Replacing the oil seals with Huter Benzotrimmer.

Repair and lubrication of a trimmer gearbox for grass

With frequent, intensive use of motorcycles, the gearbox can start to heat up or make sounds uncharacteristic for its normal operation, for example, rattle. This indicates that the mechanism must be lubricated. If this is not done on time, then more serious problems will arise (for example, gears will be quickly worn out and you will need to replace them), up to jamming. Other breakdowns also arise with the transmission mechanism. Reducer repair and lubrication can be performed independently. for this you just need to familiarize yourself with the features of these work and stock up on some available tools.

The gearbox of a trimmer for grass is a node that transfers the rotational movement of the engine shaft to the knife or fishing line. It is located on the lower end of the motorcycle rod. The gear node is also designed to lower the engine speed of the trimmer for grass.

The mechanism consists depending on the model of the motokos of several gears rotating at a high speed. As a result of this, they heat up due to severe friction. If the lubricant is not enough, or it is not at all, then the process leads to a strong overheating and failure of the parts, and, accordingly, the need to carry out a difficult repair. So that this does not happen, lubricate the gear node in time. Misused gearbox is presented in the photo below.

The reducers of modern trimmers of different models from various manufacturers differ from each other by the design and the size of the seat. It happens:

The most common diameters of round seats are 24, 25.5 and 26 mm.

Motokos is equipped with gearboxes with different types of gears:

  • conical;
  • worm;
  • spiroid;
  • cylindrical;
  • planetary;
  • wave;
  • combined.

Drive shaft and gearbox are very loaded nodes of a trimmer for grass, which are largely susceptible to wear. Between them, the movement is transmitted due to the adhesion of the teeth of the gears located at different angles to each other. Effective gear works only if there are no mechanical damage. In this case, the mechanism should not overheat, otherwise its jamming may occur.

The main malfunctions of the gearbox and ways to eliminate them

With a gearbox of an electric or gasoline trimmer for grass, various breakdowns occur. The most frequent of them are presented in the table further. There you can also find the reasons for their occurrence and methods of elimination.

Reducer malfunction Possible causes of breakdown The method of elimination
The gear node is heavily warmed up the use of unsuitable (low.quality) lubrication or its absence you need to replace or add lubricants
The gears are new and did not get sick It should be worked for a short time for a time without strong loads with regular stops so that the mechanism manages to cool
shaking of the shaft during rotation, the appearance of backlash and knocking destruction or significant wear of any of the bearings replace the failed bearing with a new
The transmission mechanism flies from the rod of motorcycles or stagger Damage to its body It is necessary to replace the part
In some cases, with minor damage, a clamp made of metal, a place with a fault is carried out
not fixed on the pipe wear of the docking area you can make a winding from the insulating tape at the mounting site or change the bar
The output shaft with a knife does not rotate or stops in case of an increase in the load wear of the teeth on the gears or one of them It is required to replace the interacting pair of worn details

Bearings are destroyed due to the use of inappropriate lubrication or due to its absence. Their damage is also caused by severe operating conditions of motorcycles and the ingress of extraneous particles of the material (for example, broken metal teeth of mechanical transmissions) due to the fact that the integrity of the anthers is violated.

To remove the bearing, you need to disassemble the gearbox and use a special puller. If it is not, then you can try to do it with a hammer with a mentor. In this case, work should be carefully so as not to damage the seat. Using the pre.heating method to shoot the bearing is not recommended. This is due to the fact that the metal may lose the required operational characteristics.

If the knife ceases to rotate under load or stands still, then this is accompanied by an uncharacteristic sound.

Most gearboxes can easily be eliminated with your own hands. Replaced details are recommended to purchase “relatives” designed for the used motorcosa.

