Lubrication of a trimmer for grass for grass gasoline Huter. Learning to breed gasoline with butter…

The ratio of gasoline and oil for a trimmer for Huter grass

Before solving the issue of how to mix oil with gasoline for a trimmer for grass, organizational issues should be completed. These include the following points:

  • Storage of technical fluids. For gasoline, it is better to provide a metal canister, and leave the oil in the factory container. It is allowed to use a special two.section canister for convenience.
  • The volume of the cooked mixture. Do not cook in advance a large volume. It is better to pour gasoline into a lawn mower taking into account the planned volume of work. The uniformity of the mixture during long.term storage will be violated.
  • Mixture tool. An ideal device for the selection of oil and dosage accuracy is an analogue of a medical syringe. This will not only allow you to accurately measure the liquid, but also creates conveniently in work.

By the way, when buying oil, do not make a big stock. It is enough to buy the volume that you can spend per season.

Dilute in the correct proportion

The problem of how much to pour oil into gasoline for a trimmer for grass is aggravated by bringing different proportions in different sources. For example, this discrepancy is often found:

  • proportion 1:40 is indicated in the instructions for the unit;
  • value of 1:25 on the plastic container of the fuel tank;
  • proportion 1:50 on a plastic container for the preparation of the solution.

At the slightest doubt, pay attention to the packaging with oil. When determining the volume that is to pour oil into gasoline for the lawn mower, the properties of the liquid are taken into account. It is taken into account that two.stroke engines do not like oil starvation

At the same time. the excessive enrichment of the mixture oil is capricious

It is taken into account that two.stroke engines do not like oil starvation. At the same time. the excessive enrichment of the mixture oil is capricious.

When determining how much you need to add oil to gasoline for a trimmer for grass, use a standard proportion. For one liter of gasoline, 1000 ml is divided into 50, and a 20 ml of oil is obtained. If the poured volume is 500 ml, then the amount of lubrication is reduced in proportion to. It is easy to calculate the amount of gasoline for large volumes. If it is necessary to prepare a mixture for the Kostsov brigade, you will need 200 ml of oil per 10 liters of gasoline.

Why add

Important is the uniformity of mixing. Therefore, when adding oil to a liter of gasoline to a trimmer for grass, the following algorithm is used. Half of gasoline is mixed with all the required oil volume. After thorough mixing, the volume of the mixture is brought to the nominal with the addition of the residual part of the gasoline.

Follow the cleanliness of the container, including the mixing container or a canister with gasoline. Do not use an improvised container of unprepared plastic for preparing a mixture. Even small portions of impurities or garbage will contribute to the failure of the carburetor. After preparation, pour gasoline into a trimmer for grass is better with a container with a device that protects the mixture from the strait.

If you break the ratio

The mixture supplied to the cylinders is represented by gasoline-oil fog. Oil promotes lubrication of moving parts and surfaces in the cylinder. The lack of oil affects the resource of parts. With a large share of oil, it does not have time to burn. Deposits are formed, which over time are able to exfoliate from the walls of the cylinder, and leave the bully, wear out the surface of the cylinder walls.

During operation, try to remember how much oil per liter of gasoline for a trimmer for grass is needed even with single gas stations. For example, when extracting the last drops of oil from the container, it is a mistake to think that a one.time violation of the proportion will not change anything.

The selection of oil for the lawn mower is useful recommendations from professionals

If the instructions for the tool were lost, and difficulties arise with the choice of suitable oil, then it is recommended to stop your choice on the next two options:

  • Semi.synthetic. cost cheaper than synthetics, but more expensive mineral water. Suitable for technology, both production and foreign. Have low smoke parameters, and adequately “care” about structural elements of the motor. Are made through a distillation of oil products and hydrocarbons
  • Synthetic. expensive types of lubricants that are suitable for all types of technology. If you use synthetics for your trimmer for grass, then the tool engine will work like a clock

