Most reliable electric mower. Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

You probably are ready to say goodbye to checking the oil, yanking the start chain, monitoring the gas, and enduring the noise of your gas mower. You can’t even listen to a podcast with that thing on! Still, the best reason to buy an electric lawn mower is that it’s one step closer to a carbon-neutral existence. Do your little part to halt climate change—if you need a mower, buy electric.

Best Electric Lawn Mower

Hands down, the best electric lawn mower is the Ego Power Plus Mower. We’re basing this on reviews, reliability, and the fact that we believe in the company.

5000 Electric Riding Mower Review

EGO isn’t a traditional mower company with an electric line. They aren’t an electric tool company that also makes mowers. EGO focuses on electric lawn products, and that FOCUS shows in their products.

What we like about the EGO is the obvious thought that went into the design.

  • The EGO folds up into a rectangular shape that’s not only easy to get home from the store, but takes up less space in your garage.
  • The EGO has a ridiculously simple height adjustment system that’s as easy as shifting an automatic car from park to drive.
  • The EGO has lights, so you can mow in the dark. (Remember, electric mowers are practically silent; your neighbors won’t mind.)
  • The EGO’s powerful lithium-ion battery charges in just 30 minutes, and mows for 45. Plus, the battery fits their other tools…if you have a little charge left over, use it to blow away some leaves.

Are Electric Lawnmowers Any Good?

Yes, electric mowers are good. If your lawn is in decent condition, gets dry enough to mow, and isn’t subject to infestation by excessive amounts of falling twigs or pinecones, and isn’t serving as the putting surface for The Masters, an electric mower will do just fine.

The main thing that should excite you about an electric mower is energy efficiency. You can use the same electric power that powers your hair clippers—power which in many states is increasingly generated with renewable resources. You’ll save money by using an electric mower, and you’ll also be doing your part to save the Earth.

Electric mowers will provide the quietest lawn care experience of your life. One of the worst aspects of mowing the gas-powered way is that, unlike with other outdoor work like weeding, raking, fence post digging—you can’t listen to music or the ballgame while you do it…even through headphones. With your largely quiet electric mower, noise pollution’s at a minimum. You can enjoy your favorite form of aural entertainment, and your neighbors will have peace and quiet.

Electric Mower Durability

Like any mechanical product, electric mowers are prone to the occasional breakdown. Most mowers carry a warranty that protect you against product defects. Any mower will need blade sharpening at some point. The known durability issue with electric mowers is that—if you choose a cordless one—the battery will eventually lose power. Most companies also offer a warranty on the battery as well, but the fact is that, like your car battery, it will need to be replaced every few years, depending on how much you use it.

Electric Mower Power Needs

A cordless mower simply needs its battery charged to run properly. Mower batteries vary in how long they take to charge. How long they will run depends on the terrain of your yard and how long your grass is. The longest-running cordless mower on the market, the EGO, runs about 45 minutes.

If you buy a corded electric mower, you can mow for as long as you like, but you must use a high-rated extension cord. Extension cords are rated by the size of the wires within, or wire gauge. The sizing isn’t very intuitive: the lower the number, the thicker the wire, and thus the more power can run through the cord. The size you’ll need will depend on the mower you buy, and how far away from your outlet you plan to mow. Consult the owner’s manual before you mow to avoid blowing a fuse.

Electric Lawn Mowers vs. Gas Lawn Mowers

This is the fun part. Let’s count the reasons you should choose electric mowers over gas ones.

Electric Lawn Mower Cost

Top-of-the-line electric mowers cost about the same as self-propelled gas mowers. Given that electric mowers are much lighter, and require very little exertion to push, you’re basically getting the same product without the hassle of using gas. On the low-end, electric mowers are cheaper than gas ones. You’ll have a tough time finding a gas mower for less than 150, while you many choices at that price point with electric mowers. The least-expensive electric mower we were able to find you can get for less than 100.

Electric Lawn Mower Performance

Gas has electric beat on pure mowing performance. The engines of gas mowers are more powerful, so they are going to do better with tough mowing tasks like high grass, wet grass, and debris. If you deal with these situations—you’re either going to stick with gas or buy a very high-end electric mower. The EGO runs at 3300 RPM, which is comparable to gas mowers. But the average person, with a relatively basic lawn, doesn’t notice any difference in performance between a gas and electric mower.

