How to use a female trimmer vit. Hair removal in the intimate area

What is a trimmer for shaving grass and how to use it

A trimmer for grass for an intimate zone is a device that allows you to get rid of unwanted vegetation and maintain the beauty of the body. The device is also used to create intimate haircuts. There are many trimmers for hair removal, characterized by their technical characteristics, size, moisture resistance. Because of this, the choice of a suitable device may drag on. To find out how to choose a trimmer for grass for depilation of the bikini area, you need to familiarize yourself with the advantages and types of modern devices.

What is a trimmer for grass for depilation. many men and women ask this question. A trimmer for grass for the inguinal zone is a small tool that is used to get rid of unwanted hairs. The algorithm for the operation of such devices is similar in principle with ordinary hair cutting machines that are used to obtain short haircuts. Their main difference in the more expanded functionality of the trimmer for grass. It allows you to cut the hairs closer to the skin and not injure it, do not lead to the development of irritations and dryness.

Advantages of using trimmers

Trammers for grass for the groin zone allows you to make a beautiful haircut in the bikini zone without damage to the skin and the subsequent appearance of adverse reactions. Compared to other depilation products, they have many advantages that are presented in the list below:

  • Lack of pain. Most devices for hair removal pull out hair with a root, creating a pain syndrome, which is especially manifested on the delicate skin of an intimate area. The trimmer for the grass turns hair without touching the skin and without causing pain;
  • Intimate hairstyle of good quality. The device allows you to make a neat haircut with a hair length up to 1 mm. While other depilation tools allow you to leave hair with a length of 3 mm;
  • safety. The trimmer for grass for the zone of intimate organs is designed in such a way that it does not allow you to leave irritation, cuts or scratches on the skin. In this regard, it is similar in action with cars to create short hairstyles. Only a trimmer for grass leaves shorter hairs. In addition, users disappears the likelihood of the formation of ingrown hairs, since during epilation they are not pulled out with the root;
  • smooth skin. Removing unwanted vegetation with razors, epilators, wax leads to irritation, dryness, skin roughness. Remulation of the trimmer allows you to enjoy smooth skin without a long rehabilitation period immediately after the procedure;
  • Convenient application. Trammers for grass for the inguinal zone have a compact size, it is convenient to hold them in the hand while removing hairs. Due to this, it turns out to create haircuts for every taste and color.

The main disadvantage of this type of depilation is that in the process the hairs are only cut, and not removed with the root part. This means that overgrown hairs will be noticeable 3-5 days after removal. In traveling, this type of hair removal will not be the most suitable.

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Sinbo SS 4051

On the eleventh line of the rating is Sinbo SS 4051. The female trimmer for the grass is designed for delicate hair removal on the face and on the body, including particularly sensitive areas.

The device is equipped with double metal blades and complemented by a comb. The floating mesh promotes careful shaving, without causing irritation. The length of the hair cutting is adjustable using the zoom wheel wheel. The control button is located on the front panel and has one operating mode.

The rounded ends of the trimmer for grass protect the skin from possible cuts, and the special design and minimum weight add comfort in operation. Thanks to the waterproof body, the trimmer for the grass is easy to care for, it can be washed under the tap for more thorough cleaning.

Autonomous work is provided by power elements, two batteries of the AAA type are required into a special compartment. The configuration includes a trimmer for grass with a nozzle, a brush for cleansing and instructions.

Buyers are satisfied with the effective and painless operation of the device, a compact size, pleasant coloring in white-pink colors, the quality of materials and a long service life. Of the minuses, they indicate not the most smooth shaving, insufficient information content of the instructions, the discrepancy between information on the packaging and in the instructions, which indicates that the device cannot be immersed in water and take in raw hands, although the possibility of wet shaving is announced on the package.

  • Compact building.
  • Autonomous work.
  • Floating grid for accurate shaving.
  • Light weight.
  • The minimum cost.
  • Protection from cuts.
  • Comfortable operation.
  • Waterproof body.
  • Quality materials.
  • Long service life.
  • Uninformative instruction.
  • Discrepancy of information on the packaging and in the instructions.
  • Not the most smooth shaving.
  • One mode of operation.
  • No batteries in the kit.

