The forester starts up and stalls the reason. Checking the filter

When you press the gas, the chainsaw begins to stall. the causes and options for solving the problem

There are frequent cases when the owners of the chainsaw are faced with their breakdown and it does not matter what kind of technique of this kind of technique, since the nature of the breakdowns has almost everyone the same. Well, here the chainsaw was stalled and what’s next? Undoubtedly, the equipment can be attributed to specialized services that will fix your “iron friend” for a fee for a fee. But as they say: why pay more?

After all, you can personally disassemble the tool and repair it, since the breakdown can be insignificant, and in the service for this you will pay a lot. But naturally, in order to return the tool to life, you need to be able to understand the reasons for its breakdown and ways to eliminate malfunctions. So let’s study! In this article, you can find answers to questions regarding situations where the tool simply stalls after direct pressing for gas. So, let’s get down.

Where to look for a reason or where to start checking

All chainsaws have the same design, and work according to one principle. The device of the chainsaw can be found in this material. It does not play much meaning which brand of the tool. Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Champion, Partner, Sturm and others. A malfunction manifested in the form when a chainsaw is stalling when pressed on gas can arise the same both on expensive and high.quality tools and on budget Chinese devices. If the problem has arisen, then it needs to be solved.

A chainsaw is a system of mechanisms consisting of details. Any detail in the mechanism can fail, which will lead to a partial or complete failure of the tool. If the tool engine starts, then this does not mean that the chainsaw is completely serviceable. Когда при повышении оборотов происходит прекращение работы двигателя, значит на то имеются соответствующие причины. With this malfunction, you need to pay attention initially to a number of the following tool mechanisms:

  • Gas tank. make sure of the presence of fuel. If fuel is in sufficient quantity, you should also check the serviceability of the fuel filter, the presence of a connection of the supply hose with the carburetor, and also make sure that the operability
  • Spend of the ignition. if everything is in order with the fuel supply system, then the spark plug is checked for the serviceability. By the color of the carbon on the electrodes, the spark plugs can determine the cause of the breakdown. If the carcass has a brown color, then the candle, the ignition system and the supply of fuel operate in the right mode. The presence of a black carrier indicates the ignition malfunction, and if the electrodes are wet, then the carburetor should be checked

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These are the main details and mechanisms that should be checked first if there is a malfunction when the chainsaw stalls when the accelerator is pressed. There are other reasons why the chainsaw engine stall when the gas trigger presses. What else can contribute to this malfunction, as well as features of elimination of breakdowns, we will find out later.

Basil starts and stalls

In cases where the tool stalls immediately after the engine has started, this may indicate problems with the brake of the chain or insufficient lubrication of the power unit. First of all, you need to check the oil level. if it is not enough, then the topping the liquid, the problem will be solved. But sometimes the level is within the normal range, and the motor still stalls. This means that the problem is most likely in the tube, according to which the oil enters the lubricant.

Also, it happens that a problem is hidden in a carburetor. Perhaps it must be debugged in accordance with the instructions for the motorcycle. But if the carburetor is strongly clogged or broken better not to try to restore its performance on your own. refer to a professional master.

Sometimes the saw cannot start normally, due to the too low fuel level-when the tool is tilted, the liquid flows from the suction tube.

Babble stalls when heated

Sometimes the tool normally starts with a cold motor, but as soon as the device warms up, the saw stops working. There are several reasons for this:

  • The carburetor is incorrectly established. The fuel mixture is too enriched and the fuel simply floods the candle. The problem is solved by a decrease in gas supply for compiling a mixture.
  • The ignition coil malfunction. If the spark on the candles disappears on the hot motor, then this may indicate the unsuitability of the coil. the part requires replacement.
  • False of a candle. The problem is very similar to the failed reel. You need to find out what exactly needs to be replaced. a coil or a candle.

A few maintenance tips

Thorough compliance with the instructions for the operation and maintenance of the tool. a guarantee of its long and uninterrupted operation. It should be borne in mind that every detail of the chainsaw has its own resource, so they need to be changed in a timely manner.

The rules for working with the tool are as follows:

  • Before each plant, check the serviceability and sufficiency of the chain tension.
  • Use only a well.sharpened chain for work.
  • After using the saw, clean all the nodes from sawdust.
  • Turn the tire for uniform wear. Lubricate the star at the same time.
  • If long storage is ahead, drain fuel and oil.

