Rotary mower with their own hands for a mini-tractor

Rotary mower for mini-tractor: specifics of work, the best models

Everyone remembers the Soviet Union in different ways: some with undisguised nostalgia, some with undisguised irritation. But we cannot deny the fact that in those days certain forms of property, whether apartments or country plots, were allocated to citizens, completely free of charge. We will not speak about their quality, but the fact was.

Many would count on a standard six hectare plot allotted by the state and then do with it what you want. Grow seedbeds and hotbeds or just relax there on weekends.

But over time, has changed not only the state system, but also the needs of people. it has steadily grown up. And we can already observe how people own more than one such country-plot, the area of some of them exceeds several tens and hundreds of hectares. On such a scale it is possible to organize a business, and to build houses, if only there were funds.

But the owners of such estates will inevitably face the question. how to handle and how to care for such a huge area? If the notorious six hectares can be handled by an ordinary mower, the larger area requires quite different costs and equipment. The best solution to this issue will be the purchase of tractor equipment, or a mini-tractor.

The complete set of a mini-tractor includes a variety of attachments and fixtures, responsible for a particular front of work. During the winter season snow removal heads will be indispensable, in spring plows and cultivators will be needed, and in autumn heads for harvesting potatoes and grain will be useful. In summer, a rotary mower for a mini-tractor shows particular efficiency in cleaning and maintenance of lawns and lawns.

How to choose a rotary mower

The technique should fit the landscape and the purpose of the work (making hay for the livestock or just mowing the lawn). The main technical criteria. width and height of mowing, mounting type, productivity, maximum slope, and required power of a mini-tractor.

According to the purpose

All rotary equipment is divided into two types:

  • Lawn mowers. models for shredding greenery. Their sphere. lawn care, primary field treatment, mulching (surface soil covering).
  • Haymakers are units for cutting grass and laying it in ridges (swaths). This technique is used to prepare fodder for livestock.

By the way of fastening

  • Trailed. rear-mounted minitractor mowers. They cut low the grass, don’t demand high power from the tractor. This option is suitable for the care of lawns, preparation of mulch.
  • Semi-mounted. side-mounted models (mounted with special bracket on rear suspension). The main weight of the construction falls on the trailed bracket, a longitudinal beam with a pneumatic wheel. This option is especially good for large areas.
  • Mounted. mowers that are attached to the minitractor both front and rear. Their angle of inclination is often adjustable. In addition these models can have one or more support wheels. It is a universal form that is suitable for small areas as well as large fields.

On the technical characteristics

  • Productivity. The more hectares per hour, the faster the mower can work.
  • Cutting height. Maximum for lawn care. 5 cm. For hay-making, it needs to be higher.
  • Maximum angle of inclination. The larger it is, the more convenient to work on uneven areas. This feature is especially useful for mowing hard-to-reach roadsides, slopes.
  • Safety guard (damper). It will protect the cutter from breakage if the knives hit a rock, hard debris or other obstacle.
  • Arm length (important for semi-mounted models). If it is short, then one of the rotors will be partially behind the wheel, and the equipment will not be able to work fully. Because of the long beam, the stems of the cut grass will suffer. With each new entry to the mowing, you will have to drive over the ridges that lie to the left of the mini-tractor. If the arm is chosen correctly, the swaths are always placed between the wheels.

What material should be used when installing a homemade mower?

The main material for making mowers with their own hands is scrap metal. Here you can apply absolutely anything. It can be both frames from old bicycles and unwanted car parts. Rusty frames from an abandoned farm are also good for the base of your future mower.

In addition, you can also look around for items in your yard, where an old metal barrel or battery can also be useful for making such equipment as a mower for a mini-tractor with their own hands. The most important point in this work is the presence of skillful hands, some knowledge of the technical part of this issue and a good knowledge of the welding machine.

European, American or Japanese machines are durable, but expensive. Spare parts are not cheap, but they are durable and wear-resistant. Chinese models are more affordable, but may not last as long as advertised. Domestic mowers by price and quality are halfway between the Western and Asian brands. It is possible to buy consumables for a small amount of money without a long search.


