Chainsaw “Huter Bs-52”: Description, Features And Reviews.

Huter BS 52 is a chainsaw that is equipped with a 50 cm saw tire. It works at the expense of the engine with a power of 3.4 horsepower, and to prevent harmful effects on the operator’s joints, the tool is equipped with a useful vibration damping function. It is also convenient that the lubrication of the chain is carried out automatically, so the owner does not have to worry about it during the use of the tool, which facilitates operation.

Huter BS 52. chainsaw, which has a household purpose, but can be used to solve semi-professional tasks. Tire length is 20 inches; this information is presented in the instructions. Among the distinguishing features. high performance and ease of operation, the latter is essential for the operator, who previously had no experience with such a tool.

A powerful engine contributes to relatively fast performance of even the most difficult cuts, which are carried out when working with dense materials (mainly wood). This equipment has an ergonomic handle and chain brake function. The weight of the model is 7.5 kg, which is right for the equipped tool. Because the tire is quite long (50 cm), the master will be able to perform complex tasks of sawing thick boards and massive logs. A powerful motor allows it to operate at high speeds, and automatic chain lubrication makes maintenance easy. For increased safety, a chain brake is used, and the controls are very conveniently located.

What else you need to know about the main features?

Huter BS 52 is a chainsaw that can be used for a relatively wide range of tasks. The advantage is also in autonomy because the device you can use without external energy sources. When working quite often, there is a need for sawing logs of large diameter; this will help a long tire. The engine produces 2.2 kW of power, and a unique anti-vibration system between the drive and the tire reduces the impact on the hands, increasing the possible working time.

Lubrication facilitates movement, preventing premature wear and overheating of the working part of the equipment. Toggle switch and ignition on, key lock are arranged in such a way that the operator can manipulate them, without at all weakening the grip of the tool. When jamming or sharp throw will help the chain brake, which is activated instantly. Among other things, the manufacturer took care of the easiest access to the air filter.

General information.

Huter BS 52 is a chainsaw that allows you to cut material in any direction. The equipment has an engine, the working volume of which is equivalent to 52 cm 3, and an easily removable filter is installed on it. Fuel is a specially prepared mixture, which consists of gasoline and oil. When cooking, use a ratio of 25 to 1.

The capacity of the fuel tank holds 550 ml. The front part of the body is girded with a strong transverse handle. It is convenient not only for holding but also for gripping the tool. The handle for the second hand is located in the back and has a longitudinal orientation while performing the function of a chainsaw control panel.

Application area.

Huter BS 52, reviews of which you can read in the article, can be successfully used for solving household and semi-professional tasks. It is autonomous, indispensable for work in the country, as well as in the garage. Do not do without it and the owners of country houses, in front of which periodically there is a need in the care of the garden. When harvesting wood, such a chainsaw is also needed. With this equipment you can quickly turn the remains of buildings and old furniture into firewood, this also applies to thick boughs, as well as cut trees. This tool will be useful during the rescue, as well as repair work, in the process of private construction. For those who like hiking, the chainsaw will be an assistant in the preparation of the camp. German experts have invested in this tool the modern achievements of technology and science, so the equipment meets strict international standards in the field of safety and quality.


Many consumers are interested in such characteristics as chain pitch. For this equipment, the manufacturer indicated this parameter in inches, and it is 0.325. You may be interested in the width of the groove, which for this model is equal to 1.5 mm.

The kit includes a chain, tire, and a metal toothed support. The dimensions of the packaged goods are 440x290x320 mm. The chain contains 76 links. There is an inertial chain brake mechanism. The operator will be able to work at the same speed, in case of a reverse strike, the chainsaw will stop working.

Consumer feedback on performance.

As a disadvantage, buyers emit a high consumption of gasoline, but this cannot be called a problem if the equipment is working properly. Sometimes operators are inconvenient when using an old tire, in which case it can be purchased for 16 inches.

If you make a comparison with counterparts that are manufactured, for example, by the company Stihl, then the model described in the article is more enduring, as buyers emphasize. Face the lack of the ability to start the tool the first time, according to consumers, it is possible, and with the wrong clearance candles, while it can be adjusted. Sometimes we are talking about the rather poor quality of the metal chain; in addition, the tool is afraid of overheating.

Device reviews.

If you decide to purchase a Huter BS 52, the chain and bus should be connected to the head end where the controls are located at the first stage. Users like the lower part of the handle to have a protective extension that prevents injuries from breaking the chain. This extension is used for additional mounting of the case when starting the motor. On the handle is the speed control button. All are arranged in such a way that it was possible to increase the momentum by holding the handle tightly. Such chainsaws, the prices of which may seem high enough to some buyers, have a cylinder with a surface that creates the effect of increasing the area, this contributes to heat removal and to the exclusion of the possibility of overheating.

Gasoline for chainsaws should have a mark of 92, it is added to the oil for two-stroke engines in the ratio of 1 to 25. The manufacturer has set the warranty period of operation, which is equal to one year. But if you properly use and maintain the tool, as well as store it following the instructions, it will last much longer.

Carburetor adjustment.

The chainsaw carburetor may require adjustment, which is necessary if the settings fail. It can occur due to intense vibration when the protective cap is damaged. In this case, the bolts lose their fixed fixation. Such a need may occur due to wear of the piston part of the engine. At the same time, setting the carburetor will only help for a while, it is best to replace the worn part. When using poor-quality fuel, clogging may occur, the scale will form, and the filter will be damaged. To fix the problem, you need to disassemble the carburetor, wash it, and adjust it.

The characteristics of the chainsaw will allow you to carry out the maintenance yourself. The factory setting is optimal, but with the help of screws, you can tune the engine. To increase the speed should be used screws, turning them clockwise. But first, you need to remove the top cover by unscrewing the three bolts. Next comes foam rubber, which acts as part of the air filter. Then you must remove the fuel hose and drive rod. Next, remove the tip of the cable, and to the left of the fitting. a gasoline hose. After it is possible to disconnect the carburetor, it can be considered ready for adjustment.

Sharpening tool.

Chainsaw sharpening may be necessary when the teeth of the chain are no longer sharp, just like at the time of purchase of the equipment. Then you can notice when the unit ceases to be high-performance. It is difficult to operate with a single file. Therefore it is recommended to use accessories that help to adhere to exact sharpening parameters. Such kits are sold complete with chainsaws and separately.

It is recommended to use a round file, as its shape accurately follows the internal contour of the tooth. The edge of the working part of the tool must be above the cutting surface by 20% of the diameter. At first, it is necessary to process the cutting part of the teeth, and after the tooth-limiter.