Store the chain and tire in disassembled form, since they form an electrochemical pair, and this leads to the formation of rust.

With improper operation and maintenance of spontaneous failures, not only budget class tools are subject to, but also rather prestigious models of well.known manufacturers. To maintain the performance of the chainsaw, follow the recommendations of professionals.

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There is a spark, a candle is wet. how to solve the problem?

Wet candle indicates a violation of the proportion in the preparation of the fuel mixture. In this state, the detail at first is still able to form a spark, but gradually this property of a candle is lost. In addition to the improper ratio of oil and fuel, there are a number of reasons why the element floods.

  • strong clobs of the air filter;
  • malfunctions in the carburetor settings;
  • malfunctions in the operation of the standard ignition system;
  • incorrect sequence of actions when starting a cold motor;
  • Poor quality of gasoline.

In the first case, the repair of the chainsaw is carried out by thorough cleaning or complete replacement of the air filter of the tool.

If when working, the tool began to consume a large amount of fuel, and engine speeds began to constantly “swim”, decreasing and age every 5-10 seconds, then the owner of the chainsaw should configure the carburetor.

With the repair of the standard ignition system, everything is a little more complicated. To do this, check the entire electrical wiring and make measurements of the gap between the high.voltage wire and the tip of the candle. If necessary, you also need to clean the ignition system from blockages.

If none of these malfunctions were found, then it will be necessary to study the instructions. Perhaps the operator performs the tool in the wrong sequence.

If none of the above helped, then the cause of the breakdown is a poor.quality fuel. In this case, you need to drain the remaining gasoline and pour new fuel with a higher octane number.

Why does not gasoline get into the chainsaw?

Carburetor needle. On cheap chainsaws, the needle in the carburetor often relies, which prevents fuel from entering. Sometimes it’s enough just to move the needle and install it correctly.

Basils. Chinese and even branded chainsaws can have low.quality seals with poor tightness. The fuel stops flowing when it begins to compress the fuel mixture through the seals. Gasoline leak is possible due to gaskets.

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Check your breath

It is the fan that plays a significant role in installing a chainsaw, such a part can be found near the lid of the fuel tank, or rather. In the air hole. The respite performs a simple, but important role. It prevents fuel leakage and sets the correct air pressure. That is why the air enters the carburetor, and the failure of this element is a common reason when the fuel does not fall on the chainsaw. The malfunction of the blower will lead to the formation of negative pressure, which will prevent gasoline from entering the carburetor when trying to launch the tool.

Checking the fan is quite simple, disconnect the gas pipe from the carburetor and check how the fuel is consumed. If gasoline flows in a small stream, everything is fine if it does not flow at all. The respiratory apparatus is pretty clogged with dirt. If everything is done correctly, the part can be cleaned, sometimes it’s easier to replace it with a new. The cleaning procedure is performed manually or using a strong stream of compressed air.

There may be a lot of breakdowns with a chainsaw, and some of them are difficult to solve. If you have worked with this gas tool for a long time, you have a problem when gasoline does not get into the carburetor, but it is very difficult and does not allow you to properly run the chainsaw. Fortunately, experts have long found the reasons for such a breakdown, so we have compiled the main methods of repair.

First of all, we check for banal reasons, such as the presence of gasoline in the tank. If so, we check the process of supplying fuel from the tank through the wire. To do this, just disconnect the gas pipeline from the carburetor and try to download fuel. Serve fuel correctly through the hose with jerks, this will ensure the absence of problems with the gas tank. If the fuel does not flow even with jerks or merges too slowly, there can be reasons:

Surprisingly, even the presence of a complete tank may be the reason when the fuel does not act. So try not to fill the tank as much as possible. A crowded fuel tank can squeeze a pipe that connects to a carburetor.

Low quality gasoline

Each experienced chainsaw user knows that fuel in the tank of the tool cannot be left for a long time. The fact is that long.term storage inside the tank will cause unnecessary processes with the formation of resin and polymerization of various components. Do not leave the fuel in the tank for more than 2 weeks, and even if your tool is launched with such fuel, this can lead to the formation of soot on the details of the CCA (rings, piston).

Air filter

If the chainsaw does not receive gas in the carburetor, pay attention to the type of air filter. Incorrect work leads to the fact that the chainsaw becomes unstable and it is difficult to launch it later or stop it during operation

The air enters the device more complicated, and the mixture becomes too saturated. You can hardly start it, and the reason for this is the formation of dust.

