes. The vast majority of today’s best drills for the home use the SDS-plus chuck format. It is designed exactly for “household” loads. On professional models, chucks of SDS-max format are installed. As a rule, the power of such tools exceeds 1000 W. Buying a device with such a chuck for infrequent work in the house is illogical. These two types of torch cartridges are not compatible.

Convenience of operation

You have to strike a balance between power and size when you buy a rotary tool. Working with a heavy tool that runs on the mains will not work in all cases. A battery-powered torch is also suitable for home use, but the extra weight of the battery should be taken into account here.

In some models of the best gears for home 2022 install a special anti-vibration system of springs hidden in the handle. Such a device will vibrate less, so your hands will be less tired. In basic models, such a system is limited to the soft pads on the handles.

Also worth noting is the ability of the rotary tool to work in reverse gear. This feature makes it easier to get a stuck drill bit out of a wall. Another important device is the drilling depth limiter. You won’t punch too much into the wall with it. Almost all modern models of the tool have an overload protection function.

How to choose a good tool for the home?

Next, we describe the important technical characteristics that you should pay attention to when buying.

  • Motor power. Generally between 400 and 2000 W. There are 4 groups of gears that can be classified according to their power. Household devices include devices with a capacity of up to 800 watts. powerful can already choose professional builders. For home use 500 watts is enough.
  • Impact energy and frequency. This is one of the main characteristics, the quality of the tool depends on them. Before buying take into account the density of materials for which you need a rotary tool. Impact energy can vary from 1 to 15 J. If you are going to work with stone or reinforced concrete, it is better to consider variants with high energy. But for more brittle materials high force is only detrimental. It is also important to know that the impact force does not change depending on how hard you push the handle. The higher the frequency, the faster the holes are punched.
  • Spindle Speed. If you need the purchase for regular use, choose a device with a value of no more than 1500 rpm. Speed also has an effect on weight: high-speed models have more weight. In addition, they can heat up quickly, which also does not add convenience in use.
  • Weight. Ease of use is directly related to weight. The lower it is, the longer you can work comfortably without resting. On the other hand, heavier models are more productive. But for home use, a device weighing 2-4 kg would be fine.
  • Number of modes. The simplest. single mode. They are good if you are going to drill in wood or metal. Two modes. drilling and drilling with impact. The three-mode peorator has an impact function without spindle rotation, it is the most versatile option, you can drill, chisel or drill and chisel with it.
  • Length of cord. For convenience, it is better to have a cord longer than 3 m.
  • Extra Features. In order to choose the perfect device, you need to look closely at useful additional features. The anti-vibration system softens jolts when you work, for example. The fixing button, which holds the device in the operating mode can also be useful.
  • Accessories. The more items you need, the less you have to buy separately. It is good, if in the complete set there is a basic set of drills and spare brushes to the electric motor.