Replacing the Motoboblock Essle Huter

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Switching range of trimmers Huter accepted for repairs

We carry out repair of the following trimmers models (benzos, electric fan) Huter:

  • Models of Benzotrimmers and Benzosos Huter GGT-800T Benzotrimmer Huterremont
  • Repair of the Benzotrimmer Huter GGT-1000T
  • Repair of the Benzotrimmer Huter GGT-800S
  • Repair of the Benzotrimmer Huter GGT-1000S
  • Repair of the Benzotrimmer Huter GGT-1300S
  • Repair of the Benzotrimmer Huter GGT-1300T
  • Repair of the Benzotrimmer Huter GGT-1500S
  • Repair of the Benzotrimmer Huter GGT-1500T
  • Repair of the Benzotrimmer Huter GGT-1900S
  • Repair of the Benzotrimmer Huter GGT-1900T
  • Repair of the Benzotrimmer Huter GGT-2500S
  • Repair of the Benzotrimmer Huter GGT-2500T
    Repair of the electrimmer Huter Get-1000s

Dismantling of gasoline braids for grass, lubrication of its parts and replacing faulty elements

To disassemble the lawn mower to carry out repair work, in general, the following devices will be needed:

  • set of screwdrivers (with different tips) and wretched keys;
  • a small puller for removing bearings;
  • special candle key;
  • a hammer.

In each case, you need to disassemble individual nodes.

It should be borne in mind that the starter (start.up) in a number of models is non.devastated. in this case, with problems with it, only replacing the element is possible. If the node is disassembled, then it can be repaired by removing and replacing the rope and the spring, or by installing the latter in place (when it exit from the gearing).

Analysis and replacement of the bar

Quite often it is required to repair a trimmer bar for grass. It is a design from such parts:

  • a drive shaft of steel, which has multifaceted or square slots on the upper and lower ends;
  • aluminum tubes;
  • plastic sleeve designed to maintain a centralized position of the drive shaft in the tube (so that there is no vibrations);
  • shock absorber made of rubber required for connecting the bar with the motor;
  • steering wheel with a handle used to control, and a stand, belt.

In some models, the shock absorber is between the steering rack and the bar. All control elements (lock lever, ignition switch, gas button) are located on the handle.

A conical angular gearbox is connected to the lower end of the bar, but some light models are available without it. This is due to the fact that their bar has a curved shape, and the shaft is a flexible cable.

How to disassemble the bar and then collect it to lubricate the shaft or its replacement, in detail is placed in the video further. In the same way they change the broken bar for a new.

Often it happens that the multifaceted or square slots of the drive shaft “lick”, while the working mechanism does not rotate or does it with a feather. Then the shaft is changed.

2 Stroke Crank Shaft Oil Seals. How To Test And Correctly Remove Them.

When a knock appears in the tube, you should disassemble the bar and check the condition of the sleeve, and if necessary, replace it. How to properly assemble a gas handle on a trimmer, is considered in the video below.

If there is no rod, suitable for installation, then you can pull the broken place with a clamp or apply the likeness of the tire. Such a measure is temporary, so you should make a replacement as soon as possible.

Clutch repair

When a knife or fishing line for a trimmer when operating the engine at idle is almost constantly spinning, and uncharacteristic sounds come from the front of the motor, this indicates a clutch clutch breakdown. The reason is a bursting spring. At the same time, the technique mows normally.

If there is a slip, then in addition, the pads have worn out.

The traffic trimmer is repaired as follows:

  • Remove the lid from the silencer;
  • remove a metal stand;
  • After remove the lids of the cylinder and the starter to gain access to clutch;
  • unscrew the side screws to remove the shock absorber lid;
  • They take out the tube from it, having previously let the tightening bolts;
  • unwind the clutch (presented in the photo further);
  • examine the condition of the spring, pads and bearings;
  • They cling to a new spring, passing the hooks into the corresponding holes;
  • To replace the pads, you need to remove the spring, and then unscrew the bolts on them.

If necessary, stop the crankshaft using, for example, ropes.

Repair of a gasoline engine, carburetor and gearbox

Malfunctions with the engine can be caused by problems with the piston system, seals, rings. To eliminate them, it is necessary to remove the drive motor.

To determine what exactly caused the breakdown is not easy. In the presence of a guarantee, the mechanism should be attributed to the service center for diagnosis and repair. If you turn to specialists for help, it should be borne in mind that the most commonly required to replace the piston rings. To do this, you need to disassemble the engine, get the piston. Do this in the following sequence:

  • Remove the lid of the plastic case, unscrewing the screws or pressing the clamps;
  • disconnect the bar with the crankshaft;
  • Remove the cylinder head;
  • take out the piston and rings;
  • if necessary, they are replaced;
  • carry out the assembly in the reverse order.