Caution must be taken when removing the air filter, since if dust remains on it, it can get to the carburetor. Clean the air filter quite well with water and detergent

Be sure to dry the filter before installation.

Glave of a chainsaw at high speeds. a simple carburetor repair

The tool carburetor is exactly the mechanism that most owners are afraid to disassemble on their own. The reason is that this mechanism consists of many small details, the location of which must be remembered during the dismantling work. However, not everything is as scary and difficult as it might seem. To understand how the carburetor has to do with the problem of stopping the engine operation with increasing speed, you need to find out its principle of operation described on the site.

Gazes a chainsaw when pressed due to a carburetor if:

  • The membrane is damaged
  • Clogging of the filter element (mesh in the carburetor). The owners of tools who do not have a fuel filter may encounter this malfunction or it is simply disconnected from the fuel hose
  • Sticking the needle, which can be associated using an outdated fuel mixture
  • Clogging of the channels of nozzles or a carburetor is clogged
  • Bending the connecting part uniting a membrane with a needle for supplying fuel to the fuel chamber of a carburetor. This part is also called a paw, since under the influence of the membrane on it, the needle moves and the opening of the channel. This paw during operation can be bent (developed) or break (when turning off the engine will not start). If the paw is bent, then it can be straightened, but this does not guarantee that the problem is soon repeated soon, so it is recommended to replace the part

It is recommended to clean and wash the chainsaw carburetor, as well as replace faulty parts and elements. After that, it can be set back, not forgetting to replace (if worn out) a sealing gasket between the carburetor and the adapter.

Why stalls the chainsaw? Reasons and their elimination

What to do if the chainsaw was stalled? Many owners of the chainsaws know the weakest places of their tool, but the situation may arise when the reason could not be found immediately.This manual will also be useful to those who have recently acquired a chainsaw.

ATTENTION! If you have not found your reason in the list of below, you can ask your question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. So, the chainsaw was stalled. There may be quite a lot of reasons, because at least the drink and not the Formula 1 Bolid, it is a technical device.

Here the main condition for successful repair will be an accurate diagnosis of a malfunction.

Do not immediately start disassembling the chainsaw, first you need to check the simplest possible causes of the malfunction.

Consider the approximate steps of checking the possible cause of the malfunction.

(This is the second edition of this article, in which I will try to describe all possible reasons as detailedly as possible.)

If you do not start a chainsaw, then more details here:

Identification of malfunctions

If the chainsaw stalls for no apparent reason and it is not possible to even establish approximately possible problems, then it is worth passing in series for all possible reasons. There are certainly typical, standard malfunctions of which we will talk about below, but so far we are walking step by step!

one.Check the fuel mixture.

Firstly, it must be prepared according to the recommendations of the manufacturer and using high.quality components. Secondly, produce the tank completely or drain the fuel mixture before prolonged downtime or conservation between seasons. Read more about the fuel here:

2.Clean the air filter or change it.

Polluted air filter does not allow the supply of air to the volume to which the normal operation of the chainsaw is designed. That is, if the carburetor, which mixes the air and the fuel mixture was adjusted with one amount of the accumulated air, then when contaminating the air filter, the amount of air decreases, and the settings remain the same and as a result we get an enriched working mixture.

3.Check the candle

There may also be several subparagraphs. The first step should be unscrewed the chainsaw candle and check if it flooded during attempts to launch. This occurs especially often when the chainsaw is launched by inexperienced users who do not comply with the sequence of launching the saw to the cold.

In this case, you need to dry the candle or screw the new one and repeat the attempt according to the instructions. The tip of the candle can fail. You can check this by twisting the candle and putting it into the tip put on the block and pull the launch cord a couple of times.

If there is a spark, then both the candle and other electricians are in order.

Another step in checking the candle is to check the gap on the candle and for the presence of soot. See the clearance in the recommendations of the manufacturer. As a rule, this is from 0.5 to 0.65 millimeters.The soot from the candle is cleaned with fine.grained sandpaper or metal brush. Read more about candles here:

Diagnosis of a chainsaw engine by a candle

four.Check the fuel filter

As with an air filter, the situation with the fuel filter leads to a change in the composition of the working mixture. Only if the air is polluted, then the mixture becomes richer, and with contamination of the fuel, on the contrary, the more poor.

