What kind of artilishes can you mow grass. Husqvarna 122HD60 59 cm

Kustorez. assistant in the garden and in the country

Custores is a tool capable of turning an ordinary bush into a real work of art. In skillful hands, he beautifully cuts decorative plants, creates a hedge, forms landscape sculptures from shrubs. The functionality of modern motorized devices is quite wide. With their help, you can take care of fruit trees in the garden, effectively destroy wild shoots. Some of his variations even cut grass.

To care for the site using a bureau is very simple. The tool is compact, convenient to use, undemanding for maintenance. Thanks to a slight weight, it is comfortable to hold it in your hands, you can use it for a long time without fatigue. Consider what the device looks like, we will study the device, get acquainted with the main types of black cutters and their features.


The purpose of the equipment is to cut shrubs, trees, tall and thick grass. Custores copes with these tasks perfectly. The device is based on an oval metal frame to which scissors join. These elements during the work of the bushrer move towards each other, effectively cutting off the vegetation in their path. Design parts of the device:

The principle of operation is very simple, the cutting parts are launched into motion using a motor. Cutting disk cuts vegetation. To protect the operator from injuries, manufacturers carefully think over the equipment safety system. Many models are equipped with two switches. To start the tool, you need to press them at the same time with two hands. This protects the user’s hands from cuts.


The selection of the chassis to which the working equipment and a special tool will be connected (a manipulator with a mowing or a bush.cutting), the task is quite simple. And all because exploiting organizations and special teams of choice, as such, have practically no. Most mowers and black cutters use our road services in conjunction with mass wheel tractors, for example, the production of OJSC Vladimir Motorotor Plant (OJSC VMTZ, the Tractor Plants concern) and the Minsk Tractor Plant. This technique has long been operated by many road companies and has proven itself perfectly. And in conditions of sharp rise in currency, domestic technology has become especially attractive in price. The expensive universal special vehicles such as German Unimog with a special hitch can afford perhaps the wealthy metropolitan road workers, and even then to see a “German” with a mower, a bush or scissors is very rare.

To consider small or generally piece analogues of German machines that are produced in a number of European countries and some enterprises, we will not become. all this is exotic. As for imported tractors, they are mostly acquired by agricultural sector companies.

So, the basis on which special equipment is placed is the wheel tractor, from this we will be repelled. For the reference point, we will also take special equipment with manipulators. It is it that allows you to process a large area without rearranging the base machine.

As a rule, the manufacturer of attachments indicates its requirements for the carrier machine. Often the technical documentation includes the minimum weight of the tractor and the minimum power of its power unit. The logic is simple: the manipulator, especially at the time of the decomposition of the arrow and handle, at the end of which the working equipment (mower or bureau) is installed, creates a overturning moment. The longer the “hand” and the heavier mechanism is heavier, the higher this moment is higher. It is clear that if heavy equipment is mounted on a light tractor, then under certain conditions it can simply lie on the side. And this is despite the fact that modern machines have a rather low center of gravity and have good stability.

With the power of the power plant, everything is also simple: on the drive of the manipulator with a mower or a bush, you need to spend some power. If it is not enough, then there will be no talk of any effective operation of the machine. In addition, to join the tractor with equipment, observing the threshold (lower limit) by mass and power, would not be entirely correct. The fact is that the power unit operating in the maximum power mode wears out much faster than the one that works with the optimal load. By the way, in the latter case, the low fuel consumption is also observed, which at the current for diesel fuel cannot be ignored in any way.

Here are some examples of how manufacturers of special equipment set the requirements for basic machines, in our case to tractors. So, Marolin M300-380 manipulatory mowers are mounted on tractors with a minimum weight of 1200 and 1500 kg and a minimum capacity of 30–40 liters.With. Another example: a specialized series of Spearhead mowels with a built.in Rotorflex mod system. Twiga FLEX 6000T requires the use of a 130 liter tractor.With. and weighing 4800 kg. To use the Twose Mod manipulator mower. TF500S will require a tractor with a minimum weight of 3,500 kg and a power unit with 80 liters.With. Complete the chain of examples by the Power ARM 7700t mower McConnel (Great Britain). This equipment involves joint work with a minimum weight of 4500 kg and a capacity of 75 liters.With.

As you can see, before ordering this or that equipment, it is necessary to consult with the technical specialist of the seller company about the compatibility of your tractors with one or another working tool. However, this is not all that you need to know when choosing a mowing and a bush cutter with a manipulator.

