What Is A Trimmer Nozzle For An Outboard Motor?

The idea of ​​a very lightweight outboard motor for small boats, including the simplest ones. rubber today is interested in many hunters and fishermen. It is important to note that the cost of such a motor is quite high and maintenance, however, like the details. In this case, many very often began to use motor trimmers, which are now very popular and common.

What is the nozzle for trimming trimmer in boat motor?

Principle of operation.

The trimmer has a higher speed of rotation of the blades, which makes it possible to navigate through the water at a higher speed, which will allow you to start fishing faster than with a motor. Everyone has seen how the trimmer works. as it cuts the lawn and ordinary grass, but here, its blades are turned in the other direction, and at the same time, it performs the function of the most economical motor.
But if the trimmer is lower, the speed will be lower. But the main disadvantage of a trimmer compared to ordinary boat motors is that they are very loud and should not be used to the full if you do not want to scare away the fish.

Should I buy a trimmer trim for a boat motor.

It is impossible to give an unequivocal answer to this question, since someone is very used to motors on boats, while others have never used them. At the same time, if you want a really powerful boat for yourself, then naturally installing the standard trimmer will be the most profitable and effective solution. But it should be borne in mind that this option is universal. As mentioned above. the most important thing to competently combine.
Many experts recommend blades similar to the blades of your old motor. It is essential that it is necessary to install in strict accordance with the instructions.
Besides, you should pay attention to the fact that you need to take extra fuel with you, as well as an ordinary lawn mower should be allowed to “take a rest” because due to very long use, the trimmer-motor can fail right on the water.
The larger the blades, the more effective the trimmer will be.

Alteration of trimmer is as follows:

Initially, there is an alteration of the main bent shaft: first, a regular nut is removed from the reel with a special line. It is a small tube, the length of which is 20 mm.
At the same time, the nut should be preserved, since the thread on the trimmers is extraordinary and it is almost impossible to find the same.
Then remove the plastic pad with the keys. After that, at the very end of the most bent pipe is a standard bronze bush (often called a plain bearing). it must be carefully cut out, then the stern shaft must be removed, the nut and the metal shaft must be unscrewed.
The most important thing is to choose the right blades. Here everything depends on the size of your boat.
It is vital to pay attention to the factor that the best solution would be to enter “engines for a boat” in the search and go to the website where the engines are sold and ask a question to a consultant who offers you his help — you say your size. Car, and then when you get the right motor, you need to look at the specifications and find out the dimensions of the blades.

Trimmer benefits.

Many will naturally ask why the trimmer. It has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • light;
  • convenient;
  • economical;
  • very powerful;
  • has basic controls: starter, gas knob;
  • supplemented by a specially “foot” that allows you to adjust the power.