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The engine of the chainsaw will not work with insufficient fuel in the working mixture. In addition, with a clogged fuel filter, uniform fuel supply to the carburetor is disturbed and further into the combustion chamber.

This is especially noticeable when the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas.

Capun is a check valve, which is located in the gas tank of the chainsaw and prevents the occurrence of a vacuum in the tank. If it is clogged, then instead of the used fuel mixture does not enter the air and the fuel pump cannot cope with the supply of fuel.

Often there is a situation when a primer (pump for preliminary pumping of fuel) fuel was pumped into a carburetor-chainsaw started. After the fuel supply in the carburetor is spent, and in view of the clogging of the saapun, the fuel is not supplied, the gas stalls stalls.

starts, stalls, reason, checking, filter

6.Carburetor check

In 50% of cases, if not more than the reason that the chainsaw is stalling is an incorrectly configured or failed carburetor.

The chainsaw stalls: what the reason may be hidden?

Any technique in which an internal combustion engine operating on gasoline is used as a power unit, sooner or later problems arise in the work. There can be many reasons for this: from poor.quality fuel to breakdowns of “tired” parts. And today we will talk about what to do if the chainsaw stalls.

In this article, we will not discuss in detail the causes of cases in which the saw does not start at all. The list of faults with such a problem is too extensive: from factory marriage to malfunctions in the ignition system. This article will be devoted to a specific drawback in the work of the saw: the device stalls as soon as it is started, or for some time in the process.

Low quality of the fuel mixture

Gasoline should be poured into strict accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. Unfortunately, many ignore this advice and use what “is at hand”. This decision leads to a decrease in traction, to detonation and the appearance of soot. As a result, the quality of the ICE is reduced, the saw ceases to cope with its tasks, and with a high load it stalls.

The fuel must be produced completely if the period of time between work with the saw is quite long, it must be drained. Not recommended to use low.octane gasoline. But checking the quality of gasoline-oil mixture is rather a recommendation to prevent breakdowns.

If the main reason for the problems is that a poor.quality mixture has already been used, one gasoline replacement is not possible.

So that there are no problems, you need to care!

The problem with the candles

A candle performance check should be started with a visual inspection. The candle should be dry and clean. If the saw stalls, there is a chance that the candle was filled. This happens with incorrect attempts at a cold start, especially in inexperienced saw owners. In this case, you need to try either install a new candle, or dry the old.

A candle covered with a soil can signal both the quality of the mixture and the malfunctions of the carburetor: the reason is hidden either in fuel overflow or oil supply to gasoline.

Another breakdown can be associated with the ignition unit: when there is no spark. As a rule, in this case, the candle itself remains clean, the contact between it and the high.voltage wire is. The ignition unit is usually not repaired, but completely changed.

Basil under load stalls due to the carburetor

Almost half of all the problems, as a result of which the saw stalls when pressing gas, is associated with the carburetor:

  • Nozzles, nozzles clogged. When using low.quality fuel, the fuel filter passes impurities in gasoline into a carburetor. As a result, elements of this design are clogged, which leads to a reduction in fuel supply. The saw loses in power, and with an increase in revolutions begins to stall. The issue is being solved by disassembly and washing of the carburetor.
  • The needle is sinking. If, as a result of physical wear and tear or garbage hit, an accelerating pump is sank, the saw will also stall. True, not only at high speeds. at any time.
  • Found valve needle problem. If the candle is raw, and you are sure that you start a saw without errors, the problem can lie in the loose fit of the check valve needle to the saddle. This problem is usually manifested when loading.
  • Carburetor “sucks” air. The saw does not gain momentum or stalls under load? Perhaps the problem is only in the gasket of the carburetor. It is problematic to find out and it will only be possible when the module is redistributed. Therefore, before removing it, prepare gaskets and seals to replace them all.

Check the filters

In the event that the saw does not receive a sufficient amount of air or fuel, of course, it will stall when trying to increase speed or even just at idle. Checking filters pollution is carried out purely visually. If there is a suspicion of mud problems, the filters need to be changed.

It is necessary to replace hoses, seals, gaskets

Any plastic and rubber elements eventually become unusable. If the saw on xx works, and when trying to increase the speed, he either does not gain them, or does it very weakly (well, or stalls), it is necessary to check the hoses and seals for integrity. Problems with hoses are usually revealed simply by examination, but the loss of tightness of the oil seals can be found out in most cases only by supplying air under pressure.

