How To Choose A Trimmer? Instruction.

Every summer resident or gardener sooner or later raises the question of grass mowing, as well as the issue of weed control. Many solve it with the help of an old but reliable old-fashioned instrument. a hand braid. But if the site is large enough, but there is not enough time, or just laziness overcomes, then you can use mechanized assistance.

Today we will talk about how to choose a trimmer.

A trimmer is a special garden tool that is designed for mowing grass or small shrubs using a gasoline engine.
For trimmers, as for chainsaws, predominantly used gasoline brand A-92, although it is better to watch the instructions of each specific tool.
In addition to gasoline mowers, there are also electric mowers, which use an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine. However, for electric trimmer robots, you need to connect to the electrical network, and this is not always convenient and possible.

We list the main parameters of the trimmer, which are key when choosing it:

  • Power Trimmer.

Power mowers are measured in watts or horsepower. The conversion of watts to horsepower is as follows: 1 kilowatt = 1.36 horsepower.
To mow a relatively small lawn with grass, 0.8-0.9 kW of power may be enough, however, to mow areas with weeds, etc. you need to choose a trimmer with a capacity of 1.2 kW. Professional gasoline mowers can have a power of 3 kW and more.

  • Type of engine.

Most trimmers have two-stroke engines. It can be said the standard for trimmers. However, over time, more and more often begin to sell trimmer, which has a four-stroke engine.
4th stroke engine is less noisy and more reliable but weighs more and such tools are more expensive.

  • Cutting element.

In trimmers used two main types of cutting elements: knives and special fishing line.
The line for mowers is used for mowing the grass. It may have a different diameter (generally from 2 to 3 mm).
The knife for a trimmer can be metal or plastic, and it can also have 2.3 or more cutting surfaces. With the help of knives, you can mow tough grass, weeds, and even shrubs. When carelessly handling the blade can “mow” and a young tree.
Most modern models of trimmers are designed in such a way that they can be hooked on both a jigsaw with a fishing line and knives. Be sure to make sure that there is such an opportunity when making your choice of a trimmer.

  • Weight of Trimmer.

Although the trimmer is more comfortable to mow than an ordinary scythe, it also needs to be held in the hands. The weight of the tool depends on how long you can work.
On average, trimmer weighs from 4 to 8 kg. On the weight of the gasoline, the cutter has a direct impact on its power. The more powerful the tool, the heavier it is.
On average, focus on the weight of 6.5-7 kg. for medium power braids.
Be sure to ensure that the complete set of the trimmer is available a special belt that allows you to redistribute its weight not only on the hands but also on the body, which significantly facilitates the work and reduces fatigue.

Brands and prices.

Manufacturers of trimmers can be divided into three conditional groups: famous brands, “good China”, “just China”.
Famous brands such as Alpina, Stihl, Oleo-MAC, Husqvarna produce high-quality, but expensive products. Low-power models of these manufacturers cost from 250, and the average power models from 300-350.
If you want to have a reliable unit that you will use often, take a look at these brands.
If you do not want to overpay for the brand, look for the gas mowers of “normal China.” They are almost all now called by big names like Tempo, Vityaz, etc. There once at once misses. It is necessary to look at the quality of materials and assembly of a particular braid. There are quite good models of trimmers with a price of about 140-180 dollars.
“China ordinary” is all that costs about 120 or less. There is already a real lottery, and the tool may work well, but maybe not. Such Chinese mowers can be taken only if you need to mow down something not very large-scale from time to time.
Well, I hope, now you will be aware how to choose the best trimmer for your garden, kitchen garden or giving.