When choosing and buying oils for breeding with gasoline, you can encounter the fact that some letter designations are indicated at the cans. These designations are the classification of the API, which will be useful to find out who wants to fill the lubricant suitable for the parameters in the tool. Consider all types of oils according to the API classification for two.stroke engines:

  • TA. intended for air.cooled devices, the volume of which is up to 50 cm3. Such equipment includes mopeds, lawn mmores, trimmers for grass and motorcycles. The optimal solution for lawn mower and trimmer for grass
  • TB. used to refuel engines such units as mopeds, chainsaws, scooters and motorcycles. The volume of engines of such equipment is from 50 to 200 cm3. This type of oil is also suitable for trimmers
  • TC. designed for dilution with gasoline and filling in motorcycles, snowmobiles and other types of land equipment
  • TD. serves to refuel boat engines, hydrrosa and boats

API classification is an American standard used in Europe. However, when choosing, there are additional designations on the canister of oils for two.stroke engines, for example, FA, FB, FC, FD and others. This is a classification of smoke emissions that is developed by the Japanese JASO standard. If there are such designations on the selected oils for trimmers and chainsaws, then it is necessary to take into account their decryption:

  • FA. are applied in states in which the law is provided by minimal emissions of smoke into the atmosphere. During work, an inconspicuous fog of smoke is distinguished
  • FB. are designed for use in countries where strict limitations for ejecting smoke into the atmosphere. Practically do not distinguish white smoke
  • FC. smoke in the atmosphere stands out transparent, and not noticeable to a person
  • FD-Begily types of oils for 2-stroke ICEs that do not emit smoke, but also have improved indicators of chemical properties. They are usually used for mixing with gasoline and refueling boats, boats and yachts

If there is a designation “Self mix” and “Pre mix” on containers with a lubricant, then they mean. independent mixing with gasoline (the first option that does not require shaking), and the need for forced dissolution (second option).

It is interesting!Oils for two.stroke engines are marked with designation 2t. Knowing the classification of oils by their types, it will not be difficult to choose the best option for your brand of the lawn mower

On the market you can find a variety of grades of oils for two.stroke engines, but it is better to pay special attention to such firms:

  • STIHL. produce mineral and synthetic, and semi.synthetic this brand is rare
  • Shell Helix Ultra. recommended by specialists
  • Motul
  • Oleo-Mac
  • Echo
  • Hammerflex
  • Lukoil is an oil that costs 3 times cheaper than foreign analogues, but has excellent quality indicators

Product are not indicated, since their cost is changing. There are many other brands, and if you still want to find for yourself an ideal lubricant for a trimmer for grass, it is recommended to watch the test in the video below.

It can be concluded from the video that it is not always useful to buy expensive oils, since they may turn out to be unsatisfactory quality, which can be seen on a real example.

For motorcycles, trimmer for grass or lawn mower it is better to choose synthetic or semi.synthetic oil with TA or TB marking. At the same time, take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer, since some manufacturers of high.quality equipment can recommend only synthetic lubricants.

best trimmers Huter

Look for the best garden trimmer for grass? Do not want to change the tool every year? Your choice is Huter equipment. Leading German manufacturer, fully confirming the stereotype of the highest German quality. In our article you will find gasoline, network and even battery models in a variety of price categories.

Despite the world fame, the Huter brand is relatively young. He appeared in 1979, and in 2004 entered the market, immediately creating competition to leaders. The main activity of the company is electric generators and garden equipment. Including trimmers for grass, considered one of the best in quality and technical parameters.

Huter against the main competitors: Husqvarna, Champion, Stihl and Patriot

The Swedish brand Husqvarna (Husqvarna) is the main competitor Huter (Huter). The company also specializes in garden equipment, but unlike the Germans has more experience in this matter. The quality of the Swedes is slightly higher, but it is slight and say that the trimmers for Husqvarna grass are better. But in price Huter clearly wins. As in a model diversity. In the number of trimmers in the directory of the Germans, a clear advantage.

