Review Of Professional Trimmer “Stihl Fs 250”

Portable trimmer Stihl fs 250 is designed for clearing plots of any area from young grass, weeds and shrubs. The high-performance model is equipped with a powerful two-stroke engine and is professional agricultural equipment. The professional Stihl 250 trimmer easily copes with the dried-up branches of trees. Innovative technologies used in the production of the engine can significantly save fuel. The product is designed for daily use.


With an ideal ratio of weight and power, as well as torque, the Stihl fs 250 gas mower quickly copes with its tasks. The trimmer is easily held thanks to ergonomic rubberized handles and double shoulder straps. For adjustment of handles on height, the tool is not required.

Then you can get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the product:

  • The power of the gasoline engine. 2.2 horsepower. Working volume. 40.2 cm ³.
  • Shaft rotation speed. 8300 rpm.
  • Mowing width. 420 millimeters.
  • The presence of electronic ignition and quick engine start.
  • The presence of a pump for pumping gasoline.
  • Simplified replacement of cutting elements.
  • Folding straight bar.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 640 grams.

High level of reliability.

Professional trimmer Stihl fs 250 weighs 6 kilograms. Only high-quality materials are involved in its production. Checking their quality is carried out with special devices. Ready-made trimmers are tested in production halls, and then special conditions (dampness, cold, dryness) are created for their testing. Thanks to numerous and diverse testings, the professional mower Stihl 250 is recognized as a reliable, efficient garden tool.
In the production of this, trimmer uses light materials. It allows you to mow the grass for several hours without feeling tired. Despite its low weight and compactness, the professional Stihl fs 250 trimmer is reliable and demonstrates incredible productivity.
Owners of the product in question will enjoy a simple and fast service. Access to the units in need of maintenance does not require a special tool that allows you to change the defective parts quickly. Due to this, time is significantly saved, so necessary for workers.

Stylish design.

The Stihl fs 250 trimmer is distinguished by a recognizable corporate identity where elegance is combined with simplicity. The product is not only convenient in operation but also has a rather attractive appearance. All connections, gasoline control cable and wires are insulated (hidden in the rod). Due to this, it is impossible to damage them.
The controls are located on the handle, which means they are always at hand. Besides, the model is perfectly balanced. It allows you to work without feeling tired for a long time. Handles are rotated 90 degrees with the central thumbscrew.
When buying a trimmer, do not use the services of unknown intermediaries. Otherwise, you can get the low-quality counterfeit product.