Lawn mower won’t start oleo mak sparta 25

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

    • petrol trimmer
    • anti-vibration system
    • cutting width 40 cm
    • engine power 1 hp.
    • weight: 6.2 kg

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    convenient, lightweight, does not consume much gasoline, safe.

    I take care of my site carefully. This lawn mower has become a reliable tool. Handles vegetation easily. You can optionally install a delimber. Starts up the first time.

    Build quality. there is nothing to complain about. The set includes the necessary tool. Mows perfectly.

    I will not generalize. I got a problem with a candle. Since lawn mower candles are not sold in every general store, it took too much time to eliminate

    The instruction is of course overloaded (3 models in one), but I personally did not cause any particular difficulties. Here the initial launch caused problems, for about 20 minutes I went through various options for the position of the damper and the gas button, while it started up. Mowed for half an hour. Stopped once, started hot “with a half-tip”. Three hours later I was going to continue. refused to start. He turned out the candle. wet. I put on the wire, pressed the candle to the body, pulled the cord. the spark is not visible. By the way, a Torch candle. I’ve never heard of such a thing. The next day I went and bought a new one. Again I had to play with the damper and gas, but no more than a couple of minutes. After that, he mowed everything that he did not climb with a lawn mower (5 acres). Fine. They are already collected from us, judging by the manufacturer’s seals in the warranty card.
    So far I have put 3 stars, since the candle greatly spoiled the impression. The Husqvarna lawnmower started up immediately and did not cause any emotions, except for great pleasure. Let’s see what will happen next

    High quality, best in class.

    Too heavy for its cubic capacity, vibration, high cost of spare parts and repair.

    He worked this oblique for nine seasons. I mow about a hectare per season. Spent one hundred liters of gasoline [two bottles of oil]. There are no problems with the oblique, I replaced only the fuel filter and the comb, which I broke on the stumps. Average consumption of 1 liter of gasoline per 10 acres. The starter is located at the front. convenient to wind up from the shoulder. There is enough power, but end-to-end, without a margin. The reducer is strong and reliable, survived 20 blows against stones and stumps, although the disc was bent like a daisy. It always starts up without problems. As far as I know, this is a semi-professional mower. It does not overheat, you can safely work off the gas tank to the floor in any heat. In this price range, this is the best choice, at least it is head and shoulders above its main competitor. Husqvarna 128. Feel free to take it to care for a plot of no more than 20 acres, if more then I would recommend looking at other mowers for 35 cubes. Now I am selling it because it became necessary to mow large areas and I did not have enough power.

    Perfectly mows only with a square line. On the hot start with a half-tip. awesome.

    For some reason, it does not start well when it is cold, maybe I haven’t got used to it yet. A knapsack belt could be included in the kit, as well as a funnel and a canister for mixing gasoline. Vibration is palpable.

    After the electric trimmer, this braid is just a fairy tale. I cut 10 acres, the grass never wound up on the coil and did not block it. Although the grass is 1.5 meters tall and nettles. The fishing line in the kit is of high quality, but it is not enough. Buy only square line. mows gorgeous. The rest of the lines stick together inside the reel, even the native twisted line is silent. Be sure to buy headphones, after a day of mowing, your right ear gets a little deaf. Glasses or a mask are required. will fly into the eye will not seem a little. The vibration is very noticeable, but you get used to it. Beautiful braid, only positive impressions.

    A wonderful thing. I didn’t expect it myself

    What disadvantages can there be after seven years of use? The cord got tangled last fall. It took some time to start cold.

    Seventh season of operation from the first to the last grass. The scythe is constantly at work. The plot is huge. In addition, the wife mows the aisles in strawberries, potatoes (15 acres). Advice. Remember to fill the gearbox with grease every spring. Buy only round line. Refuel with 95m gasoline from the first day. The oil is very strict. 20 cubes (syringe) per liter. Don’t overheat, let it cool down.

    It copes well with both tough grass and weeds. Economical in terms of fuel. 1 gas station is enough for 12 acres. The handle is comfortable, T-shaped. The trimmer is not heavy, I have 6 acres, my hands do not get tired of holding, sometimes even my wife is taken to mow

    Comes with a knife and fishing line. I put the line when you need to mow the lawn grass. A knife for more difficult tasks (for tall grass and weeds). It is better to start according to the instructions. I used the whole last season intensively, twice a week, did not disappoint nirazu.

    very lightweight, comfortable. I have been using it for 7 years, I mow 2 hectares per year.

    completely changed the carburetor twice. there is no such traction as it was before, it is necessary to change the ring

    Light and quiet, hands don’t get tired.

    Starts up through dancing with a tambourine. The engine is weak for thick grass.

    I bought back in 2014 for 9 thousand pennies.
    After Chinese “zenith” 2 h.p. it is heavenly pleasure. Light, there are no vibrations from the word at all. After the Chinese, my hands tingled for half a day. Nothing rattles or unscrews.
    The muffler is made correctly. it works quietly for the mower. The winder is convenient, you can even start without removing it from the belt.
    But the engine is 1 hp. rather weak. Mowing flowerbeds is the most, but if the grass is high, then the scythe will get stuck. You need either in two passes (first half and then at the root) or a disk. By the way, with a disc, it mows very well on low gas.
    It didn’t matter that it was necessary to start it on a cold one in a special way. And if you missed something or confused the actions, then it is very difficult to start.
    I used to start cold 2T engines like this: pumped up, pushed the damper and backs up. From the second or third time everything starts.
    And this spit has an additional flap position and gas fixation. it is important. So start a cold one as it is written in the instructions.