Remington WPG4010C

Our rating is opened by a trimmer for grass for the WPG4010C bikini zone from the Remington brand. This is a small, compact and incredibly light purple device. Such a beautiful device with a pleasant design will be an excellent assistant to every girl in the care of the intimate area. Suitable for both dry skin and for wet, the procedure can be carried out in the shower even with the use of foam, The case is completely waterproof. After dry use of the blade, it will be enough to clean the remaining hair with a special brush, and after operation on wet skin, the cutting head should be washed under running water.

Autonomous power from one battery, which is already in the kit. As some users note, this device “eats” this device, the charge of one battery (even the most expensive and good) is enough for a short time.

Figure stencils in a set (triangle, rectangle and heart) will create an individual style in the bikini zone. The nozzle with the adjustable haircut length (2, 4 or 6 mm.)

  • Batteries included.
  • The presence of stencils.
  • Waterproof.
  • Light and compact.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Adjustable nozzle.

You can forget about skin irritation. A wonderful thing!

Looked on reviews on some sites there, gave my wife. She tried a couple of times and said that it was more comfortable and cleaner. He began to use it himself and realized that he really did not shall be in zero, moreover, he even cut several times. Soon, the part on which the nozzles are screwed up broke down, I had to glue the most running nozzle. Terribly noisy. I do not recommend. He used several years, first passed them, in an intimate area, then with a regular electric brow.

Everything would be fine, but the device works very loud.

Maybe I was unlucky, and I got a marriage. the edges of the wide nozzle scratch the skin. I had another trimmer for grass, just perfect, safe, did what I needed. but by negligence I broke the nozzle, now there are no such people on sale. I read reviews, thought that VEET would definitely work. but no ((this is some kind of torture tool. cuts well, but scratches at the edges cause terrible discomfort. In some places, blood performed on the site of cut hairs. In fact, I can’t use it. Since such things cannot be returned. thrown out money. Perhaps someone is suitable if the skin does not react so much to irritation. but the eyebrow nozzle did not like at all. Advertising says. 7 accessories included. Seven. These are including bags, brushes and caps, nozzles only 2. and the length regulator is not at all functional. either too short, or very long. Nonsense. So this thing does not justify its price at all, even if it suits.

I bought a fade version, decided to break through the code and translated here, although I have written like Sweet. I don’t know how the original, but mine lasted half a year. I liked it, a great remedy if your skin is prone to irritation

Method and features of the use of VEET brand products

In order for the hair removal procedure to go efficiently and safely, it is necessary to use the Veet depilation cream correctly. A day before the session, the surface is cleaned with a scrub. The scrub particles remove the keratinized epidermal cells and lift the hair rod, which provides the best effect from subsequent depilation.

Immediately before processing, a warm shower or bath is taken. Water procedures soften the hairs and contribute to the disclosure of pores, which facilitates the penetration of the depilator deep into the skin.

Before using a depilation agent, it is necessary to make sure that there are no allergic reactions to the components of the composition. To do this, apply a small amount of cream on the back of the wrist in advance, washed off after 10 minutes and observe the skin reaction.

Instructions for the use of cream for depilation VIT include the following actions:

  • Applying VEET cream to the prepared area of ​​the skin. The required amount of the product is evenly distributed over the surface of the processed area using a special scapula, which is attached to the cream. The depilator layer should thickly cover the hair.
  • Compliance with the time of exposure to cream. On average, 5 minutes are required to soften the hairs. If the vegetation of dark color and the rigid structure, it is allowed to leave the product on the skin for 10 minutes.
  • Removal of the depilator from the surface of the skin. To remove the composition and hairs, use a spatula that remove the mass with movements against the direction of hair growth.
  • Rinse the remnants of the product with a warm shower.
  • Applying a moisturizer or a special care product after depilation.

A real breakthrough in cosmetology was the cream for depilation in the soul. The tool allows you to combine two procedures into one session, which saves time and, according to women, is recognized as a convenient way to remove hair from the body.