Champion (Champion) wins Huter in only two parameters: price and maintenance. Huter is developing their dealer network and their repair centers are in all major cities, but Champion is repaired literally on the knee. In addition, repairing something at the Champion trimmer will cost much cheaper, although breakdowns will occur more often. But in aggregate, product maintenance will cost more cheaper.

Stihl (Stihl) is another significant competitor for Huter. Also a German brand and is also famous for high quality. The company has many factories around the world, including in Asia. It is almost impossible to find a real German product, it simply does not deliver to the market. Because of this, quality often suffers, which was originally reference for garden technology. But the repair and the total cost of the STIHL is lower.

The American company Patriot (Patriot) produces many garden tools, as well as electrical equipment of various purposes. Among ordinary buyers, this brand is not as known as Huter, but it is an official provider of public services, which indicates high quality. Patriot trimmer win in price, the cost of repair and simplicity of maintenance, but lose to the Germans in the durability of work and convenience.

What is the difference between oils for different types of engines?

The different principle of operation of the oil system forces the use of lubricants with different properties and characteristics.

In addition, in four.stroke engines the oil serves the whole season, and in two.stroke engines it lubricates the details, then burns in the cylinder, which also affects the requirements for it.

Four stroke

According to the principle of operation, the four.stroke power unit is completely identical to automobile internal combustion engines.

Therefore, the requirements for lubricating fluid are the same as for ordinary motor oil for high.speed car engines.

The main parameter of the lubricant for four.strokes is viscosity, which describes how fluid the oil will be at the operating temperature, and indicate the parameter with the letter “W” and the numbers before and after it.

The numbers in front of the letter describe the minimum negative temperature at which it retains its lubricant, but for trimmers this parameter is not relevant, because it is not used during frost.

The numbers after the letter describe the viscosity at operating temperature. Typically, for four.stroke trimmers, they take a lubricant 5W30 or 5W40.

Another relatively important oil parameter for four.stroke engines is the type of lubricant, that is:

Mineral oil is made by thermal distillation (distillation) of oil and heavy oil products. It is cheap, but has mediocre lubricants and low resistance to high temperatures.

Synthetic oil is obtained from various gases emerging from the Earth along with oil. It is much more expensive, but has noticeably better lubricant and resistance to high temperatures. Semi.synthetics is a mixture of both basics.

lubrication, trimmer, grass, gasoline

However, basic oils of any type have extremely mediocre characteristics, so they are modified using various additives (additives) that change the properties of the finished product.

over, the requirements for the clock depend on the characteristics of the motor and the conditions of its operation, however, trimmers engines work in noticeably more comfortable conditions than automobile, therefore, oil intended for any engine is suitable for them. For this reason, the API class is not indicated on the container with lubricant fluid for trimmers, that is, compliance with certain automobile engines.


Since oil for such engines works only a few moments, after which it burns in the cylinder, it does not require the same resistance that is characteristic of the lubricant of four.stroke engines.

In addition, it should have a higher lubricant, because such oil comes to the bearing being very diluted gasoline.

Since all two-stroke engines of garden equipment work approximately in the same conditions, the oil for them has no divisions in viscosity or some classes.

Two.stroke oil is suitable for a trimmer for grass, even if it is written on the packaging or container that it is intended for the following two.stroke devices:

An important condition is complete combustion in the cylinder, otherwise the trimmer for the grass will greatly pollute the environment, and the smell of its exhaust will be extremely unpleasant.

That is why the incorrectly composed fuel mixture gives a thick dark or blue exhaust with a sharp unpleasant odor. The same effect appears when the apparatus with a faulty or non.configured engine/carburetor appears, as well as with strong encouraging.

lubrication, trimmer, grass, gasoline

What gasoline is suitable for motors of various types?

The motor of any trimmer for grass, regardless of the type, is designed to work on unhealthy gasoline of the AI-92 brand.

Nevertheless, the engine can also operate on other varieties of gasoline, for example, AI-76 or AI-95, but this is permissible only for a short time, that is, tens of minutes.