The problem with the gaskets is usually detected immediately or a short time after the saw repair. If you or someone recently disassembled the unit, after which the described problems arose for no apparent reason, you need to check the quality and correct installation of gaskets.

The muffler is closed

Over time, the muffler can clog. This occurs as a result of the use of the fuel mixture with an too large volume of oil. The deposits that appear in the muffler interfere with the free outflow of gases, as a result of which the engine power is reduced. This malfunction can be determined by the gradual manifestation of the problem, as well as by soil on the muffler.

Perhaps you should replace the chainsaw with a saber?

Falf of the cylinder-piston group

As a result of the occurrence of cut.offs on the walls of the piston, the problem under consideration may occur. Usually bullets can be found from the muffler side. As a rule, this breakdown is decided by the replacement of CPG, the cost of which may be comparable to the price of the saw itself.

Why is the chainsaw stall when gas supply

We recommend the identification of reasons in the following order:

  • Check the candle. If necessary: ​​dry, clean the cargo, check the gap.
  • Check the spark.
  • Check the cleanliness of the filters.
  • Inspect fuel hoses and seals for damage causing air leaks.
  • Replace the fuel mixture in strict accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer.
  • Inspect the muffler for a bunk.
  • Check the settings of the carburetor, if necessary. clean.
  • Check the bulletin for CPG.

Remember: the operation of the chainsaw must be carried out in strict accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. Most of the problems as a result of which the chainsaw stalls when adding gas are associated with violations of the rules set forth in the instructions.

The chainsaw is poorly started on the cold

Violation of the sequence of actions when starting to cold

If a new chainsaw is not started to cold, then the reason may be in the wrong sequence of engine start. As a rule, each manufacturer in the instructions for the chainsaw indicates the procedure for the start of the chainsaw to the cold. It is mainly similar to all two.stroke internal combustion engines that are installed on the chainsaws, and is the following procedure.

  • Closing the air damper (it is necessary to enrich fuel during starting).
  • The fuel suction using a special primer for this (on some models of chainsaws, the primer is not provided for by the design, and therefore this item is absent for them).
  • Turning on the ignition (if you forget about it, then you can mistakenly calculate the tool faulty).
  • To carry out several starter movements to the first “outbreak” of the engine (it is important not to miss this moment, otherwise it is possible to “fill” the engine).
  • Set the air damper to the position openly.
  • Start the chainsaw engine.

Fuel problems

As in the option of difficult to start hot, problems in the fuel system can affect the launch or not the opportunity to produce it and on the cold. Adjusting the carburetor, contamination of the fuel filter and the highway, all these are the reasons that cause difficulties when starting.

Diagnose the fuel system, this is the first thing that needs to be difficult for the cold.

It is worth paying attention to the quality of fuel, When using a mixture of gasoline with butter, in which there is a small amount of water, it may be much difficult to start or become impossible.

The mixture must be used fresh enough, When storing oil diluted with oil for more than a month, its properties are lost and complicates the launch, both on the cold and on a hot engine. Gasoline for this reason can burn poorly.

Malfunctions in the engine

ZPH dumbings, sticking of rings, wear of the CPH, air leaks through seals and gaskets, lowering compression, all these problems can make the chainsaws impossible or significantly make it difficult to make it difficult. For example, with not significant wear of CPH, compression in the engine is reduced. In this case, the launch on the “cold” will be much difficult, or the saw may stop. The tool will start well.

It is quite difficult to accurately diagnose problems in the engine in its launch problems, and it will be better for this to turn to a specialist in this field.

Restrictions on independent refinement of a guarantee tool

Even with a light start system, a new non.chopped technique starts relatively tightly. Disassembling a hand starter until the end of the warranty and repair period is not recommended.

  • For service services, such a refinement may be a reason for refusing a free replacement, failed by more valuable equipment.
  • With independent elimination of minor disadvantages, such as “gasoline does not receive” or “the mounting of the air intake” is not applied to penalties.
  • Practice shows that problems with the launch of a budget assortment are manifested after 2-3 years of operation. In such a situation, the owner has to put up with additional repair costs or rely on his own locksmith skills.

Thanks to the higher quality of materials and the factory assembly, problems with the launch of branded models are an order of magnitude less. Nevertheless, the recommendations given in this article may be useful for the owners of the middle and high class chainsaws.

