Than to Cut Plexiglas 2 Mm

Plexiglass cutting at home is an event that an ordinary person rarely encounters. Despite this, from time to time the question arises. how to cut plexiglass? But those people who like to make with their own hands and use this unique material in their work, very often encounter such a task. quickly cut acrylic into the necessary elements. In production conditions, some methods of cutting this material are used; at home, it is more convenient and practical to use other methods. Below we consider what methods are not used in production.

Plexiglass cutting at home

If you need to cut a sheet of plexiglass into certain elements, you can use one of the following methods:

The first way. a hacksaw for metal

Surely almost every home master in the tool box has such a hacksaw. Working with it is quite simple, your actions should be exactly the same as when cutting metal or wood. In advance, on the sheet of material, it is necessary to mark the cut lines, after which you can proceed. In the process, control the smoothness of the hacksaw and do not be too zealous that the material does not begin to melt, otherwise you will get an uneven and fused cut.

After you saw off the necessary elements, pay attention to the cut. It will turn out rough. Additional sanding will be required. You can use a file or sandpaper.

Method Two. Cutter

how to cut plexiglass 2 mm

If the thickness of the material is not large, even a regular clerical knife is suitable for you. So, before you cut the necessary elements, you need to prepare. In order for the cut line to be even, such as you need, prepare a ruler. It is better if it is metal, if such is not found, any other one will do. Position the ruler along the intended cut line, and then with a neat but confident movement, use a cutter along the ruler. It can be several movements. Sheet thickness must be cut by 50%. Now, with a neat but precise movement, break the sheet. the cutting line also does not turn out perfectly smooth, additional grinding will be required.

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The cutter, if necessary, can be made independently. Some home craftsmen use an ordinary piece of glass, having previously secured the place where they hold their hand.

The third method. a circular saw or milling cutter

Do-it-yourself plexiglass cutting can also be done using a circular saw or a metal cutter. If you choose a cutter, note that its thickness should be no more than one millimeter. In the process, the cutter works very quickly.

When cutting Plexiglas with this method, it is necessary to take into account that a lot of smoke will be emitted, and the material will warm up quite quickly, possibly foaming at the processing site. To avoid possible consequences, it is worth taking care of cooling the material with water in advance. Cooling can be organized in this way: take an ordinary bottle and fill it with water, fix it near the cutter and supply water to the work surface with a plastic hose. If you use a hose with a thickness of 2.5 mm, about one liter of water will flow out per hour. Having established this method of cooling, you will be able to get a neat and transparent cut.

  1. You can build a tool for cutting this material. You will need a nichrome thread. As a result of heating, she will be able to cut plexiglass due to melting. To build such a tool, take a nichrome thread, a transformer whose power is 24 V. Connect the thread to the transformer, having previously fixed it on both sides or attached a handle on one side and hang a weight on the other. When the thread heats up, you can cut acrylic along the intended line.
  2. Slotted screwdriver. It is necessary to press a screwdriver to the sheet of material, hold it by the edge of the handle. Heat the tool blade with a soldering iron. When a sheet of material begins to melt, you can cut it by moving the tool with your hand. To get a straight line, use a metal ruler. After drawing a line on the surface of acrylic, it can be easily broken in the right place.

In addition to these methods, Plexiglas at home can be cut and when using other tools, it can be a jigsaw (you need to select the correct mode) or glass cutter. Each master, through trial and error, selects his own method that suits him. After studying the proposed information, it became clear that cutting plexiglass products is not as complex a process as it might seem at first glance.