Patriot Trimmer Won’T Start

The lawn mower will not start, or starts but stalls The lawn mower will not start, or starts but stalls. What is the reason?

The lawn mower will not start, the spark is gone

The loss of a spark entails checking the contacts and the correctness of the gap between them, the conducting wires to the candle and the candle itself.
The way to check the spark is to unscrew the candle, connect a wire to it, put the candle sideways to the motor casing and pull the starter several times as if starting the lawn mower, while looking at the coal and the contact of the candle, a spark should run between them.
If there is no spark, take a new candle, follow the same procedure, if the spark cannot be traced, then there is a problem in the wire or contacts, it is better to replace them.

The lawn mower will not start, or will start but stalls. What is the reason?

To understand this, you need to know the principle of operation of the unit as a whole. It also happens that, just bought, a new saw does not start, and it starts running around the service centers, in such cases it is recommended:

Carefully read the instruction manual;
to study in detail the method of first starting and running in lawn mowers;
try to understand how the product works;
how gasoline is pumped up and so on.

Causes of malfunctioning lawn mowers:

  • The quality of gasoline is poor;
  • Incorrect proportion of gasoline and oil;
  • Clogging of the fine filter;
  • The spark was gone.

The lawn mower starts and stalls. What to do?

1. There is a spark, and everything seems to be normal, but the mower will not start, in such cases you should check the air inlet valve to the fuel tank. A clogged valve leads to the creation of a vacuum in the tank, in which the carburetor does not receive enough gasoline, so the lawn mower will start, but then stall. To exclude this reason, you need to clean the valve and try to start the lawn mower with the tank cap not completely twisted.
2. If this does not start the mower, remove and clean the fuel filter and check all carburetor parts, then try starting. The lawn mower will not start again, the air filter is disconnected, try to start without it, if the mower starts up, the reason is in the air filter, replace it.

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complex reasons for lawn mowers failure

If the step-by-step troubleshooting algorithm does not work, and your scythe still does not start or stalls, it is worth inspecting the carburetor and the engine itself. A clogged carburetor can be one of the reasons for erratic tool performance. There are three main problems here:

  • Clogged ducts or nozzles. All this is cleaned by special washes or blown by a powerful jet of compressed air from the compressor. Do not use needles and wires, as the bore may be damaged;
  • Worn carburetor gasket. Exit replacement of a failed gasket;
  • Violation of tightness. To check this indicator, you can use an ordinary household tonometer, replacing it with a suitable pressure gauge. Watch the readings: if they do not change everything is fine, but if the pressure starts to drop, then some part of the carburetor is faulty. We’ll have to find it and replace it with a new one.
Patriot trimmer won't start

If everything is in order with the carburetor, then the petrol trimmer may not start due to wear of the piston group. If chips, scratches or scuffs are found, the piston or cylinder should be replaced. Piston rings are subject to mandatory checks. A small backlash of the piston when rocking the connecting rod indicates that it is time to change the rings. It is best to entrust this procedure to the specialists of the service center.

How to start diagnosing lawn mowers

If the lawn mower does not start or immediately stalls after starting, it is necessary to sequentially check all the main components and assemblies. The verification algorithm is as follows:

  • Fuel tank (fuel quality);
  • Candle and candle channel;
  • Air filter;
  • Fuel filter;
  • Breather;
  • Outlet channel.

These nodes are most often the source of major problems that can be eliminated after a thorough inspection.

Why the lawn mower won’t start troubleshooting

Caring for a personal plot, summer residents periodically encounter the fact that the lawn mower does not start. There are many reasons for tool failure. For the correct diagnosis of the problem, the owner of a useful unit in the country needs to know the device and the principle of operation of its individual parts.

  • How to start diagnosing lawn mowers
  • Checking the fuel mixture
  • We carry out diagnostics of a candle and a candle channel
  • Lawn mowers filter diagnostics
  • Breather and exhaust port
  • complex reasons for lawn mowers failure
  • Rules for the operation and storage of lawn mowers
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Petrol trimmer Patriot. Reviews, prices, repairs

If you are the owner of a summer cottage where there is a lawn, then you probably cannot imagine a territory without periodic mowing of grass, as well as shrubs. If this is not done, then unkempt vegetation in just one season will turn the cottage into a wasteland overgrown with weeds.

