How to work with a chainsaw when sawing wood. Advantages of traditional technologies

Technology of sawing logs on a chainsaw boards

The chainsaw is a technically complex and dangerous tool, for this reason, working with a saw, you need to comply with certain rules. Sowerant users are often related to working with a chainsaw with less attention and violate the rules, this leads to injury to the operator or a tool breakdown.

In this article, we will consider how to properly prepare a chainsaw for work, what are the rules and methods of rolling and sawing trees, we will talk about how to cut a chainsaw, separately dwell on safety precautions.

Preparation for work

The first thing where work begins with a chainsaw is its assembly. The assembly scheme of various models is practically no different. A saw tire and circuit are installed on the saw, the chain is tending.

The chain can be considered properly stretched if it does not sag on the tire and easily scrolls through with his hands. If in order to crank the chain you have to make too much effort, then it is pulled and you should slightly loosen its tension.

Next, it is necessary to control the sharpening of the circuit, for this, the cutting edge of each working tooth is visually inspected. The edges should be even without dents and Zazubrin.

The next stage is the gas station refueling. The fuel mixture is prepared in a certain proportion, to find out which by reading the user’s guide supplied with a saw. Basically, the fuel mixture is diluted in a proportion of 1:50, that is, one liter of AI gasoline. 92 must add 20 grams of oil for two.stroke engines.

Important: When pouring fuel and oil for lubricating the chain into the tanks, you need to be extremely careful and not confuse. If you pour oil into a tank for the fuel mixture, then the chainsaw will not work. To restore performance, it will be necessary to rinse the fuel tank with gasoline, as well as clean the fuel highway and carburetor, which is quite difficult.

Dear of saw

Outwardly, the hacksaw has changed little over the past 20 years, but if you look closely at the teeth of its modern versions, it will become clear that today we are dealing with qualitatively other tools. Only the cheapest saws have still preserved irregular, polished and diluted teeth. Today, high.quality hacksaw has milling hardened dilapidated teeth. In high.quality saws, saw teeth are sharpened even from three sides.

Some manufacturers call a similar type of sharpening Barracuda. Additional sharpening of the tops of saw teeth makes it possible to place them on the canvas more tightly, which contributes to a faster removal of sawdust from the cut and generally accelerate the saw process. Alternately milled teeth practically do not need wiring, nevertheless, drank it when working with such a saw canvas is quite wide so that it does not get stuck in the propyle. Saw canvases with such a profile of teeth are also produced for jigsaws. There are hacksaws that can work with canvases for jigsaws.

Caution. sawdust!

Wood fine dust can cause cancer, while the most dangerous are the tissues of the glands in the nasal cavity. At workplaces where wood dust is formed, it must necessarily provide for the possibility of removing such dust with exhaust devices.

It is believed that the largest amount of carcinogenic substances is found in oak and beech tree, so when working with these types of wood, special caution must be observed. In addition to exhaust devices, they are well protected from dust and respirators.Follow the 1st class of protection for the permeability of the filter material used was no lower than FFP2.

How to saw along logs?

To obtain even boards, you need a guide. There are professional mini.pylorams, but the device correctly made by your own hands will not differ from an expensive device. The subject must be mounted on the saw tire with bolts.

Before it is properly cutting the trees with a chainsaw, you need to purchase and install a chain on it for work along the log. If there is no way to go to the store, then you just need to sharpen the links, observing the angle of 10 °. The chain must be sharpened periodically, since it will have to be sawed along the log without frequent breaks. This will greatly facilitate the work.

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How to cut a Limb of a tree safely using a Chainsaw

The wooden guide is necessarily fixed before the start of sawing. The device of the frame and other devices is shown in the photo. The design should turn out that can hold the log itself and at the same time have a fairly wide emphasis for the frame fixed on the chainsaw.

For convenience, the structural elements are fixed with self.tapping screws, and not with nails that are difficult to extract. After that, the chainsaw is placed on the guide board, and the first cut is made. If you need a beam, then the log turns several times, and the described operation is carried out on four sides. This is done in the case when you need even boards. The frame rests already on the flat surface of the log and, after the next drink, it turns out the first board. Further, everything happens similarly. If the even edges of the boards are useless, then you can saw without turning the log.

How to use a chainsaw

The equipment was dismantled. You will not learn to spray better a chainsaw than in the instructions. Take your time to get acquainted with the principles of the main mechanisms of your tool. Our tips will help you work safely with a chainsaw, but before starting work carefully read the user management, governing bodies and precautions. We will not list the components. Their list may differ slightly depending on the manufacturer, model and purpose.