Electric Lawn Mower Energy Use

Using a corded electric lawn mower won’t save you much in energy costs—Consumer Reports estimates that you’ll save around 15/year. But you will be using cleaner energy—instead of polluting the air around your home with gas fumes, you’ll drop your emissions to zero.

Electric Lawn Mower Batteries

Most cordless electric lawn mowers now come with lithium-ion batteries, replacing the lead-acid batteries that most had used. Lithium ion batteries are longer-lasting and lighter than lead-acid batteries; on the other hand, they aren’t as powerful and cost more. Some models, like the Black Decker CM1936ZA 36V Cordless Lawn Mower, still use lead-acid batteries to generate a little more power. However, it’s 90 lbs; some cordless mowers weigh as little as 30 lbs.

Electric Lawn Mower Motors

Because your mower is creating torque with electric power rather than through internal combustion, it’s much quieter. Most make hardly any noise at all. The power of the motor depends on the voltage of the battery—the higher the voltage, the more powerful the motor. You’ll spend more for a more powerful mower.

Electric Mulching Lawn Mowers

Most electric mowers on the market have some sort of mulching capability, with a bag to capture the mulch or by shooting the clippings out the side of the mower. Don’t expect an electric mower to shred twigs, pinecones or other debris the way a heavy-duty gas mower might.

Used Electric Lawn Mowers

Most electric mowers on Amazon are available used on their site as well, usually at a 10-25% discount. You’ll find a pretty good selection on Craiglist as well. Just about everyone has a mower, and if they move or trade up they’ll sell theirs for a decent price. You do need to be careful, though, if you buy a used cordless electric mower.

The batteries of cordless models wear down over time, taking longer to charge and not holding as much of a charge. If you are buying a used cordless mower, you might ask for a test drive to see just how much battery power is left.

Going electric isn’t just about ease of use. It’s also about doing the right thing for the Earth. Along with choices like avoiding unhealthy chemical fertilizers, mowing your lawn with electric power will reduce your footprint on the only world we have.

I’ve Been Mowing Lawns 30 Years, and the Ego Mower Is My All-Time Favorite

The 56-volt Ego Power Select Cut Mower LM2135SP is the best lawn mower I’ve ever used, and I’ve been mowing lawns my whole life.

I earned my first 20 shoving a rusted Craftsman up the hills of north Georgia when I was barely big enough to yank the cord to get the engine started.

I raced Toro TimeCutters across the parking lots of megachurches while working on a pro mowing crew.

Now I whip the Ego mower up and down a Los Angeles hillside so steep, it’s hardly safe to mow. And after mowing grass with every mainstream mulching machine of the past three decades, I’m sure that only the Ego mower could pull this one off.

But forget my personal mowing memoirs. This is about your mowing needs, and I’m telling you that this mower is satisfying even if the smell of a gas mower’s four-stroke is like noxious nostalgia in your nose.

The Ego mower is quiet. Maintenance is simple—there is no maintenance. No emissions. No noise. Your scowling neighbors will smile. Everything is better with the Ego mower.

The best lawn mower

This self-propelled machine easily mows down overgrown grass—and it spares you the noise, emissions, and maintenance of a typical gas mower. Its battery runs for about an hour.

Buying Options

At the time of publishing, the price was 699.

The Best Electric Riding Lawn Mowers in 2023

Henry Parker is a home improvement enthusiast who loves to share his passion and expertise with others. He writes on a variety of topics, such as painting, flooring, Windows, and lawn care, to help homeowners make informed decisions and achieve their desired results. Henry strives to write high quality guides and reviews that are easy to understand and practical to follow. Whether you are looking for the best electric riding lawn mower, the easiest way to remove paint from flooring, or the signs of a bad tile job, Henry has you covered with his insightful and honest articles. Henry lives in Florida with his wife and two kids, and enjoys spending his free time on DIY projects around the house. You can find some of his work on Today’s Homeowner, where he is a regular contributor.

May 26, 2023 March 22, 2023

Compared to gas models, relatively few electric riding lawn mowers are available to choose from, but with a little research you can still find a riding mower that will get your lawn in shape without the mess and fumes of gas.

The best electric riding mowers handle smoothly, cut evenly, and can mow an acre or more on one battery charge, but each has strengths and weaknesses you’ll want to know about before you choose.