The rings should be installed carefully, because they are quite fragile.

How the piston is placed and the seals are replaced during the repair of the engine, it is clearly shown in the videos further:

With regular use of the lawn mower, a gearbox may break. Histers, bearings wear out in it (they can also break). For this to happen infrequently, this node should be regularly lubricated. The frequency is almost always indicated in the operational instructions for the model used (at least once per season). A video below can serve as a repair instructions.

To grease the gearbox, unscrew the cork and simply squeeze out a suitable lubricant inside the node, scrolling off the shaft.

Your own carburetor can only be removed and cleaned, and also replace the gasket between it and the engine. The tightness of the node at home is determined quite problematic. The main thing is to properly assemble equipment after repair, so that the trimmer for the grass works without problems.

Repair yourself or give to the service center

It should be understood that not any problem can be solved independently. Not every owner of the chainsaw has a compressometer at home or a special device that allows you to create a vacuum and the right pressure, for example, to check the crankcase for tight. In this case, you just can not do from contacting relevant specialists.

If you are sure that you can collect a chainsaw after disassembly, then a screwdriver in your hands. To establish the true cause of the problem, it is necessary to analyze the condition and features of the saw behavior.


In most cases, the following problems are found in the engine:

  • the engine stopped starting;
  • The engine starts, but after some time stalls;
  • The engine is not able to develop the necessary power;
  • The engine works extremely unstable.

How to check the crankshaft oil seals

The presence of the leaks of the oil seals can be checked only by reaching the crankshaft itself, and carefully examined it for the subject. How to do this, you can familiarize yourself with

How to check compression on a chainsaw

With a compression level below 8 atmospheres, the engine will not have enough power, which means that the chainsaws will not be able to fully function.

  • Remove the protective cover and unscrew the candle.
  • Insert the tip of the compressometer into the hole where the candle should be located.
  • Using the starting cord, betray the piston rotation and remember the maximum indications of the measurement device.
replacing, seals, huter, benzotrimmer

How to put a piston on a chainsaw correctly

Work to replace the piston for most models of modern chainsaws is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • The upper and side caps are removed.
  • The candle is twisted.
  • Removed from the shock absorbers of the stopper and disconnected from the hull pen.
  • The leading star and starter are removed.
  • A piston lock is installed in the candle hole and the nut, fixing the flywheel and the clutch, is untwisted.
  • The flywheel, clutch clutch, oil pump, located immediately behind the clutch mechanism is removed.
  • The screws are untwisted, fastening the carburetor and air filter, after which these nodes are removed along with the engine control lever.
  • The ignition coil is removed, as well as a muffler.
  • The saw is turned upside down and, having unscrewed the mounting screws to the body, the engine is disconnected.
  • The pallet is spinned and the piston is removed.
  • Since the piston is removed only with the crankshaft, then to disconnect it, it is necessary to extract the locking rings.
  • The old piston changes to a new, but as neatly as possible. Caused by the high fragility of compression rings.
  • Carter is put in place, and instead of laying, a sealant is used.

All subsequent actions are carried out according to the algorithm, the return of disassembly.

how to check the crankshaft crankshaft oil seals

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How to replace a leaking oil seal

In this video, we will consider how to quickly replace the crankshaft crankshaft oil seals or motorcycles.

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Repair of the Chinese lawn mower of the centaur (disassembly, replacement of oil seals, clutch)

Dismantling the engine of the lawn mower, which has been lying for more than two years after the breakdown. What are the first malfunctions when disassembling the engine. What you need to pay attention to the first disassembly. at home. We do everything ourselves with our own hands. We construct and repair ourselves ourselves. Production of small agricultural equipment for processing the garden. Repair of motorized equipment, chainsaws and benzosos. of household electrical engineering. Light and affordable repair of automobile and motor vehicles.

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Our competitive advantages

Mtd, Husqvarna, Caiman, EFCO, Champion, Bolens, Solo, Oleo-Mac, Stihl, Echo, Honda, Partner, Patriot, Stiga, DDE, as well as the repair of Chinese trimmers.