    Mows great, copes with wormwood and nettles with a bang with a line

    Very strong vibration.
    The line has to be pulled out by hand (although it may be wound somehow wrong)

    High-quality materials, pleasant to hold, comfortable T-shaped handle, 1 hp. more than enough. Compared to the 1500W electric scythe, this one seems to be much more powerful.
    Assembly tools included.

    The instruction is monstrous 🙂 We tried to save 3 kopecks by combining instructions for three models in 28 languages ​​into one booklet. The knife is not sharpened. The kit does not include canister, oil, gear grease, funnel, etc. This is a trifle for the manufacturer, but the consumer is very pleased with such things.
    There is very little fishing line in the reel (did you save on the client again?)

    Yesterday I worked with this scythe for my 6 acres of the adjacent territory. And with a fishing line and a knife. Before that I used only electric scythes. Collected, refueled and started up intuitively, tk. instruction. see above.
    The work experience is the best. Starts with “half-butt”, mows everything, including raspberries and sea buckthorn with a finger thick. The center of gravity and the strap are comfortable, even for women it shouldn’t be heavy.
    I did not feel vibrations, the volume is tolerable.
    In general, I don’t regret the purchase.

    August 2017, normal flight)) Pleases with work for 3 years already, pah-pah-pah

    Convenient to operate

    From the very first start of the engine, the starter cable retracted very slowly inside the engine, it was necessary to wait for some time until the starter handle returned to its place. At the fifth start, the starter cable stopped retracting altogether and, with the engine running, jumped off the pulley.

    A good, reliable tool. We have been making hay for 4 years. An uncle of the same in the second year broke the crankshaft, the reason for the jammed bearings, from oil starvation, so pour more than a book and you will be happy!

    I have been using it for the third year. Reliable “apparatus”. starts up with half a turn. no vibration. convenient in work. I fill only 95th gasoline oil.

    Lightweight, good balance, easy to wind up, metal shaft.
    Collapsible, which is convenient for transportation in a car, only you need to tie the bar at the end so that the shaft does not lose. And it’s more convenient to store at home.

    Maybe I find fault, but my finger gets tired with prolonged mowing, I try to change the index to the middle one, but it’s not so convenient.
    You cannot install a brush cutter (the seller said that if I risk it, I will ruin the gearbox).

    Lightweight. Powerful for 1 HP from.

    In order to start a cold one, you need a certain algorithm of actions, just pulling will not work. Strong vibration. Not a comfortable belt. There is no container for mixing gasoline with oil. High price. Very noisy.

    I have this benzakos for 5 years. I prepared hay for 5 heads of cattle and did not disappoint, and so far there are no problems and this is the quality

    Starts up the first time, no failures have been observed yet.
    It mows well not only grass, but also weeds such as nettles, for this there is enough line.
    Shrubs are easily trimmed with a knife.
    It consumes a little fuel, there is enough tank filling for a section of 12 acres.

    Powerful, not heavy, comfortable handle (like professional braids). good scope.

    After one season, the fuel mixture tank cap began to leak slightly. But this flaw did not spoil the impression.

    Practically indestructible. 7 years. All weeds are mowing grass, bushes, trees. Koshu sometimes for 4 hours without a break. The area is about 1 hectare. But for such volumes of work, it is better to take more powerful ones. I only mow with a knife. Knives worn out, about 5 pieces during this time.

    the crankcase cover (gas tank fasteners) died, then the gas tank fastener and the gas tank itself arrived, the curly washer of the knife bolt protection was erased.

    For 20 acres, that’s it. For large areas, you can drive, but slowly. It’s easier to take a more powerful braid. And so a great tool

    Best value for money.

    Semi-professional lawn mower of Italian assembly for 8510 rubles, fully loaded: belt, trimmer head, knife, spare line. consider it for nothing. Before that, there was a RYOBI 725R, an American assembly. Mowed like a beast, but got started with difficulty, then completely faded away.

    easy to start. high-quality plastic case. I bought it on the advice of the seller and have no regrets. complete with shoulder strap and metal knife

    I bought this unit for 10 rubles, I will say that it justifies its price. mows with a bang. advise

    Not heavy, durable, mows well

    If you do not mix oil and gasoline correctly, vibration occurs, or if you do not collect evenly and do not tighten everything.

    Bought in 2010 for mowing ditches for SNT.
    in general, except for mowing grass in a summer cottage of 10 acres. for 6 years of use, it did not fail, it wound up like a clock from 2-3 times (the first two for pumping gasoline), any line mows with a bang, that a star, that a ring that a triangle, but for me the usual 3mm round is best. When putting on the Disk, I accidentally cut through a neighbor’s metal fence,

    It looks comfortable and compact.

    Precise mixing of oil is required, strong vibration, weak fasteners (they quickly loosen, constantly need to be twisted.

    in the window I liked it. But at home, when I started it according to all the rules (I suffered of course), I felt a vibration. The service department said to tighten all the bolts and nuts. Pulled up. Vibration has decreased. He began to mow. It seems like nothing, just winding nettles, you have to stop. After mowing about a hundred and a half, I felt fatigue from vibration. put the knife down, the vibration is even greater. With grief, he mowed his 4 hundred parts in half. a month later I started again. barely started. began to mow with a fishing line. wrapped up the grass again, something stumbled and died out. could not get any more. spat on the grass. she is tall and beautiful.

