If the corner grinder smokes what to do. How to extend the life of a microwave

Why does a corner grinder (corner grinder) do not work: heated, sparkles, vibrates, noisy and does not gain momentum

Corner grinder (angular grinding machines), in the common people called Bulgarians, are considered an extremely reliable and popular tool. However, any thing breaks or later and is required to repair. It is not so difficult to repair a corner grinder on your own if you have an instruction on your hands where the procedure is indicated. Below you can find answers to questions related to the repair of the stator, rotor, gearbox and coal brushes angular grinder.

Corner grinder are extremely common among many domestic craftsmen. The ability to replace working elements allows you to carry out polishing, grinding and detachment manipulations. And the presence of a smooth starting device significantly increases the convenience and safety of work. The repair of a corner grinding grinder is a simple job that you can cope with on your own. Those who decide to do this will need an angular grinder of the required type, grease materials, the tool itself and a step.by.step guide.

Any repair of the corner grinder should begin with the detection of faults. Corner grinder is characterized by a simple device. When rotating the rotor, by means of a lobby gear, the torque is transmitted to the spindle (shaft) of the working element. There is a polish or grinding wheel or stone on the shaft.

It should be noted the shape of the clove. On the corner grinder of small power, as a rule, gears with straight cloves are installed. Sobbling designs are used in devices, the power of which starts at 1000 watts.

Corner grinder, like any tool, is subjected to all kinds of breakdowns over time, the causes of which can be very different. They can arise not only from improper use of the device, but also due to the untimely/incorrect change of coal brothers and materials for lubrication.

Regardless of the model and brand of the corner grinder, the problems of the problem in all have almost the same. They can be conditionally divided into electrical and mechanical. For renovators, novice, who do not know how to disassemble the corner grinder, breakdowns can be divided into complex and simple.

Device and electrical circuit of corner grinders

Over the long years of the existence of such an instrument as an angular grinder, its appearance, as well as the internal device have practically not changed. To repair the corner grinder with your own hands, you need to know the device of its mechanical part, as well as an electrical.

If you look at the picture below, you can see what parts the angular grinder consists of.

  • A wheel to adjust the spindle of the unit.
  • An electric engine consisting of a rotor and stator.
  • Start button. Sometimes a smooth start system is connected to it.
  • Shock.resistant plastic.
  • Spindle fixation button (used to change the tool).
  • Surprising coupling. Protects the engine from overload, when jaming the tool.
  • Protective casing. Closes the tool and protects the user from flying particles of the processed material, and also prevents human injury when the tool is destroyed, for example, an abrasive disk.
  • Clamping. Unscrewed using a special key that comes with the power tool. There are also quick.sound nuts that can be unscrewed without a key.
  • Gearbox and gearbox itself. Consists of the gears block that transmit rotational movements from the rotor to the spindle with a tool.

The figure below shows the electrical circuit of the angular grinder.

The electric part of the corner grinder has the following elements:

  • electric cable with a fork for connecting to the mains;
  • start button;
  • stator;
  • electric brushes (coal or graphite);
  • collector;
  • Anchor (rotor).

The following figure shows the connection diagram of the corner grinder, namely its engine.

All components of the electric motor perform certain functions.

  • The rotor is a shaft on which coils and a collector are placed. The rotor, rotating in the stator magnetic field, transfers rotational movement to the angular grinder gearbox.
  • Collector. It is a part of the rotor to which all control cables are summed up. Electric signals from the control unit to the engine pass through the collector. It is to the collector that the electrics are connected.
  • Electric power plants. Their main task is the transmission of electric current from the power cable to the collector.
  • Stator. Is a coil with a certain number of turns. The task of the stator is to create a magnetic field, which, interacting with the anchor, sets the latter in motion.

The device and principle of operation of the corner grinder

To figure out how the angular grinder works, you first need to familiarize yourself with the principle of operation of this tool. With the help of electricity, the engine is operating, which through a special gear transfers rotational movement to the shaft. At its end, a grinding or cutting circle is fixed at its end.

High quality work carried out with an angular grinder will depend on the number of revolutions of the cutting canvas per 1 min. In professional power tools, this value can reach 10,000 rpm or more.