Front, side or rear?

The mowing and a bush cutter can be attached to a special machine on the side where there is a power shaft (VOM) or, as an option, a shaft of a gearbox, the torque to which the hydraulic motor transmitters. In the latter case, the machine should have a sufficiently powerful and developed hydraulic system. However, most often the drive of special equipment and equipment is carried out precisely from the VOM. Ideally, torque is transmitted by one cardan shaft, and not a power line composed of them. In the latter case, to avoid additional parasitic vibrations transmitted to the tractor and special equipment will not be possible. Let’s not forget about the difficulty of servicing long gear, as well as problems with the layout of the machine.

Disputes about exactly where the mowing and bush cutter should be fixed, are eternal. Nevertheless, we note that the ability to consolidate special equipment to the rear (standard canopy of agricultural equipment), the front plate or one of the lateral power elements of the machine frame has many modern, mostly imported, tractors. And since there are relatively few such machines on the market, the lion’s share of the sabenal of the soldier, and in our case, mowers and black cutters are intended for the rear location.

As for the convenience of work, and in particular observation of performing mechanisms and equipment, a number of experts agree that the installation of the manipulator in the front of the chassis (tractor) is preferable to the installation of the manipulator. In this case, the operator does not need to twist his head, and the road (the roadside along which special equipment is coming) and the working equipment are in the direct visibility zone. When installing a manipulator with a mower or a bush on the front plate of a tractor, it is important to prevent overloading its front suspension. The distribution of forces acting on the wheels will be uneven. Despite the fact that the mower has a support roller (pneumatic or hard wheel), the side of the suspension at which the arrow is directed will be loaded more.

In fairness, we note that talking about a deterioration in the controllability of the machine is irrelevant, since the speed with which special equipment involved on the window moves is relatively small. With anterior equipment, it also makes no sense to bet on tractors with equal wheels. Such machines work better on weak soils, but the roadsides are not related to those. No wonder they are strengthened in all kinds of ways to exclude the slide of the soil and the destruction of the road surface. It is good to work with equipment fixed on the side of the tractor, especially if the manipulator is perpendicular to the cabin doors, and the latter has a large glazing area. In this case, the operator who monitors the work of the actuators, if it is distracted from the road, then for a short time.

Despite all the above, the market leaders are the rear location mowers. These can be connected to the majority of tractors in the parks in the parks. However, according to a number of operators, the rear location of special equipment requires a greater concentration of attention and experience from the driver of the special machine. To facilitate the operation of the operator, manufacturers of special equipment offer options and additional systems. For example, the simplest solution is to.the.basis of the tractor with additional mirrors with a large area and a curved surface, thanks to which an overview of the working zones is significantly improved. The so.called spherical mirrors can be separately purchased in a number of spare parts stores for trucks.

There are other, more interesting and advanced technical solutions. So, for example, McConnel at one time developed a MIDCUT system, which is proposed as an option. The system is an additional, separate, prostrate block between the arrow and the hilt of the mowing. Thanks to this modernization, the engineers brought the working body to the operator’s side vision, that is, in fact, provided the lateral location of the working mechanisms, since the cabs of most tractors, as we have already mentioned above, have more glazing area, including doors. In order to check the course of the same mower, the operator just needs to turn his head for a short time to the right or to the left, depending on which side of the OTOS is produced, and not sit in a half.breeze.

And the less a person gets tired of performing a typical operation, the more he will do and, therefore, more arrived to bring to the enterprise. As practice shows, the costs of acquiring a prostate block pay off quickly.

Motokustoresis: varieties and features of the mechanism

Motokustoresis models for hedges are primarily attracted to the fact that during work a lot of physical effort does not waste. The technique cuts everything itself, and only competent management and adjustment of the move is required from the gardener.

Depending on the type of motor, all automatic bushes are divided into gasoline and electric, and the latter can work from the network and from the battery. We will analyze the features of each work below, but for now we will consider the type of cutting tool.

Branches of hedges are cut off with blades. The longer it is, the greater the capture turns out, and it takes less time for a haircut. In addition, it is easier for them to reach the tops of plants. But the excessive length (over 40 cm) is also disadvantageous. Such tools are quite heavy and vibrate stronger. They should be bought only for very long hedges to reduce the haircut time.