Mounted rotary mower with compact dimensions (810 x 930 x 780 mm), weight of 42 kg and front mounting. It cuts dense grass, grain crops, and meters of dead wood. FRM-80 can handle woody bushes if their bases are no thicker than 1 cm in diameter. There are 4 blades fixed on two discs that can work up to 1,7 ha in one hour. Mowing width. 90 cm, height. 7 cm. It is better to take A-1800 wedge belt. the native B-1850 does not allow to work at any height of lift.

The FRM-80 is suitable for farm tractors with an output of 15 liters. с. The power take-off shaft speed must be 540 rpm and should be higher (0,2-0,6 traction class). In addition, this model can also be connected to a power tiller. It comes complete with hydraulic hoses, hydraulic cylinder and brackets. Frame and tensioner are made of soft metal. any bump can make a dent, so you have to work slowly.

  • High throughput for a small mower.
  • Simple, reliable design.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • One of the lightest models among the rotary machines.

Talex Z083 “Mini”

Polish mounted model which can mow up to 2 hectares per hour. This technique is designed for natural and seeded grasses, high-yield and lodged vegetation. Two discs each with a pair of blades place the cuttings into the swath. Working width of 1.35 m and a height of 4 to 7 cm, ideal for the garden or vegetable garden.

Can be used on any terrain, except mountains and stony meadows. Nevertheless, the rotors are protected by a traction protector. a lifesaver in case of a hard obstacle. The model is made of durable metal, but is still lightweight thanks to its small size.

  • High output for the mini class.
  • Robust construction, rotor guards.
  • Compact dimensions (l/ha. 2.66/1.92/1.06 m).
  • Low weight (270 kg).

DM 135

Chinese tractor mounted mowers are built for high-yield grass varieties (grass seeded, natural). Works only on flat ground without rocks and hills, although it can be used in wooded areas or just on areas with laid grass. The grass is tedded, thoroughly dried and made ideal for feeding livestock. The model is also suitable for clearing weeds from the roadside.

No strong bushes or young tree growth. There are two cutting discs (with three blades on each), capacity is up to 1.35 hectares per hour. The model mows at a width of 1.35 m, with partial mulching of the stems. Cutting height is 4-7 cm. Weight of the DM 135 is 340 kg. It requires a 20- to 30-litre tractor. с. (PTO must rotate at 450 rpm).


Haymaking mower from domestic. Working width. 1.9 m, capacity. up to 2.5 hectares per hour. This model mows high-yielding upright and lodged grasses. If the terrain is uneven, the adjustable cutting angle (50 to 75°) is helpful.25 deg). KPP-1,9 unpretentious. it works even on fields clogged with stones.

There are 4 rotary discs (3 blades in each), cutting height is 4-7 cm. Rather hardened blades cause slow blunting, do not break on hard obstacles and can be re-sharpened. Belt drive. no need to spend money on lubrication, plus the weight of the construction is reduced (weight of the machine is 320 kg). To work properly, the mower needs a minitractor with an output of 35 liters or more. с. and with 540 rpm PTO speed.

  • High area performance.
  • Immune to the type of vegetation, resistant to stones.
  • Adapting to irregularities on the terrain.
  • Durability, reliability.
  • Light weight.


Polish tractor mounted rotary mower. Crop and weed cutting, bedding greens. Can be angled up to 12 degrees if the terrain is uneven. Traction safety device on the model. It will bounce back when hitting something hard (stone, anthill, metal). Protective cover and telescopic shaft, which changes the working position of the machine, sold separately.

Z-178 is available in 3 versions with different cutting widths: 1.35 m (up to 0.65 ha per hour), 1.65 m (1 ha/h) and 1.85 m (1.4 ha/h). 2 cutting rotors, 3 blades on each (1,35 m variant has 2 blades). Cutting height 3.2-4.2 cm. The mower is suitable for minitractors with PTO rotation from 540 rpm. The smaller version (330 kg) is designed for a class 0.6 (20 l. с.), medium (400 kg). from 0.9 (30-80 l. с.), the last (455 kg) from 1.4 (40 l. с.).

  • Available in 3 versions in different working widths.
  • Productive work.
  • Corner adjustment for uneven terrain.
  • Breakage protection when hitting something hard.
  • Wear-resistant, sturdy.