Ryobi #RY48111

An industry leader in electric riding lawn mowers, Ryobi produces a range of models, but the RY48111 stands out as a consistent favorite among homeowners. This mower’s 100Ah lead acid battery powers its three brushless motors for up to 2.5 hours, enough to mow 2.5 acres.

Even towing accessories takes little out of the battery. The 38-inch two-blade deck can be manually adjusted in 12 positions, from 1.5 to 4.5 inches, for precise cutting.

It’s highly maneuverable even at slow speeds, and with its exceptionally small turning radius of 16 inches, it has no trouble with tight corners. If you’re a lawn perfectionist, this is the riding mower for you.

Although designed for flat terrain, it handles well on small inclines. The mower’s impressive weight of 695 pounds adds stability, but can make maintenance challenging. It mows in reverse at up to 3 mph, but speed and turning control are less precise.

As an electric model, it’s quieter than any gas mower, but when the blade is engaged, it’s loud enough that you’ll want ear protection. This machine’s biggest downside is its lead acid battery, but proper maintenance helps maximize the battery’s lifespan. If the battery fails to charge, leaving it unplugged from the charger for several hours, then plugging it back in can help.

Ryobi #RY48130

If Ryobi’s reputation appeals to you, but you’re looking for something compact and easy on the wallet, consider model #RY48130. This model’s 30-inch cutting deck manually adjusts in seven positions between 1.5 to 4.5 inches, offering plenty of flexibility for the average lawn.

Its 48V/50Ah battery lets you work for an hour and cover around an acre. As with the 38-inch model, this smaller model is equipped with three brushless motors for serious cutting power, and its 16-inch turning radius makes it easily maneuverable. The Ryobi #RY48130 is a practical option if you’re cutting thick grass or weeds in a tight space with multiple obstacles.

Troy-Bilt TB30 E

From one of the most trusted gardening equipment manufacturers around comes the highly rated Troy-Bilt 30-inch TB30 E. A full charge of the 56V lithium-ion battery lets you mow for around an hour and cover an acre. Better yet, the battery recharges in just four hours. The accurate battery level indicator ensures you won’t run dry in the middle of your work.

This machine easily handles rough ground and slight slopes and can cut in reverse. The mower operates with a simple foot pedal control that lets you easily switch between forward and reverse. Working around trees and landscaping features is effortless with this model’s responsive steering and 18-inch turning radius.

The body is mostly plastic, making the mower particularly lightweight and easy to push away for storage. The front-end suspension gives you a smoother ride. Because the mower lacks anti-scalping wheels, however, the combination of light weight and front-end suspension increase the risk of scalping.

Oddly, although this mower is equipped with a headlight, the control panel isn’t backlit, which makes mowing at dusk a little harder.

Craftsman E150

This compact little riding mower is ideal for small lawns of less than an acre. The lithium-ion 56V battery gives you around an hour of runtime, enough for an acre. Even on low battery it performs well and can power ahead at a brisk 5 mph.

The 30-inch single-blade steel deck has five adjustable cutting heights between 1.5 and 3.75 inches. With a foot pedal for speed control and an 18-inch turn radius, it handles as easily as a golf cart.

most, reliable, electric, mower, lawn, reviews

It’s an exceptionally quiet machine, letting you mow in the early morning without irritating your neighbors. Although it struggles with tall grass and thick grass species such as Bermuda and zoysia, it can get through them if you take it slow. Trying to force the mower through will stop the cutting deck.

It’s designed for flat terrain, but can handle driving straight on slight inclines. The mower’s light weight means it tends to bounce on uneven ground and can get stuck in small pits, but also makes it easy to push into the garage for storage.

As a safety feature to prevent children from using the mower, the motor won’t start without sufficient weight on the seat. The cutting deck turns off in reverse, but you can disengage this feature with the push of a button. The telescoping Soft Touch steering wheel and the adjustable mid-back seat keep you comfortable. A mulching kit is available separately.

Cub Cadet CC 30 e Electric Rider

The Electric Rider was designed with the goal of creating an electric riding mower that’s as effective as a gas model. Its 56V/30 Ah lithium-ion battery gives you an hour of runtime for an acre of mowing. Charge it for 4 hours, and you’re up and running again. The 30-inch single blade deck can be adjusted in five positions between 1.5 to 4 inches.

The pedals provide good speed control at up to 5 mph or 4 mph in reverse, while the responsive steering and 18-inch turning radius makes maneuvering around obstacles easy. It handles tall grass well even in damp conditions.