First of all, when breaking the corner grinder, it should be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned, in most cases the tool begins to work.

For different manufacturers, the layout of the corner grinder may vary slightly, but the main parts of all models are the same:

The case is made of shockproof plastic. Its main task is to keep all the components in their places and transfer the efforts attached to the operator to the cutting element.

The electric engine drives the drive gear of the gearbox, which rotates the driven, on the axis of which a disk is placed. The gearbox consists of a gear through which the axis of rotation rotates 90 °. Thanks to the use of gears of various diameters, the optimal speed of rotation of the cutting canvas is achieved.

The main malfunctions of the corner grinder and their elimination

Before repairing the corner grinder, it is necessary to prepare tools and materials that may be needed in the process of repair work:

  • tester;
  • screwdriver;
  • spanners;
  • knife;
  • tweezers;
  • sandpaper;
  • insulating tape;
  • solidol;
  • alcohol;
  • Vetosh.

The main principle that needs to be adhered to when repairing any power tool is that it should be moved from simple to complex, that is, the sequence of repair work should first exclude elementary malfunctions.

When the corner grinder fails, the first thing is to recall the circumstances in which a breakdown arose. This will help with a high probability to establish the cause of the breakdown, which will make successful repair of the corner grinder.

The most common breakdowns of the corner grinder are a cliff or short.closed turns in the stator windings or anchor.

The vulnerable place of the corner grinder itself is an electric part, the breakdown of which happens most often. It can burn out of the excessive load of the tool during the work, from the ingress of water, from the jumps of the supply voltage, etc.P.

The mechanical part does not like emergency modes of operation, poor or untimely care for bearings and gear elements of the gearbox, the fall of the tool on the floor. Therefore, before repairing the corner grinder, it is necessary to carefully clean its body and the trigger mechanism. If this did not help, then the corner grinder will have to be disassembled for further inspection and repair.

Very often a situation arises when an angular grinder suddenly stops working. The first thing in this case should be done, turn off the device from the power source and manually crank the disk. If it does not turn or turn very tight, then you need to completely disassemble the tool and inspect its mechanical part. If the disk is easily scrolled, then this means that power does not enter the electric motor brushes. This may be the result of the failure of the supply cord or the “Start” button.

First of all, you need to inspect the power cable for integrity. Very often he is too much too much at the place of his entrance to the corner of the corner grinder. To eliminate such a breakdown, it is necessary to remove the lid from the device handle, and then the tester call 2 wires. If a cliff is found in any place, then the cable is best replaced with a new.

It is better not to do a twist, because at the place of twisting the wire will overdo it after a while.

With an open cover open, you can immediately see the condition of the brushes on the anchor collector. If they have worn out, they should be replaced. To do this, open the 2 windows of the brush holder and, bent the spring, replace. New brushes should be similar to the old.

Freight can form on the collector’s plates, which makes it difficult to uniformly pressing the brushes. In this case, the carfangle should be removed. To do this, take the tweezers and wind it on it. After that, remove the brushes, wipe them and the collector with alcohol, and then install the brushes back.

If after these operations the corner grinder still does not start, this means that the cause of the malfunction lies in the trigger button that should be fixed. For repair, you need to disassemble the starting mechanism. In this case, it is recommended to march the removed elements that will protect you from incorrect reverse assembly. The serviceability of the button must be checked by the tester. If it turns out that it is faulty, replace it with a new.

Sometimes a situation arises when, during the operation of a corner grinder, an extraneous noise is heard. To eliminate such a problem, the gearbox should be opened by unscrewing 4 fixing screws. If the gear has worn out, replace it with a new.

If the tools decreased on the tool and severe sparking is visible from under the brush, then the anchor isolation is disturbed. It is necessary to dismantle the old anchor and replace it with a new. Such a repair is not always profitable, since the anchor is quite expensive.

Another vulnerable place of the corner grinder is bearings. This is due to the fact that the tool often has to work in dust, and the high speed of rotation involves their rapid wear. Bearing wear is not the most terrible breakdown, because they change quite easily. The main thing is to replace them on time, since otherwise you may have more serious problems.

