Screwdriver for an ice screw what moment

Makita 6337 DWDE

The best combination of price and quality. Nickel-metal hydride battery with a voltage of 14.4 V. Capacity. 2.5 Ah. The maximum hard torque is 65 Nm. Impactless screwdriver. Charging time is 1 hour. Weight. 2.1 kg. Has auto-reverse. Average. There is also a drawback. the lack of an additional handle. Not fatal, but still unpleasant.

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls

Quite a tolerable model with a number of advantages: a removable battery 4-5.2 Ah with a voltage of 18 V, light weight. 2 kg, the most rigid torque. 110 Nm; additional handle. Average. The only drawback is the impact screwdriver, which often causes some inconvenience when drilling ice.

Bosch GSR 18 VE-EC 0 L-BOXX

The very name of the Bosch company that produces this screwdriver speaks of its quality. Unstressed. The maximum hard torque is 75 Nm. Reverse. Adjustable speed. Lithium-ion battery with 18 volt voltage. Equipped with an additional handle. Average.

Adapter for an ice screw for a screwdriver

An adapter is a must for any ice screw. He will play the role of a connecting element between the screwdriver and the working drill directly. Using an adapter, you can convert a conventional manual ice drill into an electric one, correctly calculating the dimensions and diameter of all components.

An adapter for a screwdriver for an ice screw consists of two halves:

  • Hexagonal or four-sided from the side of the screwdriver (about 2.6 cm);
  • A round shaft for a drill (about 6.8 cm), in which a hole has been drilled for the mounting bolt. Standard fit diameters. 18 mm or 22 mm.

If desired, each angler can make an adapter himself, picking up a steel bar of a suitable diameter for it and asking the milling cutter to grind one edge into a shank for attaching to a screwdriver. All that remains is to drill a hole to fix the adapter with the ice screw tube.

How to choose a screwdriver for an ice screw

If on the first ice, when its thickness has not yet become too critical, you can still get by with an ice drill, then when the thickness of the ice shell increases, the angler will no longer be able to do without the help of an ice screw.

And its best alternative for people who do not particularly like to carry bulky and heavy manual or motorized drills will be a regular screwdriver. But the first question that a fisherman faces is which screwdriver to choose for an ice screw?

  • Requirements for the parameters of the screwdriver
  • Adapter for an ice screw for a screwdriver
  • Rating of the five best screwdrivers for an ice screw
  • Tips and useful information for selection and operation
  • Video

Makita DDF441RFE

It has a powerful motor, fast chuck and reversing function. Equipped with a 3 Ah lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 14.4 V. Its torque is 70 Nm. Has an additional handle. Manufacturer’s warranty. 1 year.

Requirements for the parameters of the screwdriver

The choice of a screwdriver for an ice screw is based on the tasks facing it, namely, to work well and for a long time:

  • First of all, when choosing a screwdriver, you need to pay attention to its power. It should be at least 18 V. If finances allow, it is better to opt for models with a voltage of 36 V, since the more powerful the instrument, the easier it will be able to cope with thick ice.
  • The second important indicator is torque. The principle “the more the better” also works here. The minimum indicators for the right choice are 50-70 Nm, but if there is an opportunity to acquire a more advanced model (80-90 Nm), then you should not deny yourself this pleasure. After all, the higher the torque, the easier the drilling process itself will be. Such an ice screw will be able to cope with even the driest and thickest ice.
  • One of the main requirements for a screwdriver is reliability and durability. As a result, it is better to give preference to proven brands of domestic and foreign manufacturers, which have already managed to prove themselves from the best side.
  • In order to avoid wringing of the brushes, an additional handle should be located on the screwdriver, thanks to which the ice screw can be held with both hands. This will protect your limbs from unnecessary injuries that can ruin the fishing experience.

Next, you have to decide what kind of battery you need so that after a few minutes your screwdriver does not turn into an unnecessary unit, uselessly dragged around the reservoir. Basically, anglers choose three types of batteries:

  • Li-Ion batteries. They charge quickly, are lightweight, but do not tolerate severe frosts. However, the latest models of lithium-ion batteries are designed for use at low temperatures, but they still have to be removed and periodically hidden in the bosom;
  • Nickel cadmium batteries. They are highly frost-resistant, but heavily make the ice screw heavier;
  • Nickel metal hydride battery. The most optimal battery for a screwdriver, representing a cross between the above batteries.