Long work on inappropriate fuel will lead to the gesture of valves and other problems, after which the power unit will have to be repaired or changed, so you need to know exactly what gasoline you can refuel your motorcade model.

Popular models

If we talk about the most popular models of this German company, then you should first call GGT 2500S. This equipment is considered one of the most productive models and has excellent technical characteristics. Its use makes it possible to process large areas and use it both in everyday life and for professional purposes. Its features are as follows:

  • a two.stroke engine with an air cooling mechanism;
  • electronic ignition;
  • power. 2.5 kW;
  • has a vibrational suppression mechanism;
  • can make a bevel of 25.5 centimeters width.

Another interesting model that may interest many. GGT 1000S. It can be used for professional purposes. It has such basic features as:

  • a two.stroke motor, as in the previous model;
  • electronic ignition;
  • performance. about 1000 watts;
  • can produce a bevel in width 25.5 centimeters;
  • Its turns. up to 9.5 thousand per minute.

GGT 1300S will also be interested in many, because it is a powerful and productive trimmer for grass, which will cope with any type of vegetation. It is equipped with a vibrational suppression mechanism, as well as the lock key and the gas handle lock for gas. It has the same features as previous models, except that the power here is higher. 1300 watts.

Another gasoline trimmer for grass from Huter, which deserves attention. GGT 1500T. High power allows you to carry out almost any task. The model works on one of the most productive engines models, which allows you to carry out simple cutting of literally any thickets, young shoots of trees, as well as thick weeds. It has an anti.vibration mechanism, a convenient shoulder strap, as well as a manual launch mechanism. This model differs from the previous ones by the presence of a more productive model of a 1500 W engine, as well as in that it makes less noise.

The last model I want to say. GGT 1900S. It is the second most powerful in the line of this manufacturer with an indicator of 1900 watts. The engine installed here was specially designed for GGT 1900S. Its other features are the presence of an anti.vibration mechanism, as well as the possibility of regulating the position of the handle for a more convenient capture. In addition, a special protective casing includes the configuration.

Rules for use

Before the use of a gasoline trimmer for grass, its owners should make sure that the gearbox has a lubricant. In addition, in order to apply this device correctly, you should read all the norms that the operating instructions contain. There are also safety standards here, advice on skills and techniques of effective work, as well as proper maintenance motorcycles are given.

When the user got acquainted with all this, he can start a lawn mower and start the installation of the device. It should be carried out during the first 3-4 hours of operation. At this time, you should very carefully operate the motorcycle. This is best done in gentle mode on soft grass. In no case should it be used in idle for more than 10 minutes. These periods should be alternated with interruptions and pugging for 20-30 seconds. During this period, adjusting and setting up the working modes of a gasoline trimmer for grass. It will not be superfluous to have a spare fishing line for a trimmer, so that in the event of damage or unsatisfactory operation the standard one can change the fishing line for a trimmer to a better.

It should be noted that in no case should you use this device without a protective casing and muffler. In addition, the proper installation of the cutting knife should be carried out. Otherwise, the strongest vibrations may occur, which will be dangerous for the operator. It is not recommended to use various home.made wires.

Petrol Grass Trimmer

What will happen if you do not grease on time?

If you mow the grass with a trimmer, the rubbing details of which have not received lubrication, then the following will happen:

  • The shaft will break the bushings, so a strong vibration will appear and the device will be more difficult to hold in his hands;
  • The gearbox will begin to bask, and the surface of the gears will be stolen, metal dust enters the crankcase, so the laying of a new lubricant will no longer give a result, because it will act like an abrasive paste, accelerating wear;
  • Over time, the gearbox will stop working and when the engine is turned on, the knife or coil will not rotate.

What to use as a lubricant?

Some of the owners of electrimmers are sure that this question is one of the most important, because the wrong choice of lubrication will reduce its effectiveness, which will lead to an accelerated wear of rubbing surfaces, that is, a paradoxical situation will turn out. a trimmer for grass is lubricated on time, but the wear of the details is the same as in its absence.