The main malfunctions, the reasons for their appearance and repair methods

To simplify the task, searching for a malfunction and repair must be carried out systematic. No need to rush to disassemble the tool. First, decide on the type of malfunction. The most important nuisance is that corner grinder does not turn on. What needs to be checked:

The anchor of the electric motor

If these elements are working, then examine the contact brushes. The brushes serve to transfer the supply voltage to the contacts of the electric motor collector. The windings of the anchor are soldered to these contacts. If one of the brushes does not contrast or at all a broken, then the electric current will not enter the winding and the corner grinder will not want to work.

In order to inspect the condition of the brushes, you need:

The brushes are loaded, so you have to try not to lose the springs. The extracted brushes should be the same size. They will have some wear, but there should not be chips and transverse cracks that could violate the contact.

If the brushes are in normal condition, then you will have to inspect the engine anchor. This node is only called an anchor, but in fact with an anchor has absolutely nothing in common. This is the central shaft of the engine on which the winding and the collector crown are located. Sometimes, due to the large loads between the brushes and contacts of the collector, a strong spark arises. As a result, copper contacts are covered with a layer of oxides and the current does not go to the winding.

What needs to be done to put the anchor in order? You need to take ordinary white gum, which is used by drawers and lovers to draw. The corner of the elastic band needs to rub the contacts. A film made of oxides should be cleaned and shone with a copper luster.

If this operation did not give results, then it is necessary to open the body of the corner grinder and inspect the condition of the internal wires, the phase.drive capacitor and the winding. The winding should have an even color of the varnish, which is covered with a winding wire. Darkening or blackening of the wire or its sections indicates a short circuit of the winding. It is difficult to eliminate this malfunction with your own hands, you will need to replace the anchor.


The task of the gearbox is to convey the rotation of the electric motor shaft to the disk of the corner grinder. over, since we have an angular grinding machine, then the gearbox is a corner. To inspect it, you need to:

After that, the gearbox should leave the body. There are few malfunctions here:

Output elements of the gearbox must be replaced. The replacement of the gear is difficult to imagine anything. Then the gearbox is lubricated with a good layer of thick lubrication and installed in place.

Repair of the stator corner grinder

The stator is called that part of the electric motor, which is motionless in the case. It is designed to create an electromagnetic field in which the anchor rotates.

The main malfunction of the stator is a break in the winding or its strong overheating. What is the danger of overheating? When overheating of the winding wires, protective insulating varnish, which covers them, also overheating. Violation of lacquer isolation leads to a short circuit of the turns of the winding.

Even the closure of one turn of the winding completely removes the corner grinder out of order. The winding immediately begins to overheat and smoke. The shaft rotates slowly or even ceases to rotate.

To repair the stator will have to change windings to new ones or rewind. But the rewinding of the stator is not for beginners.

What can a grinder do?

Initially, this power tool was carried out only as a grinding machine, but over time it was improved, which allowed it to be used for various types of work.

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  • Process various types of building foundations (brick, concrete, etc. D.);
  • Polish the surface;
  • Cutting material, including stone and metal;
  • Clean the other surface;
corner, grinder, life

With the right choice of additional devices, all these tasks can only be completed using this power tool.

What is the difference between professional grinding machine and household?

Grinding machines used in large.scale construction work have significant differences from household models. Therefore, their cost will be different.

The main features of a professional angular grinding machine are:

  • High wear resistance of nodes, which allows you to use it for long.term work;
  • Energy characteristics (more than 1,500 watts);
  • With a significant weight, the cause of which are special nodes and a high.strength case;
  • With a low probability of overheating;
  • In additional functions that can facilitate long.term work on it;
  • In the price of the machine and its components;

The manufacturer indicates the characteristics of the chopper in the description to it, as well as in the instructions for use.

How to disassemble a corner grinder

How to disassemble a corner grinder? Not so complicated process. This does not require special knowledge, but you need to do everything carefully and with caution. Each owner needs to know how to disassemble any working tool, because periodically he needs internal cleaning of pollution and dust that has caught, and his durability depends on this.

At the present time, on the market you can choose different types of corner grinder, which differ in working parameters, sizes, quality. Manufacturers are also different. Whatever the model of the grinding machine you get, everyone has one model of the assembly of parts.

Dismantling of the corner grinder will require some tools, you need only a regular screwdriver or reversing with a ratchet mechanism.

