Than cutting corrugated board so as not to rust. How to cut a professionalist for maximum…

Than cutting corrugated board

Profiled sheet, this material without which not a single construction is complete. Only before adjusting it in size, it is necessary to scrupulously figure out how and how to cut the corrugated board. Although the process itself is simple, and in the presence of certain tools there are fast, but in this operation there are nuances that are not visible to the eye. And the error can prove itself in a couple of months, after the start of operation.

Steel rental covered with zinc, with a thickness of 0.3 to 1.5 mm, with trapezoid or rounded stiffness ribs squeezed out in it, is called corrugated board.

The overall dimensions of the sheet and the color of the corrugated board, they do not matter to reveal the topic.

Manual electric tool

Corner grinder

The most common power tool with which you can cut a professionalist. corner grinder, or corner grinder.

There are a number of prejudices that inspire a person with the idea that if a professionalist is cut off with a corner grinder, then he will be very quickly rusted. This is explained by the fact that a significant heating of the material occurs at the site of the cut, which in turn leads to the burnout of the protective zinc layer.

Zinc, has a boil temperature ≈ 906 ° C, and melting more than 400 eed. In other words, even in order for zinc to melt, it is necessary to heat the profile to an extremely high temperature, at which the cutting disk will crumble, and the paint will be charged.

There is another argument. sparks seriously damage the layer of paint. It is a fact! But this aspect can be warned if you use a protective sticker.

How to cut corner grinding corbes

For a safe and high.quality cut of a profiled sheet, follow the following rules:

  • Before cutting corrugated board, put the masking tape on the fishing line for the trimmer, and apply markup on it;
  • Adhesive tape is necessarily watered with water, 3-5 cm to the place of contact with the cutting tool;
  • Install minimum turns on a corner grinder;
  • Cut in short touches, for one contact, cutting off no more than 10-15 cm of material.

Additionally, specialized cutting discs can be recommended for working with aluminum.

Be careful, such discs are recommended only in the stationarily fixed corner grinder.

Important: observing the above rules, the cutting of corrugated board without damage to the protective layers can be carried out by any detachment disc.

Fishing line for a trimmer cut after working with a corner grinder, it turns out perfectly even, without burrs and waves.


There are two standards of electrolobian. household and professional. In addition to the fact that a professional electrician is much more powerful, it is more difficult for an amateur tool to choose the right canvas.

But for cutting corrugated board in a small volume, any electrician will fit, the main thing is to choose the right canvas.

How to cut an electrician

To work with a profiled sheet, it is necessary to use the canvas for metal, with a small tooth and wavy wiring. In this case, the cut will pass with the minimum heating of the canvas and the material.

The length of the canvas is an important parameter, which affects not only the depth of the cut, but also on the width of the cut. The fact is that a long canvas begins to play when working with thick metal. And the closer to the end of the canvas, the more tangible the vibration.

Such a beating somewhat expands the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut, and this is especially noticeable on corrugated board with a deep/high relief.

The edge of the cut is obtained with Zazubins and with a small wave. For the leveling of this flaw, you can walk along the edge with a file.


Although they are intended for one goal, they work according to different schemes, since there are three varieties of electronics:

The most optimal result when cutting corrugated board is given by slotted electric wizards. In fact, they are the smallest of all varieties, and even expensive models cannot how to cut the corrugated board thicker 1.5 mm.

IMPORTANT: it is the slotted electric wizards who do not twist and do not bend the professional at the cutting.

But the cut can start with any place, it is enough to make a hole in the metal sheet with the same tool. The edge is flat, without burrs. But to protect against cuts, it is better to process sharp edges with a file.

Only electronics have a great drawback. price. Since the tool is extremely highly specialized, in everyday life it has very limited use. And the cost of the cheapest model, Makita BJS100Z, which allows you to cut metal up to 1 mm thick, is more than 7 thousand. And if this device is required only 1-2 times, then it is better to look for another option.

Manual circular saw

The ontological principle of exposure to the material, in manual circular saw and in corner grinders. the same. But studying the advice of experts on how to cut corrugated board, amazing inconsistency looms. It turns out that the corner grinder leads to the destruction of the protective coating, but there is no circular! Absurd! But upon closer examination, it turns out that such tips are more due to concern for security. The fact is that when cutting a profiled sheet, the disk can “eat”.

And if such an episode cannot lead to a tragedy for a manual circular, because this is prevented by the architecture and design of the case, then for angular grinding, the “bite” of the disk can lead to sad consequences. Especially if a toothed disk was used.