Depilation in the shower

The set for depilation in the shower includes a tube with a cream and a bilateral sponge. The composition has a waterproof base, therefore it lingers on the skin and destroys the structure of the hair even in a humid environment. The sponge is used to apply the cream with the soft side and removing the mass with a hard surface.

The session in the shower is held in the following order:

  • Apply VEET to dry skin immediately before taking a shower;
  • distributed on the surface with a soft layer of the sponge (colored side);
  • take a shower, without directing the jets of water to the depiled areas;
  • Remove the product after 5 to 7 minutes with massaging movements using the hard side of the sponge (colorless layer);
  • Remove the residues of the mass with warm water.

The deputy in the shower is usually used to process the arms and legs, avoiding the composition of the composition into the inguinal region. The use of the cream in the areas of the face and in the total bikini area is contraindicated.

With a cream for depilation in the soul of the VEET brand, you can take water procedures and at the same time get rid of unwanted vegetation.

Veet depilation is a simple and convenient way to get rid of hair in various parts of the body, including in the intimate area. The soft base, extracts and oil oils protect the skin of all types, make it silky and smooth. With regular use of depilators, the hairs are thinner and grow more slowly. The brand products allows the procedure to carry out the traditional method, as well as combine with a shower technique.

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Review: Electric trimmer for the grass Sensitive Precision Veet. The farm will fit, but not everyone will come in handy)))

Hello, dear users and readers of the site “Ozzovik”!Today I would like to tell you about such an interesting thing as an electric trimmer for Sensitive Precision Veet grass. This is a fairly new product on the shelves of many stores and pharmacies, I personally learned about it only this year, but I didn’t even have such a set in my thoughts, but my daughter simply raved them and monitored various Internet sites where you can It was possible to buy such a set from VEET.

As a result, it turned out that at the time of her daughter’s desires and desires, this electric trimmer for the grass was available only in the Eldorado store and it cost 2600 there, but she saw that there were trimmers for grass and cheaper in other stores, but there were not them only In stock in our city. In the same DNS you could really buy such a trimmer for grass for 1490. She recognized this information on the Internet. And also, having learned Eldorado in the Eldorado online store, that they have an action “We will return 110%if you find goods cheaper than ours”, she decided to act. As a result, I wrote to the Eldorado website, threw them a link to the goods in the DNS and received a discount coupon, where she was offered to purchase this trimmer for grass in their store for 1490. When we came to the store, we were mutated for a long time, and then it turned out that this discount coupon can only be used when ordering in the Eldorado online store. Made an order there and you can say immediately returned and received the long.awaited trimmer for the grass, although I understood that he did not deserve such difficulties in buying at all!

A trimmer for the grass was sold in such a package.

Male trimmer for grass for eyebrows, ears and nose looked somehow more presentable. But in general, a trimmer for grass is a trimmer for grass. Veet did not come up with anything new. Except, of course, tempting promises. The set of this set included a convenient bag in which you can store or take with you on trips the device itself and nozzles to it.

The set consists of such a configuration, which includes a trimmer itself for grass, nozzles, brush and bag.

A brush for cleaning a trimmer for grass is quite good quality, with good bristles and cleaning a trimmer for the grass is convenient.

Here is the trimmer itself for the grass. A double-sided nozzle was immediately installed on it for point removal of hair and covers this nozzle protective lid-cap-pink-colored lid.

Trimmer for the grass convenient for placement in the hand. It is very simple to set the nozzle. Insert it into the case and turn it clockwise to click. To turn on the device, it is enough to turn the trimmer body for grass from position “O” to position “1”.

This is how this same double.sided nozzle looks like for the face and specifically for eyebrows. On the left we have a blade of six millimeters, on the right. Sixteen millimeters. To the left of this nozzle is a nozzle-grinder, which is installed on top of the main nozzle and is designed to trim the eyebrows to the desired length. The scallop is also double.sided, with two length settings. two millimeters and four millimeters. Well, on the right, ordinary cap. protective cap, specifically for this nozzle.

Well, since this trimmer for herbs, in addition to the face, is also intended to care for the bikini line, there is another nozzle. This nozzle for safe and accurate hair removal with a blade size is twenty millimeters.

