What Bus Can Be Put On The Stihl 260

Features of the Stihl MS 250 chain saw:

It is used in construction and for felling small trees. The saw is equipped with a vibration protection system. For safety, an instant chain stop lever is provided, which is triggered if the hand slips off the saw.

A chainsaw is one of the most necessary and available tools for almost any happy owner: neither a summer resident nor the owner of a private house can do without it. Logging, trimming of trees and shrubs, construction or repair of arbors, benches, verandas, etc. A chainsaw is always the first assistant in such household chores. Professional masters at serious construction sites and sawmills will not do without it.

Classification of saw tires

A saw headset refers to the working elements of a chainsaw, which are intended for direct cutting: chain and tire.

One of the factors that affect the choice of a particular model is the type of tire and its length. Chainsaws for chainsaws are classified as follows:

  • narrow flat. works in tandem with the low-profile chain of a non-professional household chainsaw, minimizes the risk of injuries due to the practical absence of the “kickback” effect, which is especially important for beginners of chainsaw;
  • lightweight. It is made of two steel plates connected by a polyamide layer. This design significantly reduces the total weight of the chainsaw itself, which can serve as a serious advantage when performing some kind of work;
  • interchangeable tire. It is installed on professional chainsaws of medium and high power, used for a large volume of long-term work.

The type of tire is a serious characteristic, but not the only one that must be considered when buying a chainsaw.

What Bus Can Be Put On The Stihl 260

Tire length Pay attention!

What is not the last thing that catches your eye when choosing chainsaws is the size of the tires: it depends on them how large the logs can be cut.

The length of the chainsaw tire is one of the most important parameters affecting the convenience, speed and safety of work. This characteristic should be consistent with the operating power of the chainsaw engine, which is why any serious manufacturer in the technical passport of their products indicates the recommended parameter for the length of the tire.

What is fraught with the thoughtless use of too long or too short tires?
It should start with the fact that the tire size recommended by the manufacturer of the chainsaw cannot be exceeded categorically. Smaller size is allowed within reasonable limits, but also not recommended: there is an opinion that a short chain provides less load on the tool, but it should be remembered that this causes serious harm to the saw set. The permissible deviation range must be specified by the manufacturer in the technical documentation attached to the saw.

Long chainsaw chains give greater convenience when working with material that is significant in volume, for example, for making deep cuts in a thick log. However, the use of a long tire paired with a low-power unit will give one disappointment: engine power will not be enough to rotate the crankshaft, which means that fast sawing will be simply impossible. The sawing process will be slow, gasoline consumption will be increased, the engine will instantly wear out.

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A shorter tire length with a properly selected tool power will ensure a high cutting speed and will be optimal for use with small trees or boards.

The length of the saw tire, as a rule, is indicated in inches by both foreign and domestic manufacturers. Tires are marked in increments of 2 inches. The following is the equivalent in the usual metric length system:

Acquiring a tire is not easy

When buying a tire that is different from the original model, it is likely that the old chain does not interconnect with the new tire. Ideal option: try on all three key components. a pair of bus / chain and, in fact, the gas tool itself. An insignificant difference, sometimes not even noticeable to the eye, in just one link may turn out to be critical for the entire assembly: the chain either will not dress at all or it will sag.

The next point: different chainsaws are designed for different widths of tire grooves, respectively, and the leading links are designed for use with different tires. The wide grooves of the chainsaw are designed to be able to withstand significant loads of the chain, characterized by high quality workmanship and work efficiency. When choosing a chain, it is important to check the possible width for this model of chainsaw.

Brief Summary

Balanced between a chainsaw, a chain and a carefully selected tire will allow you to work efficiently and quietly, without wasting excessive physical and material resources. And you should always understand that the choice of components of the chainsaw process, including the choice of tire, depends on the type of wood being processed, working conditions, professional skills of the master. all this is purely individual and comes with experience.

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Like this chainsaw stihl MS 250 (without primer) in general, it is true to launch cool. Bought a long time ago, I use it occasionally. Which was last year decided to take advantage. As before, with the shutter closed, pulled the lace 3-5 times. no "contractions" (after which the shutter opens and a normal start is made). Thought overfilled, poured a candle. I vented it, rubbed it, burned through, "aired" cylinder. Again does not grab. I repeated the function again, later put the newest candle. the same effect, do not run. I went to the service. there they twisted something, started and said: on saws without a primer, with a cool start, you do not need to wait for the setting, pull it for two or three times, and then open the shutter and let it go. Is it so?

The unit is naturally sensitive to "fill"however a flash is bound to become. If the saw is working and the carburetor is adjusted as it should. The start-up procedure for all saws is similar. Only one thing is not clear: if you ventilated the cylinder and put another candle, then from the middle position it should have started (if there was a shift). True, the only case was in my practice, when the tool was launched cool in general without suction, later hot, too, with half a turn, idling, acceleration, traction. our client remains normal. Alas, there was one such 250. out of several 10s. For you, for insurance, you can try it at first, because they read: do not wait for the seizure, if it does not start (most likely), then even because it is necessary.

The filter was mostly cleaned, in addition not to have much dust there and the chain was ground, but didn’t want to cut. The tip of the tire cuts relatively normally, and when

I do not recommend switching to this saw at 325 steps. Well, the advantages and disadvantages. here it can be said a little differently, it depends more on the cubic capacity of the saw. I generally like 3 / 8P. 325 has a much larger tooth, and I personally would put it on saws with a power of about 3 kW. Here, we have one prof. the lumberjack put on step 3/8 P and. saw saws easier and faster. Also, if you put such a step on Huskvarna 137. will also be better verified. Now on some household Husqvarna they put a step of 3/8 mini (the same as 3 / 8P). And on the 250th, a thickness of 1.3 will be better than 1.5. I also think that a loose sprocket will be better. First, when it wears out and requires replacement. you don’t need to completely change the clutch plate (together with the sprocket), but only the drive ring. that is, a freely mounted removable sprocket is cheaper. And secondly, the removable sprocket moves slightly more than the soldered one, this is also checked. So which side do not look. interchangeable is better.