Having prepared a screwdriver, you can start disassembling:

corner, grinder, life
  • We unscrew the screws from the housing and remove one side of the product.
  • Remove the nut, thanks to which the disk holds, unscrew the bolts of fastening the protective casing.
  • Remove the brushes.
  • Disconnect the wires from the engine.
  • We unscrew the bolts with which the gearbox is attached inside, and very carefully remove it, the rotor is removed with it.
  • Unscrew the bolts that hold the stator and remove it.
  • We collect the corner grinder back, alternately put everything in place in the reverse order and fasten.

Analyzing the corner grinder, it is important to remember the outline of removal of parts in order to correctly collect.

Frequent malfunctions, reasons

The corner grinder may not gain speed laid down by the regime, work with their spontaneous change, with jerks and in extreme cases to stop rotating altogether. If there is an option to adjust the revolutions, it may not respond to a change in the position of the indicator of the operating modes.

Some types of malfunctions and ways to eliminate them are considered in the presented videos.

He is not gaining momentum

Corner grinder of Makita models, working from batteries, did not gain the size of working speeds in the next video. The first reason that comes to mind is the batteries of the battery, not confirmed. When disassembling the tool, faulty brush holders were discovered. The hit of an extraneous oily liquid inside the brush-collection node caused the destruction of the brushes and the melting of the plastic structure of the brush holders.

How to disassemble a corner grinder

How to disassemble a corner grinder? Not so complicated process. This does not require special knowledge, but you need to do everything carefully and with caution. Each owner needs to know how to disassemble any working tool, because periodically he needs internal cleaning of pollution and dust that has caught, and his durability depends on this.

At the present time, on the market you can choose different types of corner grinder, which differ in working parameters, sizes, quality. Manufacturers are also different. Whatever the model of the grinding machine you get, everyone has one model of the assembly of parts.

Dismantling of the corner grinder will require some tools, you need only a regular screwdriver or reversing with a ratchet mechanism.

Having prepared a screwdriver, you can start disassembling:

  • We unscrew the screws from the housing and remove one side of the product.
  • Remove the nut, thanks to which the disk holds, unscrew the bolts of fastening the protective casing.
  • Remove the brushes.
  • Disconnect the wires from the engine.
  • We unscrew the bolts with which the gearbox is attached inside, and very carefully remove it, the rotor is removed with it.
  • Unscrew the bolts that hold the stator and remove it.
  • We collect the corner grinder back, alternately put everything in place in the reverse order and fasten.

Analyzing the corner grinder, it is important to remember the outline of removal of parts in order to correctly collect.

Types of breakdowns in Bulgarians

Typical minor breakdowns

In the event of a malfunction that arose, it is first necessary to exclude elementary breakdowns:

  • Corner grinder does not turn on. The corner grinder suddenly became faulty. stopped turning on. In this case, you need to check the serviceability of the outlet, then the fork and the network cord, perhaps, the drive simply does not work due to the fact that the current does not get into the product.
  • The cable with a fork is whole, and the drive does not work. You need to check the start button. The repair of the switch of the corner grinder is easier to buy a new button and its replacement. Since it is rarely subject to repair. mainly a plastic thrust of the switch breaks inside. If you want experiments, you can disassemble it by numbering contacts, and back all in place so that there is no closure after assembly.
  • The above details of non.counterates, and the angle grinding machine does not want to work. it means that the time has come to check the brushes. Perhaps it’s time to change them in a corner grinder. The brushes from work are constantly warming up, so they quickly wear out and more often than other details need to be replaced, moreover.

Significant malfunctions

Having excluded all minor breakdowns, it is necessary to figure out why the tool does not want to turn on, and how to repair it. Most likely, the malfunctions are serious, requiring additional knowledge. This happens in cases if:

  • deformed body;
  • He jammed one of the bearings;
  • an anchor or stator does not work;
  • The teeth of the gear of the gearbox were broken or erased;
  • The collector failed;
  • The sensor of control electronics does not show signs of life.

If it is determined that the malfunction occurred in the mechanical part of the corner grinder, then you need to pay attention to the condition of the large gear located on the shaft and to the bushings. If the teeth partially erased or the shaft shafts occur, they need to be replaced immediately.