Z-169 Wirax

Another Polish swath mower for low stemmed high yielding grasses. Suitable for flat and undulating fields, meadows, pastures (the Z-169 has a variable angle of inclination up to 12°). Hard debris, rocks are best avoided. There are 3 blades on each of the two rotors (the younger version has only 2 blades). Maximum cutting height up to 4,2 cm.

rotary, mower, their, hands

Available in three versions in various working widths: 1,35 m for machines from 20L. с., 1.65 m for minitractors from 25 l. с., and 1.85 m for 70 l. с. Required PTO rotation speed. 540 rpm. Weight of the Z-169 depends on the specific model: 1,35 weighs 300 kg, 1,65. 350, 1,85. 420. The Junior version can mow up to 1.2 ha in an hour, the Medium version 1.6 ha and the Senior version 2 ha. PTO shaft and blade guard are sold separately.

How to make a segment mower

You will need a lot more patience and a lot more effort if you want to have a segment mower for your minitractor. The fact is that this machine works on a mechanism, which is denoted by two words “crank-crank”. The knives here are more like compound saws, but work like scissors.

To design a ride-on mower for your mini-tractor, the craftsman (t.е. You will need to work out for yourself how wide the segments will be. We suggest, for example, to choose a value of 7,2 centimeters. To begin with, mount the bevel gear on the bar as a base. This part has a shaft on which a hub should be mounted. Remember about the offset, in case of the mentioned parameters it will be 32 cm.

A bowl must be put on for the main pin, later on you will make a special hole for it in the blade. Gear axle and shaft need to be connected to each other. A pulley must be installed on the shaft. To make the rear axle, you could, for example, use the wheels of an old bicycle. They are needed to prevent the machine from digging into the ground and to adjust the height of the mowing. If the above information does not scare you and you know how to build such a machine. you can make your task even more difficult (or easier) and build a mower with a grass catcher box.

A segment mower for a mini lawn tractor

This device is designed for mowing grass, both in small and large areas. The segment mowers are safe and efficient. The essence of the operation of such a device is the simultaneous use of moving blades and stationary pins. One disadvantage of these mowers is that they do not pile up the vegetation in swaths after work.

In the maintenance of segment mowers is much more complicated than rotary mowers, but the quality of mowing they have much higher. Among the popular models of such equipment is worth noting TX 1.6.

home-made rotary mower for your mini-tractor

First you will need to get the right drawing and also the materials. From materials you will need:

  • 4 wheels with a diameter of 45 cm;
  • axle to set the wheels;
  • the bottom of an old metal barrel;
  • sheet metal;
  • 4 blades
  • welding machine;
  • fastening elements (nuts, screws, etc.).);
  • chainsaw;
  • handle for special control.

The design of such a mower will consist of a casing, blades fixed on the discs and a frame. The gross power of the mini-tractor will drive the mower.

We make the frame as follows: connect the corners with the size of 40 cm. blades can be borrowed from an old tractor mower “rotorka”, but they need to be shortened by 3 cm. The height from the bar should be 35 cm.

Cut 2 discs of 39 cm in diameter from sheet metal. Weld the blades to the discs, they should be set so that their rotation is uncomplicated and easy.

Make the axle shafts from old metal pipe with a diameter of 30mm. Take bearings under the lower install in the pipe and the upper. in the pulley.

In order to ensure that such a homemade device you have for sure, we offer a few drawings that can help you in the work.

Safety precautions

When you assemble and install it check all welds and joints. Failure to do so may cause the unit to break during operation, jam adjacent parts and injure the operator or a nearby person. When starting and operating the equipment, make sure that there are no people, animals, metal objects, hard materials nearby.

Construction of a rotary mower is much easier and quicker than for a segment mower. But if you have the materials and desire, you can cope with this task. The haymower shredder can do a variety of agricultural jobs.

The most common attachment system of the mower on a mini-tractor is the hinged. And the drive system is chain. The chain mower is very convenient and reliable.