For living hedges in human height, a 40 cm blade is enough, but if the design is higher, you will need a longer tool

Bigorezes with a one.sided blade perfectly align the plane of hedges, but they are not able to create unusual geometric compositions

Can be seen on sale of a model with a one.sided blade and bilateral. For experienced gardeners, undoubtedly bilateral blades are more profitable. Firstly, the speed of work doubles. Secondly, these blades are able to cut out the most unusual geometric forms. But for unprofessional summer residents, such a tool may be difficult to control, and instead of a flat wall you will cut a wave.like uneven platform. Therefore, it is better for beginner gardeners to purchase one.sided blades that are easier to control during a haircut. They do a great job with the creation of smooth geometric shapes.

Bigly with bilateral blades save the haircut time, because they cut off the branches with any movement of the hand. up or down, but it is more difficult to control them than one.sided

Another point that is worth paying attention to in the Kustoreza device is the way of work of the blades. They can move in different directions (mutual.resistant), but can be single.bed (one blade moves, and the second is motionless). The cheaper tools with single.bed blades will be cheaper, but the level of vibration is higher, which during work tires more.

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The distance between the teeth of the blade affects the final result of the haircut. If you admire hedges near, then the wall should be trimmed perfectly smoothly. This can only be achieved by closely planted teeth. If the distance between the teeth is large, then this tool is easier to cut out thick branches, but the quality of the haircut is rude.

Electric bushes: network or battery?

Electric models of artisans are appreciated for the simplicity of service. No need to pour gasoline, control the oil level. It is enough to include in the outlet. and you can cut. These models are less powerful than gasoline, but much lighter and cleaner (they do not emit exhaust gases). In addition, the cost of e-retro-brust troops is 2-3 times lower than that of units operating on gasoline.

Due to lightweight, with electric bush cutters, you can work on outstretched hands, and even women can do it

Choose an electric bureau, taking into account the total volume of the hedge and its location on the site. If to plants from a power grid is not more than 30 m, then network tools are quite suitable, because the length of their cord is usually limited by 30 meters. For a greater distance you will need an extension cord. Nevertheless, this option is considered the most unsafe, because there is always the likelihood of contact with electric current. The unit can accidentally slip out of inexperienced hands and hook the cable. Often in the wires are confused with their feet. And in humid weather, working with a bushrease is prohibited.

The second version of the electric garden bushrester. the battery type. It has an autonomous battery, which must be recharged before work. It is convenient to cut such a tool if there are few hedges on the site and they are located far from the mains. But with large volumes and thick branches, battery bureau is not able to cope. You will have to recharge it several times, which is not very convenient. Tentatively of the battery is enough for 40 minutes. provided that the blades are not clogged. The more contaminated the cutting part, the less time the battery works.

The power of the electric motor is enough for a branch up to 2 cm thick. Telescopic models are produced for high stands.

Due to the spreading rod, telescopic bushes are able to cut off branches even at an altitude of 2-3 meters, which makes them indispensable in tall landings

Gasoline bush: it cuts everything, but noisy

Gasoline heaps are attributed to the most powerful class of tools, because their strength is enough for branches with a thickness of 3-4 cm. Such models are chosen by professional gardeners who have to work with large volumes of hedges. But they should take into account their considerable weight, because the tool often has to work on outstretched hands. So only male hands will pull such a technique.

Gasoline bureau is not very convenient for women’s hands, as it has a solid weight, which is quite difficult to keep when working

When choosing a gasoline bush cutter, pay attention to:

  • Whether the anti.vibrational system is installed in the model and which class, because the health of the gardener’s hands will depend on this.
  • Whether the engine filtering system is provided in the engine so that a person can breathe normal air.
  • With an eye on what work the cutting tool was created (haircut tall hedges, design of topiary figures, etc.).

Form of section: what does it affect?

The operational properties of the fishing line and the result of work depend not only on the thickness of the product, but also on the type of section.

  • Round. The wire with a round cross section perfectly mows fresh and dry grass, it works almost silently. Although the level of fishing line is not such an important characteristic, because the sound of the motor is still louder.
  • Curly. The fishing line with a star.shaped cross section carefully cuts lawn grass. The cord with a ribbed cross section copes well with thick shoots and weeds.
  • Polygonal. Hexagonal, square consumables are popular. Cutting edges pointed, easily cut the stems. Consumed faster than round.
kind, grass, husqvarna

When choosing a fishing line for a trimmer for grass, be sure to consider the manufacturer. The fact is that little.known Chinese manufacturers dilute nylon with polyethylene in order to reduce the cost of production, which negatively affects the working parameters of the fishing line. World Names (Husqvarna, STIHL, Oregon and others) do not allow themselves to be this, produce high.quality consumables.