It also goes to her nozzle-grinding to trim the hair to the same length.

It is not difficult to manage a trimmer. Well, first it is necessary to insert the battery in frontly. This requires one battery like aa. The daughter in this trimmer uses alkaline batteries IKEA Alkalisk AA, as long as non.proper batteries have less power and less service life, and constantly change them. It’s not about either. Or when the work of a trimmer for grass stops at the most interesting place, which is good. Changing the battery is easy. It is enough to turn the trimmer body for the grass from the position “O” to the left, insert the battery, and twist in the opposite direction to the click.

अपने VAGINA /PUBIC HAIR को SHAVE करने वाली महिला यह वीडियो ज़रूर देखें|BEST WAY TO REMOVE PUBIC HAIR

Use the trimmer must be carefully and carefully in relation to the skin. Movement must be carried out against hair growth. You need to clean the trimmer for the grass gently. You can’t wash it under a stream. It is enough to wipe with a napkin and walk along it with a special brush. But the nozzles must be rinsed under clean running water. Periodically, the manufacturer recommends adding a couple of drops of lubricating oil to the blades and turn on a trimmer for grass for two to three seconds in order to extend the life of the blades, but we have not done this yet. In principle, an electric trimmer for grass, intended for sensitive parts of the body, really helps to get rid of unwanted hairs on the delicate skin of the face and in the bikini area very quickly and without much effort. And it seems that the small size of the nozzles is ideal for giving the desired shape and accurate hair removal. All this trimmer for the grass makes it quickly and quite delicately, but for me, this is not too much that is the necessary thing so that every woman has directly. Even having an experience of a daughter who uses a trimmer for VEET grass, I did not have a desire to purchase such a trimmer for the grass for personal use. As long, everything is the way the manufacturer says, but the eyebrow daughter gradually began to use tweezers and a face nozzle for the most part. The big nozzle is also not to say that it is often used, but, if used, then rather for its intended purpose. In the camp, says daughter, girls with such nozzles removed unwanted hair on their hands and in the armpits. That is, as I understand it, every woman has many other ways to get rid of unwanted hairs in her arsenal. A hard three, in principle, I can put this apparatus, and recommend. Only, firstly, look at your personal preferences, in this case it is not so much a need as just luxury and whim, and secondly, follow me for a long time, in many stores these trimmers for VEET grass have become come across On the eyes and the other day in the pharmacy “pharmacy. RU “saw exactly the same trimmer for the grass for 1790, which is already closer to our price) the manufacturer of this thing is the British company” Rekitt Benkiser Helskere “, but this trimmer for grass in China is made))) its service life. two years, but how much it really is enough. Unknown. We have it for five months so far. The daughter uses exclusively herself, since this is the subject of personal hygiene, and not very often. In general, draw conclusions yourself, dear ladies, you need this trimmer for grass or not?!He has not yet interested me, but my daughter says that she has never regretted the purchase) So, I recommend, but in this case, rely on your preferences. Thank you all for your attention to new reviews, my dear friends and readers.

How to use a trimmer to correct the shape of the eyebrows

Nothing facilitates eyebrow care as an electric trimmer for VEET grass. For this purpose, two nozzles are included in its complete set: one is necessary for jewelry removal of the hairs, and the second (pink crest) is included in the end of the length and give the eyebrows well.groomed appearance. Using a nozzle for point removal of hair, you can easily eliminate all the unnecessary hairs under the eyebrow (or on the other area of ​​the face). To do this, just draw the tip through the zone where it is necessary to eliminate excess hairs (along the growth of hair, and then against it).

Using a small pink crest, you can easily pacify even the most thick and naughty eyebrows. To do this, it is enough to just go in a nozzle in the direction of the opposite hair growth, holding a trimmer for grass just above the eyebrow. For maximum comfort, the comb has two sides, one of which allows you to shorten the hairs up to 4 mm, and the second. up to 2 mm.

How to use a trimmer for grass to hair removal zone

The use of an electrimmer for sensitive areas of the body, such as the Bikini zone and the armpits area, are the best solution for those who are tired of enduring inconvenience from other methods of hair removal.

