Than to mow the lawn if there is no lawn mower

where to start and what features to consider

The demand for arranging a personal plot with the help of a lawn is growing every year, since this coating transforms the plot and makes it natural, well-groomed and beautiful. However, beautiful grass must be properly cared for, and this is especially important after winter. Caring for the lawn after winter includes work that is aimed at fertilizing plants and removing dead shoots. In addition, in early spring, re-sowing of the grass may be required to restore the lawn coverage.

Correct lawn mowing

Here are some useful tips on how to properly mow the grass:

  • Make sure the mower is at the same height on all sides;
  • Remove unnecessary items from the lawn before mowing. These can be branches, apples, fallen from trees and other objects;
  • If it was raining the day before, or the grass fell from strong dew, comb it and let it dry;
  • Lovers of striped lawns should be aware that stripes appear when changing the direction of the mowing, or from changing the mowing speed, if we are talking about a cylindrical mower;
  • For a uniform mowing, you need to move in a spiral, starting with a large radius. First mow the perimeter, then the spiral begins to converge towards the center;
  • Never run over the wire with the mower;
  • If you hear a strange sound from the mower, stop working immediately and make sure that no solid objects have fallen into the mower;
  • If grass remains on the lawn during mowing with the rotary mower and does not fall into the grass catcher. This can happen for two reasons: the wet grass gets into a lump and clogs the access to the collection box or the collection box is overfilled;
  • Bumps and bumps inevitably appear on every lawn. In order not to leave bald spots on them after cutting, you can simply lift the mower slightly by the handle;
  • The ragged edges of the stand are a reminder to sharpen the mower’s knives;
  • The appearance of the lawn will be better if you alternate the direction of the mowing. For example, today we mowed the lawn clockwise, and next time counterclockwise.

It is impossible to cut the lawn evenly with a regular grass scythe, so a lawn mower is the main tool for smooth mowing. Lawn mowers are different: self-propelled, with steering, with a handle for control. The principle of operation of lawn mowers is also different: cylindrical, rotary, riders, robotic mowers, air cushion lawn mowers, manual lawn mower (grass trimmer). Not only the principles of operation are different, but also the ways of powering devices: electricity, batteries, gasoline.

5: Remove all sawdust

Coming back to step 4, it is important that your lawn is exposed to as much sunlight as possible. If you leave clippings on the surface, they will block the light. In addition, wet cuttings lying on the winter lawn are an ideal breeding ground for diseases such as fusarium.

How to care for your lawn after mowing

Use ordinary garden forks to pierce the turf to a depth of 30 cm with a minimum distance between punctures of 30 cm. Leave the lawn alone for a couple of days. Sow the grass where bald spots have formed during the winter. In the fall, this point should be omitted, since in winter the plants will not take root, but simply freeze out. Fill the holes that appear on the site with garden soil mixed with peat in a 1: 1 ratio. Feed plants with preparations containing phosphorus and potassium.

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Robot mower

Intelligent mowing machine. Powered by a rechargeable battery. Not a cheap device, but it has many advantages: it independently mows a given area, an intelligent system allows you to determine areas of the lawn, avoids obstacles, independently determines the place of recharging, and is equipped with an alarm to prevent theft of the device. They do not have a bag for collecting the cut grass, as they cut off a few millimeters of the top layer. The finely chopped grass falls down to fertilize the ground. Some models are capable of servicing up to 400 square meters of lawn, with a slope of up to 35 degrees. Once the mowing cycle is complete, the robotic lawnmower will return to base itself. Cutting width 25-35 cm. Cutting height 16-60 mm. Many models are equipped with rain sensors and do not leave the base in wet weather, or stop mowing the lawn and return to the garage.

Cylinder Lawn Mower

The principle of operation is based on the rotation of the knives located on the horizontal shaft. After mowing with such a lawn mower, the traditional striped ornament remains on the lawn. Cylinder lawn mowers are mechanical (manual), gasoline and electric. Cutting width 30-40 cm, ideal for medium-sized lawns. The mowing quality is determined by the number of knives. Expensive models have 8-10 knives, medium 5.