The information received will tell the direction of the solution to the problem when the Chinese chainsaw is not started. Almost all Chinese chainsaws are designed on the basis of European models, therefore, structural and operational differences are insignificant.

Problem with spark plugs

The problem of the spark plugs is one of the most common causes of a chainsaw breakdown!

This is one of the most common reasons why the engine stalls on a cold. As a rule, its electrodes are covered with a layer of corrosion and soil, as a result of which there is a decrease in the distance between their ends. and the lack of space for skipping a spark ultimately.

Gardener with experience and a large specialist in garden technology

Each manufacturer has its distance between the electrodes, so before inspection of the candle, you must carefully study the instructions for the operation and technical characteristics of the tool.

The cause of corrosion and soot on electrodes is an uneven supply of fuel, which is already a problem with a carburetor, which is solved separately. There is no need to have a car on the candle. the spark may not be for the reason that the fuel completely fills it on the hot, which also indicates problems with the carburetor.

The candle itself must be removed, dried and checked how the spark passes through it:

  • First remove the wire and unscrew the spark plug.
  • Return the tip of the wire to its original position.
  • Put the spark plug to the cylinder with a skirt.
  • Check the presence of a spark by starting the starter.

If there was a spark in this way, then you must immediately proceed to the problem with the carburetor. If not, then the candle needs to either be cleaned from rust and soot, or replace. It is also possible that adjusting the distance between the contacts of the electrodes will help.

Other reasons for the lack of a spark can be called:

The generator block malfunction. If the reason is in it, then you can solve the problem only with its complete replacement.

Poor or disturbed contact between the tip of the candle and the high.voltage craftsman. There may be simple adjustment with a tester.

The final check of problems with the spark plugs can be completed by a nearby procedures, after which the chainsaw should start:

  • Tear out the candle and conduct its full inspection.
  • Clean it from rust and raids, dry
  • Put the ends of the electrodes at the right distance.
  • Drain all unnecessary fuel from the tool engine so that the ignition compartment does not fill.
  • Place the candle back and try to make the ignition again.

If these procedures helped and the saw began to work, and the chain is to move, then you can work for about 5-30 minutes, until the candle is poured again

It is important to understand that this solution is temporary and simply indicative. The main problem lies in the carburetor

The question with him is ambiguous: in any case, it is necessary to adjust the supply of fuel, but how to do it. yourself or with the help of a mechanic. you decide. you decide.

During the tuning of the carburetor, a tachometer must be used, which will allow you to find out with greater accuracy the number of engine speeds.

Based on them, you can already adjust the mode of its operation by adjusting the tightness of the screws on the carburetor block in several scenarios:

Continuity settings for low speeds.

Building the correct supply of fuel at maximum speed.

Gardener with experience and a large specialist in garden technology

It is possible that the carburetor sucks a lot of air outside, which is why the saw at idle begins to behave strangely, and the quantity to change on its own. This is decided by using ordinary gaskets for a carburetor, with which it is necessary to achieve its tightness.

starts, stalls, reason, checking, filter

The complete audit of the carburetor is necessary if it was not possible to determine a specific problem, but there is confidence that the jail is connected with this particular part.

  • It is necessary to remove all communications (wires and hoses) from the device;
  • Clean and purge. It is better to do this without removing the carburetor;
  • Remove the product and clean the second time so that there are no traces of fuel and oil inside;
  • Gradually disassemble the device, guided by the drawing in the documentation or independently drawing up the scheme;
  • All channels must be blown with compressed air, and the details should be washed in an industrial solvent;
  • Give parts at least 2 hours to dry;
  • Collect the carburetor back, strictly following the instructions in the documents and the scheme;
  • Connect back.

Stihl chainsaw stalls: reasons

If the tool is turned off immediately after starting, then there was a breakdown of a device or part. To determine the reason, the mechanism is tested independently or in service workshops. Sometimes the reason that the mechanism starts poorly is the improper service of the saw:

  • insufficient volume of gasoline;
  • poorly cooked fuel mixture;
  • poor lubrication quality;
  • muffler clogged by combustion products;
  • unresolved carburetor;
  • air filter obstruction;
  • Piston or cylinder malfunction.