Basic rules: the saw should hold tightly with both hands, tightly squeezing the handle with all the fingers (the thumb of the left hand should be under the front handle).

  • Equilibrium. Keep the saw closer to the body. Your hands will be less tired, you do not need to be afraid of the tool. In addition, it will be easier to maintain balance and control the process.
  • The position of the foot. Place them wide, bending your knees for stability, but hold your back straight.

Rules for safe operation of the chainsaw

How to work with a chainsaw? This question worries everyone who has only recently acquired a high-tech miracle aggregate. Many discard instructions, fully relying on their ingenuity. And make a critical mistake that can lead to either the breakdown of the device or to a serious injury. The manual should be studied for sure.

Preparation for work

Before starting operation, make sure the proper tension of the aggregate chain. Pull the upper links slightly. the shank should leave the groove of the tire for several millimeters. Make sure that the lower links do not sag. Then you should pull the chain with your hand. it should stretch easily. Loosen the chain if the tension is very strong. Make sure that the inertial brake is in the correct position. its handle should not touch the main handle. If you turn on the chainsaw, and the inertial brake will be displaced, then this can lead to a clutch plant.

If the saw has successfully launched, feel free to start work!

After you check the tension of the circuit, proceed to refueling the device. Install the chainsaw on the horizontal surface. Pour it with fuel and oil to lubricate the chain and engine. The ideal option is a fuel mixture of gasoline and adhesive oil, at least ninety.second brand. For a chain and a motor, it is better to choose a special lubricant that is designed for chainsaws. The components of this lubricant guarantee a long life of engine parts and cutting element.

After you do all the above procedures, carry out the descent of the saw. In this case, the engine should be cold. Put the saw on the ground and make sure its stability. The brake should be turned off, and the ignition is turned on. Then hold the front handle with your left hand. Put the right leg on the back handle. In order to start the engine, pull the starter. The inertial brake should also be turned off, and then pressed three or four times on the gas so that the engine warms up. Check if the oil comes to the chain. If everything is normal, you can carefully start work.

Safety and general recommendations

Before starting the work process, you should familiarize yourself with a number of rules to use this tool. Hold the chainsaw with both hands, tightly grab the fingers of the unit handle with your fingers. The thumb should be located under the front handle of the device. In no case do not stand right behind the chainsaw. The optimal position is a little from the side of the tool itself

When working, the back should always be straightened. In order to maintain balance, spread your legs as wider as possible. Do not forget to put the chainsaw on the brake while moving. Non.compliance with this rule can lead to serious injuries

Start cutting the edge of the tire. If you periodically use a chainsaw, buy protective clothes consisting of a helmet with a mask, a bright protective jacket and pants that will protect you from the cut of the saw.

Cutting trunks for churbans

Chain electric or gasoline saw will also fit for cutting wood on firewood. First you need to cut the branches. Small branches with foliage can be immediately sent to the mullet. Then you can proceed to cutting the barrel itself. The barrel, like the branches, begin to cut from the crown.

If the tree trunk has a large girth, then they dissolve such wood right on the ground. Когда же пилится ствол небольшого диаметра, до 20 (см), то его рекомендуется нарезать при помощи козлика (подставки).

In cases where the so.called Boille (long.fallen trees) blooms into the churbans, it makes sense to first clean the barrel from the bark. In the long.fallen trees, the bark easily exfoliates, which can cause some difficulties with a direct heap of firewood. The video below shows how to saw a chainsaw.

How to cut a construction forest

No construction can do without a chainsaw. Using this tool, you can easily and quickly cut the board of the desired size, as well as the edges of the lag, bars and other construction forests.

The main advantages of the chainsaws over other types of cutting tools can be considered mobility and high performance.

Chain saw tool allows you to make cuts in place, while the sawing can be done very quickly, with minimal expenses.

Provided, if you need to cut a board with high accuracy, the master can not do without a ruler, roulette, corner and simple pencil. With direct cutting of the marked boards, you need to make an amendment to the width of the saw chain. That is, a fishing line for a cutting cutter should pass slightly higher, about 5 (mm), marking lines.

Work procedure during the roll of wood

The execution of the cuts occurs in several stages. The first (upper) cut is made on a quarter of the diameter of the barrel, at an angle of 45 °, you need to approach the tree from the fall. Then a cut is made from below. It is made horizontally to the level where both cuts will connect. After performing two filings, you should get an angle carved in the barrel, size 45 °. Do not cut the tree completely, otherwise it will not be possible to guess in which direction its trunk will fall.