Lobbie’s winding on a trimmer head

On the rogue you can wind from 3 to 10 meters of fishing line. When mowing the grass, nylon wire is abrasion, so each time you need to set new segments. You can perform this task in one of three ways:

After the fishing line for the trimmer in the spool is over, it is necessary to season it. There are two methods of refueling the tool: fast.charged and manual. Installation of fishing line manually is carried out according to this scheme:

  • unscrew the spitt and remove the lid;
  • deinstall the coil;
  • measure the length of the fishing line, cut off 3-4 meters;
  • fold the wire;
  • insert the ends of the cord into the holes;
  • tighten the coil, insert the lid into place;
  • To adjust the ends of the fishing line.

The fast.fast method is simpler and simpler. There is no need to disassemble the coil. You just need to insert a loop and insert it into the hole, carefully crank the mechanism that quickly wraps the wire on the bobbin.


Garden bushes are used to cut old branches and the formation of the crown of decorative plants, as well as vine. All owners of the country and household plots unanimously claim that this tool is one of the most necessary in the arsenal of any gardener.

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If there are few plants on your site, then you should give preference to the simplest and budget models of the mechanical type. Hand bushreep in appearance and principle of operation resembles ordinary scissors: it has two handles, thanks to which the effect on the cutting surface is produced.

As the name implies, such a tool must be held in the hands, that is, mechanical bushes are driven by the application of the physical strength of a person. As everyone knows from the school course of physics, the longer the lever, the less effort is necessary for the work of a particular action. That is why manual bums have long handles. In the most modern models, they are complemented by rubberized pads for more convenient capture and retention.

One, but an extremely important requirement is presented to the cutting canvas. the blades should be as best as possible.

If they are blurred, you will have to apply quite a lot of strength to cut a branch, and the cut place itself will heal for a long time.

Hand forces have a lot of advantages:

  • small weight;
  • compactness;
  • silent work;
  • the possibility of operation in any weather conditions;
  • autonomy of work (lack of binding to batteries and source of alternating current);
  • Democratic price.

However, without minuses there were no. This tool requires the use of physical strength, so prolonged work can lead to overwork and muscle fatigue.

Many users confuse the secateur and bureau. These tools are very similar in terms of action and functional purpose. both are suitable for pruning branches and branches. However, the bureau involves working in hard.to.reach or rather high areas. Thus, the secateur from the bush cutter can be distinguished unmistakably. the last handle is much longer, this difference is difficult not to notice.

Bucket cutters are designed so that the gardener has the opportunity to reach the branches located at a distance from the ground. In addition, such devices can be useful to those landowners who, for some reason, do not want to bend down by circumcision of the lower branches and short shrubs.

In this case, long handles will save you from the need to lean once again.

In stores of garden technology, manual knob cuts in size up to 50 cm with scissors. In this case, the length of the blade varies from 15 to 25 cm. There is a line of products equipped with a ratchet mechanism, like a secateurs. For working with high shrubs, they use a bush with a telescopic handle. The cutters in most cases have a wavy surface, although modifications with direct cutters and a return spring are also produced.

According to the rating of consumers, the best of manufacturers such as Skrab, Palisad, Gardena, as well as Grinda and Raco are considered the best. Pretty in demand in the market of Bigores Fiscars Mark. This device allows you to adjust the angle of inclination, as well as configure the product in growth. Cars tend to rotate 90 degrees in both directions, providing good maneuverability. A special fixer is provided for blocking knives. This tool allows you to cut not only shrubs, but also lawn grass, and you can do this without bending.

It is worth noting that quite a lot of interesting modifications are presented in the manufacturer’s product line. For example, there are coils with a ratchet. Such a model is equipped with an additional pressing amplifier, blades with a Teflon protective coating, so that the resistance of the material is reduced during the cut.

Such bickets can remove branches up to 3.8 cm in diameter. At the same time, they are equipped with elongated handles, the size of which reaches 68 cm. For high.rise work, models with a handle length 241 cm are produced.