When pressing gas

Speaking units work at idle, but the motorcycle stalls when the gas is pressed, t. to. The load rises. The tool is heated before use, driving off the engine at idle for a minute. If this is neglected, then the motor stops after pressing the pedal. Other reasons can be:

  • a clogged or unresolved mixing unit of fuel fuel;
  • The clogged air filter does not give the desired air flow when the load is increased;
  • a contaminated gasoline filter does not miss the required amount of the mixture;
  • the wall of the cylinder and the piston rubs.

Low octane fuel number causes the brake, t. to. This circumstance does not allow the motor to achieve the required power when increasing the load.

At idle

Violation of the functionality of the fuel unit system leads to an air leakage. In this case, the unit stalls at idle and does not hold their number. An additional suction reduces the air pulse to the fuel pump and passes through the membrane of the pallet or crankshaft oil seals. Diagnosis is made by vacuum.

The stopping of the engine is on the cold for other reasons:

  • The candle channel contains an excess amount of combustible mixture;
  • A gap is not adjusted between the tip of the candle and the high.voltage cradle;
  • Failure of power supply.

Check the seals, pouring gasoline into the crankcase, the leak is visually visible. So, the engine does not work at idle, and at a high frequency, leaky oil seals will lead to jamming of the bearings. In the case of elements, they are replaced with new ones and sealing.

At full speed

Sometimes the engine stalls after normal operation

To establish the cause, pay attention to related circumstances:

  • The motor stalls in the middle of work for no apparent reason. The starter is in a fixed position and does not turn. So, the tool is jammed and requires urgent repair.
  • During normal operation, the power is reduced in a short time and the engine stops, the cylinders are overheated. The situation indicates the occurrence of an air suction under the rubber pipe between the carburetor cylinder, possibly due to the gap. Air impoverishes fuel, it requires replacing the pipe.

He is not gaining momentum

A lot of mechanism systems are involved in launch, so the loss of the stiHL chainsaws after operating at idle may become a consequence of various factors. Confident work of idle and interruptions in the motor with a load can arise for the following reasons:

  • engine resource development;
  • wear, deformation and corrosion of the piston group;
  • malfunction of the ignition or candle coil;
  • Balance of carburetor screws.

If the tool does not develop speed, then the conductivity of the hole in the lid of the tank for fuel is disturbed. The occurrence of a vacuum does not give the right amount of fuel, because the engine does not gain the required power. The revolutions are reduced when the carbon monoxide is accumulated in the muffler, it is difficult to remove gases from combustion.

Does not drop in momentum

The tool quickly reaches the maximum speed, and the power is not reduced. This situation is explained by the fact that:

  • the throttle does not work due to the weakening of the spring or traction element;
  • periodically refuses the tooth controller;
  • There is no corkscrew on the axis of the throttle;
  • The carburetor was clogged;
  • The fuel hose and a filter of gasoline are functioning incorrectly.

Characteristics of the internal combustion engine of the chainsaw

The main malfunctions of chainsaws are associated with engine failures. As a chain drive, domestic and foreign manufacturers use single.cylinder two.stroke internal combustion engines. The design of the motor is simple. The ignition is ordinary, without installation of capricious electronics. Chainsaw engines reliably work in various climatic conditions. Fuel for the carburetor engine is obtained as a result of mixing gasoline of the AI-92 brand and special oil. Since the oil pump is not provided in the design, the piston and cylinder are lubricated with a mixture of gasoline with oil. The saw engine develops a power of 2 to 5 kW, and the speed of rotation of the crankshaft reaches 14,000 rpm. With such high speeds and the load, the requirements for the oil are special. Use the oil specified in the instructions. When replacing the oil with the usual engine resource, the tool is sharply reduced. Remember that refueling tank with gasoline without adding oil is strictly prohibited.

Scheme of a two.stroke chatefering engine.

The design of the mechanical nodes of the chainsaws is characterized by good reliability and maintainability. Almost all units and details have free access. If you have the necessary equipment, they are easily removed for repair or replacement. To analyze and check the life support systems of the chainsaw engine, you should stock up on such tools and materials:

  • set of locksmithing tools;
  • Candle end key;
  • tester;
  • manometer for measuring compression;
  • probes for measuring clearance;
  • needle;
  • sandpaper paper;
  • fuel mixture (gasoline oil);
  • Vetosh.