In fact, everything is not so scary, because there is no large loads on the shaft or in the gearbox, the maximum engine power does not exceed 3 kW, and the huge speed of rotation of the shaft (7-10 thousand rpm) greatly reduces the torque greatly reduces the torque.

Therefore, any semi.liquid lithium lubricant is suitable, up to a mixture of “lithol” or “shus” with minimal viscosity mineral motor oil in approximately equal proportions.

lubrication, trimmer, grass, gasoline

Products with the addition of molybdenum give the best results, because while maintaining the viscosity of the oil, it increases its abstract properties. Theoretically, you can fill the gearbox even with a mixture of solidol, any mineral motor oil and a thumbnail of molybdenum additives, the main thing is that in terms of viscosity it is similar to an inanimate, but not thick sour cream.

“Nigrol” is best suited for lubrication of the shaft, it is also the TEP-15 transmission oil with a small (5–10%) addition of the “Shrus” and any molybdenum additive. “Nigrol” is a very sticky substance, therefore, when passing after 2-3 bushings on the shaft, there is still enough substance to lubricate the next sleeve, while the rest of the lubricant is enough for a maximum of 2 bushings.

You can use any consistent lubricants, for example, for gearboxes of Bulgarians or gasoline trimmers, however, despite the noticeably higher cost, they have no advantages over home.made compositions.

How to use?

Information on the proportions of the use of oil was given above. We will immediately say that you should not deviate from these values ​​and dilute gasoline by eye. At best, you just need to change the oil, and in the worst one cannot avoid breakdown of the motor.

It is important and be able to prepare the mixture correctly. You can’t pour it into the gas tank. It is better to pour oil into a special container where gasoline is already contained. A plastic bottle of mineral water is perfect for this. It is very important here that it is clean, due to which a bottle of beer or milk will not work. And it is better that it is liter or two-liter, as to calculate how much oil to fill in a 1.5-liter or 1.25-liter bottle will be difficult for many. It will also be necessary to have a syringe at hand, which will perform the function of the dosimeter. It is best to take ordinary medical for 10 or more cubes.

Now step by step will we explain how to make good oil for a gasoline trimmer for grass.

  • First you should find out exactly what type of oil is required for a specific model of braids for grass, as well as find out the exact ratio of gasoline and oil to create a mixture.
  • Then you need to fill the container. The container should not be filled with gasoline to the end, because the oil should still fit there;
  • Now we collect the right amount of 2-stroke oil into the syringe and pour it into a bottle of gasoline. You cannot do the opposite, otherwise you will need to replace all the ingredients, and the mixture will need to be done again.
  • Close the bottle with a lid and stir. It is important not to forget that you need to stir the mixture if there are words Premix on a bottle with butter. If SelfMix is ​​written there, then after mixing substances everything is poured into the tank.

Now it remains only to refuel the gasoline trimmer for the grass, and you can carry out the necessary work.

About how to choose oil for gasoline trimmers, watch in the next video.

Varieties of lubricants

To care for the units of the mechanism, lubricants of different consistency are used:

  • Semi.liquid. Such compositions contain a variety of additives and additives.
  • Plastic. Are the most universal option. Most often used for gear and screw gears.
  • Solid. Plate suspensions in its original state.

A special gear composition belongs to the semi.liquid system.

Popular is a grease for a trimmer for the grass “Stihl”. Thanks to the special composition and components, wear is significantly reduced and resistance to corrosion increases. The main properties of the lubrication of this brand are:

STIHL lubricant is suitable for black cutters and trimmers, as well as for all transmissions with a closed case.

Rod and the drive of the working body

Stihl lawn mowers are well.deserved popularity

The second class belong to universal medium.power units up to 2.2 liters.With., intended for field and landscape work. In such designs, a straight hard shaft is used, which allows you to equip this class with saw steel knives for nozzles with help which can be cut down by shrubs and small trees. The design provides for a conical served gearbox. What lubricant to use for the reducer of the lawn mower. A special, under the brand name is the name “stihl” or ordinary lubrication of lip.