Now the gross drinking is used. Before starting work, make sure that there are no people, pets and objects in the fall area that can be damaged. The gross cut is made on the side that is opposite to the alleged direction of the fall of the barrel, it should be located five centimeters from the lower file, parallel to it.

Performing the gross cut, leave the non.drink. 1/10 of the total diameter of the tree trunk. This is important, as it provides the right trajectory of its fall. If you do not do this cut, or make less than the specified size, the trajectory of the fall of the tree will become unpredictable.

Subure the saw in the barrel slowly. So that the tire does not jam in the barrel, insert the wedge into the main cut before the tree begins to fall. The wedge should be made of plastic or wood, a metal wedge can damage the chain. Engine revolutions during the operation of the saw. maximum.

Working, watch carefully where the trunk is moving. So you can take measures in a timely manner if you feel that the fall has gone in that direction.

The arrows indicate the cuts: 1- upper, 2 —Nizhny, 3- gross. The unfinished part of the tree is a hinge that prevents the fall in an undesirable direction

I drunk two options: in the first case, it was completed by a double right angle, it is more difficult to make it, but the tree is guaranteed to fall in the direction that you planned, in the second case, the most commonly encountered version of the file described above is performed

When the barrel starts to fall, quickly remove the saw from the cut, turn off the engine and leave the operation area. Perform all actions quickly, delay can be dangerous.

Advice. The tree is more convenient to cut in the direction of curvature, the greatest development of branches and branches, if the trunk is flattened. towards a smaller diameter.

That’s all, we examined how to properly bring down the trees with a chainsaw. subject to the above rules, you can blame the right tree without much effort. And most importantly here is to be attentive and concentrated. Before the first roll, you can practice on a small dry tree, if you have it on the site, or look for this in a nearby landing.

Rules for safe rolls of trees

The rules of the firing of trees provide for compliance with safety precautions, since in the process of performing work, a person is subjected to double danger: getting an injury from the tool, and also risks being crushed by the cutting trunk. The safety rules for a roll provide for work exclusively in pairs. People who perform work should not smoke or apply open fire, as this can lead to ignition of a tool or sawdust.

It’s important to know! Wood cutting work should be carried out using workwear. Despite the fact that many simply do not even think about overalls, in most cases its use avoids serious injuries.

It is important to calculate the direction of the fall of the tree so that it does not come to the second employee, as well as to residential buildings, cars and power lines. It is strictly contraindicated to perform work under adverse weather conditions, in particular, if there is wind. Even a slight breeze is able to radically violate the planned path of the fall of wood.

It doesn’t matter if you saw firewood or get a tree, you should definitely hold the tool with two hands. Carrying out the touch of the saw to the wood, it should be understood that there may be a return. The work of a chainsaw for the roll of forest does not tolerate weak hands and rash acts, so such work only for strong men.

Tools for rolling trees

In order to blame the tree in a certain direction, professional rollers and not only use special tools. The most common of them are gross forks, wedges and shoulder blades. Special hydraulic or mechanical jacks can also be used.

Wedges can be made of wood directly at the site of the roll or purchased in specialized stores. Clines made of polymeric materials, the size of which is chosen depending on the diameter of the cutting wood, are widely used.

In order to have an idea of ​​gross jacks, we recommend watching a video in which it is shown how with the help of this device the lumberjab cuts down and puts the pine tree in the direction it needs.

Grinding blades work on the principle of wedge, only have a lever, thanks to which the operator can increase the effort and help the tree fall in the right direction. The principle of operation of the gross spatula or it is also called the lever can be found out by watching the video below.

Safety precautions when working with a chainsaw

This question arises from everyone who recently bought this tool. And many do not read the instructions, relying on their theoretical experience and knowledge. And this is one of the critical errors that will lead to a breakdown of the mechanism or to a dangerous injury. Safety precautions must always be observed.

Preparatory work

Before working as a chainsaw, you need to verify the correct tension of the device circuit. Pull a little by the upper links of the saw, and you will see how the shank will come out a few millimeters from the groove of the tire. Make sure that the lower links of the chainsaw do not sag. Then pull the chain with your hand, and if the tension is too strong, then weaken the chain. Check that the inertial brake is in the correct position, t.e. His handle did not touch the handle. When you turn on the chainsaw with a displaced inertial brake, will lead to a clutch plant.