Among the summer residents, the products of the domestic brand “foreman” are appreciated, the peculiarity of which is a wave.like sharpening. In such a model, the gap of planes depends on the size of the branch. The blades themselves are made of hardened particularly durable steel, self.disclosure mechanisms are provided, as well as shock.absorbing supports. The length of the cutter is 15 cm, so the device can be operated even without strong physical exposure.

The handles are comfortable, rubberized, mass devices. only 0.5 kg.

All this makes it possible to use the tool for women, adolescents and people of the elderly.

Subtleties of choice

In order to choose the optimal model for trimming trees and shrubs on your country or household farm, first of all, the volume of planned work should be determined. Manual devices are optimal only if you have few trees, and the living fence is small. If you have a rather significant amount of fruit and coniferous crops, then you should pay attention to electrical and battery models. If financial capabilities allow, then gasoline bushes will be an ideal option.

Particular attention should be paid to the severity of the blades, since when working stupid will have to make much more effort than with well.honed cutters. over, the blunt knives during the cut of the cut are injured. They heal for a long time, and at the place of processing often the hollow remains.

Make sure that the cutting canvases are covered with special compounds that repel the lifting and juices of the plants released during the cut. If the blades do not have such protection, then leaves will stick to them, significantly reducing the effectiveness of the work ongoing.

The handles should be comfortable. It is better to give preference to products with ergonomic handles and rubber lining.

They protect the tool from slipping, and the hands of the gardener. from the appearance of corns.

Of course, the weight and dimensions of Kustorez also are of great importance when choosing a particular model. Mechanical devices imply manual labor, you will have to hold your hands in a raised position for some time. Therefore, if you do not have physical endurance and developed muscles, buy the lightest model and be sure to make sure that the device is comfortable in your hand, it is easy to open and closed. The degree of comfort of working with a bushoresis largely depends on this.

If you follow these simple choice rules, you will purchase a model perfectly suitable for you. Such a tool will make your garden really comfortable, effective and deliver a lot of pleasant moments.

Table of rating of black cutters

Blurry in the market are presented in a wide range. The table below presents the best models from famous manufacturers.

kind, grass, husqvarna

Boisters are of different capacities and lengths. If the task is to remove the crown from a large shrub with hard branches, then choose a maximum power tool.

The saw should be maximum long so that you can process a large site and get to hard.to.reach places (up to 70 cm). To work in both directions, choose a double.sided blade.

Electronics or Bigoreses can work from the network. Then the employee turns out to be “attached” to the cord 3-3.5 meters long.

But there are also battery models. It is enough to charge the power supply for an hour and you can work with a black cutter without a network anywhere. To care for a garden in distant places, they buy a more mobile version.

kind, grass, husqvarna

If the task is to cut a shrub under the windows of the veranda, then an electric version that works from the network is more affordable. The choice depends on the plan to use the tool and the budget.

Rating of the best gasoline bushes

It is enough to season gasoline bushes once and can be used in large gardens or parks. The tool does not depend on the network or battery.

1 Hammer KST 250

Bummer with a two.stroke engine. Makes a neat cut with a large length blade (61.5 cm). It equals the crowns of shrubs and other lush vegetation.

Electric bushes: rating of the best models

The use of electric bushes is advisable if the distance from the mains to the processed area does not exceed 30 m. it is the maximum length that the cords of electrical appliances have. Subject to a longer distance, it will be necessary to use the extension cord, which significantly reduces the level of safety of work.

Useful advice! Do not use electric bureau after rain. Such work is associated with risk.

In addition, the very probability of electric shock causes a potential danger in using the device. Its power is an order of magnitude less than that of a gasoline analogue. Work complicates a long cord. During the use of electrical devices, you can get confused in wires.

Electric bushes are quiet in work, light and multifunctional

At the same time, electrical devices have a number of advantages. Their advantages, in comparison with a gasoline analogue, are the absence of the need to purchase fuel and lubricants and conduct regular inspections, as well as in a lower cost. They are environmentally friendly, easy, multifunctional, have high performance and work quietly. The list of the most popular models belong to the Italian company Alpina, the American Black Decker, the German Al-Ko, Metabo and Bosch.

One of the most popular models is Bosch AHS 45-16 electric. The tool is designed to cut the bushes, with it it is easy to give a hedge the desired shape. Electric motor power. 450 watts. Tire length. 42 cm, gap between knives. 16 mm, number of revolutions. 3400 per minute. The device is quite compact, its weight is only 2.9 kg.

