Stihl Lawn Mowers: Species, Selection And Operation

The Stihl Lawnmower is a state-of-the-art garden care solution that can provide truly high-quality cutting of grass both on a well-kept lawn and away from an already sanitized area. The range of brand products is so wide that it allows you to choose the best solution for each site and type of work. Professional gardeners and gardeners-lovers highly appreciate German reliability, high accuracy and durability, embedded in every product that goes under the famous brand.

The review of gasoline and electric models of lawn mowers will help you make the right choice. It will also be useful to study the features of self-propelled battery models. it is they who are of most interest to summer residents today. Only by comparing all the pros and cons of different models, you can make a truly balanced decision.

About Brand

Stihl Lawn Mower manufacturer is widely known to home and garden tool buyers around the world. The brand has representative offices in Australia, Asia, Africa and America, and the company itself is based in Germany and Austria. The company has existed for almost 100 years. since 1926, and initially its range was focused on the field of forestry. It was reliable and modern chainsaws that brought the company popularity and made it the industry leader by 1971.

The brand got its name by the name of the founder. Andreas Shtil. The holding, into which the company had developed by 1990, remained under the guidance of members of his family and was actively expanding.

Only in 2002 did outsiders become leaders. But this did not affect the success of the company. Since 2016, after merging with Globe Tools, the battery range has appeared in the company’s assortment.

Special attention should be paid to the Viking brand, created by Stihl in 1981 for the production of garden equipment. The company was based in Austria and provided the development of lawnmowers, garden cultivators, scarifiers and grinders. He joined the Viking concern in 1992. Since 2019, the entire line of this equipment has been fully branded as Stihl products, changing the green colors of the cases to orange.

Advantages and disadvantages

Stihl brand mowers The following obvious advantages can be noted.

  • High reliability equipment. All parts and accessories are manufactured according to European standards at the company’s own enterprises.
  • The presence in the model range of mowers for large plots and country lawns. You can not choose powerful models, spending only part of their resources. For each circle of tasks there is a technique.
  • Bright recognizable design. The lawn mower will not get lost in the grass, it will be clearly visible from afar. this is important to ensure safety when mowing.
  • Robust steel frames. You don’t have to worry that the mower will not withstand the forces exerted during operation. This is especially important for non-self-propelled models.
  • Special wheel coating. It is made of a special rubber compound that facilitates traction. The grass does not suffer from the movement of the mower.
  • Stainless steel knives. Grass after contact with them is not subjected to oxidation.

Only a rather high price can be attributed to the disadvantages: it differs from the market average, but this is due solely to the quality of the equipment.

All existing Stihl lawn mowers can be attributed to two large groups: self-propelled and non-self-propelled (manual) without wheel drive. The first group is necessarily equipped with an engine, which allows for the autonomous movement of equipment throughout the territory. This is primarily robotic models and gasoline equipment with the highest possible cross.

Non-self-propelled lawn mowers are also a popular option and are focused mainly on the care of already formed lawns, which simply require regular maintenance of the optimum height of the grass.

According to the type of design and power supply, the following types of equipment can be distinguished.

  • Gasoline. The most common and popular models. They are distinguished by larger dimensions and massiveness, but provide maximum performance. The lawn mower does not depend on the availability of power, most often has a self-propelled type of structure.
  • Electric. Convenient and environmentally friendly gardening solutions. They are lighter, quieter than gasoline, but require quite frequent interruptions in work. The range of their action depends entirely on the length of the cable. Electric mowers cannot be used on wet grass.
  • Rechargeable. Lightweight, compact, non-volatile. But their runtime is limited by the power and capacity of the battery. A good choice for caring for a small lawn or the whole garden, if the gasoline technology does not seem too environmentally friendly.
  • Robotic. The most expensive programmable models. They act within the framework of a given contour, provide free movement along it, and return to the base themselves. You can set the mowing mode and not worry about mowing the lawn all summer.

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Model Overview

Among the Stihl lawnmowers there are many models worthy of attention. It is worth considering the best options in more detail.


In the battery technology class, the RMA 235 model deserves attention. It is compact, easy to use, maneuverable, equipped with a folding grass catcher, and a cutting width of 33 cm is enough to handle a small lawn. The power of the model is 450 W, the Stihl Compact system batteries. lithium-ion, at 2.8 ampere-hours, are suitable for it.

The RMA 339 is a 900 W cordless lawn mower with a mowing width of 37 cm — it can handle medium-sized lawn care. The kit includes a lithium-ion battery, handles for easy transfer, a special grass catcher, a signature knife with flaps that prolongs battery life by saving energy.