    Good weight distribution
    Convenient node maintenance
    High-quality assembly
    Low vibration
    Light weight
    One-piece shaft (no power loss at the joint)

    The set does not include a canister for mixing

    Nice braid. With proper use of vibrations, there are almost no problems with starting, neither with cold nor with hot. Mowed 12 acres of nettles, raspberries and willow-herb. During this time, the fasteners did not loosen or loosen anywhere. The knife removes bushes and small trees. Thick grass got tangled on the spool until I figured out where the working direction was.

    did not find any flaws

    Before that, I mowed a couple of times Husqvarna-oh 235.
    In comparison, it is a little easier, well, and the power is less, but it absolutely does not interfere with life.
    Especially when you consider the fact that it is 2.5 times cheaper than a Husqvarna. Excellent braid, no complaints.

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    I bought it a few days ago. What I absolutely disliked was just the monstrous vibration. You work a little, and your hands are buzzing as if you were working with a jackhammer. Before that, I used SHTIL fc 55 a little, it was not noticed there. And so, in general, not a bad thing.

    Start up the first time, mows perfectly, and the disc takes bushes well.

    We have had an oleo-mac sparta 25 lawn mower since about 2007, and maybe even earlier. Every year we mow a plot of 12 acres, over the summer it turns out about 5 times. True, we take good care of her. We always use only good oil and clean the air filter after every season. So I think, maybe she can be taken to the MOT for prevention, so that everything inside is cleaned, because she will still be 10 years old by the next season. I really want her to serve for a long time and I don’t need another braid.

    High-quality materials, pleasant to hold, comfortable T-shaped handle, 1 liter capacity. from. more than enough. Compared to the 1500W electric scythe, this one seems to be much more powerful.
    Assembly tools included.

    The instruction is monstrous 🙂 We tried to save 3 kopecks by combining instructions for three models in 28 languages ​​into one booklet. The knife is not sharpened. The kit does not include a canister, oil, gear lubricant, a funnel, etc. This is a trifle for the manufacturer, but the consumer is very pleased with such things.
    There is very little fishing line in the reel (did you save on the client again?)

    Yesterday I worked with this scythe for my 6 acres of the adjacent territory. And with a fishing line and a knife. Before that I used only electric scythes. Collected, refueled and started up intuitively, because the instruction. see above.
    The work experience is the best. Starts with “half-butt”, mows everything, including raspberries and sea buckthorn with a finger thick. The center of gravity and the strap are comfortable, even for women it shouldn’t be heavy.
    I did not feel vibrations, the volume is tolerable.
    In general, I don’t regret the purchase.

    weight, size, shoulder strap.

    does not bring beer!

    bought in 2009. works without problems. changed the line, sharpened the knife, refueled gasoline and that’s it. starts up with a bang! I advise everyone!

    Solid construction (made in Italy).
    The handles can be turned as desired, although you have to work with a key.
    Balancing is good.

    Is that noisy for the twenty-first century. But there is nothing to compare with.

    4 years old, everything is OK. I don’t see any sense in talking about the features, everyone has already written everything. But, in view of the monstrous leadership that no one wants honor, I will give here the cold start algorithm. Do not be alarmed, it is long only in words.
    one). Put the tucked braid on the ground and press the primer 10 times (papilla below).
    2). Turn on the half-throttle (press the lock with the right palm, press the throttle with the index, the long button. Then release the throttle). Switch on ignition.
    3). Throttle lever to down position (“Choke”). Several times (most likely three) energetically jerk the starter with your right hand, holding onto the rubber “forend” on the bar. In this case, the motor will grab and immediately stall.
    four). Without hesitation (this is important), move the throttle lever to the middle position (“Start”) and pull the starter. The engine will start.
    five). Let it warm up for a few seconds and gas, while the half-gas turns off. Flap lever up (“Run”).
    It is difficult on paper, but in real life everything is simple and intuitive.
    We put the belt on the shoulders and go to mow. After a couple of minutes of mowing (the engine, bearings, gearbox are warming up), you will feel that the scythe has been kicked in the butt, and the impression that there is not enough power will dissipate. On a hot engine, it starts immediately, right on the belt. Also, after running in, the power will increase in any way.
    92-95 gasoline and oil “Stihl”, a kind of syrup, sold everywhere. 20 cubes per liter.

    lawn mower Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 (61039109E1)

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    Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 (61039109E1)


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    Item added: worm 2009 r.

    2-stroke, 25.4 cm cube

    2-stroke, 25.4 cm cube

    Primer for pumping palyva, coupling for welding

    Cinnamon tips about Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 (61039109E1)

    Lightweight, comfortable, good power, European manufacturer, comfortable handles.

    So far I have only used a knife. I cut the weeds like a chopper. I even took a growth of trees up to 2 cm thick (I didn’t risk it anymore). I liked the fact that we managed to cut even the lodged grass.

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    • So

    Good value for money. There is a network of representatives in Ukraine, in case of repair, problems should not arise. Power of Italy! The presence of both a knife and a fishing line. There is no perceptible vibration. Starts up with half a turn. The power is sufficient even for a thick handicraft.

    Like any other. noisy, you need to get used to. The gas runs out quickly. Be sure to pour oil for two-stroke engines into benz and periodically (see the instructions) lubricate the main gear with special grease (a gear that transfers torque from the cardan to the knife). You need to work in tight pants and boots. chips / pebbles from under the knife can really hurt, but even only from grass, irritation to the legs is ensured. For the same reason, glasses are desirable, although I work without. Be sure to take both fishing line and steel knife. Fishing line. for smooth, soft grass only. I constantly work with a knife, and the thicker weed cuts and bushes. The fishing line is useless in the conditions of domestic dacha realities. Mow with this machine. pure pleasure! During the summer season, no problems arose.