As practice has shown, most often anglers prefer nickel-cadmium batteries. Despite their weight, they cope with the main duty of a good ice screw. to break through any ice, regardless of severe frosts. And this, you see, is an important factor in winter fishing.

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Battery capacity is not in the last place when choosing a screwdriver. It should not be less than 2.5-3 Ah in order to have time to drill several dozen holes before the battery is completely discharged.

Rating of the five best screwdrivers for an ice screw

Which screwdriver is best for an ice screw: 6 reliable models

Winter ice fishing is both active outdoor recreation and a serious hobby that requires skills and good equipment. Along with fishing rods and a tackle box, an ice drill is needed. A screwdriver will make it easier to drill holes.

Many winter fishing enthusiasts pay attention to more advanced anglers who use unusual devices for drilling holes, which allow using a screwdriver to significantly speed up the ice drilling process. Thus, two tasks are solved at once: facilitating the very laborious process of drilling and increasing productivity in this matter. But which screwdriver to choose for drilling ice?

Seasoned fishermen often treat such innovations with fair criticism. real winter fishing is a kind of sport for men of all ages. Try it, walk 1-2 km in full ammunition along a frozen reservoir or river to a suitable fishing point, and then work your hands and body decently, manually storm 5-10 holes. This is a really decent load for the body.

But, sometimes it is drilling that becomes too burdensome, especially for the elderly, when fishing has to do more than 10 holes to find fish. And if the ice rises over 600 mm or has water layers, then the task becomes difficult even for very high-quality drills. The question arises, which screwdriver to choose for an ice screw?

That is why (and of course, for those who do not really want to sweat in the icy wind), many users began to use automation using a screwdriver. But not everything is as easy with these autonomous electric assistants as it seems. Here are just a few of the features that light drilling enthusiasts have to face.

Makita DHP458RFE

This model differs from the 481RTE version in its ability to hammer very quickly, which will be very useful for home repairs, but not for fishing. Despite a similar price to it. about 20,000 rubles, this screwdriver has a significantly lower torque value. 91 Nm, and the battery capacity is only 3 Ah.


This screwdriver attracts, first of all, by its low price. less than 9,000 rubles and a sufficiently high power. its torque is 60 Nm. This should be enough for drilling with a drill with a screw 100-110 mm in diameter. The set includes two Li-Ion 18 V batteries with a capacity of 1.5 Ah. They should be enough for 15-20 holes. The small case with the charger is convenient to use, and if desired, it can be protected with thermal insulation. The machine is compact and lightweight. only 1.7 kg. What is very important. the battery packs are flat here and it is very convenient to hide them under a jacket while fishing.

What power should be a screwdriver

Experts have found by practical tests that the minimum power of a screwdriver for use with an ice screw should be more than 60 Nm. Because most of these tools for standard use and with an acceptable price of 2,000-5,000 rubles have a torque of about 15-45 Nm, it becomes clear that this pleasure will not be cheap. According to preliminary estimates, screwdrivers with a torque of 60-110 Nm cost from 8,000 to 35,000 rubles. In addition, such a powerful device will weigh a lot. 2-3 kg, including the battery. This allows you to understand which screwdriver is best for an ice screw.

But for inexpensive screwdrivers, manufacturers have made a kind of solution. an adapter with a built-in gear reducer, which reduces the output speed, thereby reducing the load on the screwdriver itself. This way you can save on the purchase of an expensive power tool if you already have a less powerful model. But the adapter itself with a built-in gearbox costs about 5,000 rubles.

Which drill is suitable for working with a screwdriver

Experienced users say unambiguously. with the right rotation. This is due to the fact that all screwdrivers are designed specifically for standard drilling and screwing the screws to the right. Yes, they also have a reverse mode, but the chuck and the inner sleeve are not designed for heavy loads when rotated to the left.

This means that your drill must also be right-handed, while some domestic brands are designed for counter-clockwise drilling. If you have just such a drill, then for a screwdriver you will either need to change it, or overload an expensive electric tool with a reverse motion. Below we will tell you which screwdriver is better to choose for an ice screw.

Makita DDF481RTE

This screwdriver is focused on professional use, which is why it is so high. The power of 115 Nm gives reason to hope that it will be enough for many many deep holes. Protect your main hand from dislocation when biting a drill in ice. The set includes 2 batteries, each with a capacity of 5 Ah and a voltage of 18 V.