Important: When working with a detachment of an electrician, meticulously observe safety regulations! Do not exceed the maximum allowable thickness of the processed material and the speed of the disk.

In fact, the cutting of the corrugated circular saw is the fastest way. the fastest way. The only drawback is the unsafe edge remaining after using the circular.


In another way, this device is called a “multifunctional tool”. The device is quite new, and little is familiar to the wide mass of consumers. Nevertheless, he has a number of significant advantages that can be successfully used when cutting a profiled sheet.

Using the cutting canvas for metal, you can easily cut the sheets of corrugated board with a thickness of up to 1 mm. Cut can start from any place.

The colossal advantage of the renovator is its safety.

But the renovator copes with the task quickly, and the edge turns out to be ideal quality.

Processing corrugated board with a grinding

The processing of profiled sheets with a grinder should be told first of all. When asked whether it is possible to cut corborous grinder and get a sheet with a minimum damaged edge, the answer will only be negative. The cut.out circle rotating with a high speed, cutting thin metal, burns it and the coating not only along the cut line: high temperature damages the material and at some distance from it. The use of special discs for working with corrugated board partially removes the problem: the width of the scorched strip at the edge will be several.

There is also an argument against the use of a corner grinder: the sparks that are flying away during cutting the profiled sheet burn a layer of anti.corrosion protection. Do not forget that the cutting circle leaves the torn edges on the sheet.

Nevertheless, the angular grinder is the most common tool for cutting corrugated board. The corner grinder is used by everyone who chooses the speed of the process, does not worry about the manufacturer’s warranty obligations and knows how to protect the edges of profiled sheets after cutting them.

Grinding or circular

How to cut profiled sheets with a grinder to inflict minimal damage to them? It is better to use a power tool with large circles. This will cut the sheets with any wave height in one pass. Above has already been said about the need to use special discs: they are quite thin (from 1 to 1.6 mm) and framed by teeth made of carbide material.

The procedure for anti.corrosion protection of the edges after cutting the corborine grinder is cutting to be treated with anti.corrosion compounds and applying paint, similar in color with a polymer coating of a sheet.

The better to cut corrugated board. corner grinding or circular saw? If the house has a manual circular, then its use in cutting a metal profile is more advisable than using a grinder. The speed of rotation of the disk installed on the circular saw is lower than on the corner grinder. When cutting metal with a circular, the temperature does not increase as much as when treating with a grinder. However, this does not mean that the edges of the corrugated board are not damaged. After cutting the manual circular of the edge of the profiled sheet, it is necessary to protect against corrosion.

It must be added that the area of ​​the circular saw can also damage the coating of the metal profile.

How to cut corporal corbodneal properly? The work is performed as follows:

  • In a sheet of plywood 1.5×0.3 m, not reaching its edges, they make a slot;
  • 2 points are placed on the profiled sheet, marking the beginning and end of the cut line;
  • The so.called plywood conductor is applied to the marks;
  • plywood and metal profile are fixed, after which a profiled sheet is cut.

The use of manual tools

Using them, it is impossible to burn metal and a profiled sheet coating. Nevertheless, labor productivity when using manual tools is significantly reduced. It is better to work, cutting out small fragments in the metal profile.

Profiled sheets scissors are conveniently cut across the wave. It will be difficult to cut the corrugated board along it, and bending the sheet will lead to its deformation. Before cutting the metal profile with scissors, you need to take into account that they leave behind the gear edges.

The even edges on the sheet remain after cutting with a manual jigsaw or a hacksaw for metal, but these tools are suitable for cutting corrugated board with a wave height of not more than 25 mm. In addition, the design of the hacksaw and the jigsaw does not allow them to make deep cuts in the profiled sheet.

How to cut corrugated board to speed up work without a deterioration in its quality? Alternative to manual work. the use of specialized electrical tools. The cutting of the corrugated board by them is an order of magnitude, in comparison with the work by a manual tool, reduces the complexity of the process. In addition, like scissors for metal or jigsaw, power tools do not damage the edges of the processed material.

Electric scissors for metal

There are both cutting and slotting scissors for metal. How to cut a profile, you need to decide in advance. After cutting the profile by electronics of both types, even edges remain. When cutting corrugated board, the anti.corrosion coating of the metal is not destroyed by both tools, however, sedimentary scissors are more suitable for working with a profiled sheet. They can be cutting the material in any direction. With the help of cutting scissors, you can cut a sheet of any configuration.