On level ground, the mower produces an exceptionally even cut, but because it lacks guide wheels, results on uneven ground vary. It’s also prone to getting stuck on roots, mole hills, and divots, which can cause the wheels to spin or the blade to stop.

Unlike many smaller riding mowers, this model is engineered to handle hills of up to 20 percent, and it does the job well, although turning on a hill can be difficult.

A bagger, mulching kit, and hauler are available separately for this side-discharge mower. The high-back, spring cushioned seat with arm rests is built for comfort, and there’s even a USB charging port. It’s one of the pricier models around, but a wise choice if you need a mower that performs reliably on hilly lawns.

Weibang Lithium-ion E-Rider (Model #WB76E)

The E-Rider, powered by a 72V/18AH lithium-ion battery, is built for light work on small lawns. The 30-inch two-blade cutting deck can be adjusted in 10 positions from 1 to 4 inches, giving you precise control over your lawn’s height, while the 18-inch turning radius helps with handling.

The two pedal driving system – right for gas and left for brake – might take some getting used to if you’re new to it. The speed can be hard to finesse when going slow, although this model isn’t particularly fast, running at 3.7 mph or 3.1 mph in reverse. It can mow in reverse and cuts wet grass and weeds with little difficultly.

Slopes are a challenge, however, and the lack of suspension makes for a bumpy ride on uneven lawns. The motor shuts off without enough weight on the seat, which is a helpful safety feature, but considering the rough ride, it can kill the engine unexpectedly when you hit a bump.

It’s an effective mulcher, but no bagger is available. Despite its compact size, it’s comfortable for taller drivers. Even with the blade running, it’s hardly louder than a vacuum cleaner. The main downside is the long battery charging time of 8 hours.

Turf One (Weibang) E-Rider VOLT (Model #30-EB)

Produced by Weibang and sold under the Turf One brand name, this mower is identical to the lithium-ion E-Rider in almost all aspects, including the cutting deck, control panel, speed, and maneuverability.

The difference is that while the E-Rider runs on a lithium-ion battery, the E-Rider VOLT is powered by a traditional lead acid battery. Just like the E-Rider’s battery, the E-Rider VOLT’s battery should give you 120 minutes of runtime on a single charge, enough for a little over an acre. Because it’s lead acid, however, you’ll need to replace it sooner than you would a lithium-ion battery.

To make up for this fact, the E-Rider VOLT sells for a lower price than the E-Rider. That’s a valuable benefit if you need a budget-friendly riding mower this season, but when you’re shopping, pay close attention to the model number to ensure you get the model you want.

Mean Green Nemesis NXR-48/52

Mean Green specializes in professional-grade electric riding lawn mowers and the Nemesis NXR-48/52 is one of its more compact models, designed for large residential lawns and small commercial properties. This powerful zero-turn mower can run for 1.5 hours hours, enough to mow three acres, on the small LEM4880 Green Lithium Battery. If you need more runtime, pick up the large LEM48140 Green Lithium Battery and mow for 2.5 hours.

The cutting deck is made from heavy gauge welded aluminum and equipped with high/low blade speed control. Cutting decks are available in 48- and 52-inch widths to make quick work of large lawns. The anti-scalp wheel mounts help you achieve an even, healthy cut. The rear tires and seat are both designed for comfort, and the mower’s low center of gravity makes driving even smoother.

At almost 650 pounds, it’s a hefty machine, but light for a zero turn model. It’s also surprisingly quiet for its size, running at just 76 dB, quieter than most gas mowers.

All that extra power, runtime, and durability doesn’t come cheap, though. At a price of over 12,000, it’s only worth the investment if you routinely mow spaces of 2 acres or more.

Even with the limited selection of electric riding lawn mowers on the market, there’s a reliable model for every type of lawn. When you’re shopping around, pay attention not just to battery life and cutting deck size, but also to maneuverability, comfort, and how well the mower performs on your type of terrain.

Henry Parker is a home improvement enthusiast who loves to share his passion and expertise with others. He writes on a variety of topics, such as painting, flooring, Windows, and lawn care, to help homeowners make informed decisions and achieve their desired results. Henry strives to write high quality guides and reviews that are easy to understand and practical to follow. Whether you are looking for the best electric riding lawn mower, the easiest way to remove paint from flooring, or the signs of a bad tile job, Henry has you covered with his insightful and honest articles. Henry lives in Florida with his wife and two kids, and enjoys spending his free time on DIY projects around the house. You can find some of his work on Today’s Homeowner, where he is a regular contributor.