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    Well assembled, not heavy.

    An excellent assistant in private farming. Reliable. For six years I changed the tank (a crack after falling back on wet grass) and the mowing head (only because of walking on gravel and hard objects). The line from the heads as a whole pops out well. Very rarely there are sticking lines.It’s not a disadvantage. Starts without problems. I rarely use a knife. The fishing line can handle everything and this is forty acres. If you regularly take care of the site. I have to put a knife less often. I put 5 out of 5.

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    high-quality assembly
    good technical characteristics
    the weight

    line cutting drum wears out in a year

    I chose a braid for a very long time, considered options from Husqvarna, Al-Ko, Stihl (Stihl), Alpina, etc., however, in some I did not arrange the weight (Al-Ko), in others it was functional.
    I took this braid on the recommendation of a neighbor who has been using it for two years already. According to him, the only negative. wear of the spring of a drum with a fishing line, but you can always find an analogue, and its price is not cosmic.
    Initially I thought that there would be little power for my jungle, but in fact. more than enough power.
    While mowing only with a disc. impressions are pleasant, vibrations are negligible. The main thing is not to pour oil into fuel, because begins to smoke and spit clots.
    The delivery set is decent. keys, screwdriver, screws, nuts, washers. The quality of the materials used also left a pleasant feeling.
    Generally. I recommend, a worthy choice.
    Yes, and about the expense. for three hours of work, a liter of the mixture took. Over time you stop taking “overgas”, accordingly, the flow rate becomes less.

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    original price spare parts. even bearings are more expensive than leading companies.
    There is no piece of paper with the name of the spare parts and the article number, I think you need to put it, because in the village people change them themselves, it will be expensive in the SC.

    from a friend in the village, Sparta 25

    2007 Uncle took it to use, I generally do it a little bit, since I live in the city.
    In my opinion, the most minimal braid for the village. Uncle already wanted to be more powerful, bought him a 38th, in 2014. And chose Oleo-Mac, because 25 did not break anything except the gas tank.
    Mow grass for hay for horse and cow, vegetable garden.
    Prosint oil (mainly), air filter washer, oleo-mac grease in the gearbox, two-blade knife / some line.
    ? years, well, maybe 3-6, exactly the very first, a crack in the gas tank.

    10 years replacement of the bearing in the gearbox (at the end of the rod). 2019 ended clutch pads.
    The gas tank was sealed at the beginning with a super clasode. then in my opinion they bought a new one. But it can be soldered with similar plastic, there are already special rods, and they also write with a nylon cord (threads).
    In the village, the fashion has gone, making a knife from an old tire, lawn mowers, a hand saw.

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    I have been using it for 6 years, no complaints. There is also an electric braid of the same company, I recommend it to everyone.

    As for me, there are no shortcomings. Well, if the motor is more powerful))))))))))

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    price-quality ratio
    sufficient power
    presence of a knife
    easy start
    keys included

    automatic line feed does not work well

    an excellent mower, even mows stiff bush, it has enough power. It is better to mow with a disc than with a fishing line, the automatic line feed jams. Lightweight, not noisy, good start-up, more than satisfied with the purchase.

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    the economy of the fire. and everything. Maybe hope. Let me show you an hour. Absolutely not a game of your own money. terribly noisy. not centered. 10 rooks in China. do not bachu rіznitsі.

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    The presence of a fishing line and cutter included
    light weight, grandfather at 80 mows normally

    We have been using the scythe for about 6 years, everything is clear. If used properly it will serve faithfully. Oblique is more than satisfied. For all the time they lubricated the gearbox and recently changed the melted filter for 100 UAH, I decided to pull out the shaft to check the lubrication, everything is also normal there (the lubricant from the gearbox flows onto the shaft), rubbed it, lubricated it and further into battle.

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    Low noise

    I don’t know, leave everything vlashtov

    Having already mowed the dilyanka twice, having run in the dvigun, sklavne the enemy about the scythe, yakim having turned the axis to change.
    Mowing to tsho with a scythe Lithuanian. Mustache according to the class: riveting, mantachiv, etc. Ale dilyanka is big. mow ten hectares on grass, in order to give signs, I wanted to do it.
    Thinking of a spatka to take an electric one, ale zreshtoyu grabbed up to gasoline. The price of a lawn mower, too, is torn, but the spit is just like it. Lightweight, balanced, easy to wind up, easy to swindle, low noise, productive, economical. Last year, I just whistled a liter of gasoline to mow down the dilyanka. On another occasion, having prepared a second year, a little more, my mainstay has grown up, but by putting a hair of 3mm to replace 2mm, it was included in the kit, and it was already in the kit, but it was a bit of a scythe for a little while and it still needed to finish, and gasoline didn’t run out of ice. One liter of gasoline is really whistled for three years of robotics. Do not burn with gas and put the hair 3mm. the productivity of the shalena, only the need for small trees and telegraphs of the stove, bosse (often stoov. zhart). Nіzh, what is it in the kit, it’s scary to set it up.