A huge plus of a mechanical lawn mower is the lack of an engine. This means it makes less noise, does not consume electricity and gasoline, and is easier to use.

When and how many times to mow

It is advisable to mow the lawn grass that has been growing on your site for several years for the first time in a season immediately after the snow melts. The earth should dry out a little, and the plants should start growing. Adjust the Levia mowers so that they knock down only the tops of the blades of grass, do not cut the lawn short for the first mowing.

Experts advise mowing in the morning or evening. At dawn or before sunset, the blades of grass are more drawn to the sun, they stand evenly, and all the irregularities of the cover are in full view.

Provided the weather is sunny and warm, you need to mow the lawn once a week, then it grows intensively, retains its density and freshness. In inclement weather and prolonged precipitation, the haircut is postponed until the grass dries well. Wet blades of grass clog the mower, get tangled, wrinkle, and as a result, the lawn is uneven, torn.

Highest quality

  • Makita EBH341U. is distinguished by the presence of an ergonomic and comfortable handle, a high-quality shoulder strap, a high level of protection of the motor from moisture and grass. Lightweight and versatile model that will be a good companion for small to medium sized work.

lawn, there, mower

  • Echo SRM 350ES. stands out from other options for its power. In addition to the power, very good quality of the cutting elements, along with the function of cooling the motor. Professional status speaks of quality.
  • The STIHL FS 130 is a highly professional grass trimmer in every sense. Easy handling, intuitive operation, high power, low fuel consumption, large width when working with a line, durability, maneuverability. and these are not all the positive qualities of the 130th. There is a minus, but it is unrelated to the bundle itself. This is the price. But this is a professional grass trimmer, and can even handle tree branches, not to mention shrubs.

Next, let’s go through the main models of lawn mowers.

  • Hyundai L 4310;
  • VIKING MB 248;
  • Champion LM5347BS;
  • DDE LM 51-60D;
  • Makita PLM 4628 N.
  • Makita ELM3311;
  • DDE LME3614;
  • AL-KO Classic 3.82 SE 112856;
  • Bosch ARM 37;
  • DAEWOO DLM 2200E.

Having dealt with the most popular and best models, you should still approach the choice carefully. For example, a woman needs to pay attention to weight and difficulty in operating a trimmer or lawn mower.

In order to cut tall and thick grass, it is advisable to take a more powerful machine, and if you have a square lawn, it will be easier to mow the grass with a self-propelled lawn mower.

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grass trimmer

This is a more modern tool than a grass scythe. These assistants can mow grass in hard-to-reach places, since a person moves with him in the same way as with a scythe. Cutting elements are of two types: special discs that rotate at high speed (up to 9000 rpm) and nylon lines. For lawn surfaces, you can use less powerful options.

grass trimmers are of two types: gasoline and electric.

  • Gasoline. they run on fuel, and the fuel is prepared in the form of a mixture of gasoline and oil. They mainly use AI-92 gasoline, and the oil already depends on the manufacturer. Some types of gasoline trimmers work better with the manufacturer’s own oil, which is specialized for gardening equipment. Do not forget about exhaust emissions, as some models have such a disadvantage as rather voluminous exhaust, which makes them not entirely environmentally friendly.

They can also work loudly, which can interfere with enjoying peace of mind in their area.

  • Electric. cleaner, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. Delving into the name, we understand that such brushcutters need electricity. This is a disadvantage in terms of mobility. If a grass scythe does not need any fuel or charging at all, and a gasoline grass trimmer needs fuel, then this technique requires a constant source of electricity. They are generally lighter than fuel oil, which makes them convenient. All grass trimmers (both electric and gasoline) are equipped with work grips and shoulder straps for easy operation. Operation of the trim tabs is fairly straightforward: most of the functions are located on the control handle.

Requirements for workwear

Since working with equipment requires separate safety, you need to choose a special type of clothing. It must protect the worker from grass (which can stain everyday clothes), from the possibility of cuts (if the tool is used incorrectly), and from the unpleasant getting of small grass on the face, in particular in the eyes.