After checking the tension of the circuit, you can start refueling the saw. Install the tool on the horizontal surface. Pour in fuel and oil lubrication and engine mechanism. A good option would be a fuel mixture consisting of gasoline and adhesive oil.

For a motor and a circuit, select a special lubricant designed specifically for chainsaws. The components of this lubricant will guarantee the long life of all engine elements and cutting mechanism.

After completing all of the above procedures, run the chainsaw. The engine at this moment should be cold. Put on the ground on and make sure its good stability.

Turn off the brake and turn on the ignition. Holding the front handle with your left hand put your right leg on the back handle. Pull the starter to start the engine. Disconnect the inertial brake and press the gas several times to warm up the engine. Next, check whether the oil comes well to the chain. After making sure that everything is normal, you can start your work.

How to cut trees with a chainsaw

Before you start working, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of important rules for using this device. Firstly, the chainsaw should be held with two hands, and the handle is tightly wrapped in fingers with your fingers. Place the thumb under the front handle of the unit. Secondly, you can not stand right behind the chainsaw. The standard position with the sawing is a little from the side of the mechanism itself.

Always work with a straight back. For convenient position and balance, spread your legs widely. Put a chainsaw on the brake during your movement. Start to saw the edge of the tire. If you do not comply with these rules, then you can get a serious injury.

To work with a chainsaw, buy yourself special protective clothes that will consist of a helmet and a mask, a bright jacket and pants. This form will protect you from saw cuts.

How to cut a felled tree with a chainsaw

This issue arises for beginners. Below we will describe in detail how to correctly cut wood.

The cut of the tree is performed on full gas with the tire, which is closest to the body body. And for each material it is necessary to use your specific cut method.

If you want to cut the branches from the tree, then you need to get to the left of the trunk and start sawing below. Perform all movements slowly. Cutting goes using the bow of the tire, namely the upper and lower clips of the chain.

Thick and difficult to process the branch cut into several suits. Start sawing a chainsaw from the end to the base of the tree trunk. It should also be noted that without a certain support, the barrel may roll, and before the start of the work process, make sure that the tree lies reliably and stable.

After pruning from the trunk of all branches, you can proceed to the next stage. the wood cut into several parts. Be very careful, The barrel due to intense rolleries of the chainsaw can roll on you.

If the saw canvas stuck in a tree, do not pull it. Turn off the saw engine and tilt the barrel slightly.

If you decide to cut large trees with a chainsaw, then you just can’t cope with one. You will need at least one assistant who will help you in the case of an emergency situation. Before starting the cut, conduct a visual examination of the tree trunk for dry and rotten branches, They can fall on you.

It is also worth paying attention to neighboring trees so that they do not interfere with work. Then stand to the right of the tree, and keep the tool on the side. This will significantly reduce the load on the hands and spine. The whole process is divided into cut and the main file. Start to saw at an angle at forty.five degrees per fourth of the depths of the tree trunk. With such actions, the tree will fall in the direction you need. When the tree falls, try to quickly remove the chainsaw.

Care for a chainsaw

Before starting to work carefully, inspect all the teeth and clean them of accumulated chips, dried oil and dust. If the chain is weakened, be sure to tighten it. After completing the work and cleaning the tool, be sure to check the condition of the chain oil and lubrication. It is also worth paying attention to the air filter. If it has a chip, just remove it. Sometimes it is necessary and rinse the filter.

If you saw a chainsaw you will often, you will have to periodically replace some parts, for example, a tire, an anti.vibration system, a chain and a leading asterisk. If you do not change these spare parts, then this will badly affect the general state of the chainsaw.

Secrets of handling chainsaw

At least saws in the hands of lovers always work more strained and less controversial. It turned out that the secret not only in the proper sharpening of the teeth of the chain, which not everyone knows how to achieve, but in the general principles of work.

Observation and conversations with professionals convinced me that for comfortable work a saw, a complex of skills is needed, some of them are achieved only with extensive experience. But even what is available to an inexperienced user can greatly facilitate the clearing of the path from the fallen trees or the harvesting of firewood for the fire.

work, chainsaw, sawing, wood, advantages

Regular and correct sharpening, which is worth paying attention to is the correct sharpening of the teeth. It is important that the selected angle is important, which will help to determine the sharpening template sold separately. A useful thing, especially for those who rarely communicate with a saw. But at first it will have to suffer at first: the template only shows how to put a file, and control over his direction is on your conscience. You should not rush: the minutes saved during sharpening do not cost unnecessary physical efforts when sawing.