Revenue prices

Name of works Price in rubles
Diagnostics (during repair diagnostics is not paid) 600
Complex maintenance (consumables and work) 1800
The overcoming of the engine 2500
Replacing the cylinder 1500
Replacing the crankshaft of the engine 2500
Replacing the spark plug 100
Replacing the piston 1500
Replacing the piston ring 1500
Replacing the engine oil seals 1500
Replacing the intake pipe 300
Replacing the flywheel 500
Replacing the flywheel gap 500
Clutch replacement 500
Replacement of the clutch coupling drum 500
Replacement of the clutch clutch spring 500
Replacement of dogs/springs 300
Carburetor replacement and adjustment 500
Replacing Magneto 500
Replacing the muffler 200
Carter replacement 500. 900
Replacing crankcase gaskets 500. 900
Replacement of the primer of fuel pumping 100
Replacing the fuel tank 500
Replacing the fuel hose 200
Fuel/Filter replacement 300
Replacing the air filter 100
Replacement (removal and installation) of the gas cable 100
Replacement of trigger/gas blocker 500
Replacement of high.voltage wires 500
Replacing a manual starter 500. 1000
Replacing the starter spring 500
Replacing the starter cord 600
Replacing the ignition switch 200
Replacing the bar 500
Shaft replacement/rods 200
Replacing a protective casing 100
Replacing a knife 100
Replacement of a spray 100
Replacement of fishing line in a spool 100
Replacing the gearbox 300
Repair of a hand starter 500. 1500
Repair of the carburetor 600. 2500
Carburetor adjustment 500
Adjusting the gase cable 100
Adjustment of valves 1400
Fuel system cleaning 600. 800
Gear lubrication 100

Gromov Sergey has been working since 2006.

A certified specialist in the repair of Sadovo-Parkova, communal equipment of all brands. Specialization: post.warranty and warranty repair of gasoline lawn mowers and others. technology.

Pavel Lebedev has been working since 2009.

Manager of the Department of complaints, warranty and post.gamantial repairs. Carries out techniques for warranty and post.warranty repair, sale of spare parts, consultations.

Kuznetsov Dmitry has been working since 2006.

Specialist for repairing garden and park equipment. Specialization: post.warranty repair of gasoline garden equipment of all brands.

Alexander Sorokin has been working since 2010.

Manager of Sadovaya, Parkovaya, Communal Technique Department. Carries out the reception, issuance of equipment from repair, the sale of spare parts and components, conducting practical and technical consultations.

Kurbatov Vladimir has been working since 2005.

Asseting device and common malfunctions

The easiest way to give the lawn mower for repairs, allocating a certain amount of funds from the family budget, operational and high.quality repair with your own hands is no less simple and convenient to understand the design of the lawn mower and fix all the problems.

  • top part. The basis of the entire structure, where all important elements are collected, such as the starter, carburetor and the engine of the lawn mower;
  • middle part. Hollow rod, inside it is a cable connecting the engine and gearbox, which sets the cutting fishing line for the trimmer. In this part there are mounts for the distribution of weight of the entire structure and a belt for fixing a trimmer for grass on a belt of a person using a trimmer for grass for its intended purpose;
  • Bottom part. It has a gearbox and cutting elements that are hidden under a practical casing, which protects the user. The casing provides an increased level of safety, preventing large fractions of garbage, pebbles and glass in a person while working with a gas station.

Knowing the internal device and the principle of operation of the trimmer for grass, you can independently carry out repair measures for the design or replace individual unusability of the nodes using the repair instructions.

  • engine malfunction, due to which the lawn mower is not started and does not work;
  • enhanced vibration of the bar motorcosa, which complicates its targeted use;
  • increased overheating of the gearbox, its accelerated heating during operation;
  • slow and weak functioning of the cutting fishing line at insufficient speeds;
  • the clogging of the starter grill causing the engine overheating and its refusal to work;
  • rapid and frequent clogging of the carburetor due to the use of poor.quality fuel;
  • clogging of the air filter in case of non.compliance with measures to care for the device.

All these problems can lead to the fact that the device will lose its ability to work before ordering the necessary spare parts for non.bosomeds should be carried out by a visual inspection and diagnosis of the device.