Classification of engines malfunctions

Before starting the chainsaw, it is necessary to check the condition of the saw part, season the fuel and oil tanks. After checking, proceed to launch. If there are deviations or failures in the drive, it is necessary to carefully examine the saw engine. As a result of an external inspection, verify the completeness and integrity of all nodes, the absence of mechanical damage, fluxes of gasoline and oil. We indicate the main malfunctions associated with the poor operation of the engine:

  • The engine does not start.
  • Starts up, but soon stalls the chainsaw.
  • It works unstable.
  • Ceases to function at a load.
  • Loses his power.

Search for engine malfunctions is carried out in the following main directions:

Saw mechanisms need constant care, prevention and repairs.

Knowing the principle of action of a two.stroke gasoline engine will help the operator to independently determine the cause of the refusal and quickly restore the gas.speaker work.

Fuel and air filters. checking their serviceability

If the fuel or air filter is clogged, then the chainsaws will also not be able to start. First you need to check the serviceability of the air filter, which is located in a plastic case. Air filter of the chainsaw is often clogged, so it is recommended to clean it before work. For cleaning you will need to use the compressor. If the air filter on the chainsaw is clogged with sawdust and chips, then the engine does not start hot.

The air does not enter the carburetor, so only an excessive amount of fuel is supplied to the cylinder, which causes a candle to fill.

The case with a clogged air filter on the chainsaw is very interesting. If it is clogged, then usually it starts on a cold chainsaw, but as soon as the air damper for supplying air opens, the engine immediately stalls after warming up. On a hot chainsaw with a clogged filter will not start at all or starts and immediately stalls. When diagnosing an air filter, you need to pay attention to the damper, through which the air supply is limited.

Make sure the damper moves freely when exposed to the lever to close and open it.

  • If the damper does not close, then an attempt to start a chainsaw on a cold ends unsuccessfully
  • A similar situation when working a chainsaw for hot. If the engine starts on cold, but when warming up stalls, then this may be due to the fact that the damper jammed in a closed position

As you can see, not only the launch of the chainsaw engine, but also its working work depends on the serviceability of the air filter and the damper.

In addition to the air filter, the cleansing element responsible for cleaning the fuel mixture can clog.

This filter is located in the tank of the chainsaw, and prevents small grains of sand in the carburetor. Like the air filter, the fuel cleaner also needs to be cleaned. Cleaning is performed by replacing the old filter with a new. The service life of this element depends on different factors, and above all, on the quality of gasoline and oil used. If you pour fuel into the tank in windy weather, then the likelihood of a sandbone entering the tank is 100%.

Depending on the model of the chainsaw, the principle of replacing the fuel filter may differ. However, even a beginner will cope with this procedure, since it is not difficult, and requires only observing the sequence of actions.

It is interesting!It is impossible to store the fuel mixture in the tank for longer than 14 days, since the oil falling in the precipitate accelerates the process of clogging of the fuel filter.

starts, stalls, reason, checking, filter

What is a sapun and how it affects the causes of the impossibility of starting a chainsaw

Few people know from sawmills about the existence of such an element on a chainsaw as a sapun. This is one of the important details of the tool that is responsible for balancing the pressure in the fuel tank. The principle of operation of the cabin on the chainsaw is that when the amount of fuel decreases in the tank, a vacuum or vacuum occurs. The smaller the fuel in the tank, the higher the magnitude of the pressure, which becomes an obstacle to the passage of fuel into the carburetor. To reduce the pressure in the tank, a saapun is used, which is a valve that passes the air in one direction.

If the intake hole of the cabin is clogged, then the air does not enter the tank, which means that the pressure begins to increase. There is a saapun on the lid of the fuel tank of the chainsaw (depending on the model), and if the two.stroke engine engine does not start, it is necessary to check the serviceability of the saapon.

Moving in the malfunction of the soundtress is quite simple:

  • Unscrew the gas tank cover. If air is pulled, then this indirectly indicates a malfunction of the pressure regulator
  • Twist the gas tank cover, then repeat the attempt to start the motor. If the motor starts up, but after some time the work stalls, then the sapun needs to be cleaned
  • There is another way to check the serviceability of the saapun. disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor. If fuel does not intermittently flows out of it, then the device is properly. If the stream is weak and intermittent, then you need to clean the cabin on the chainsaw to start the engine

Sapun (fuel tank cover valve) is cleaned using a needle. If the cabin is buried strongly, then you will need to remove the filter element, and clean it. On different models of chainsaws, the location of the soundtress differs (on most models it is in the gas tank cover). Below the video shows the process of cleaning the soundtress on the example of the chainsaw of Husqvarna.