Which adapter for the screwdriver is better to take

Oddly enough, your ice auger will need a special adapter that would allow you to connect the drill shaft and the drive shaft of the screwdriver itself. over, this adapter must have a special handle for which you will hold on with your left hand, and the handle of the screwdriver itself will be in your other hand. It is also worth taking care of insurance. a special limiter that will not allow the ice drill to fall into the hole if it jumps out of the cartridge. Not every adapter will fit your drill. It is better to find out this point in advance in the description of the device.

TOP-10 best models rating

In this rating, we have collected for you the best models in terms of price, quality and reliability.

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Ice fishing involves the use of an ice ax.

It helps to make holes with a diameter of more than 20 cm.

But not every fisherman is ready to carry a bulky and heavy motorized device.

Therefore, the most resourceful use an ordinary screwdriver.

This is the best alternative, because the tool is small, lightweight, low cost.

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But here, too, the main question arises. which model to choose. The article discusses the best screwdrivers for an ice ax, their advantages and disadvantages.

Place Name Price
TOP 10 best screwdrivers for an ice ax with a torque of 60 Nm
one DeWALT DCD791P2 70 Nm Find out the price
2 Metabo BS 18 L BL Find out the price
3 DeWALT DCD796P2 460 W 70 Nm Find out the price
four Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I Find out the price
five DeWALT DCD777D2T 65 Nm Find out the price
6 Bosch GSR 18V-60 C Find out the price
7 DeWALT DCD791D2 70 Nm Find out the price
8 Bosch GSR 18-2-LI Plus Find out the price
9 DeWALT DCD991P2 95 Nm Find out the price
ten Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 Find out the price

Metabo BS 18 L BL

Powerful screwdriver with integrated hammer drill. Despite its small size, it belongs to the category of professional tools.

The design includes a brushless motor, two-speed gearbox. The work takes place on the platform LI-lon Metabo 18 V. This guarantees the flawless performance of the assigned tasks.

The model is created using Ultra-M technology, which implies a combination of high maximum speed and gentle charging. Users note a competent arrangement of control buttons, a comfortable handle, lightweight design.


  • keyless chuck diameter. 1.5-13 mm;
  • speed at max. speed. 1 850 rpm;
  • torque at full power. 60 Nm;
  • battery capacity. 2 Ah;
  • voltage. 18 V;
  • complete with charging station, two batteries, storage box;
  • dimensions. 16.1×23.1×8.3 cm;
  • weight. 1.2 kg.
screwdriver, screw, moment


  • high-quality construction;
  • reverse mode;
  • excellent power;
  • durable batteries;
  • long battery life;
  • convenient tool change.


  • poor quality plastic.

Bosch GSR 18-2-LI Plus

Professional screwdriver with hammerless drill function. Has the best price / performance ratio among its brethren.

Designed with Bosch Heavy Duty technology to achieve new standards of power, reliability, durability.

The model is powered by Li-lon Bosch PRO-MIX 18 V batteries with increased density.

The batteries are protected from overheating, overloading and deep discharge. Therefore, the user receives a high-tech device with a basic set of functions.


  • keyless chuck diameter. 1.5-13 mm;
  • speed at max. speed. 1 900 per minute;
  • full torque. 63 Nm;
  • battery capacity. 2 Ah;
  • voltage. 18 V;
  • dimensions. 19.1×23 cm;
  • weight. 2 kg.


  • charge indicator;
  • reverse mode;
  • handle with soft pad;
  • built-in LED lamp;
  • the possibility of metal processing;
  • suitability for all types of construction work;
  • optimized torque;
  • dynamic brake function.


  • poor chuck fixation.

How to choose and what to look for?

  • Pay attention to power. Depends on battery voltage. The higher the indicator, the easier the screwdriver copes with ice and various obstacles. The optimal value is from 18 V. If finances allow, then the best option is 36 V.
  • For torque. The normal parameter is 50-70 Nm, the best is 80-90 Nm. This makes it easier to drill the hole.
  • Decide on the type of battery. Lithium-ion batteries are popular. They are durable, hardy, have a longer battery life.
  • With options. The second handle for a more comfortable grip, an adapter for fixing the screwdriver to the ice ax will not be superfluous.

DeWALT DCD991P2 95 Nm

The most powerful and durable Cordless Drill / Driver in this ranking. Able to meet the needs of the most demanding users.

Differs in the presence of three speeds, an increased diameter of the cartridge and the resulting holes.