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    Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 (61039109E1)

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    lawn mowers live: gasoline dvigun pull: 0.8 kW dvigun pull: 1.1 kilowatts ryzhucha system: hair niz. Marvel at usi

    The Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 lawn mower will delight you with its high productivity, bright and ergonomic design. For the reason that in Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 additional bearings are installed, and moving with a working shaft, in practice you will not be able to see the selection for an hour. Deliver a strained dvigun work on gasoline, and the lodged start system can instantly bring the tool into operation. Prior to that, in Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25, there was a polishing clutch, which allows lowering the mounting on the working shaft, so that the term of the service of this irreplaceable assistant at the lawn mowers was continued. horny horny

    Similar models

    lawn mower Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

    • Manufacturer: Oleo-Mac
    • Class: Home Plus
    • Engine power: 1.0 HP.
    • Cylinder volume: 25.4 cc
    • Handle: Bicycle
    • Cutting element: Knife / Line
    • Engine type: 2-stroke
    • Tube diameter: 26mm
    • Fuel tank capacity: 0.75 L.
    • Model: Sparta25
    • Warranty: 24 months.
    • Weight: 6.2kg.
    • Country of origin: Italy
    • Rating:

    Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. lawn mowers with high performance, quality and ergonomics. In particular, I would like to note the fact that the installation of additional bearings, as well as the articulated connection of the engine and the working shaft, provided a significant reduction in vibration, which could not but affect the productivity and quality of labor. A knapsack strap is used to hold the lawn mower, in order to control the process, a twin bicycle-type handle is provided. The Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 model takes into account all the comments from its predecessors, namely. a primer for fuel injection was installed and a lightweight start-up system was implemented. In addition, the clutch has been improved, which has significantly reduced the load on the working shaft. Standard equipment includes a mowing head with automatic line feed, a 3-pronged blade and a protective shield to prevent branches and grass from being thrown out to the side.

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    Advantages and features of Sparta 25

    Powerful and reliable motor (1 HP / 0.8 kW).
    Compact and lightweight engine with nickel chrome plated cylinder (fig. 1). Forged steel crankshaft and connecting rod.
    Electronic ignition guarantees high performance, easy starting and long service life (fig. 1).

    The Sparta 25 hedgecutter is easy to get started even for the less experienced user. The presence of “PRIMER” (“A” Fig. 2), which resembles a carburetor mixture, allows you to start work with less effort (Fig. 2).
    Easy access and maintenance of the air filter: the operation does not require the use of tools, but is carried out by pressing the convenient latch (Fig. 3).
    The spark plug, despite being protected to prevent breakage from impact, remains in sight: only the spark plug key is required for cleaning and replacement.
    The large tank for the fuel mixture allows for long autonomy and easy operation (fig. 3).
    lawn mowers comply with the current regulations: the ergonomic handle integrates all the controls: the throttle lever, the start and stop switch (fig. 5), have an accelerator lock safety system (“B” fig. 4), which prevents accidental acceleration.
    Centrifugal clutch with sliding blocks coated with anti-friction material, designed to withstand extended operating conditions (fig. 5).
    Transfer tube (Ø26 for SPARTA25), all-aluminum, guarantees excellent resistance to low weight.
    The fuel tank is protected against accidental collisions (“C” Fig. 6).
    Reducing vibrations to a minimum thanks to: five self-lubricating bushings located inside the transmission tube (“D” Fig. 7). anti-vibration on the engine cover. anti-vibration on the handlebar support (only SPARTA25) “E” Fig. 8)
    Flexible transmission shaft (SPARTA 25TR) made of steel with a special sheathing along the entire length (“F” Fig. 9) prevents irritating vibrations from the operator and increases the life of the machine.
    Adopting a transparent tank makes it easier to visualize the fuel level.
    There is also a cable harness holder on the handle (optional for SPARTA25TR).

    lawn mower Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 | Video review

    The lawn mower will not start or will start but stalls. What is the reason?

    To understand this, you need to know the principle of operation of the unit as a whole. It also happens that, just bought, a new saw does not start, and the running around the service centers begins, in such cases it is recommended:

    carefully read the instruction manual;
    study in detail the method of first starting and running in lawn mowers;
    try to understand the principle of the product;
    how gasoline is pumped up and so on.

    Causes of malfunctioning lawn mowers:

    the quality of the gasoline is poor;
    incorrect proportion of gasoline and oil;
    clogging of the fine filter;
    the spark was gone.

    the lawn mower will not start, the spark is gone

    The loss of a spark entails checking the contacts and the correctness of the gap between them, the conducting wires to the candle and the candle itself.
    The way to check the spark is to unscrew the candle, connect a wire to it, put the candle sideways to the motor casing and pull the starter several times as if starting the lawn mower, while you need to look at the coal and the contact of the candle, a spark should run between them.
    If there is no spark, take a new candle, do the same procedure, if even the spark is not traced, then there is a problem in the wire or contacts, it is better to replace them.

    the lawn mower starts and stalls. What to do?

    There is a spark, and everything seems to be normal, but the lawn mower will not start, in such cases, you should check the air inlet valve to the fuel tank. A clogged valve leads to the creation of a vacuum in the tank, in which the carburetor does not receive enough gasoline, so the lawn mower will start, but then stall. To exclude this cause, you need to clean the valve and try to start the lawn mower with the tank cap not completely twisted.
    2. If this does not start the mower, remove and clean the fuel filter and check all carburetor parts and then try to start. The lawn mower will not start again, the air filter is disconnected, try to start without it, if the mower starts up, the reason is in the air filter, replace it.

    the lawn mower won’t start after winter

    In such cases, the unit must be serviced. Remove the fuel system, including filters (air, fuel), disassemble the carburetor, clean and rinse each unit. Blow out the filters with air. Pay attention to fuel quality and octane number.

    It should be borne in mind that products of such well-known companies as Stihl, Husgvarna and other brands will not run on cheap, low-octane gasoline.
    Suitable fuel for them is from the AI ​​brand. 92 and higher from car gas stations and then from well-recommended ones, since there is also bad gasoline at gas stations. The use of high-octane and high-quality gasoline will determine how long the lawn mower will be used and how long it will last.