Swls scissors are effective when processing flat sheets. They can be used to cut the corrugated board along the waves. In transverse cutting, using a slotted tool is inconvenient.

Professionals use electric scissors, but such a power tool has a significant drawback. high price. It is unacceptable for many amateur roofers.

How to cut a profile, if buying an expensive tool is inappropriate? You can purchase a drill nozzle that performs the function of cutting scissors. To start work, you need to fix the device in the cartridge and turn on the electric drill. The corrugated board is cut, holding the nozzle by a special handle.

Cutting with an electrician

Another tool used to cut the sheets of metal profile is an electrician. It is not as productive to work as electricians or grinds, however, cutting profiled sheets is much more convenient than a manual tool.

It is recommended to use an electric jigsaw to open a profile with a wave of not higher than 25 mm. It is advisable to use it for longitudinal cutting of corrugated board, although the power tool also copes with transverse cutting.

cutting, corrugated, board, rust, professionalist, maximum

Before cutting corrugated board, you need to install a metal file on the jigsaw. Cutting sheets should be carried out at high speed. It should be remembered that the unreliable corrugated board will vibrate during the cutting, which will affect the condition of the edges left by the file.

Clocking profile, a jigsaw is pressed to its surface, so the supporting slab of the instrument can scratch a zinc or polymer coating. You can protect it by sticking tape on the profile. After cutting the lobe, the edges are treated with an anti.corrosion composition.

The better to cut corrugated board? Power tools:

Corner grinder

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures causes the greatest harm to the galvanized surface of corrugated board. Refracted from the material in the heating process above 200-250 ° C can both a polymer or paintwork. The use of gas.cutting equipment, as well as a bell with conventional disks for processing corrugated board is extremely undesirable. Indeed, in the process of detachment and even combustion of coating, bromic corrosion quickly appears. lateral cracks on the ends of the sheets.

Abrasive discs are capable of heating metal to 600 ° C. For acrylic, polyurethane or PVC coverage, they are dangerous and flying over a fairly large distance from under the sparks disk. Plus, after cutting with conventional disks on the metal, there are burrs that will need to be removed. And the tool when cutting makes a lot of noise.

Cutting corner grinding is allowed only using cutting disks with smaller teeth. The edges after processing are quite even, with minimal damage to the coating. However, in this case, in order to avoid the appearance of foci of corrosion, it is worth being extremely careful and prevent overheating and sparking. By the way, the noise when cutting with cuts is much less.

Cutting corporate grinder cutting disk

To work with a profiled sheet, it is necessary to purchase a special disk of small thickness (not more than 1.0-1.6 mm) from carbide metal. It is intended specifically for cutting profiled sheets. The edge after processing is more accurate. Some specialists with diamond spray disks can easily process a pack of corrugated board with a thickness of 10 sheets immediately.


In the absence of other tools at hand, it is quite possible to cut a small amount of material with a profile height up to 20-25 mm. With a high wave, it will tear the canvas. And the tool itself can quickly fail.

The sheet before starting work is fixed on the table (ordinary goats are also suitable) so that the edge is on weight 10 centimeters from the surface. It is more convenient to use a laser pointer laser. a fishing line for a trimmer will turn out to be more even. It is tightly pressed to the sheet and cut through the pre.planned line. To avoid injuries, corrugated board only needs to be held, and not completely rely on it.

It is more difficult to cut a large amount of corrugated line with a jigsaw, so professional roofers use it mainly to obtain curly sections. Such a fit may be needed when the roof is flooring in the places of junction to smoke or ventilations. It will take much more time to get long.range longitudinal lines with it than when working with a corner grinder.

Important! Just as in the case of an angular grinder, the jigsaw should not be installed on large speeds. Otherwise the coating of the corrugated board will simply burn out.

Electronics for metal

Working with them when processing thin 1 mm metal is quite convenient-they are not inferior in speed to the corner grinder. With a certain dexterity in a short time, electron.burners can cut a sufficient amount of material both in a straight line and along the lines that have a curved shape.

However, scissors for metal often wrap the edges. Therefore, after processing, it may be necessary to straighten the sheets with a kiyanka. If it is not at hand, the edge is trimmed with an ordinary hammer, after laying a wooden gasket.