Lightness and ergonomics allow you to use the tool with comfort without fatigue.

For more convenient operation, there is a backlight, a special bracket for carrying on a belt, and a rubberized side handle. The manufacturer offers a complete set with the necessary elements.


  • keyless chuck diameter. 1.5-13 mm;
  • speed at max. speed. 2,000 per minute;
  • full torque. 95 Nm;
  • battery system. DeWALT 20V MAX;
  • battery capacity. 5 Ah;
  • voltage. 18 V;
  • charging time. 1 hour;
  • dimensions. 20×20.8 cm;
  • weight. 2.08 kg.


  • durable brushless motor;
  • three speeds of work;
  • torque;
  • high quality batteries;
  • incredible power;
  • no overheating;
  • dense container.


  • not repairable.

DeWALT DCD791P2 70 Nm

Cordless drill / screwdriver. The next generation model in the professional cordless tool range.

Has a high power output of 4.6 kW, an impeccable torque of 70 Nm.

The manufacturer has equipped the device with a brushless motor, which, together with the proprietary Li-lon DeWALT 20V MAX battery platform, guarantees high performance with minimal battery consumption (about 30%).

With such indicators, the screwdriver has a compact size and low weight. It fits well in the hand, provides a secure grip due to the rubberized handle.


  • keyless chuck diameter. 1.5-13 mm;
  • speed at max. speed. 2,000 rpm;
  • battery capacity. 5 Ah;
  • battery voltage. 18 V;
  • system recharging time. 1 hour;
  • includes a branded storage box, charger, two batteries;
  • dimensions. 17.5×20.3 cm;
  • weight. 1.7 kg.


  • Neon lights;
  • reverse;
  • overload and overheating protection system;
  • reliable and practical battery platform;
  • metal jaw chuck;
  • silent operation of a two-speed gearbox;
  • second generation brushless motor.


  • slight backlash in the battery.


The DeWALT DCD791D2 screwdriver is perfect for repair work. It combines good functionality and a powerful cordless drill for working with various types of fasteners.

The device provides a maximum torque of 70 Nm and allows you to fix a drill or bit with a shank size of 13 mm in the keyless chuck.

With this cordless device, you can effectively drill holes in wood up to 40 mm in size and in metal up to 13 mm. The screwdriver has fifteen steps of torque adjustment and has a comfortable handle with well-thought-out ergonomics, which is equipped with anti-slip rubber pads.

The set comes with two replaceable batteries with a capacity of 2 Ah, which are suitable for active and professional use.

It is placed in a special case for storage and carrying along with the battery.


  • Chuck size. 13 mm.
  • Torque. 70 Nm.
  • Number of speeds. 2.
  • Idling speed. 2000 rpm.


  • Metal cartridge.
  • Convenient case.
  • Backlight.


  • Price.
  • Chinese assembly.

Makita DHP458RFE

Makita DHP458RFE is an excellent choice for drilling holes and working with fasteners.

The equipment of the device includes a quick-clamping type chuck, characterized by a high speed of change of equipment and the same reliability.

You can apply two speed modes and 20 torque steps.

A high level of performance is helped by the 18-volt battery, which provides the device with power.

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The 91 Nm torque is impressive: you can tackle the toughest challenges. Impact mechanism adds efficiency to the product.

The product has electronic overload protection and the LED illumination of the working area affects the comfort of its operation.

The gearbox of the device is made of metal. The set along with the device includes two batteries, bits, necessary documents, an additional handle, a charger, a case and a belt clip.


  • Speeds. 2.
  • Torque stages. 20.
  • Clamp size. 13 mm.


  • Power.
  • Reliability.
  • Convenient use.


  • Inconvenient backlight.
  • Price.

How to choose a screwdriver for an ice screw?

When choosing a screwdriver for an ice screw, you need to pay attention to some parameters:

  • Power. It must be at least 18 watts. But it is best to choose models with a power of 36 W, because the more powerful the instrument, the easier it is for it to cope with a thick layer of ice.
  • Torque. The minimum indicator is 50-70 Nm, but if financial capabilities allow, then it is better to choose a model with 80-90 Nm. The higher the torque, the easier the drilling process will be.
  • Durability and reliability. Preference should be given to proven brands of foreign and domestic manufacturers that have proven themselves from the best side.
  • Additional handle. Thanks to her, the ice screw can be held with both hands. This will save the limbs from unnecessary injuries that will ruin the whole experience of ice fishing.
  • Battery and its capacity. Nickel-metal hydride is optimal for a screwdriver, since it has high frost resistance. Battery capacity should be at least 2.5-3 Ah for fast drilling.

