Which Miter Saw To Choose For Home

When performing carpentry, installation and finishing work, it is often very difficult to do without a miter saw. Only with its help it is possible to cut the workpiece at the right angle with absolute accuracy. Thanks to trimming, both productivity and the quality of the connection of structural elements are significantly increased. But only if you use a quality tool in your work. at least one of the best ones given in the article below.

which miter saw to choose for the house

Miter saw which company to choose

The most popular segment manufacturers include:

Metabo is a German manufacturer whose history began in 1924. Today is one of the leading companies in the production of power tools. Deliveries are made to 100 countries of the world.

Bosch is a world famous concern from Germany, which began operations in 1886. It implements both professional and amateur status tools in more than 150 countries.

Makita is a Japanese manufacturing giant specializing in electric, gasoline powered tools. It began its journey in 1915. after more than 100 years, the company’s products are known in 160 countries.

DeWALT is a North American brand with a 90-year history. A manufacturer from the USA makes a professional power tool. The company’s plants operate in Brazil, Italy, the Czech Republic, Canada.

The best low power miter saws

N = 1010 W

Makita LS 0714 is a small-sized bench-top tool with a disk diameter of 19 cm. It is designed for 1-speed rotation of 6 thousand rpm, cut height and width, respectively, 5.2 and 30 cm, as well as tilt and rotation angles : 45 and 57 °.

Available: horizontal movement, adjustment of cutting depth, spindle lock, braking of the brush motor. Miter saws wood, as well as plastic and metal with appropriate equipment. For ease of operation, collection and removal of chips is provided.


  • protective double insulation and disk casing;
  • thanks to extendable supports it is easy to process long materials;
  • light weight and compactness, facilitating convenient transportation and storage;
  • high-quality assembly, lack of backlash, ease of movement, accurate and clean cut;
  • ergonomic handle.


  • lack of tables;
  • the valve sticks in the dust bag.

There are minor disadvantages that do not affect the overall positive opinion. Examples of excellent wood processing, and of different types, are given. Users noted that the saw completely justifies its price.

N = 1200 W

Metabo KGS 216 M. trimming machine with the following technical characteristics: Ø saw blade. 21.6 cm; the number of revolutions per minute. 5000; Max. cut in width and depth. 30.5 cm and 6.5 cm; the angles of rotation and inclination are the same. 47 °, and in both directions.

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In the presence of the tool: cast aluminum construction, spindle lock, laser marker and LED backlight. The clamp secures the workpieces of wood, aluminum and plastic in front or on top. Maximum power can be 1.5 kW, but not more than 7 minutes.


  • the ability to smoothly extend the table and broaches for wide processed materials;
  • easily accessible brushes, practical sawdust removal system, good “native” disk;
  • the backlight and laser greatly simplify the work;
  • assembly level, smooth cut, little noise;
  • comfortable grip, affordable cost.


  • selective complaints about the laser and backlight. sometimes fail, are not always effective in dusty work.

Solid model. for the construction of frame houses is an indispensable "thing". Slightly spoils the reputation given minus.

N = 1400 W

Bosch GCM 800 SJ is a tabletop appliance in which the blade diameter is 21.6 cm, the tilt is possible up to 45 °, the rotation is available up to 47 °, while at a speed of 5.5 thousand rpm you can cut in width and height to 270 and 70 mm, respectively.

The machine has spindle lock and soft start functions, as well as the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. In the presence of large stops for fixing blanks and a transparent casing for safe operation. Miter saws boards, laminate, lining. when using a special disk, aluminum and plastic blanks are processed.


  • for the correct inclusion of the apparatus, a limitation of the starting current is provided;
  • excellent build quality, high security, comfortable closed handle;
  • cutting accuracy "at height"; indestructible "engine";
  • Warranty period is 3 years.


  • misunderstanding may occur with the use of clamps.

Users believe that the device is chic, working with it is a pleasure.

Best mid-range miter saws

N = 1520 W

Hitachi C10FCE2 is a trimming model characterized by a 255 mm blade diameter, 5 thousand rpm of rotational speed, 144 and 89 mm of cut width and depth, 45 and 52 ° of tilt and rotation angles. The tool handle is rubberized, so it is firmly held in the palm of your hand.

The dust extraction system protects the respiratory system, improves the visibility of the treatment area, and maintains cleanliness in the workplace. For ease of operation, a clamp is included in the kit, which fixes the workpiece during work. The machine is designed for trimming materials: polymer, metal, wood.


  • double cable insulation, spindle lock;
  • easy to fold and carry;
  • cutting is performed efficiently, smoothly and accurately;
  • good assembly, ease of use, reliability, lack of runout;
  • budget cost.


  • sometimes inaccuracies on the scale, which are easily corrected.

N = 1600 W

Bosch GCM 8 SJL Professional. a professional machine equipped with a brush motor, a saw blade Ø 26.1 cm, a laser marker, an additional protective cover and U-shaped stops necessary for working with long material. horizontal machining is possible for processing large workpieces.

The RPM is 5500, the width and height of the cut are 31.2 and 7 cm, the rotation is carried out at 45 °, the inclination is at 47 °. Thanks to the 2-point dust removal, the chips are collected both during the lengthy cuts and at their completion. The device is used for processing a wide variety of materials, including when laying floors and restoration.


  • the laser used is not harmful to the eyes;
  • exact factory settings, lack of backlashes;
  • significant working resource, reliability and ease of use;
  • high performance, easy adjustment;
  • accuracy of a cut, lack of chips;
  • comfortable non-slip handle.


  • dust extraction is good, but could be better.

Excellent trimming, which has virtually no flaws. both factory and operational. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Users are satisfied. recommend.