Homemade mower on a tractor. an important tool for farmland. These self-made products are more robust and reliable than factory-made ones, and will last much longer. Home-made mowers for minitractors are more functional and easy to assemble.

rotary, mower, their, hands

There are several varieties of rotary mowers:

Both factory and homemade mower of trailed type is attached to the vehicle with a three-point attachment. This provides the possibility of changing the angle of the cutting mechanism in relation to the cultivated surface.

The homemade one is attached statically to the mini-tractor with standard fasteners. Due to the particular compactness is ideal for the treatment of plots of land rather modest in area.

As far as semi-mounted attachments go, the latter are not well suited to adjusting the position of the blades. At the same time, such devices are designed for mowing grass on large areas.

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I would like to present you a home-made mower from the rear axle of VAZ with a working width of 900 mm. One half axle is stopped in relation to the gear housing, this way the transmission ratio is achieved

2:1. The second half axle is just shortened and the PTO drive is applied to it.

Share2W, 12 Jul 2020 17:40:25

Tests conducted and what the author has to say about his product? There is a deep sense of satisfaction? You can only mow while moving in reverse? What the knife is made of? Many people unfortunately do not realize that grass is not just fodder for livestock but also valuable organic fertilizer.I mow with an electric mower in the vegetable garden and all the grass goes under the trees,bushes and into the beds. There is an angle reducer in the billet,just need to find the overrunning clutch.

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Greetings. I liked the mower, mulches not bad, can cope with the removal of small trees up to 30 mm. Ran over stumps from dried cherries, bricks, rubble a couple of times, mower is intact. This type of mower is not suitable for animal feed. There is no deep sense of satisfaction, because you always want to improve something in any product: 1) the 900 mm gripper is convenient in some cases (when you need to get into a narrow place) and inconvenient when you mow a large area. I will make a mower in winter, consisting of 3 blades with a total reach of 1500 mm. 2) gearbox works on the constant rotation of the differential (satellites) which do not even have plain bearings. т.е. Gearbox is disposable, but spare parts from Zhiguli are still plentiful in the scrap metal.

Photo of a homemade mower

Homemade mini-tractor: development, design and construction. Step by step instructions and selection of optimal parameters (100 photos)

Twig shredder. the best models, selection tips, manufacturers and quality rating (video and 95 photos)

Homemade plow. types, drawings, designs, schemes, dimensions. 110 photos and video instructions for design and construction

Read more! Potato planter: types, setup, connection features, care and aggregate (75 photos)

How to mount the mower on a single axle tractor

The newly purchased product must be properly installed on the machine to provide the desired performance and quality. Consider the approximate order of assembly and installation on the example of the rotary version:

  • We check the delivery set (the set may differ from model to model, but as a rule, it is a drive belt, frame, pipe fitting, fasteners, rotary cover, hydraulic hose, support skids, hydraulic cylinder, drive belt tensioning system, rotors with blades, spares);

Let’s mount the frame to the mounts of the power tiller in such a way that it makes 45 degrees with the vertical plane and the slotted parts look up;

Install the rotors on the frame so that their blades are positioned at the bottom. It is important that they are fully seated on the spline;

Attach the rotor cover to the same slot;

Secure it with the cotter pins and nuts provided;

Let’s mount the tensioning system by taking out a cotter pin and unscrew a lock nut on a pulley. Carefully knock out the pulley the next step so that the key is not lost. When the system is properly installed, its handle will point upwards and be secured with bolts from the spares;

Then fix the skids on the frame with bolts from the spare parts kit so that their concave part faces inward;

Disassemble the frame rings. they should be positioned on the outside of the motorblock frame. After that, finally connect to the second mower;

Throw the drive belt on the pulley in the direction of travel. It is important that the single-axle tractor and the mower maintain coaxiality;

Assemble hydraulic cylinder-hydraulic hose system (if it is planned on your power tiller).

After completing the assembly the product must be prepared for work:

  • activate reverse on the motorcycle;
  • Remove weights from the wheels (if any)
  • set the motor at low revs;
  • do a test run on a flat area without any obstacles, checking the quality of the result and, if necessary, adjusting blades and speed.

Principle of operation

The rotary mower’s function is based on reproducing on the working shaft. To the latter are attached knives, the block of which resembles a rectangular bar in shape. This design ensures a consistent grip and thorough cutting of plants.