What Is The Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower?

Did you know? 38% of all residential lawn mowers sold (including gas mowers) are corded electric? Yep. The split is 50:50 electric to gas. And electric lawn mowers are either corded electric or battery powered.

Electric Lawn Mower Market Breakdown:

  • 14.8 billion/yr – The global market value for electric lawn mowers
  • 76% corded electric
  • 24%battery powered
  • Battery powered market segment growing 2.6x faster than corded electric.

Today we’ll talk about the pros and cons of corded vs. cordless vs. gas mowers and show you the 5 best corded electric on the market (and tell you if they’re the best lawn mower for you).

Why Are Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Still So Popular?

Corded Electric Lawn Mower vs. Cordless Battery Powered vs. Gas Powered

Corded Electric

  • Pros: Lowest price. Same or more power than cordless electric. All the benefits of electric: no maintenance, no fumes, quiet, compact and light for easy storage.
  • Cons: The cord is annoying when mowing. The cord tethers you to your house electric outlets sometimes you need an extension cord to reach the back of your yard. Thus, only suitable for small yards close to the house. Use a brushed universal motor (instead of a brushless) for shorter lifetime and less efficiency.

Cordless Battery Powered

  • Pros: Don’t have to deal with the electric cord. Can mow anywhere as long as you have the batteries. Use a brushless motor for high efficiency, better speed and acceleration and less noise compared to corded electric. All the benefits of electric mowers: low maintenance, low noise, no fumes and no winter storage preparation.
  • Cons: Have to deal with the battery capacity limit of 30 minutes – 1 hour. Are expensive even compared to entry and mid level gas mowers. Generally less powerful than corded electric since they are limited by the batteries which are usually a 40-Volt – 60-Volt system whereas corded are 120-Volt from your home.
most, reliable, electric, mower, lawn, reviews

Gas Powered

  • Pros: Most powerful for cutting the toughest grass giving the nicest looking lawn. Can mow all day with just an extra jerry can. Wide range of mowers available for all price ranges.
  • Cons: Loud. Requires periodic maintenance. Gives off fumes.

What You Need To Know About Extension Cords Before Using One With Your Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Built-in Cord Length

Corded mowers will come built-in with a 30 ft – 50 ft electric cord length. It is almost never enough and you will need to use an extension cord.

Extension Cord Gauge vs. Length

Not all extension cords are made equal.

The gauge/wire thickness of your extension cord matters the same or more as the length.

In the chart below you can see as the gauge of an extension cord decreases the wire thickness increases.

  • 10 gauge is much thicker than 16 gauge.
  • 10 gauge can handle bigger current (amperage) loads than 16 gauge because the wire is thicker and more electrons can flow at one time.

Your corded mower will have a 10 Amp – 13 Amp motor.

You can see from the chart above that if you have the 13 Amp corded mower and want to use a 100-ft extension cable then you need to spend more money and get the 14 gauge.

The 16 gauge cord at 100-ft length can only handle (recommended max) 10 Amps. And so the mower motor will be trying to draw 13 Amps from the 10 Amp cord causing a premature failure or burn out.

The Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Best Overall: Greenworks 13 Amp 21-Inch Corded Mower

We think the best corded electric lawn mower on the market is the Greenworks model #2507702 with a 13 Amp motor and a 21-Inch mowing width.

It is perfect if you have a small lawn you mow once a week and are looking for an affordable mower that doesn’t suck.

With a 13 Amp motor and a 120-Volt home electric circuit the electric motor is able to give the mower blades around 1.5 – 1.7 horsepower (depending on the motor efficiency). This puts in the upper power level of all electric lawn mowers and about 30% of the way to gas power.

This means even if you forget to mow your lawn for 3 weeks the Greenworks corded electric mower will still be able to cut the overgrown grass.

Another feature we love is the ability to choose where you want to put the cut grass clippings. You can mulch, bag it or side discharge. Many corded electrics don’t have this option. It also has a steel deck for great strength and peace of mind when in use as many other corded electrics have nylon or plastic decks.

If you want the best corded electric then check it out here:

Budget Pick: Sun Joe MJ403E 13 Amp 17-Inch

Another great option in the corded electric category is the Sun Joe brand.