The most common breakdowns

Malfunctions of the corner grinder happen quite often. Everyone who works with this tool knows about it. What is out of order most often?

The spindle fixation button broke.

Only one awkward press on the spindle fixation button, when the disk is rotated, leads to its breakdown. Sometimes it can be broken if it is used to remove the jammed disk. To prevent this from happening, you need to use an rye key inserted into special holes near the location of the disk.

Drain the teeth of the gear

It mainly arises when jamming occurs. If a roar is heard in the gearbox, this is a sign of just such a malfunction. Когда у шестёренки сломано больше одного зубчика, то угловая шлифмашинка не сможет резать необходимый материал.

In order for the tool to continue work, it is necessary to change the gears, and everything, and even the conical wheel. Before going to the store for spare parts, remember the manufacturer’s company, model and power of the product.

The electric motor does not work.

This type of breakdown happens with an angular grinder that work in places where there is a lot of dust, and when they are given rest, they are left on the ground. The dust that gets inside spoils the winding. Large loads, especially for the low power of the corner grinder, turn out to break off the motor.

If the corner grinder is used to cut materials that create a lot of dust, then it is recommended to cover the places of ventilation holes with something.

The bearing sprinkled

The weakest link, and not only the Bulgarians, are bearings. A large speed of rotation quickly wear out the mechanism. One thing pleases that changing the bearing is easy. Replacing a sprinkled bearing at the corner grinder should be done on time so that there is no breakdown that can no longer be fixed.

Stator malfunction

This breakdown is easy to determine when the angular grinder turned on, but the disk turns are too intense and differ from normal work. which means that in the stature there is a turning point on the winding. The breakdown of the stator is considered the most serious, special skills are needed to eliminate it. When there are doubts in your abilities, it is better to turn to professionals, so that later you do not have to buy a new tool.

If the decision to fix it independently, it begins with cutting the frontal parts of the winding, the remains are all removed. The next step is a new winding on the template. It should be identical in the number of turns, with the same density and from the wire of the same thickness as the previous one.


Corner grinder, whose power is less than 1100 watts are usually equipped with straight.toothed gears. They are on the stature. Bulgarians with greater power have a scooter gear. Each of the options has a cone.shaped shape, the rod of the gearbox of the corner grinder crosses with the shaft of the stator at an angle.

Repair of the gearbox of the corner grinder mainly consists in replacing the gears. In the case of a breakup of a disc toothed wheel, it is difficult to replace it, because it is very firmly fixed. It is easy to disassemble the gearbox:

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  • It is necessary to unscrew the nut on his part;
  • Gently take the rotor housing in the vice and knock out the gearbox body with light blows;
  • change the position of a clamped rotor and knock out a bearing through a wooden board;
  • unscrew the gear from the shaft.

Revolution regulator

The speed regulator is not present in all Bulgarian models. When the corner grinder is used for cutting, it, in principle, is not needed, but if you grind it, it is simply necessary. If suddenly he stopped working, then most likely, a fee that needs to be removed and buy the same in the store of power tools for further replacement.

Self.repair of corner grinding grounds is not always carried out. If suddenly something does not come out or not everything is clear, it is better to contact the service center.

Homeples turned a monkey into a man

Here is such a corner grinder from Makita, under the discs of 125mm, has been working for about 4 years in the metalworking workshop, never cleaned inside, once the brushes for homemade changed and now she began to brew it strangely during work!

One time after work it lies on a shelf, and from it a strong white and smelly smoke fell from it, they urgently turned off the outlet, but the smoke of such a strong concentration that it was still going on for a long time.

For this reason, you can never leave an electrical tool included in the outlet, leaving home!

Immediately disassembled and revealed the reason.

It turned out to be a switch, which over time throws with a metal chip, which exacerbates two contacts for connecting the power wire 220 volts. After that, the chips begins to burn, burning the plastic, which is charred itself becomes a current conductor and burn yourself even after mechanical chips cleaning. Therefore, cleaning did not help for a long time and smoke went again.

I had to look through the Internet and calculate the switch model, t.to. what model of corner grinding is already unknown.