Control over the height is protruded and so: the teeth seemed to be sharpened, but the saw still does not saw. It turns out that it is necessary to monitor the correct setting of restrictive protrusions. If they are too high, then the cutting edges of the teeth simply cannot reach the wood. Limiters are trimmed easily and quickly with another template.No contacts with the ground to save sharpening. it is also not easy. Non.professional, cutting low branches or clearing the territory from the bushes, often touch the soil, but do not attach significance to this, believing that the metal is harder. In fact, the Earth acts on the teeth of a regular chain as an excellent abrasive. Therefore, experts recommend purchasing a chain with carbide teeth. It is three or four times more expensive, but several touches of the Earth can withstand without visible and tangible consequences.

Control over the tension of the chain of the chain does not directly affect the speed of operation, but the wrong tightness can lead to an enhanced tire wear (it is not too expensive, but nevertheless), or to the jumping of the chain during operation (time loss is guaranteed). Recall that the correct tightness is when you pull the chain with your hand in the central part of the tire and it leaves slightly, but the guides remain in the slot of the tire. By the way, during operation, the chain lengthens due to heating. Any, not only new. So you need to control the tightness periodically with an interval of ten minutes.

The correct choice of the design of the replacement and adjustment of the chain depends on the design of the saw. It is better for non.professionals to choose models with a lightweight scheme of these works that do not require a tool and special skills. Such products are more expensive, but the convenience is worth it, you can believe.

Fans should like the “Easy Start” system. It is called different manufacturers in its own way, but the essence is one: less effort on the starter cable and the swinging fuel pump greatly facilitate the launch even in uncomfortable positions.

Purging when launching a saw, if it is serviceable, it should not cause any particular difficulties, but it happens that the candle floods with fuel. In this case, purging is required, since excess perseverance will only lead to even greater “flooding” of the electrodes. Therefore, keep the candle key with you: you will have to twist the candle. After that, the saw should be turned upside down and several times vigorously pull the starter cable. Usually excess fuel comes out in the form of steam, and in particularly advanced cases even pours out. And the candle needs to be at least wiped, but it is better to get it.

Before starting, slow down the chain.based attention, when starting, you need to pay for the braking of the chain. Regardless of the launch method (from the ground or on weight), turn on the inertial brake. Otherwise, the chain will begin to move and can touch either the soil or with the body of the lumberjack. The first will not benefit the saw, the second. its owner.

Correct pruning of Vettktete will move on to the actual work. We do not recommend doing a roll of large trees without special training, and most often we have to cut logs that are already lying on the ground, so we will dwell on this.

The ideal height for the work of a chainsaw is the level of the thigh or below. If there is a stable position, you can work at chest level. But it is not worth losing the saw above: it is difficult to control the tool, that is, the work becomes unsafe.

First get rid of branches. Here you need to ensure that the barrel is between you and the saw. And all because the abundance of branches increases the risk of touching them the front top end of the tire. In this case, the tool dramatically and very quickly bounces up. If the saw is exactly before you, then your face will be its goal. Even if an inertial brake works as it should (and the technique sometimes fails), a chain hit on the face. the sensation is not the most pleasant. And so the saw will go aside.

Another seemingly obvious thing, but not everyone takes it into account. The direction of the saw should go from top to bottom, if the branch is not fat and hangs horizontally. And if vertically, then you need to cut it towards its inclination.

Specialists offer the lower branches to be fixed by turning the tree. But this is not always possible, and you have to work near the Earth. careful: Avoid contact with the soil and control the possible rebound of the tire.So that the tire does not squeeze

Before dismembering the logs, remove the sawn branches and the bushes growing nearby, providing yourself with freedom of movement. Start cutting with an auxiliary cut, which will avoid tire clamping. If you need to cut off the hanging end of the log, then the auxiliary cut is done from below by about a third of the diameter, and only then we finish it from above. When the log lies with both edges on the support, and it is necessary to saw in the middle, the first drink is done on top.

If the tire is still clamped, do not nervously pull the saw. Only damage the chain or lay the tire. Stop the rotation of the chain and sing a log in the direction parallel to sawing. The tire will be freed itself.

Secrets of the fuel fuel mixture for saws consists of gasoline and oil mixed in a certain proportion. Its violation leads to tools with the health of the tool: with a lack of oil, the engine wear is accelerated, with its excess, the power is reduced and the launch is complicated.

The launch of the chainsaw

Before the starting procedure, the fuel mixture and grease for the metal circuit should first be poured into the corresponding compartments. Check the tension of the circuit, if necessary, tighten it. After that, you need to put the chainsaw on an even, stable surface, at a certain distance from the dressing site (for fire safety purposes). Then you should take the front handle with the left hand, and put the right leg on the back.