    Brush cutter

    It is necessary to take into account one more fact that when the diluted fuel mixture is stored for a long time, its working qualities fall, which also leads to consequences in which the lawn mower does not start. Therefore, it should be diluted in portions, that is, the amount of the mixture that is produced at a time.
    The operating instructions clearly describe and explain the mixing ratio of gasoline and oil. Strict observance of the correct proportions will at least save you from several questions, why the lawn mower does not start and what to do in such cases.

    the lawn mower will not start on a cold

    When starting a cold engine, it is not recommended to press the gas. Tilting the mower so that the air filter is on top, press the fuel suction button 5-6 times, set the function switch lever to the “start” position, pull the starter cord several times until the engine starts. After a few seconds of running the motor, turn off the starting system.

    the lawn mower will not start when hot

    If the lawn mower was recently in operation and has not yet had time to cool down but does not want to start. press the gas trigger, pull the starter cord sharply several times until the engine starts and only then the gas trigger is released. If enough time has passed and the lawn mower has cooled down, then it is necessary to start it as if it was cold.
    If the above methods did not help, the lawn mower did not start, then you should contact the service center.

    Мотокоса Oleo-Mac Sparta 25, распаковка, сборка, первый запуск.

    • Blog
    • About the service center
    • Serviced brands
    • Diagnostics and repair prices
    • Delivery
    • Spare parts
    • Contacts

    Repair and service of garden equipment.

    Specialized service center “Agrotechservice”. comprehensive warranty and post-warranty maintenance of garden and municipal equipment from world manufacturers! We sell spare parts with delivery throughout Russia!

    Petrol scythe Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

    lawn mowers

    lawnmower Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. consistent quality for many years

    Today we will talk about the universal lawn-mower Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 of the household class, intended for work on areas of about 15 acres. This model has been on the Russian market for a very long time. My father-in-law has been using it for ten years and is very pleased. So, looking at it, I bought myself an Oleo-Mac Sparta 25, however, a difference. assembly only. Today it is produced somewhere in our Tushino area, and earlier it was a purebred Italian stallion.

    The quality is a little lame. For example, many have unscrewed the bolts of the hole designed to add lubricant to the gearbox. Italian owners should consider tightening quality control. In general, this is a very good lawn mower. One of the best on the Russian market in the household segment. Of course, it is not cheap, but completely worth the money.

    What is so good about the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 lawn mower

    It is lightweight and comfortable to handle, plus a shoulder strap makes the operator’s job easier. Vibration is reduced thanks to the installed self-lubricating transmission bearings. Also, the handles are well insulated from the engine, which also affects vibration (I know this from personal experience, because after working for ten years on cheaper lawn mowers, you begin to understand the difference). Equipped with a reliable high-torque EMAK 2-stroke engine that can handle even taller weeds.


    The Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 has a forged steel shaft engine, plus a nickel-plated cylinder, which promises a long service life. Primer (fuel pumping) allows for easy cold start. The centrifugal clutch prevents the cutting head from rotating when idling, which has a positive effect on working safety. Aluminum handle in the form of a steering wheel with controls allows you to control the engine speed, eliminates accidental start, and allows you to instantly turn off the engine in case of urgent need.

    The Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 gasoline scythe is equipped with a strong and reliable head with automatic line feed, as well as a three-blade knife that allows you to mow hard grass and overgrowth of all kinds of plants.

    The Oleo-Mac brand appeared in 1972 and belongs to the Italian company Emak. Today it is a dynamically developing company supplying excellent equipment for gardening and construction to the world market. Oleo-Mac has launched a full line of Sparta lawn mowers with different features. But the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. is the most legendary and most popular lawnmower of the Oleo-Mac brand.


    portable trimmer; petrol 2-stroke engine, 24 cm³, 1 hp; cutting width: 40 cm; included: fishing line (2.4 mm), knife, shoulder strap; anti-vibration system

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    lawn mower Sparta 25 TR. high performance petrol trimmer, ideal for.

    Data and illustrations published are not binding where specifications of materials are concerned, given that these will always be subject to technical improvement.

    Trimmer Efco stark 25 and Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 piston replacement. Direct-flow muffler, forged parts of the connecting rod and piston group. Up. conventional piston, left and bottom. forged.
    sparta 25 / sparta 250 t Power / Displacement 1.0 HP. 0.8 kW / 25.4 cm³ Cutting components 130 mm dia. TapGo head with 2.40 mm dia. line. 255 mm dia. disc with 3 blades

    The trimmer is not gaining momentum, what to do?

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    lawn mower Oleo-Mac 753T

    The professional lawn mower designed for long-term work. Engine power: 2.8 hp, fuel tank capacity. 1.5 l. When choosing this trimmer, you should also pay attention to the Oleo-Mac 755 Master. This is an improved model in terms of functionality and design.

    lawn mower Oleo-Mac BC 24 T

    A more powerful lawn mower, designed for gardening and landscaping of any complexity. This is a semi-professional grade instrument. Engine power: 1.22 HP The ergonomic design and good balance distribute the load on the operator and make the job easier. The manufacturer left the capacity of the fuel tank the same as in the previous version.

    lawn mower Oleo-Mac BC 300 T

    The Oleo-Mac BC 300 T trimmer is designed for long-term work in suburban areas and for gardening and landscaping in large areas. Engine power increased to 1.5 HP The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.58 liters. To ensure long-term operation and quick engine start, Oleo-Mac BC 300 T is equipped with an Alwayson easy start system.