The ideal option for cutting is the cutting scissors. In fact, this is a cut in miniature. Since the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut goes in two directions at once, the corrugated board does not deform. You can start work even from the middle of the sheet. To avoid the appearance of the burr, before starting work, the scissors are regulated so that the tool is turned under 90 ° to the cut line. However, the tool is not cheap, and it is mainly used by professionals.

Electric circular saw

The speed of a hand saw is 2 times less than that of an angular grinder, so the metal in the processing process is almost not melted. Using this power tool in a short time, you can cut a fairly large amount of material.

An electric saw, like a corner grinder, must be equipped with a disc cutting a corrugated board. they are sold in all construction stores. A special table for cutting will also. When working, you should act carefully. the saw forms a large amount of chips, which at any time can fly. In the absence of experience working with her for cutting corrugated board it is better not to undertake.

Advice! To adjust the profile, it is allowed to use the nozzle for a drill. It is quite capable of cutting small sizes of corrugated board in areas.

Hand tool for corrugated board

In addition to power tools, there are also manual. It’s difficult and slow to work with them, but hand tools have their advantages. They may well be useful with small volumes of work or the need for a neat cut.

Kryazuvka for metal

Professionals often use this tool for cutting profiled sheets. Of course, working with it is a little more time in time. But cutting with a hacksaw has a lot of advantages:

  • The sections are perfectly even, without chips and do not require additional processing;
  • With it, even the thickest sheets can be cut without problems;
  • It is not necessary to lay a cable to the place of installation. in this case, electricity is not required;
  • The hacksaw is safer than any power tool, and a layman will be able to work with it. the probability of injury is much less;
  • Great physical strength during work is not required: it can be cut with it with your own hands sheets for the roof.

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For work, you will need a table and devices for fixing sheets. Otherwise you have to take an assistant who will hold the corrugated board.

Important! Cuts are performed by cuts only in a straight line. It is better to make curved lines with scissors.


With the help of this tool, it is possible to perform sections of any shape, including curvilinear. But the hand.lobby is much smaller than a hacksaw, so you have to cut it for a long time. Perhaps it can be useful only for processing short curved areas. As in the case of an electrolobian, the restriction is the wavelength. With a profile of more than 25 cm, the edges will be uneven and will look torn.

Scissors for metal

This tool may be needed to obtain curved cuts. Its use is also permissible for processing a small amount of thin.walled sheets of corrugated board. However, in any case, the cutting process will be longer than when working with the power tool.

cutting, corrugated, board, rust, professionalist, maximum

The only advantage of metal scissors is the complete safety of the coating during processing. But it is better to use them as an additional tool if the processing of the edges over the wave is required. The ideal option is slotted scissors. Cutting and knife do not have a special head that allows you to get an accurate cut.

Features of work with corrugated board

Modern and popular material is widely used in different construction work. Fences, gates, gates, garages and outbuildings are built from it, roofs, external and internal walls are covered, and durable floors of houses are performed. But if you do not know the nuances, then a thin metal sheet with galvanizing and a polymer layer can easily be deformed when cutting.

There are recommendations from professionals and tips with what methods of cutting corrugated board should not be used so as not to harm the coating. The usual method of cutting tin sheets is not suitable when high temperature is used. So the edges and surface of persistent durable material can easily burn out.

What tools are suitable for working with corrugated board?

Is it possible to cut a professionalist, we figured out. Now consider the pros and cons of the tools that are suitable for cutting the material.

Corner grinder

The use of the device is possible, but the abrasive circle is excluded, which can greatly ruin the coating and will lead to the formation of rust. To minimize the damage of the product, a special disk for metal with a thickness of 1-1.6 mm with carbide teeth is used.

After cutting the profiled sheet, the corner grinder is processed by special colors. This will reduce the risk of corrosion. Cut each sheet individually, you do not need to save time and work immediately with all the pile of materials using disks with diamond spraying. The probability of damage to the metal is quite high!

Kryazuvka for metal

Working with the tool is convenient and fast, but you will need to make significant physical efforts from you. It is manually that neat cutting is carried out, while the “burrs” will not remain along the line of the cut. It is easy to cut corrugated board in a straight line, but it is impossible to do curvilinear drills. When we cut the profiled sheet with a hacksaw, it is necessary to provide for the presence of a special lasting table on which the material for the saw is fixed.