Rotary mowers are widespread because they are economical. Power is supplied directly from the tractor to drive the rotating blades. No extra fuel consumption or connection to a central power supply is therefore required for their operation.

Types of mowers for power tillers

, which will be described in detail below:

Each technology has its own characteristics and is designed to perform the work of particular complexity.


  • Electric.The advantage of such a device is silence, environmental friendliness. The mechanism is quite light, has a low cost, easy to operate. The disadvantage of the tool is its attachment to a socket or other power source. As a rule, such mowers have low power. The electric device can suit the owners of small lawns.
  • Gasoline.With such a machine you are not afraid of any overgrowth and territory. The mower has a high power, it is not tied to a power source. The disadvantages of the model can include a lot of weight, operating noise and, of course, exhaust fumes.

Did you know?The simplest mower, the grass trimmer, was invented in 1971 in the United States, Texas. To make the right choice between the two types of mowers, you need to think carefully about what you need the machine for, what areas you plan to work.


If you need to get rid of tall grass, it is worth using this type of haymowers

Thanks to the segment blades and features of the machine, grass is cut evenly, allowing it to be evenly laid on the surface. This type of device has a power level ranging from 3 to 6 horsepower. Such equipment has a working width of up to 120 cm. Some models can be equipped with special mechanisms, allowing to work at 7 speeds.

The machine is capable of overcoming weeds with a stem thickness of up to 3 cm. Due to the presence of adjustments, you can set the parameter of the mowing height. There are several types

  • staggered: it is necessary to set a specific height from the offered ones;
  • smooth: it is possible to choose the height within the manufacturer’s range.

Important!Before using your mower for the first time: check that the bolts holding the blades and discs in place are properly tightened. This type is the most interesting. It can be called a universal mower, as its characteristics allow the use of the tool in summer and winter. In winter, the mower will easily handle the functions of a snow blower. With such a tool, you can mow hard grass and remove ice crust.

Characteristics of rotary mowers

With proper use, this technique will be a faithful assistant for many years to come.

Mower operation

The technique should be constantly lubricated. The frequency of this process depends on how often you use it. blades, which are responsible for grass mowing, should be periodically replaced.

It is easy to know when it needs replacing. Firstly, the technique will start to work worse, and secondly, when turned off, you can swipe your finger

It is important to check the area before starting work. Because if you should, for example, hit a stone, the mower could be badly damaged.

Minimal for such an incident would be the disc replacement. The most common injuries that occur when using mowers are the ones that occur when they are switched on. So you should never start looking at the machine without first having switched it off.

How to make a segment mower on a mini tractor?

The above algorithm of making a mower for a power tiller. Almost the same way a mower for a tractor is made. There are only some exceptions.

Below is how to make a segment mower on a tractor. It is based on a crank mechanism. The blades for the segment mower are somewhat like the teeth of a saw, which function similarly to scissors.

To make a segment mower, the following work must be done:

  • Choose the width of the segment (chosen individually), the optimal width is about 7 cm. To do this, mount the angle reducers on the bars (base) of the mower. Usually such parts have a shaft to which the hub is attached. In this case the blade offset will be approximately 30 cm, which is enough for the mowing.
  • On the system of the main fingers of the mower, a bowl should be put on, under which the holes in the knife are made.
  • The mower shaft is connected to the axle.
  • The pulley should be mounted on the shaft.
  • Rims from a broken bicycle can be used as the axle. Their main task is to prevent the blades from burying, adjusting the height of the bevels.

Features of the manufacture of a segmental haymower

If you carry out a comparison of segmental devices with rotary ones, then the attachment in these units will be carried out to a power tiller or mini-tractor. The main difference is the principle of operation of the knives. The working part of the equipment consists of long and narrow blades, which have teeth, they function on the principle of forward and backward motion. You will be able to get started by powering the equipment with a drive belt. PTO shaft can also be used.

These design features depend on the model of power tiller or implement you plan to use. By making a segment mower, you can use it to mow lawn grass. Portable versions have the ability to handle bushes. The gearwheel is rigidly mated to the motor.