Buy batteries: which model is better

The principle of operation of the batteries is an autonomous battery, which must be periodically recharge. The tool is used in cases where shrubs are far from the power grid or the hedge is small in size.

Battery forces can not cope with thick branches, they can’t do large volumes of work. The device must be constantly recharged, approximately every 40 minutes. With a very intensive load on the blades of the recharge knives, it may take after 20 minutes of work.

Bosch batteries are quickly charged and work for a long time

Therefore, such a bureau is best suited for trimming branches with a thickness of 2 cm. For haircuts of high stands, it is better to use telescopic bushes with folding rods. With their help, you can even cut off shoots 3 m high.

The best among these models are Bosch and Gardena batteries from Germany, as well as Japanese analogues of Hitachi and Ryobi.

Bosch batteries are wireless devices for cutting hedges and bushes. Most of the models are equipped with a removable lithium-ion battery block, which you need to charge a little less than an hour. Tools have an anti.lock system of uninterrupted operation. These are light and compact structures that work for quite some time. over, they practically do not affect human fatigue. The cutting system, thanks to special teeth in the front of the knife, allows you to quickly remove branches up to 25 mm thick.

Useful advice! You can not use the device for cutting branches that have a larger thickness than the technical characteristics of the device.

kind, grass, husqvarna

Ryobi batteries are one of the best

Rating of the best electrical bushes for 2021

Patriot Pt 7251 51 cm

Patriot PT 7251 51 cm Sundant electric bureau for cutting fruit and decorative shrubs, forming a hedge of green spaces. A tool with a small weight is 3.5 kg, comfortable for work. Equipped with a comfortable rotary handle for lateral cut. There is a protection against random start.

The product is intended for short work with the loads of medium intensity.

Bosch AHS 45-16 45 cm

Bosch AHS 45-16 45 cm Light, compact electric custores for planting plants on a personal plot. A 2.6 kg tool has a small load on the hands and back of the operator. Comfort in the work add two ergonomic handles.

  • built.in cooling system;
  • protective screen that protects against flying branches;
  • double isolation, the ability to include in sockets without grounding;
  • high productivity;
  • Long service life.

The Bosch electric coach is great for a neat haircut of medium.sized hedges.

Black Decker Behts301 50 cm

Black Decker BEHTS301 50 cm Powerful electric burerus designed for pruning branches up to 35 mm thick. The length of a bilateral knife of 50 cm allows you to carry out a flat haircut of a green hedge. Curuer is equipped with an additional pen that allows you to more confidently control the tool. Two inclusion buttons protect against unforeseen launch.

Buyers evaluate the placement of the fork in the Builder case for connecting the extension cord in different ways. One likes, others refer this to the disadvantages of the device.

GreenWorks GHT5056 56 cm

GreenWorks GHT5056 56 cm Electric garden scissors for cutting picturesque green hedges, creating art sculptures from the crown of shrubs. The device is provided with increased protection against jaming the knife blade. The back handle turns 180 degrees, allowing you to work at different angles of inclination.

  • protective screen from random damage with cut branches;
  • rubberized handles;
  • small weight. 2.5 kg;
  • simple inclusion with one button;
  • Protection against random launch.

According to consumers, the power supply does not cope with the thick branches. It is comfortable to work for a long time with a light tool.

Makita UH6570 65 cm

Makita UH6570 65 cm A decent weight of an electric tool of 3.8 kg does not interfere with comfortable work due to an ergonomic structure. The back and front handles are covered with non.slip material. Increased to 65 cm, the length of the blades allows you to capture large areas of the crown, accelerating the haircut.

There are practically no negative reviews from the owners.

Rules and recommendations for haircut

To create the original design and ennoble your site, you should have a clear idea of ​​how to haircut. For example, trees of deciduous species must be trimmed once, preferably in the spring, ahead of the period of blooming of the kidneys. The crown of deciduous trees will increase its volumes by 5-10 cm due to last year’s branches.

As for the hedge, curly shrubs, they must be cut several times per season. The number of haircuts depends on the type of plant itself. The first haircut is made in early spring, while left 5 cm of last year’s growth. All the remaining seasonal haircuts are equal to the first, trying not to go beyond the specified level of circumcision.