Then you need to press the ignition button, put forward a throttle and twine several times by the starter handle. When the chainsaw motor gives out a flash, the throttle is pushed back, and the starter handle, on the contrary, is pulled out to the maximum. This movement must be repeated until the engine starts.

The next step: you need to turn off the chain brake and press the gas several times so that the chainsaw is warming up. Also, the master should check the supply of lubrication to the chain. To do this, the saw must be brought to a clean paper sheet. The appearance of an oil spot on the sheet will mean that everything is in order and lubrication is enough.

If the chainsaw has already worked for a certain time and was simply drowned out, then its launch is carried out according to a simplified algorithm. that is, only the starter handle is used, and you do not need to touch the throttle.

Tool care and its maintenance

The master, among other things, should also properly care for his chainsaw. After each use of its use, the remaining fuel must be drained into a separate container, and the tool itself is cleaned of sawdust and garbage.

Check the tension of the chain of the chainsaw is also necessary constantly. Such a check is simply carried out. you just need to pull the upper medium links. If the chain is with some effort, then it is stretched normally.

The condition of the chain itself, tires and leading stars also need to be controlled. You can use only a chain with sharpened sharp teeth. It is necessary to monitor the level of pollution of the air filter (if it is too contaminated, this will lead to problems with the start).

The owner who provides high.quality leave for the chainsaw, undoubtedly extends her service life.

Tool care

Each time after the work of the chainsaw is over, a number of actions to care for it should be performed:

  • First you need to check the lubrication of the chain and its tension. When the circuit is weakened, it must be tightened, and if the oil ends, just add it to the tank.
  • Let the saw cool after all the work and after a short rest, season it with fuel.
  • You also need to check the condition of the air filter, as it can sometimes clog with chips. Therefore, at the end of the work, it must be removed, rinse and blow out. In addition, from time to time you need to clean the surface that is located around the cooling plates.

If you use a chainsaw very often, you will have to change some fast.meaningful details. parts of the anti.vibration system, a leading star, tire and chain, since without replacing the worn part in time, you can eventually get its negative impact on the general condition of the tool.

When buying a chainsaw, remember that it is a complex technical device that requires special skills and appropriate circulation. Of course, everyone can learn to control the chainsaw in a short time, but do not forget about all possible precautions about all possible precautions. Conduct a periodic inspection of the tool so that from some unnoticed little things it does not completely out of order.

If you carefully study all the information given in this article, your chainsaw will work for a long time, and you can avoid injuries and unpleasant moments associated with a saw breakdown.

The main points of the preparatory work are set forth in this video on the example of a two.stroke gasoline saw with a cut depth of up to 50 cm, a tank with a volume of 750 ml, designed for about an hour of active work.

Stihl MS362cm ripping chips! Amazing chainsaw

  • First of all, pour the fuel mixture into the tank and, if necessary, lubricant oil.
  • Check the serviceability of the inclusion button and two levers on the saw.
  • Before starting the engine, put the throttle lever.
  • Remove the backup brake handle slightly back, which is responsible for the emergency stop of the chain in an emergency.
  • Be sure to check the degree of tension of the chain. Saking sagging is strictly unacceptable. To correct the situation, weaken two bolts on the saw housing, pull the chain with a screwdriver and tighten the bolts again.
  • Blok the tool for the time of carrying to the object.

The chainsaws are ready for work, but before activating it, do not forget to put on basic protective equipment: overalls, boots, gloves and a helmet with a visor and headphones.

Direct the lock directly at the facility. To run the saw, pull the starter sharply.

In order to cut down the tree without much effort, cut the wedge.shaped fragment to about the middle of the barrel. First make the cut, holding the canvas with a tilt down, and then at an angle up. After cutting on the back, the tree will succumb and fall towards the wedge.

work, chainsaw, sawing, wood, advantages

Before you saw off the branches, reliably put the barrel. If it is not possible to cut all the branches at once, first clean one half of the workpiece, then turn the log and cut down the remaining branches on the other side.

It is recommended to saw too thick a log into chocks in two approaches: first drink it on top to the middle, then place the chainsaw from the bottom and complete the cut.

Caution: In no case do you allow the contact of the saw canvas with the ground. This can lead to a serious tool breakdown.

Follow the recommended rules when operating a chainsaw, which will allow you to effectively extend the period of instrument service, and most importantly, insure yourself from random injuries when working with it.