Lawn Mowers

There are 4 of them in the Stihl iMow line, but 2 models deserve special attention. The RMI 632 P is the most powerful, capable of processing up to 4000 m2 thanks to a 194 W / h battery. The model overcomes slopes up to 45%, cuts grass at a height of 20-60 mm, can work up to 8 hours a week, makes a minimum of noise. The swath width is 28 cm, the technique requires the use of a boundary wire, there is control from the remote control.

RMI 422 P is a medium power model. This robotic lawnmower is capable of providing lawn care of up to 1,500 m2; the mowing program is controlled and set up using the display on the case.

The equipment is ready to work up to 25 hours a week, always maintaining the perfect condition of the lawn.


Interest in the electric segment is represented by both the lightest models and fairly powerful units. The youngest model in the RME 235 line is equipped with a 1200 W electric motor, capable of passing a 33 cm strip at a time. Increased maneuverability makes it the best option for processing the garden space between trees and flower beds.

The RME 545 V is the most powerful solution, with a plastic casing and sheet steel frame. The model implements a 7-speed system for switching the cutting height. The power of the equipment is 1600 W, the kit includes a grass catcher for 60 l, a cutting element 43 cm wide, a single lever handle with a folding mechanism and special transport handles.


Among the gasoline equipment Stihl for mowing lawns, models 2, 4, 5 series related to household ones can be noted. For example, the RM 248, the youngest in its class, has a mowing width of 46 cm and is capable of processing lawns up to 1200 m. And the RM 448 TC, equipped with a special ergonomic handle with a one-sided type of holder, mows the same area faster and saves fuel.

Among the most powerful Stihl gas mowers, the 6 Series units are worth mentioning. This RM 650 VS is a powerful lawn care tool with an area of ​​up to 2000 m2. The kit includes a special brake system and smooth adjustment of the Vario drive. Cutting width. 48 cm, height. from 25 to 85 mm. The RM 756 YC is the most powerful mower in the 6 Series, equipped with a hydrostatic drive system. The model is equipped with a single handle, which facilitates access to the grass catcher.

How to choose?

The main selection criteria for Stihl lawn mowers The following points can be mentioned.

  • Environmental requirements for technology. If you do not want to inhale gasoline vapors during operation, it is better to give preference to electric battery or wire lawn mowers.
  • Availability of free time. If it is not there, but you still want to see the beautiful lawn outside the window, the robotic lawnmower will save the situation.
  • Availability of a reliable electric network. For sites without electricity or with a low-power network, the best option would be a gasoline or battery mower.
  • Mowing area. For large areas, fields, caring for a few hectare estate, only a gasoline mower is suitable. All other options are suitable only for trimming lawn grass near the house.

Having decided on all the parameters of the equipment, you can easily find the most convenient option for yourself.

User manual

A prerequisite for the efficient operation of Stihl electric lawnmowers is the health of the batteries. Before starting work, you need to make sure that the battery is charged, the cable is intact, and there is current in the network. In the case of gasoline models, everything is somewhat more complicated. If it is enough to wind or change the fishing line on the reel in the trimmer, setting up equipment for mowing large sections will require serious efforts. Before starting the engine, you need to check the readiness of the equipment for work. It is necessary to refuel the mower as necessary depending on fuel consumption. But pour and change the oil every time before use. To do this, you have to open the tank cap and drain the old grease with a hose.

At the first start, it is worth exploring in detail which controls are available and where they are located. Extra garbage, stones, fallen tree branches are removed from the lawn. PBefore starting work, the belts are checked and, if necessary, tensioned. The blades of the cutting elements are recommended to be examined for damage. If you need carburetor adjustment or other complex manipulations, it is better to contact a service center.

Possible malfunctions

During operation of the Stihl Lawnmower, the user may encounter the following problems:

  • knives blunt too fast;
  • equipment does not start;
  • the motor works, but stalls during mowing;
  • clogged carburetor;
  • significantly drops power during operation.

Most of the faults diagnosed in cordless and wired electric lawn mowers are due to contact oxidation or wire breakage. In brush motors, the movable element. the brush. fails, but a spare one is usually included in the delivery.

In gasoline models, the first thing to do is study the fuel in the tank. Then the technique is examined for the presence of a spark. if it is not there, the problem may be in the spark plug.

The vibration of the mower housing indicates that the standard mounting bolts are loose. They should be tightened regularly to avoid global breakdowns. If the mower cuts the grass unevenly, there may be a problem in the sharpening of the knife. It runs at an angle of 30 degrees. Heavily chipped metal discs require replacement.

A whistle inside the case at startup is a sign that a foreign object has got inside. It usually blocks the aerator roller. It is necessary to disassemble the corresponding unit and remove the interference. A stalled motor is usually associated with blocking the piston or crankshaft of the engine. In addition, the absence of oil in the crankcase gives the same symptoms.