How to Wear a Trimmer Properly

How to Wear a Trimmer Properly

put on or dress

Infinitives “put on” and “put on” are cognate, both are used in normative vocabulary, so it’s right to say. put on and to clothe.

Difficulties in speaking the word “to clothe“And”put on»Arise due to the fact that the words are consonant, but differ in shades of meaning and are used in different cases.

The rule for “dress”

If you get lost and don’t know the answer to the question how to correctly “put on” or “to clothe“, You just need to study the meaning of the word, and then you will never be mistaken in context. It will be different depending on the prefix used.

So, the verb “to clothe“With the prefix” o “means” to cover someone with clothes “or” to cover something under some kind of cover. ” When using this verb, there is always someone who dresses, and someone who is dressed. The rule applies to all forms of the verb, including the participle: “Dress the baby”, “the baby is dressed (by the mother) in the suit”, “the nanny has dressed the pupil”, etc..

There is a simple formula that will help you remember the nuances of using words: put on clothes. put on Hope.


  • Mom is quick and smart put onhalf asleep baby and put him in a stroller.
  • The forest was dressed in the fluffy snow and seemed somehow magical.
  • Sergei helped his father to clothe little brother and they went for a walk with a purely male company.

The rule for “put on”

The verb “put on”With the prefix“ on ”, it means“ to put on some thing ”. Another meaning in which this verb is used is “pull, cover”. Usually it is used in combination, where the action goes to some piece of clothing or accessory. hat, jacket, cardigan, gloves, fur coat, pants, wig, tights, etc. You can also say “put on“If the action is directed from top to bottom.

The rule of compatibility of the verb “put on»With nouns is preserved for all its forms: “She put on stockings”, “a girl is wearing a coat”, “I put on a helmet”, etc.


  • I’m on my right hand hard put on glove on the left hand.
  • On the kid could put on the coat is too big, but he was very uncomfortable moving in it.
  • Instead of a hat on the go, he was able put on a frying pan.

Do you know.

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  • autograph
  • aptograph
  • all are true

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  • “Hardly” or “hardly”?
  • “As if” or “as if”?
  • “Hello”?
  • “Unpromising”?
  • “excuse me”?
  • “In general” or “in general”?
  • “Force majeure” or “force majeure”?
  • “Hardly”, “Hardy”, or “Hardly”?
  • “Anyway” or “all the same”?
  • “Little by little” or “little by little”?
  • “you are welcome”?
  • “All the same” or “all the same”?
  • “Viber” or “vibe”?
  • “Lay” or “lay down”?
  • “Assistant” or “assistant”?
  • “Here” or “here”?
  • “Wake up” or “will”?
  • “In progress” or “in progress”?
  • “Like” or “like”?
  • “Beautiful” or “beautiful”?
  • “Come” or “come”?
  • “Mattress” or “mattress”?
  • or less or more or less?
  • “tasteless”?
  • “request”?
  • “Still” or “still”?
  • “What” or “chtoli”?
  • “because”?
  • “No one” or “no one”?
  • “wrong”?
  • “Wrong” or “not true”?
  • “In view” or “in mind”?
  • “Impossible” or “not possible”?
  • “Incomprehensible” or “not clear”?
  • “Not married” or “unmarried”?
  • “On time” or “on time”?
  • “Little” or “not much”?
  • “On the fly”?
  • “What time” or “how much”?
  • “Not for long” or “not for long”?
  • “Same” or “also”?
  • “About” or “about”?
  • “Instantly” or “instantly”?
  • “I do not know”?
  • “Despite” or “not looking at”?
  • “due”?

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1. Adjust the height of the hook of the trimmer knapsack belt pulling the shoulder straps so that the trimmer knife lowered to the ground is parallel to the surface of the plot (strictly horizontal).
When operating the trimmer saw blade, adjust the height of the hook (by lifting the shoulder straps) so that the trimmer blade is tilted slightly forward relative to the ground.

2. Moving the ear to hang the braids on the trim tab forward or backward, balance the trimmer so that when releasing the steering wheel the trimmer knife is near the surface of the site, but does not lie on the grass.
To saw bushes and young trees with a saw blade of a brush cutter, the trimmer must be balanced so that when the steering wheel is released, the machine hangs horizontally on the hook horizontally. Attach.

3. Adjust the trimmer shoulder straps (harness straps) so that the load is distributed evenly over the shoulders (check by hand pressing on the hook of the trimmer suspension).

Video about the Husqvarna trimmer backpack. On the design features of the belt suspension (harness) that make mowing the lawn mowing, trimmer, lawn mowing, brush cutter Husqvarna easier and safer. wide shoulder straps and an elastic waist belt, quick-release locks (carbines) in case of fire or any other situation requiring quick release from the trimmer. On the versatility of belts for men and women.

Such Husqvarna trimmer knapsack belts (Balance 35/55, Balance X, Balance XT) can be used on any trimmers, lawn mowers, lawn mowers, electric braids, brush cutters.

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Large, flat surfaces. own appropriate reception

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