Replacing the Brushes on a Makita Rotary Hammer With a Receiver

Easy punch. How to choose a punch? What is the difference between a household puncher and a professional one? Punch Selection Tips

The smallest and lightest rotary hammers weighing up to 1.64 kg

The main advantage of the presented models is compactness in the presence of all the necessary functions. The smallest puncher is considered to be the Caliber Master EP-120M model, it weighs only 1.32 kg. and boasts a metal gear case, an integrated jamming clutch and an sds-plus cartridge for quick tool changes.

The weight of other models does not exceed 1.6 kg. All models of small punchers presented below have 2 operating modes. Power from 120 to 450 watts. The maximum diameter of concrete drilling is 10-12 mm. Impact force 1.2-1.5 J.

Replacing the Brushes on a Makita Rotary Hammer With a Receiver

Rotary hammer ENKOR PE-420 / 12ER 50122

Rotary hammer ENKOR PE-420 / 12ER 50122

Electric hammer drill caliber master ep-120m 00000055743

Electric hammer drill caliber master ep-120m 00000055743

Rotary hammer kraton rhe-450-12 3 07 01 022

Rotary hammer kraton rhe-450-12 3 07 01 022

Rotary hammer Caliber Master EP-120M

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The 12 Best Hammers. 2018 Ranking (Top 12)

Are neighbors listening to music loudly? Start the repair!

Posted by: Stepan Kagner

Need to remove the old plaster, drill holes in concrete or brick? You can’t do without a punch. The cost of the instrument starts from 2000 rubles. and reaches hundreds of thousands. So, in order to choose the best punch. you need to clearly determine for what purposes you need this tool.

Unlike a drill, which although the punch is similar, the punch kinematics are based on reciprocating motion. that is why it can deliver powerful blows, turning into a manual jackhammer, and if necessary, on most models the percussion mechanism is blocked, re-qualifying the punch into a powerful drill. And, if power is the main parameter for a drill, then the impact energy, which determines its productivity, deserves the most attention for a punch.

Video: Replacing the Brushes on a Makita Rotary Hammer With a Receiver

  • Cordless Hammers. it is rather a “tool of last chance” with impact energy up to 2 J, less often. more: they are convenient where there is no possibility of connecting to the mains, that is, with a small amount of on-site installation work (autonomy is seriously limited by the energy consumption of the battery).
  • Network punchers with impact energy up to 4 J is an amateur class tool. Most often, such devices wake you up in the morning. Such a puncher is already quite confidently coping with brick or concrete in the shock drilling mode, but the purely shock mode here is more likely “for show”. But the hammerless drilling mode is always useful, especially if the tool provides for quick installation of the cam chuck under the drill.
  • Professional Network Hammers. a technique not only of increased strength, but also with much greater impact energy. As a rule, it fluctuates within 20 J. and this is by no means the same as hitting a standard cartridge 7.62×39 with a bullet from a distance of 1300 m: it seems not dangerous, but I don’t feel like testing it myself. Such a puncher can successfully replace a jackhammer, but the requirements for it are much more stringent: a professional tool is forced to constantly work in a dusty space with minimal service interruptions.

Which punch manufacturer is the best?

The market was filled with fakes on Japanese and German models of perforators. They differ primarily in their cheapness and ugly quality. Do not save. a reliable tool, proven over the years, cannot cost a penny. Foreign brands with a worldwide reputation: Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Hilti, Hitachi, Kress, Metabo, AEG. Popular Russian brands. Interskol and Bison.

The best cordless rotary hammers

This hammer drill could claim the status of a professional, if it were more powerful. yet 2 J for frank use in hard work is frankly small. But then the creators approached the design wisely and thought out the instrument to the smallest detail. Firstly, it is quite compact, although it weighs solidly. 3.3 kg. Secondly, he has reliable vibration protection, and not only his hands, but also the lithium-ion battery itself. the first time it gets into your hands, it’s true that many people have the question “why does the battery hang out”? In fact, it doesn’t “hang out”, but “mounted on a flexible suspension”. unusual, but it saves the vibration-sensitive and expensive lithium-ion resource. Its capacity is small (3 ampere-hours), but in practice, having the ability to turn on the charger, you can make sure that this is the optimal balance between capacity, autonomy and charging time: while one is discharged, the other will have time to charge.

Fastening the cutting tool. SDS-Plus (more about the differences at the end of the article). For drills with a diameter of up to 32 mm, it is actually standard, so there will be no problems when buying a tool. The rotary hammer has a hammerless drilling mode, the maximum rotation speed is 950 rpm, and with electronic stabilization. But the drill chuck is not included.

The main unpleasant moment in the BHR242RFE was its sound: using a high-speed engine to reduce power consumption, Makita engineers will be forced to work only with protective headphones, otherwise cacophony beating on the ears will quickly tire your hearing. Were the revenge to neighbors category in our ranking of the best punchers, Makita would get a worthy place there too.

  • Ergonomics and reliable vibration protection.
  • Modern lithium-ion battery.
  • Good protection of mechanisms against dust.