Manual or electrician

Solves the tasks that the hacksaw cannot cope with. Can work with curved surfaces. A hand tool is used in small areas. If you need to work with large volumes, profiled sheets of small length and with a corrugation height of 25 mm, then stop choosing on an electric jigsaw. During cutting, a fine nozzle is used, high speeds are turned on. You can cut the material vertically and horizontally. You need to press the metal hard. So rattling is excluded. Do not use a jigsaw if you want to get thin strips. After cutting the edge of the corrugated board is burned, so treat them with enamel.

Scissors for metal

The device allows you to work with small volumes of material. With the help of scissors you can cut waves across, while the corrugation will not be damaged. The master will receive narrow and even high.quality stripes, a minimum of time will spent on work. Keep in mind that the sheets have low flexibility, and the edges of the sections can turn out to be uneven.


If it doesn’t matter to you which edge will turn out in the end, then this popular and effective tool is suitable for working with corrugated board. Working with electric wizards passes quickly and easily, but the edges of the cut are most likely to come out rude, with “burrs”.

Manual circular saw

Better to work in tandem with an assistant. So you will save time, nerves and strength. On the circular, we cut the profiledist correctly only if we use a disk with small teeth. As a result, you will find a decent quality of work, regardless of the chosen direction of cutting metal.

Cutting a profiled sheet with a hacksaw for metal

If the volume of work is small, then you can open, small sections can be done with a hacksaw for metal. But when they cover a large object by corrugated board, this method is extremely ineffective.

We can assume how much physical strength it is necessary to spend in order to complete the operation.

The second, high.quality cut can be made in a straight line. Cut the oval, an ellipse is unlikely to work. Geometric lines will be inaccurate, Zapubins will appear. All this will require additional processing.

Third, for cutting metal, a special table is required, which cannot be located in the places of installation of the roof. Many do not consider this a big problem, but still it is. Consumables need a lot since the canvas for metal is expensive. An economic question arises. is it worth using this tool at all.

It is worth it, since the extremely safe method of cutting corrugated board, the operational replacement of a worn canvas with a new analogue.

Cutting the profile sheet with scissors for metal

Professionalist is thin, well cut by special scissors along. Applying them for end trimming is somewhat problematic, since the corrugated surface of the corrugated board will be crushed by the strength of the cutting parts of the tool. Such a sheet will not fit into the technological logic of the roof and will be disposed of. Cut the sheets vertically. is a pleasure. Scissors work high quality, like a well.adjusted sewing machine.

It is better to finalize the cut for metal scissors. Sometimes when pruning with other tools, you need to smooth out errors. In this case, the scissors for metal are an excellent corrective tool.

Curtain manual scissors are a universal tool capable of drawing in two levels, which allows you to carve the profile with the height of the waves up to 2cm.

Nozzle on the drill

To optimize expenses instead of cutting electronics, you can purchase a special nozzle. “cricket”. With its help, you can form a complex cut in the form.

Installation is carried out directly on the electrode cartridge. The procedure for performing work is similar to the above cutting tool. The nozzle of the Steel Beaver has such functions.


Why is corrugated a corner grinder cannot be cut

According to the recommendations of manufacturers, perform the processing of the corporate grinding machine (angular grinder). But this applies only to those cases when abrasive or diamond discs are used, the cut is performed at high speed.

The profiled sheet consists of a metal base, and a multilayer protective coating that fades under the influence of high temperature. Because of this, the following defects are possible:

  • Destruction of the protective layer. subsequently the metal base will begin to rust;
  • Loss of appearance. sparks can burn polymer or paintwork;
  • Cancellation of the warranty from the manufacturer.

In practice, perform work on cutting corps using corner grinders. But this requires a special toothed disk and a correctly selected number of revolutions. The rotation of the saw disk should remove the material from the area of ​​the cutter mechanically, and not thermally.

Tips and recommendations

When working with corrugated board, there is a risk of serious injuries, cutting off the sharp edges. Therefore, experts recommend starting to process the metal only with appropriate clothing:

  • Protective gloves will protect hands from cuts.
  • When working with an electric tool, it is always necessary to put on protective glasses in order to secure your eyes from the hit of small metal chips.
  • Building headphones will protect the ears from loud noise created by an electric tool.
  • To protect the body from damage, it is necessary to put on specialists.
  • Closed shoes will also help to avoid injuries.

Another useful security advice in working with tools: it is forbidden to use a corner grinder without a protective casing. The fact is that the cutting parts rotate at a very high speed, therefore it is necessary to observe special caution when working. These are the main tips and recommendations that experts do not recommend to forget about.