Ultimate Electric Mower Battle (Don’t Buy Until You Watch)

They have the most popular electric pressure washer on the market and have learned a thing or two about corded electric lawn equipment.

Their popular lawn mower has everything you would imagine for its mid-100 price range including a 13 Amp motor and metal deck material.

It is not self propelled but it is only 30 pounds and easy to push around the yard – even if you have hills and aren’t the fittest.

It did leave some “mohawk” in the grass that had to be mowed over twice but it was minimal.

If you already have the Sun Joe pressure washer then it makes sense to get the Sun Joe lawn mower.

most, reliable, electric, mower, lawn, reviews

Best for Small Lawns: American Lawn Mower Company 11 Amp 14-Inch

For really small lawns the best corded mower is the little 14-Inch 11 Amp one from American Lawn Mower Company.

It is one of the top 3 most affordable mowers on the market and is American built.

Since it only has 14 inch blades the 11 Amp motor plugged in to your home’s 120-Volt circuit gives enough power to cut your lawn great and leave it looking neat and not uneven.

If you want the lights and easiest push mower to push around your small yard then this is the mower to get.

Runner-up: Black Decker 13 Amp 20-Inch

A runner-up best corded electric mower is the Black Decker also with a 13 Amp electric motor for great cut quality and power.

It is about the same price as the #1 choice Greenworks but a little lighter because it has a nylon deck material instead of steel.

The mower folds up easy and Black Decker has put a great feature on it. They call it “EdgeMax”. It is the blades coming outside the wheel width so you can hug up close to planters and edge work without needing to get the trimmer out.

Also Good: Craftsman 13 Amp 20-Inch

Rounding out the list of the best corded mowers is the Craftsman 13 Amp 20-inch.

In 2017, Stanley Black Decker bought the Craftsman brand from Sears for 900 million. In 2021, Stanley Black Decker bought lawn and garden equipment giant MTD Products for billions.

So now: Craftsman mowers are made by MTD Products who also make Cub Cadet, Troy Bilt, Remington and Bolens products.

The Craftsman is this far down the list because of price. It is more expensive than the others despite not giving any extra features or benefits.

It is the 13 Amp motor, which is great. It has the bagging, mulching and side discharge option. It has an easy to fold handle for simple storage in your garage or shed. It has high ratings from customer users. But still it is more expensive by about 70.

If you love the Craftsman brand then possibly it is on special. Check here:

Other Corded Electric Mowers We Looked Closely At

Here are 3 corded mowers we looked seriously at but decided not to put on the list of the best 4 above.

They are all great mowers in their own right but missed the mark with a few features.

Earthwise 50614

Earthwise is a brand owned and made by American Lawn Mower Company – our #2 pick corded electric mower. They are basically the same mower so we went with the American Lawn Mower Company version since it makes no sense to include 2 of the same mowers in the list. Earthwise brand is the most popular reel mower on the market.

Scotts Outdoor 51519S

John Deere makes Scotts walk behind mowers and American Lawn Mower Company makes their reel mowers. We preferred the above corded electric lawn mowers but still think John Deere/Scotts is a good model which we will keep testing new models.


Q: What is the RPM on my corded mower?

Every electric motor will have a stamped RPM rating. So depending on which brand and model of motor the RPM will be different. Also, it depends on your home electric circuit frequency 50 Hz (3,000 RPM) or 60 Hz (3,600 RPM). But with losses in the system from friction and inefficiency the range of RPM for a corded mower motor could be from 2,200 RPM to 3,200 RPM depending.

most, reliable, electric, mower, lawn, reviews

Q: How many decibels is my corded mower?

Corded mowers use a brushed universal motor and so are louder than battery powered brushless mowers but more quiet than a small gas engine (although somewhat more of an annoying screeching sound).

The decibel rating varies but will be in the 85 – 90 dBA range.

Q: How long (in hours usage) does a corded mower last?

As long as you use the correct extension cord gauge so the motor isn’t overdrawing there is no reason it can’t last 500 hours (2 hours use per week for 5 years). This will vary widely mower to mower and person to person as other things on the mostly plastic corded mowers will fail before the motor.

About your guide: Jamey Kramar is a certified Lawn Care Manager (NALP) and a Mechanical Engineer by trade. He has been writing about outdoor power equipment for 11 years and has been quoted in NYTimes, Popular Mechanics, HowStuffWorks, iFixit,, and more. He spends his spare time disassembling things and also building an off-grid cabin at his 200-acre property.