Engines from 6.3 to 8 liters.C is intended for professional use in forest or horticultural farms. The name of them is black cutters, these are the most powerful motorcycles for working in large areas, cutting small shrubs and trees. In the arsenal of a working tool there are saw wheels for cleaning bushes with a diameter up to 7cm. Bigorezes are equipped with an anti.vibration system, thanks to which working with such a tool becomes more comfortable. What lubricant to lubricate the gearbox of the lawn mower with powerful drive mechanisms, the lubrication of the Reducer of the Stihl lawn mower is carried out by a special proprietary or grease “STIHL” or production of Litol 24.

Lubrication of the lower and upper gearbox

There are tips in which they recommend lubrication at the end of the season. However, most people believe that it is better to do this at the beginning of each season. When we repair the node and also carry out any disassembly, it is necessary to use lubricants. The gearbox must be additionally lubricated when an old trimmer is inserted for grass.

Modern trimmers for grass are equipped with a gearbox, which measures the angle of transmission of mechanical energy between the two components: shaft and head. Conquered gears are considered common, they easily withstand high speed, equipped with smooth hook, as well as an increased level of bearing capacity. The housing includes a shaft, a gear wheel, which is pressed on a driven shaft. In order to reduce friction, bearings are installed on the support points of the shaft.

Lubrication for a gasoline trimmer for grass

Correctly selected care for the motorcycle system gives a guarantee of durability and quality work of equipment. Manufacturers try to take into account all the nuances and prescribe which materials to use for service. Typically, a specific type of lubricant is not indicated, well.known standards are simply given to which lubricants must comply with.

Lubrication should be selected in such a way as to take into account the temperature, rotation speed, load dynamics and vibration. The main requirement is that this mixture remains in the maximum friction zone.

Lubrices should have good anti.corrosion properties, reliably protecting the nodes from rust.

Based on the above information, it should be noted that the manufacturers of the benzos are developing universal additional funds for their equipment. It can be served by general.industrial compositions. The main condition is compliance with operating conditions, namely, the presence of a substance against rust and lime, as well as a filler, which consists of a solid lubricant. The lubricant is poured into a gearbox into a special hole, while the node is not dismantled.

Replacement is performed quickly enough.

  • First, turn off the device from the network. From devices on gasoline, you must drain gasoline.
  • If the lubricant changes completely, then be sure to wash the gearbox. To do this, pour the cleaner first, then rinse the gearbox well, then drain. It is important to clean the body completely.
  • A special tool that is included with the trimmer, you need to turn the gearbox cork.
  • We apply a new lubricant: insert a syringe with a tube into the hole and squeeze out a lubricant (2-5 ml).
  • Manually turn the shaft, turn on the braid on small turns without load. This is necessary so that the lubricant is qualitatively distributed in places subject to maximum friction.

How to prepare for winter storage?

To prepare a trimmer for grass for winter storage, do the following:

  • Carefully clean the entire surface of the trimmer for grass from the remains of grass;
  • Remove the cutting tool and grease all the metal parts with a thin layer of engine oil or treat with silicone spray;
  • Disconnect the drive shaft from the engine;
  • Remove both gearboxes;
  • Lubricate all the slots of the gearboxes (including from the cutting tool) and a drive shaft rod with any engine or transmission oil, including the development of the engine of the benzotrimer, if you plan to store the device assembly, or any thick lubricant, if separately;
  • Install the gearboxes on the drive shaft (if required);
  • Connect the engine and drive shaft (if required);
  • Install and adjust the handles (if you plan to store them on a trimmer);
  • Pour all gasoline from the tank and tighten the lid of the fuel tank, then start the engine and wait for its stop;
  • After cooling the engine, unscrew the candle from the engine;
  • Pour 1-3 ml of pure motor oil into the combustion chamber, then screw the candle in place and smoothly pull the hand starter cable so that the engine will make several revolutions and evenly distribute the oil;
  • Rinse and blow, or replace the air filter;
  • Rinse the fuel filter (if it is installed on a trimmer).