Special attention is required by individual spare parts and assemblies of the device, to verify them, you will not have to turn to a professional master, a complex of diagnostic measures will help to identify a consequence of the occurrence of a loss of performance.

Determination of the causes of the malfunction

If the trimmer engine for grass does not start or stalls immediately after starting, when overheating or during the functioning of the device, extraneous noises are heard and vibration is clearly felt, it is important to perform a visual inspection and identify a non.working node.

  • the presence of fuel in the tank and lubrication in the main nodes;
  • serviceability of the spark plug and its performance;
  • the purity of the fuel and air filter motorcycles;
  • Cutting of the exhaust channel and the device’s saepun;
  • The quality of the used fuel and lubricants.

To determine the functional performance of the ignition of the lawn mower, you should determine whether the candle works by testing the appearance of a spark in contact with the body of the functional device.

The spark plug itself can be changed to a new one, after driving the candle canal, if necessary, the old element is also dried, cleaned with special devices and returned to place.

The device of the lawn mower

As already mentioned, you can fix some minor breakdowns yourself, but it is still important to understand how this tool is arranged. The main action of this device depends on the spinning shaft, thanks to which the twisting moment is transmitted to the corresponding drive, which is considered a power.

Further, such a rotation is transmitted to the installed gearbox due to the corresponding clutch mechanism. After that, the elements that are designed for trimming begin to cut the bushes and grass, and the speed of this process depends on the number of revolutions in a particular model.

Basically, all malfunctions of braids for grass that operate on gasoline are associated with one of the data of components.

Typical errors in the operation of the lawn mower

In our service center you can order \ purchase spare parts and accessories for Huter trimmers. We work as a pre-distribution of spare parts. The most common positions are always in our warehouse! We order unique spare parts and accessories directly from the manufacturers without margins, the delivery time of their delivery varies in the range from 5 to 30 working days.

The presence, completeness and cost of the necessary spare parts can be clarified without problems by calling us by phone or leaving a request for spare parts on the site.

Typical breakdown of trimmers Huter

According to Servy statistics, the main malfunctions when working with Huter trimmers are:

replacing, seals, huter, benzotrimmer
  • The Huter benzotrimmer does not start, there is no spark formation of the cause: the spark plug is faulty, the ignition coil (magneto), damage to the parts of the manual starter, the fuel system, wear the cylinder-piston group is faulty;
  • The gasoline trimmer for Huter grass stalls, possible causes: blockage of the fuel system (no fuel supply), wear of the cylinder-piston group, a carburetor, an air filter clogged;
  • Huter cutting nozzle does not rotate, the main reasons: wear of the clutch parts (fists, springs, clutch cup), wear of the drive shaft, the gearbox is defective.
  • Huter does not turn on the electric trimmer for the grass: the power button is not good, the power cable, the wear of the graphite brushes, the engine burned out (either the whole or separately stator, rotor) is not proper;
  • The Huter electrimmer does not spin the cutting nozzle, possible reasons: the wear of the shaft adapter (the sleeve connecting the engine shaft and the shaft of the trimmer for the grass), the gearbox failed, and the trimmer shaft for the grass failed;
  • The engine of the engine is sparking for Huter grass, the main reasons: the engine completely burned out, or separately a stator or rotor burned down.

These defects are typical of trimmers (benzos and electric fan) Huter: some are more common, others less often. And not rarely occur due to the simplest reasons: improper operation (maintenance is not carried out), the use of non-high-quality benzo-mixture (oil and gasoline) or changes and jumps in the power of the electric network, many hours of uninterrupted operation of the trimmer for grass, mowing herbal coating not corresponding to the technical capacities of a trimmer for grass. However, all breakdowns with a proper and professional approach are easily repaired by specialists of the Servy service center.

Just leave a request for the repair of Huter trimmers on the site or call us by phone. our specialists SC “Service” will answer any of your questions.


The exact repairs are always indicated only after diagnosis. The cost of “Service” services is introductory in nature and can be changed after the diagnosis of your technique. With each client, we work individually and a detailed calculation of the repair price is made in accordance with the level of complexity of the breakdown of a particular type of equipment. Spare parts that we use in the repair are paid separately. Calculation based on data from the Servy client base.