In order to avoid loss of needles, the lower part of coniferous hedges of the sides should not be carried out strictly vertically. It is necessary to ensure that the hedge is gradually narrowing to the upper part.

Whatever the type of plant, coniferous or deciduous, the haircut should be carried out according to the following scheme: begins from below and continue up. In addition, plants must be fed with cool water and fed with special vitamins. You can warn the drying of the bush by leaving several living buds on it.

Topiari art professionals give some tips on how to care for bushes and trees. Abundant cutting of young spaces with special scissors for cutting bushes and grass will subsequently achieve lush vegetation. Such scissors cut off grass and leaves along the entire length of the working blades.

There are also scissors with an elongated handle that allow you to vertically cut the lawn and treat the hedge without using a ladder.

Planting trees on the site

Kerria or Keria: photo and description of the shrub, rules and subtleties of growing plants with yellow flowers

Decorative shrubs in landscape design flowering autumn

A secateur or a garden knife will also be by the way, since young plants need a special cut. To achieve the appearance of new shoots, young plants can be cut 15 cm above the Earth. Finally, the ability to create excellent hedge is determined by the rational use of several species of plants at once.

Maintaining a decorative type of hedge implies mandatory cutting and circumcision procedures. The experience that comes over time will allow any gardener to have well.developed and well.groomed plants on their site, as well as achieve original landscape solutions in the issue of landscaping the territory.

Moving technique

We will analyze the main nuances of technology when mowing. It is because of poor work equipment that some owners blame their tools in poor quality and low assembly levels. We will clarify for those who work with garden technology for the first time.

In the first seasons, the lawn is mowed at a level of 4-5 cm, gradually reducing to 3-4. Mowing standards can be set yourself. You can leave more, smaller. It all depends only on your vision of your site.

Now we will figure out what is the difference in mowing with a lawn mower and a trimmer.

A trimmer you can change the direction as you want. There are no rules and recommendations here. And also it is more convenient to clean the grass in uneven areas with a trimmer, since the person himself will direct the blade to the lawn and determine where and how to cut him.

But the minus is that if you mow grass during dew, then water can enter the motor of your technique. If the motor is located below, then the probability of moisture will be even higher. And also it is not recommended to work with a trimmer during the rain all due to the same reasons: the possibility of water from getting inside.

This can cause a closure that in the future can develop into a malfunction of the unit. Therefore, it is better to wait for the weather more favorable for work.

You can work with a lawn mower in rainy weather, and this is an undoubted plus in front of the trimmers. But there are some recommendations and restrictions on work technology. It is not recommended to make sharp and quick movements during use. this will affect the level of cutting of grass.

And it is also undesirable to sharply turn or unfold the technique. Too much the amount of grass that comes into knives can easily fly up in all directions. Technology must be controlled smoothly in order to get the maximum result from their activities.

Pay attention to the direction of movement. The striped lawn looks very beautiful now. It looks especially beautiful in even areas, creating a certain herbal field. So, so that you have these same stripes, you need to use the lawn mower in only one direction. You can do it sideways, you can forward. The lawn will not have lanes if it is carried diagonally in all different ways.


First of all, this is a technique. She has malfunctions and breakdowns. Before work, carefully check all the components of your equipment, because the cutting of the lawn with such tools is an important thing. You need to check filters (cleaned up), fuel level, cutting elements (knives when blunting are best given to specialists), motor and other parts. This can be done after work, but some manufacturers recommend before it.

On some trimmers, a system of cooling of the motor and extinguishing vibration is for a reason, but they are not present on all copies. Therefore, monitor the heating of the motor during operation, since its overheating can lead to problems with the device. Sometimes look at bolts and other fastening elements.

Although the dumping system can work, the fasteners are still gradually spinning on some representatives of garden assistants, and in the end this may also lead to equipment breakdown.

Sometimes it also happens that there are speeds, or there is no full power. In this case, first check the filters, and then try to work. This once again suggests that checking the equipment is much better before direct action.

When breaking any parts, contact the technical center. It is better not to try to fix such a technique yourself, because it can lead to a complete breakdown of the tool. Knowledgeable people have the experience of such a repair and will help to fix everything in better quality.

I would like to pay attention to the fact that on some trimmers, manufacturers do not leave competent information on operation, so you will need to look for data from the manual on the Internet. But before buying, you can familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the models and their price, so finding operation will not be difficult.