It turned out to be a switch 9553NB/9554NB/9557NB Makita 200r. At the same time, I decided on the brushes, the homemade ones have already burned down, the brushes are SV-325 (original) 130r, you can also put the SV-327, SV-303 (only you have to solder the tips yourself).

I replaced the switch and now I will periodically disassemble the corner grinder and blow out the air stream so that metal dust does not accumulate, chips.

Dowry: recently, a similar one occurred with a completely new corner grinder from Metabo, which after a couple of days of work in the workshop, failed for this reason, so I do not recommend this tool for working with metal in a dusty room.

Recently, the corner grinder has become a familiar tool for a simple layman. Thanks to this power tool, you can perform different work of the carpentry and locksmith, and its simplicity and multifunctionality determines greater popularity in everyday life.

During the long.term operation of the equipment, the parts wear out, and in some cases they become unusable. Therefore, you often have to not only change the brushes, but also make the repair of the anchor of the corner grinding of with your own hands. Repair of corner grinder must be carried out carefully and carefully to prevent negative consequences and the appearance of more complex breakdowns.

Electrical equipment device corner grind

Over several decades, the external parameters of the corner grinder have almost not changed, with the exception of improved models that use the battery as an element of power. The basis of the tool is a case with an integrated asynchronous engine and a gearbox, and a handle with a protective case is also screwed.

The power tool can be used with cutting and food disks, and there are also disks with sandpaper petals for grinding. Like all tools, a grinder may refuse to work, but most often it is not so difficult to eliminate the malfunction. To do this, you may need disassembly of the case and minor repair of parts. However, it is necessary to understand the device of a corner grinder, in the diagram of which there are the following elements:

corner, grinder, life

The performance of all elements is very important for the normal functioning of the entire system. When failing of any part, a grinder becomes a useless tool. In order for the disk of corner grinder rotate, the anchor must rotate and set in motion, and the faster the anchor rotates, the greater the speed of the disk rotation. The collector is a peculiar part in the form of a platform to which the contacts of power and control electric departments lead. The collector takes the voltage from the brushes, and in the future process, the electrical energy turns into a mechanical.


Interskol angular grinder-125/1100 E has a capacity of 1100 watts. With its own small.sized dimensions 375x140x100 mm, its weight is only 2.2 kilograms. The number of revolutions is regulated from 3,000 to 10,000 per minute. The planting dialect for the disk is 22.2 mm, and the disk itself should be a diane of less than 125 mm. This model is armed with the function of adjusting the position of the casing without tools, which without effort allows you to rapidly change the cut angle. Spindle carving has a M14 model. The length of the network cable is 4 meters.

Landing dialect, mm 22.2
The number of revolutions, rpm 3000-10000
Dimensions, mm 375x140x100
Discant transmission, mm 125
Power, W 1100
Spindle lock when jaming a disk Yes
Maintaining unchanged revolutions under load Yes
Adjustment of the position of the casing without a tool Yes
Electr. revolutions adjustment Yes
Smooth launch Yes
Weight, kg 2.2

Electric circuit

Knowledge of the appointment of the main parts will not give a 100% positive result in repair. It is also necessary to figure out and understand how the electrical circuit of the corner grinder is arranged and how the electric motor works. Two windings are involved in the diagram, which are sequentially connected through the power wire to the network with a voltage of 220 V and are not interconnected in the electrical circuit. The mechanically installed circuit breaker binds to the power button and disconnecting the grinder. Each of the windings is connected through contacts with graphite brushes. Through brushes, the windings are connected to the rotor collector.

It is also very important that the anchor has many windings, however, only two windings are connected to graphite brushes, and the failure most often occurs due to a rupture of the electric circuit. Diagnosis of the electrocope of the device is carried out by a special device. tester. A portable measuring device is used not only in the repair of corner grinders, but also to check other electrical tools and devices.

The correct check should be made from the input power cable with the transition to the sequential elements. When checking conductivity, the multimeter switch is set to the minimum voltage.

Malfunction of the electocepe of the collector motor

Most often, the breakdown in the electrical circuit of the corner grinder occurs for the following reasons:

  • Collector wear;
  • Breakdown button;
  • Wear of coal or graphite brushes;
  • Overheating and short circuit in the stator winding;
  • Overheating and burning of the rotor winding;
  • Damage to the power wire.