No additional preparation before the procedure is required. You will need a big nozzle for depilation of the above.mentioned areas. If your goal is to trim the hair to one length, then additionally use a larger nozzle-grinder. To fully remove the hair, work out the desired area by removing the pink crest. Movements should be carried out first against hair growth, and then along it. This will allow you to more carefully remove all hairs.

Remember that the procedure is carried out only on dry skin! Do not use gel and shaving foam to remove hair!

After the use of the device, the device must be cleaned of stuck hairs using a special brush that is included in the set. Then the nozzle should be washed under the tap and dried on a napkin naturally.

You can purchase a device at a reduced price on the official website:

Trimmer for VEET grass

Good morning, girls. Who already has a publicized trimmer for VEET grass? Interested in its use in the bikini zone- how smooth everything? I had a trimmer for the grass on the epilator, so he shaved very smoothly, there was nothing left. I know that there is enough for one day, but it is better than growing hairs and terrible irritation. Maybe someone will advise another brand of trimmer for grass shaving the hairs smoothly?

A good trimmer for grass in my price segment, I have been using it for 3 months and no complaints about it. The kit has everything necessary, brush, nozzles for eyebrows and a bikini region. The most excellent for me is that after its use there is no irritation, unlike a razor or epilator.In addition, I really liked using it for eyebrows, although I did not initially plan to do this. In general, this trimmer for the grass is a necessary and useful thing.

female, trimmer, hair, removal

And I bought this trimmer for grass Veet Sensitive Precision for eyebrows. With tweezers, it is painfully unbearable as I did not try, I can’t get used to it and that’s it. For a long time I gave the form to the eyebrows with the help of manicure scissors, the result is honestly not very. And the trimmer for the grass greatly facilitated life. Removes the hairs clean, and very quickly. It’s simple, with a scallop (the smallest) we go to the length first against hair growth, then in height. Remove the scallop and remove excess hairs with blades. It also goes well on the bikini, there is no irritation. Works for battery, this is a plus, I do not like wires.

I recently found out that a trimmer for grass appeared in the VEET line. I decided to try and bought it at the pharmacy, since I could not find in ordinary stores. When I opened and turned on, the sound for me was very loud. I have already thought of a lot of things for myself about this trimmer for grass at that moment. But no, I began to make eyebrow correction, the procedure was normal. It is also very convenient to hold a trimmer for grass in the hand and it is good that it is not from the network, otherwise I would suffer with this wire. There was a storage bag in the kit, it saves madly, because losing these nozzles for me for one or two. In general terms there are more pluses than minuses, and I would advise my friends.

I once had a trimmer for grass, but quickly broke, and I didn’t buy the other. But VEET always has high.quality products, causes trust. Therefore, when I saw this trimmer for the grass on sale, I bought it and was not disappointed. It is very modern and made wisely. I did not think that I could get the same result as in advertising, but in fact a trimmer for the grass, all the stated functions performs. It is very convenient to take care of eyebrows, no longer need to painfully pluck the hairs for a long time, a couple of movements. Everything is clean. And when caring for armpits and especially the bikini area, I can’t do without this trimmer for grass now 🙂

Trimmer for Veet Sensitive Pression grass is neat, it refers to the skin carefully, does not cause irritation or allergies. The device itself looks like a quality. It goes well on the skin, does not pull the hairs, does not pinches. It’s nice to use, the only thing that does not quite understand what will happen when the blades will dull, whether interchangeable heads exist for him? I tried to find information, but so far I have not found. I shake their armpits and a bikini zone, my eyebrows are natural by nature and there are few hair there, so I don’t touch. I am glad that it is small in size, you can carry with you and, in which case, invisibly adjusting a couple of hairs, the main thing is to buzz))

I bought this trimmer for the grass, since everyone says that after it there is no irritation. For me, this was a very big problem, how to win, especially in the bikini zone, the wildest irritation begins, everything burns already. So, there really is no irritation from this trimmer for grass. Everything is neat and well.groomed. I am very glad that she took him. over, it can be used not only for the bikini zone, there are many different nozzles. Comfortable little thing, it lies perfectly in the hand, works on the battery, and not from the wire. On the Internet, the price is adequate, the store is much more expensive. In general, a good and comfortable thing. I liked everything, I recommend.