If, when erecting a fence and roofing system, it is necessary to cut corrugated board, then you must definitely find out which tools are suitable for this. Sheets require special processing of edges, otherwise soon after installation they will become unusable.

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Kryazuvka for metal

Most professional craftsmen use a special hacksaw for metal for cutting corrugated board. She is in the arsenal of any builder, and cutting blades are very inexpensive. In addition, when performing work using a hacksaw on metal, it is created much less noise. This method is popular, as it has the following advantages:

  • The edges of the cut are flat, without chips and burrs, so they do not need additional processing and applying a protective coating.
  • Cutting is performed quickly, accurately without the use of great physical strength. With the help of a knife.haired woman, you can independently cut the sheets in size for the manufacture of a small fence or roof.
  • For this cutting method, a complex tool is not required, it can be used even in the absence of electricity.

Important! With the help of a hacksaw on metal, it is convenient to cut a cut in a straight line. It is almost impossible to make curved cuts using this unknown tool, scissors are better for them.

For cutting corrugated board for metal, you will have to put together a cut table, to which the sheets will be fixed with special clamps. Otherwise, you will have to work together.

Scissors for metal

For lack of corner grinder and hacksaws for cutting corrugated board, you can use scissors for metal. They look like ordinary ones, but have a larger size and sharp straight blades made of carbide materials. Scissors are indispensable for metal, if you need to cut the thin stripes of corrugated board or perform figured cutting. Work with this tool is done slowly and difficult enough.

Professional roofing masters use scissors for metal as an additional tool when working with corrugated board. They cut this material well across the wave, but for cutting along the profile they are practically not used, since the flexibility of the profiled sheet in this direction is extremely low.

Scissors for metal are inexpensive, usually they are in the arsenal of a roofing master. When working with them, you can’t get damage or get hurt. Compared to other tools for cutting corrugated board, scissors have the following advantages:

  • They do not damage the protective polymer coating of the profiled sheet, so that corrosion stability and life of the material do not decrease.
  • They can cut corrugated board over the waves without fear of damaging the material.
  • With the help of scissors, it is easy to perform curved cuts that you can’t do with a hacksaw.

How to cut corrugated board with an electrician?

If you cannot decide how to cut the corrugated board, we advise you to choose an electrician if you, of course, do not have already acquired other tools. As a rule, this is the best choice for those who decided to independently start the installation of the roofing in the country or the construction of a fence from the profiled sheet. It is desirable that he has a laser guide.

This tool is the most universal of what to cut the profile can without spending serious efforts and the availability of special skills. In addition, it can be used both for carpentry, and in order to cut down a few dry branches in the garden.

In addition, an electrician is very easy to maintain and use. The speed of work is high, the probability of getting an injury is minimal, if a saw breaks down. it can be easily replaced, and even a beginner can cope with a sharp. All these qualities make an electrician with an almost perfect tool for this task.

Now let us dwell directly on the technology of its use:

  • Before cutting corrugated board with an electrician, draw a fishing line for a cutting trimmer. To do this, you can use a regular marker.
  • Fix the sheet so that it is at least 10 centimeters from the surface and does not move when cutting. To do this, you can use ordinary goats.
  • Now you can start cutting directly. Do not rely “by eye”. use a laser pointer so that the cutting line for the trimmer of the cut is even and exactly corresponds to your tasks.
  • Try to tightly press the electrician to the sheet where it is possible. This will reduce the risk of canopy breakdown.
  • Despite the fact that this tool for cutting corrugated board is safe enough and has many mechanisms that protect a person from injuries, be extremely careful. Hold the leaf by the edge, and do not rely on it with your hand. And even more so do not hold your hand on the cut line, even if the tool is still at a decent distance.

If you follow all these rules, then easily cope with a sharp corrugated board yourself. And you will do it quickly and without serious harm to cover the sheet.

Corrosion’s edges from corrosion

Even the use of special tools for cutting corrugated board does not guarantee complete protection against damage to the coating of corrugated board. Only in profiled sheets of galvanized steel of the 1st class of zinc coating thickness, the presence of molecules at the site of the section creates a barrier that prevents the oxidation of the metal.

Therefore, in order to avoid reducing the service life of corrugated board, it should be appropriate to the edges of the cut special anti.corrosion mastic. In addition, you can also paint these places with paint in the color of the protective coating of a profiled sheet. The fulfillment of these simple requirements will reliably protect the edges of the sheets of corrugated board in the fitting places, ensuring the reliability of the profiled sheet during the entire period of its service.

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