Such malfunctions are the most frequent, but there are other breakdowns associated with the break in the electric circuit.

New corner grinder

The first inclusion of a new tool in most cases is accompanied by light sincerity and smell of burning plastic. And there is nothing wrong with this, because the new tool always has new components that have not yet gone over.

In this case, we are talking about new brushes and anchor of corner grinder. It is enough to work with a tool for 10-15 minutes, and the smell with sincerity will be less or completely disappear. Therefore, run back to the store demanding to return the money or change the goods at all.

Old corner grinder

Another thing is, if you spark and stink the burning angle of the corner grinding, which you have been using for several years. Here you need to understand the design of collector engines and understand the problem in more detail. You will need to disassemble the tool and access to its insides.

    Brushes. They can be trite. A common problem in a frequently operated tool. Visually, it is very easy to determine. They may be chopped or not to fit in size if you once replaced them at random. The springs of the brushes should be intact and not minted, and the contact wiring inside them should not be interrupted or burned out. If there is one of the described above, then both brushes are replaced, even if the problem arose with only one of them.

General rules for repair

Basic safety requirements for repair work with corner grinding.

  • Corner grinder as any power tool has a cable for connecting to a network. When performing repair work, it is necessary to disconnect the plug fork from the outlet, thereby eliminating the lesion with electric shock.
  • The tool used for repair should be in good condition. Working surfaces should not have breakdowns, reliably attached in devices to hold the tool in the hands. The devices themselves should not create inconvenience to the user performing repair work.
  • Some details of the Bulgarians can have sharp edges, burrs. Working in gloves that will protect their hands from direct contact with potentially traumatic details will help to prevent the possibility of injuries.
  • During the impregnation of the stator windings, fire safety requirements should be observed, since the varnishes used are related to the category of easily igniting liquids. The use of open fire is not allowed (smoking and other similar ones). It is better to carry out work in a separate isolated room in the presence of a fire extinguisher.

How to choose a grinder?

When choosing a power tool of this type, it is recommended to first pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Power;
  • Temporary resource of work;
  • Rotational speed;
  • Size and type of nozzle used;
  • Number of handles;
  • Additional functions;

Power. This parameter of a grinding machine is directly related to the degree of operation, heating rate, surface processing, wear resistance, change of nozzle, type of finishing work and other no less important functional characteristics.

  • Powerful. These are exclusively professional devices with a capacity of more than 1500 watts. They can process almost any surface, and also have a large continuous interval.
  • Average. These are the most popular corner grinding grinding. Their power ranges from 900 to 1500 watts. Can be used for various purposes, both professional and household.
  • Low power. As a rule, such grinders are used in the processing of materials with moderate tensile strength. With prolonged work on such a power tool (for example, when cutting a stone), it is impossible to exclude the likelihood of failure. Their power is less than 900 watts.

Temporary resource of work. The continuous operation of the grinder depends on its power. Therefore, in order to choose the most suitable option for you, you need to know the frequency of use, as well as the types of work that you plan to do on it.

Rotational speed. The speed of the spindle directly affects not only the duration of work, but also the quality, especially when grinding. Today, grinding machines are available at different speeds, starting from 2800 rpm, but in cases where you need the most practical power tool, it is better to stay with the option with automatic control. In this case, the speed of each nozzle can be adjusted independently.

Size and type of power used. The functionality of the chopper depends on the types of nozzles used on a particular model. Discs can vary in size or structure.

Not only the productivity of the power tool depends on the diameter of the disk, but also the quality of grinding and cutting. Nozzles with a diameter of 115, 150, 180 mm can be used for household use, and for large.scale construction. more than 180 mm.

The number of handles. Many types of grinding machines have two handles, but there is one handle. In cases where you need a power tool of impressive sizes and often planning grinding, it is better, of course, if it is with two handles. In this case, the level of security is increasing, not to mention the fact that in the process of use a number of difficulties will be completely eliminated.

Additional opportunities. Modern corner grinder differs significantly from their predecessors of the 70s of the last century. To date, they are best suited for convenient and safe operation. Manufacturers presented new components and mechanisms here, so even a novice master can safely work on a grinder.