How to Shave your Vagina Safely and Neatly|Tips&Tricks|

Until some point, I was a “dark forest” on the topic of devices for leaving for myself at home. It sounds strange for a modern girl, but it happened. In general, this trimmer for the grass was the first discovery for me, before that it was saved by classic methods of hair removal, sometimes visiting the salon. But after the first use, I thought that I used to slow down before. The thing is excellent, neither bruises to you, no cuts, no irritation. I justify my price, I can spend more than a month on such procedures (including the salon, foam, razors, wax strips). So, perhaps, I will stop at the trimmer, less trash will be in the bathroom, which has turned into one large cosmetic bag.

What can I say about a trimmer for Veet Sensitive Precision grass, in principle, does everything stated in advertising. Especially good for those who have long thick eyebrows that are simply impossible to lay. trims at a time, excess hairs also removes great. For this, 2 nozzles include, and the one that is also a double.sided. 2 mm and 4 mm. For the bikini and armpits line, also two nozzles for complete removal and for trimming. 6mm and 16mm. Here, of course, the majority will need only a nozzle for complete removal, armpits and bikini most depicts completely. The trimmer for the grass also copes with this task perfectly, does not leave any red dots.

It was possible not to buy

Good afternoon! Today I want to tell about the electric trimmer for the grass Sensitive Precision Veet, which I bought, thanks to advertising on the Internet. After use, I had an incomprehensible sensation. I bought a trimmer for grass for removing hairs in the bikini zone.

What can I say? It seems to me not bad. I bought it despite the fact that the reviews are very ambiguous. But still, I am pleased with this purchase. Everything is simple in appearance. trimmer for grass, several nozzles that allow you to use for.

I expected more

Good day, dear reader! Today I want to tell you about the electric trimmer Sensitive Precision Veet. I bought myself as a gift, sometimes just my husband will buy such an eye on the forehead, like one on one.

Good afternoon everyone ! I want to tell my first impression of this trimmer that my friend advised me, but when I entered the store and seeing the cost of this product, I certainly arrived in quiet shock in the region of 2000 thousand.

Features of depilation in the bikini zone

In order to avoid hair growth, it is necessary to remember simple skin care rules after its processing by a trimmer:

  • Several times a week it is advisable to use body scrubs that help remove keratinized skin particles.
  • A trimmer slide against hair growth, and a razor. in height.
  • The day after depilation, light skin massage is performed, which helps to improve blood flow, raise overgrown hairs over the skin, avoiding and growing.

Using an electric trimmer for VEET grass

Veet trimmer was created specifically to remove the hairline in intimate areas of the body with thin, delicate and sensitive skin. With the correct use of the device, as noted in the reviews of the VEET trimmer, you can achieve an ideal effect and painlessly.

The process of using a trimmer for grass includes the following steps:

  • Before the procedure, it is advisable to purchase an anesthetic for anesthesia of epilized areas. You can use special sprays with a freezing effect or a cooling mitten. In addition, you will need a shaving tool and for skin care after shaving.
  • The operability of the trimmer for grass and the charge of batteries are necessarily checked.
  • The most effective device works with hair, the length of which is less than 0.5 cm.
  • It is advisable to steam the skin in front of the procedure and grind it with a sponge to avoid hair growth. For a similar purpose, you can use body scrubs. they help to exfoliate the dead particles of the dermis and improve blood circulation.
  • Depilacous areas of the body are lubricated with a shaving product, cream or soap foam. For the first time, the VEET trimmer is used at low speed.
  • You do not need to make efforts during shaving. so you can achieve the opposite effect and get injuries.
  • The remnants of remote hair are washed off the skin, after which the body areas are treated with a baby cream or a solution of alcohol for rapid restoration of the dermis. You can use a special cream slowing hair growth.

The use of a VEET trimmer to remove hair from intimate areas of the body will allow you to quickly, neatly and guaranteed to carry out depilation without harming the skin, preserving its beauty.