The petrol Patriot trimmer is now on sale in a wide range. Before purchasing, it is important to determine which engine will best suit your application. Most often, the mentioned manufacturer installs single-cylinder two-stroke engines in gasoline trimmers, their power can vary from 0.5 to 3.3 kilowatts. According to users, for the smooth operation of the engine, it will be necessary to prepare a fuel mixture, which consists of a special oil for such engines and AI-92 gasoline. It is unacceptable to use a different brand of gasoline or a different type of fuel, as the engine may start to work unevenly and overheat.

If you are interested in the petrol Patriot trimmer, but you do not have the skills to work with the engines described above, then it is best to purchase a model that works at the expense of a four-stroke engine. A distinctive feature of such units is the absence of the need for preliminary preparation of the mixture. The master will need to pour oil and gasoline into separate containers.

Reviews of devices to ease the load

The Patriot petrol trimmer is undoubtedly capable of facilitating lawn care, but mowing work cannot be called an easy process, since the operating unit creates vibrations. Therefore, it is sometimes quite difficult for the master to hold the instrument in his hands. If you add an impressive weight here, then for a non-professional summer resident, the process can end with pains not only in the back, but also in the arms.

The manufacturer made sure that the load generated by the tool is evenly distributed over the body. A harness is available for this. You must decide which trimmer model you prefer for the particular attachment.

Patriot history of brand foundation and development

Patriot is a relatively young brand that was founded in 2000 in the United States. From the very moment it entered the market, the young company set a course for the active development of its own innovative technologies, which were introduced into branded equipment. At the time of its formation, the American company did not have its own plant, therefore, since 2003, the brand has established the production of its equipment at one of the Chinese factories, where the products of many well-known European enterprises were produced.

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Today, Patriot is actively producing gasoline and electric saws, snow blowers, cultivators, and tillers. The list of the company’s products also includes various types of construction equipment: concrete mixers, water heaters. Among domestic gardeners, the branded electric and gasoline trimmers of the American brand Patriot deserve special attention. Among their main advantages, experts point out endurance, decent build quality and good ergonomics. Each model of the Patriot brand is as easy to use as possible, which makes it possible for any novice gardener to start using it without special preparation.

Electric trimmer Patriot ET 1200 model parameters

The main function of this amateur model is mowing lawns, removing small weeds and woody shrubs, as well as caring for ornamental beds planted in open ground or in a greenhouse.

This Patriot mower is branded with a robust electric motor that delivers stability in the toughest conditions. The motor is equipped with an intelligent 3-level protection against moisture, dust and short circuits.

The force generated by the motor is transmitted to the aluminum gearbox using a flexible drive shaft, which is placed inside a straight collapsible rod. For more convenient use, the model is equipped with a D-shaped plastic handle, the position of which can be changed at the request of the operator.

Factory options for this Patriot mower include:

  • Factory engine power 1.1 kW at 7000 rpm;
  • Coverage when using a cord / knife 46/23 cm;
  • Weight 6.8 kg.

The manufacturer included a reinforced plastic casing, a power cable, a mowing head with a line, and branded transparent glasses in the market delivery set.

Trimmer Patriot 4355 Lawn Mowers Features

This Patriot semi-professional lawn mower differs from its counterparts in its improved proprietary equipment, a smoother cutting line, and significantly increased traction parameters. Light weight and ergonomic bicycle-style handle make the tool more maneuverable and comfortable for long-term use.

All mechanisms and details of the upper part of the model are housed in a shock-resistant case made of reinforced plastic. The trimmer is equipped with a padded shoulder strap that does not chafe or restrict the operator’s movements.

Mower specifications include:

  • The power of the factory internal combustion engine is 2.45 liters. From. At 9000 rpm;
  • Coverage when using a cord / knife 43/23 cm;
  • Weight 7.1 kg.

This Partner trimmer features a straight, non-separable bar that houses a rigid drive shaft. The use of innovative technologies in the production of the latter allowed the manufacturer to reduce losses in engine thrust and make the lawn mower more efficient in all weather conditions.