How to use a gas toss correctly?

The only way to extend the service life of a trimmer for grass is its proper operation. Unfortunately, some of the manufacturers are not interested in the too long service life of their products, so part of the rules that help to more carefully spend the resource of the apparatus are not included in the instructions for the operation of the benzotrimmer.

For this reason, we recommend carefully comply with all the recommendations of this article, even if they are not in the operating manual, because we made recommendations on the basis of:

  • the experience of operating many owners of devices that they were divided on the pages of various forums;
  • tips of those who are engaged in the repair of motorcycle;
  • Recommendations from the operating manuals of trimmers of the most expensive and high.quality brands.

Since the operation of a trimmer for grass implies not only mowing grass, but also many other actions, we divided it into the following topics:

  • The engine is running.
  • The choice of revolutions.
  • The direction of the mowing.
  • Choosing clothes and protective equipment.
  • Security measures.
  • Transportation and storage.

The engine is running

Despite the fact that the engine of the newly purchased trimmer for the grass is already driven and you can immediately proceed to the mowing of the grass, avoid maximum speed for the first 3-5 hours, because the final grinding of the parts of the cylinder piston group occurs.

If we allow the motor output at maximum speed, then there is a high probability of the appearance of stray on the walls of the cylinders, and this will lead to a sharp drop in the efficiency of the motor, and will also greatly reduce its resource.

The choice of revolutions

The maximum torque of the motor appears at revolutions corresponding to 2/3 of the maximum, and the greatest power appears at revolutions corresponding to 3/4 of the maximum. Therefore, the most effective trimmer for grass mows grass in this range.

The exit to maximum turns slightly reduces power, so during the mowing of grass, focus on the sound of a trimmer for grass and evaluate the speed according to this parameter.

If the load is too high and the rotation speed of the power unit shaft is reduced, add the gas using the corresponding key on the working handle.

As soon as the load decreases and the turns increase, press the gas key less to return the speed of rotation of the motor shaft to the optimal value.

If before you have never used a motorcycle, then until the completion of the run.up, mow only low and non.thick vegetation, which a trimmer head with a fishing line easily copes with. After completing the, the engine will cease to be afraid of maximum revolutions, and you will acquire a sufficient skill to control the motor by ear.

In addition, avoid the long operation of the motor at idle, because because of this, the lubrication of the crankshaft bearing is deteriorated, which can lead to its overheating and jamming.

The direction of the mowing

When working with a motorcycle system in the maximum capture mode, move it so that it goes against the direction of rotation of the cutting tool.

In this case, the knife or disk will repel the device from a possible obstacle, so the trimmer for the grass will not jump out of hands.

In addition, with such a movement, a knife or head is thrown back in front of you, so you will better feel the resistance of the mowing of grass, which means avoid too fast movement and caused by it:

For most trimmers, the right direction of mowing grass is movement from right to left. When moving in the opposite direction, the trimmer for grass continues the mowing of grass, so the probability of a reverse blow increases, due to which the device can be very jerking. Therefore, when moving in the opposite direction, try to capture smaller grass to reduce the load on the device and the probability of a reverse blow.

The choice of maximum maximum capture mode is especially important at:

In addition, when pruning trees, try not to raise a cutting tool very much, but also not to turn it perpendicular, because this can lead to a violation of the carburetor.

This requirement is not relevant only for trimmers-crossbars, whose carburetors work equally effectively in any position.

Hyecho Gardening Tools | Unboxing 7.2V Handheld Grass Clipper

Choosing clothes and protective equipment

A trimmer for grass is a device of increased danger, so to work with it you need to choose the right clothes and protective equipment.

When going to mow grass, put on only clothes without any straps and fringe, which can tighten a rotating cutting tool.

If you put on shoes with laces, then take measures so that they do not untie. If you have long hair, then limit their mobility by putting on a hat or tied with something. Be sure to put on glasses or a protective mask, because it is likely that the grass cuts will not where it should and falls into the eye.