    Read more:  Choose A Lawn Mower

    This is a patented development of the Oleo Mac company. Long-term operation of the filters is provided by an additional diode, which prevents the ingress of oil and fuel liquid into the filter. New generation LoadGo head. Swath width is 25 cm.

    lawn mower Oleo-MacSparta 38

    A comfortable, ergonomic, robust and economical lawn mower. The main difference is the increased diameter of the rod, which increases the strength of the device. The volume of the fuel tank is 0.87 liters. This amount is enough for 25-30 minutes of work.

    Top models of lawn mowers Oleo Mak

    • lawn mower Oleo-MacSparta 25.
    • lawn mower Oleo-MacSparta 44.
    • lawn mower Oleo-Mac BC 300 T.
    • lawn mower Oleo-Mac 740 T.
    • lawn mower Oleo-Mac 446 BP.

    These lawn mowers are popular in Russia and other countries around the world. The main advantages of these trimmers are the quality and the ability to use in various conditions.

    Despite the fact that the main supplier of Oleo Mac products is Italy, in the Russian market you can find products of the French or Spanish assembly. Before purchasing a product, it is recommended to ask the seller about the place of production.

    Overview of trimmers and lawn mowers from Oleo-Mac

    The Oleo-Mak trademark is a manufacturer that has its own history and is associated with buyers as a reliable brand. The Italian company is part of the commonwealth of one of the largest manufacturers Emak. On the Russian market, the Oleo-Mac brand is represented by a large assortment of garden equipment, including trimmers and lawn mowers.

    The company produces both household and more powerful (professional and semi-professional) samples. A wide range of models allows each customer to choose the best mower option.

    lawn mower Oleo-Mac BC 430 T

    The Oleo-Mac BC 430 T trimmer is a professional-grade device with an engine power of 2.5 HP. The swath width can be up to 42 cm. The model was originally designed for work in difficult conditions. Variable RPM and vibration damped knobs make this trimmer ideal for all conditions.

    A variant of the model is the Oleo-Mac BC 430 TL, which has minor structural differences.

    Overview of trimmers and lawn mowers from Oleo-Mac. User’s manual.

    complex reasons for lawn mowers failure

    If the step-by-step troubleshooting algorithm does not work, and your scythe still does not start or stalls, it is worth inspecting the carburetor and the engine itself. A clogged carburetor can be one of the reasons for erratic tool performance. There are three main problems here:

    • Clogged ducts or nozzles. All this is cleaned by special washes or blown by a powerful jet of compressed air from the compressor. Do not use needles and wires, as the bore may be damaged;
    • Worn carburetor gasket. Exit. replacement of a failed gasket;
    • Violation of tightness. To check this indicator, you can use an ordinary household tonometer, replacing it with a suitable pressure gauge. Watch the readings: if they do not change, everything is fine, but if the pressure starts to drop, then some part of the carburetor is faulty. We’ll have to find it and replace it with a new one.

    If everything is in order with the carburetor, then the gasoline trimmer may not start due to wear of the piston group. If chips, scratches or scuffs are found on the piston or cylinder, they should be replaced. Piston rings are subject to mandatory checks. A small backlash of the piston when rocking the connecting rod indicates that it is time to change the rings. This procedure is best entrusted to the specialists of the service center.

    We carry out diagnostics of a candle and a candle channel

    If the quality of the fuel mixture is not in doubt, and the lawn mower stalls when started, then a flooded spark plug may be the cause. Here, for repairs, an ordinary candle wrench is suitable (every motorist probably has) and a spare candle.

    • We unscrew the candle and wipe it;
    • Dry it thoroughly (it is not necessary to ignite it);
    • We drain the excess fuel in the chamber through the spark plug hole and dry it;
    • We clean the old candle from carbon deposits using a file or a lady’s file;
    • We set a gap with a distance of 1 mm (you can check with any coin);
    • We put everything back in place and try to start the trimmer.

    It is necessary to dry the canal for at least 30–40 minutes. Otherwise, there is a risk of re-filling and a new candle.

    If the candle is working, the socket where it is located is completely dry, and the lawn mower does not want to start, lubricate the threaded connection with gasoline. It should be slightly damp. No matter how wonderful a spark the candle gives out, there is simply nothing to light up in a dry chamber.

    If the trimmer motor still does not start, you should exclude such a reason as the absence of a spark due to poor contact between the spark plugs and the high-voltage wire. If the connection is of good quality, and there is still no spark, most likely, your ignition unit has “flown”. Here it will not be possible to do without a master, since the part is not repaired, but is sold as a single unit.

    Why the lawn mower won’t start. troubleshooting

    Caring for the personal plot, summer residents periodically encounter the fact that the lawn mower does not start. There are many reasons for tool failure. To correctly diagnose the problem, the owner of a useful unit in the country needs to know the device and the principle of operation of its individual parts.

    • How to start diagnosing lawn mowers
    • Checking the fuel mixture
    • We carry out diagnostics of a candle and a candle channel
    • Filter diagnostics for lawn mowers
    • Breather and exhaust port
    • complex reasons for lawn mowers failure
    • Rules for the operation and storage of lawn mowers

    Breather and exhaust port

    Often, “gentle” branded lawn mowers will not start and stall due to a dirty breather. The main function of this element is to equalize the pressure in the gas tank. When this unit becomes clogged, a vacuum is created in the tank, which prevents the supply of fuel. You can eliminate the malfunction by cleaning the breather. You can use a regular needle for cleaning.

    Normal operation of streamers with internal combustion engines can be disrupted due to the ingress of dirt into the exhaust duct or clogging of the muffler mesh. There is such a problem on older generation models. The issue can be resolved by traditional cleaning and removal of the anti-spark grid.

