STIHL ms 660 how to spot a fake

How to use a counterfeit

If you for some reason became the owner of a Chinese STIHL 660, then do not immediately throw it away. In fact, the chainsaw can be used for simple tasks in your area. The original is of course more durable, powerful and will last for years, but the “China” will also work for the money you paid for it if you did not pay more than 5000.

It is possible to repair a Chinese-made saw yourself; consumables and spare parts for a Chinese chainsaw can be bought at specialized stores or on the market.

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Checking for a fake product with a serial number

Begin your inspection of the product by examining the view and areas where the serial number is located. On the original chainsaw it will be applied as follows:

Бензопила Stihl MS 660. Как Меня Развели на Покупку Китайской Бензопилы.

  • Stamped on the chainsaw body near the muffler.
  • On the sticker on the housing under the muffler.
  • On the sticker on the chainsaw‘s packing box.

The serial number must be identical in these three places and the digits identifying the country of manufacture must match the product documentation provided by the retailer.

A genuine STIHL chainsaw is identified by a number, where the first item is indicated by the following figure:

  • 1. for Germany;
  • 2. for USA;
  • 3 is for Brazil;
  • 4. for Austria;
  • 5. for the United States and the United Kingdom;
  • 8, 9. for China.

Numbers 6 and 7 are reserved, and 9 denotes third-party manufacturers.

Make sure that there is an “X” on the last position of the serial number, signifying that the product has been checked for proper functioning before being shipped to the warehouse.

Operating and maintenance instructions

Safety instructions for your STIHL 660- cm chain saw and operator’s manual:

  • Study the manual symbols, rules for mixing oil and gasoline for the fuel mixture;
  • Work in protective gear;
  • If the STIHL 660-oms overheats, take a break until the engine cools down;
  • Only a chainsaw that is fully serviceable, fueled and ready to use may be started;
  • STIHL chainsaws are serviced as usual: regular visual checks, chain and bar cleaning, lubrication, check monthly of ignition, spark plugs and fuel filter, chain sharpening or replacement as needed, freshly mixed fuel.


Manufacturer STIHL
Model MS 660
Brand homeland Germany
Country of production Germany
Saw class Professional
Power, l.с. /kW 7,1/5,22
Engine capacity, cc.see. 91,6
Saw headset
Busbar length, cm/inch 50/20
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
chain thickness, mm 1,6
Number of chainsaws, pcs 72
Overall performance
Fuel tank capacity, l 0,83
Oil tank capacity, l 0,36
Warranty, months 12
Weight, kg 7,3
Price, Check price

To summarize

No doubt, every owner will be glad to get such an acquisition, because this technical “giant” will not only help you cope with construction or agricultural cares, but also will cost you at an affordable price.

There’s no doubt that if you have decided on a STIHL chainsaw, you won’t regret your choice for a second. This machine will pay for itself after years of use. To date and more. If you are interested in chain saws made in Russia go here.

STIHL saw idle speed adjustment

The Chinese STIHL MS 660 chainsaw

The Chinese version of the STIHL MS 660 differs greatly from its original counterpart not only technically but also in appearance. You can only assess the power and reliability of a STIHL chainsaw when it is in working order. If there is no such possibility, it is necessary to pay attention to a few details that literally catch the eye.

The Chinese version of the starter housing is different from the original. In the German chainsaw the oil and fuel tank caps are made with a combination screwdriver included. They are convex in the Chinese version.

You can tell a fake from the air filter cover. It opens with a screw, which in the fake version is located on top. Probably in this case does not come with a proprietary instruction manual.

Alexei: “I accidentally came across a cheap Chinese STIHL 660 chainsaw, got greedy and bought. But it didn’t work for a long time and in a few days it broke. Did not use more than 5 liters of gasoline. The service said that it’s a fake and there are no spare parts for it, and the original German ones do not fit.

Vladimir Borisovich: “I accidentally came across a copy of a STIHL chainsaw manufactured in China on the market. The price was so low that the seller didn’t even hide its Chinese origin. Bought for dacha: not much work for it, but still do not want to saw with his hands. Over the summer I cut down several trees and sawed them for firewood, sawed off several boards and interfering tree branches.

This time we will try to describe the original STIHL ms 660 in as much detail and as clearly as possible and compare it with a Chinese-made “STIHL 660 ms” saw.

Where they sell fake STIHL chainsaws?

You may receive a copy of the STIHL MS 660 at shopping malls, summer houses and even in your own backyard. The price starts at 100, and depending on your ability to haggle, can drop to 50.

It’s usually the same story:

  • Chainsaws gave out paychecks at a construction site or factory.
  • You may have bought a stolen batch on the cheap.
  • I already had one, but friends or my mother-in-law gave me five more.
  • Need to drink or urgently need money.
  • There are a lot of fakes on message boards.

If you need a chainsaw for a couple of days and you are not going to cut a forest on an industrial scale, a fake STIHL MS 660 chainsaw will be very useful to you. Although the Chinese fake is of worse quality than the original, it is quite capable of “sawing” the wood, in ancient times people were able to cope with more scarce tools. It is not a shame to drop it, throw it, catch nails, etc., you can pour anything into the tank, as long as it would burn, and after its failure, throw the chainsaw in the attic, and forget it as a bad dream.

You see the product in action and you think it is a good saw. This illusion is because sellers put pure gasoline in the tank. After the performance, the resource of the “undershield” is reduced by 50%. If you have fallen for this trick and bought it, then use the saw as it is, with the fuel that the seller has filled.


STIHL chain saws combine the advantages of a classic shape with a modern tool design. The internal combustion engine, air cleaner and exhaust silencer, as well as two tanks with fuel mixture and oil for the cutting chain lubrication are installed in a compact package.

The model has a comfortable grip, the weight is largely compensated by excellent balancing, effective operation of the vibration damper, reliable fixation of the tool in any working position.

The saw is equipped with high-tech and durable replacement equipment that makes it possible to realize felling and sawing of wood with high productivity and observance of safety requirements.