The main set can be the following set: a protective mask and overalls.

The mask will prevent grass and other debris from entering. This is necessary when mowing large quantities of tall grass. In addition to the mask, you can use special glasses that are used not only when mowing grass, but also when working with other equipment, for example, with an angle grinder. They can be wiped off at the right time if there is no full opportunity to see.

The overalls should be tight, well-sewn, so that in case of unexpected contact with the knife blade, the damage is less severe. You can also use work suits that protect against work activities, for example, a welder’s uniform that protects him from possible burns.

Of course, you don’t need to wear overalls, but this is a basic safety precaution. When mowing grass, there have been many cases when, due to improper technique and negligent attitude to garden tools and clothing, people mutilated themselves.

Better to play it safe and not risk your health.

Hand scythe for grass

A simple tool known to people for a long time, which is called a scythe for grass. They cut the grass long before the advent of specialized mowing equipment. The big plus of this tool is that it is completely autonomous. It does not need to dilute oil and gasoline, and, in general, they will not be required. And also there is no need for electricity. But this option is suitable for physically strong people, since it will take a lot of work in this way even in an average territory.

Of the features, the mowing technique can be noted. You need to be able to use the scythe correctly so that the work is of high quality and does not take you extra time and effort. Remember to pay attention to the blade, too. If you start chopping off small bushes or branches, then the blade may become dull, and if you do not sharpen it, then, in general, it may break.

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Our Crops Are Destroyed

Using a blunt braid is just a waste of your time and effort, so exploitation is also necessary here. In addition, it will be very difficult to create an even lawn, because the grass braids do not have a certain cutting height. Everything is done by hand here.

How and how to mow the grass?

It’s summer now, and many people who own the plot have a situation where they need to work with the lawn. It needs to be cut, cleaned, processed. Today we will consider the main questions: how and how to carry out all this work.

How to choose?

It is necessary to select the mower that will be more convenient for you in the country. Do not forget about the same gasoline emissions during operation, because they are present in gasoline models, just for someone to a greater extent, someone to a lesser extent.

From all of the above, you also need to choose the models that are suitable for your site. You need to understand that in different areas: small or large, flat or inclined, thick or thinned out, you will need completely different tools. It all depends on the total amount of work you plan to do.


During operation, there are some very important points, they must be observed.

  • Always check filters, collectors, because if they get clogged, your equipment may not start or work at full capacity.
  • Watch carefully for knives and other cutting elements. Their quality directly affects the quality of mowing grass and various shrubs. Here everything is the same as with the scythe. It is better to check the blades and then do not waste extra time on re-beveling, there is no need for extra work.
  • Do not forget about the fuel level (when it comes to fuel options). Check it before starting work, along with filters and other machine components that will need to be replaced or cleaned over time.
  • The tool must be stored in a dry place so that there is no moisture, which can lead to the development of corrosion.
  • Remember to adjust the cutting height. To keep your lawn very even and pleasant to look at, you need to cut the grass at the same height.
  • If you need to sharpen knives, it’s better to contact the masters.
  • In the event of a breakdown of some spare parts and malfunctions, contact technical centers where people are well versed in such garden equipment.

Consider some representatives from each type of instrument.

5 things people do wrong when they mow the lawn

braids for grass also come in different types, more precisely, from different materials. The canvas should be of good quality steel, a durable and flexible material. It is advisable to make the braid itself from birch, and the handle from willow.

grass trimmers. have a different price range, which we will also consider and give a small rating.

Types of tools

First you need to figure out what exactly you want to mow the lawn, because the amount of time your work will take depends on the technique. There are several basic options for cleaning the area from excess grass, which grows quite quickly in summer.

First of all, you need to choose a quality tool. Your equipment should be the right one for you, as the tools vary in weight, weight, and features. Some types of equipment have more power, others less. And also the choice depends on the grass that grows on your site.

There is no need to buy a powerful unit if there is small grass growing on your site, for mowing which you may need a very simple tool.