Makita DHP451RFE

The Makita DHP451RFE Impact Drill / Driver features a durable nylon casing with ventilation holes for long durability.

Twenty torque modes have been developed for loosening and tightening screws, modes for convenient and simple drilling are included separately.

The maximum permissible maximum for brick drilling is 8 mm. The peak screw size is 10 mm. The device also has LED backlighting. You can replace the carbon brushes yourself.

The model is useful for builders, furniture assemblers, carpenters, electricians, decorators and fishermen for drilling a thick layer of ice.

The screwdriver includes a keyless chuck for easy tool changes, reversing, ergonomic handle, replaceable carbon brushes for economical engine maintenance and longer life.


  • Battery charge. 5 Ah.
  • Voltage. 18 V.
  • Chuck size. 13 mm.
  • Speeds. 2.


  • Great powerful machine.
  • Functional.
  • Multiple operating modes.


  • Price.
  • Heavy.


The DeWALT DCD991NT screwdriver belongs to the shockless model and demonstrates an impressive torque. up to 95 Nm, which makes it a good choice for screwing and unscrewing tight fasteners.

It is suitable for active professional use and is equipped with a keyless chuck that guarantees easy tool change. The chuck has a clamping diameter of 13 mm and reliably fixes accessories for any purpose.

The device can also be used as a productive cordless drill, thanks to which it is possible to drill holes with a diameter of up to 55 cm in wood and 13 mm in metal.

The product is equipped with a handle that is ergonomic and comfortable even during prolonged use and is powered by a battery. The battery capacity is 5 Ah, with an output voltage of 18 W. The set, which includes a screwdriver, replaceable batteries and a network charger, is placed in a branded case.


  • Power. 650 W.
  • Number of speeds. 3.
  • The number of stages of a torque. 12.
  • Battery capacity. 5 Ah.


  • Bright backlight.
  • Good batteries.
  • Price.


  • Poor build.
  • No bit included.

TOP-12 best screwdrivers for an ice screw: rating of 2020 for price / quality and which one to choose for winter fishing

Ice fishing involves the use of an ice ax.

It helps to fill holes with a diameter of more than 20 cm, but not every angler is ready to carry a heavy motorized device with him.

Therefore, resourceful fishermen use a conventional screwdriver.

It is the best alternative because of its small size, weight and reasonable cost. But which screwdriver to choose for drilling ice?

We have compiled a rating of the best screwdrivers for an ice screw in terms of price / quality ratio, the most popular in 2020.


The small DeWALT DCD796D2 brushless drill is equipped with new 2 Ah batteries and a brushless motor that provides the construction with excellent performance.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the drill can be used even in confined spaces.

Ice screws with a screwdriver Dnipro-M

The product is equipped with a quick-release chuck, thanks to which the tool change does not take much time.

The built-in backlight ensures comfortable and long-term operation in poor visibility conditions. A metal clip is provided for attaching the device to a belt.

The product includes metal gears, a two-stage gearbox that extends the running time of the drill.

Rubberized, comfortable grip increases ease of use, and a removable battery allows quick assembly and disassembly.


  • Torque. 70 Nm.
  • Number of speeds. 2.
  • Chuck size. 13 mm.


  • Excellent cooling system.
  • Long warranty period.
  • Speed ​​control.


  • Can’t turn off the backlight.
  • High sound power level.


Cordless screwdriver DeWALT DCD996P2 is equipped with a brushless motor and operates on a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5 Ah with XR technology, which allows to increase the operating time of the model on a single charge.

The device also has three modes of operation and a maximum torque of 80 Nm for efficient and quality operation.

Three built-in LEDs provide bright illumination of the work area in dark rooms.

The tool is easy and convenient to work for a long time.

The model has good protection against overheating, and the presence of an impact mechanism increases the range of use of the tool.

screwdriver, screw, moment

Low vibration level allows the device to work for a long time.

By adjusting the speed, the device can be configured for high-quality performance for a specific task being performed.


  • Battery charge. 5 Ah.
  • Output power. 820 W.
  • Torque. 95 Nm.


  • High-quality assembly.
  • Backlight.
  • Power.


  • Heavy.
  • Weak battery attachment.