    Filter diagnostics for lawn mowers

    Another reason why the gasoline scythe stalls is the air filter. To eliminate it, try removing the filter and starting the trimmer without it. If it works out, then you will have to change the air filter to a new one, or at least blow through and thoroughly clean the old one.

    The petrol trimmer may not start if the fuel filter is dirty. This is the next step in our algorithm. Here we check the condition of the filter element and, if necessary, replace it with a new one. When replacing, try not to leave the suction inlet without a filter at all, this is prohibited by any operating instructions. Haste can turn into repair of the engine piston group.

    How to start diagnosing lawn mowers

    If the lawn mower does not start or immediately stalls after starting, it is necessary to sequentially check all the main components and assemblies. The verification algorithm is as follows:
    • Fuel tank (fuel quality);
    • Candle and candle channel;
    • Air filter;
    • Fuel filter;
    • Breather;
    • Exhaust channel.

    These nodes are most often the source of major problems that can be eliminated after a thorough inspection.

    Checking the fuel mixture

    Before starting the engine of the gasoline streamer, check the presence and quality of the fuel mixture. Do not save, do not be greedy and do not be clever in this matter. Repair or replacement of the piston group will cost you too much (sometimes up to 70% of the cost of a new tool). Prepare the oil-fuel mixture strictly according to the instructions. Calculate its amount based on real needs. Excess gasoline left over after work loses its quality over time.

    Rules for the operation and storage of lawn mowers

    In order for the lawn mower to start well in the future, you need to provide it with good storage and operation conditions:

    • during operation, carefully monitor the cooling system, carefully and in time clean the channels in the housing, as well as the ribs of the starter;
    • if necessary, use solvents, kerosene and other detergents for cleaning;
    • do not clean the tool “hot”. let it cool;
    • strictly follow the instructions for the operating mode, otherwise you may overheat the engine;
    • if you do not plan to use the lawn mower in the next month, the fuel mixture must be drained from it, since over time it decomposes into heavy fractions, which will definitely clog the carburetor channels;
    • after draining the fuel, let the trimmer idle until it stalls, this will help completely remove the remaining working mixture.

    Before winter storage, follow these steps:

    • disassemble the braid completely, rinse and clean all the details you can;
    • inspect the parts for damage, if necessary, eliminate distortions, tears, bends and any other malfunctions;
    • fill in a sufficient amount of oil into the gearbox and clean the air filter;
    • you can partially disassemble the motor, rinse, blow out and grease all moving parts;
    • in order to lubricate the piston, you need to unscrew the spark plug, raise the piston to the dead center with the starter, pour a little oil into the spark plug hole and turn the crankshaft a couple of times;
    • if you are storing the lawn mower outside the house, wrap the engine with oiled rags.

    Remember, careful observance of the rules will allow you to forget that it is bad to start the lawn mower for several seasons.

    Rating of chain saws for quality and reliability

    For many, electric saws look much more attractive than their gasoline-powered cousins. At the moment, Ukraine provides an opportunity to purchase a similar unit of various configurations. Rating

    How to lubricate a petrol trimmer with your own hands

    The design of a lawn mower, like any tool consisting of moving parts, requires a special lubricant between them to avoid friction and wear.

    “Top chainsaws”, as one of the most popular queries on the web, regarding the rating of not only popular, but also adapted tools that can adapt to all functional nuances, act

    Many potential buyers, before getting even the simplest gasoline scythe, want to know the current rating of gasoline trimmers. Some are interested in the newest samples, others.

    How to remove the trimmer coil with your own hands

    In this article, we will detail the procedure for how to remove the trimmer coil. A step-by-step instruction with the attached video will help a beginner and an experienced user to independently remove an element of the system and

    How to choose a file for a chainsaw chain

    To sharpen the saw chain quickly, efficiently and inexpensively yourself, you need to use a special sharpening. Working with such a tool implies knowledge and understanding of the principle itself, a little

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    Chainsaws rating for quality and reliability. the best models

    Chainsaws are used with the same frequency both in everyday life and in professional business. The rating of chainsaws is of interest to potential buyers, as it helps to find the ideal option. Rate

    How to choose the right chainsaw chain

    You need to be prepared for the choice of a chain for a saw, because it is important not only that the cutting tackle theoretically resembles, but also be correctly selected in the context of future work. How to choose a chain for

    Trimmer line Oleo-Mac 88 mx2.4 mm

    Grease for gearboxes and bearings molybdenum Oleo-Mac 125 g


    • The handle is isolated from the engine by a rubber shock absorber that dampens vibration during operation.
    • The rod is made of aluminum, which makes the model lightweight. Also aluminum is rust resistant.
    • The forged steel shaft handles not only fresh greens, but also dry grass when installing a special knife.
    • Fuel priming system ensures uninterrupted cold start of the engine after refueling or long periods of inactivity.
    • Air filter is easily accessible for easy maintenance and no special tools.
    • The ergonomic handle is equipped with controls that make it possible to adjust the number of revolutions, as well as quickly turn off the engine in an emergency.

    Detailed description

    The Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 gasoline scythe is designed for the care of adjoining territories, summer cottages and cottages The scythe copes with fresh grass, as well as hard and dry weeds.

    Trimmer petrol Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 ECO ALUMINUM 1 hp.

    Trimmer reel Oleo-Mac TapGo 2.4 mm

    Trimmer disc Oleo-Mac

    Trimmer line round Unisaw Professional Quality 2,4 mm 15 m