Viking Unoa Viking Transference in the Gearbox. Problems and ways to eliminate them

Viking motoblocks. Review of the lineup, characteristics, attachments, instructions

STIHL has been representing its Viking products in European markets since 1981. Since then, she successfully conquers consumers not only the quality of the manufactured technology, but also its diversity. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the model range is constantly expanding, and the technical characteristics are improved and improved.

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Since 1994, Stihl has taken up the conquest of the consumer. Attractive appearance, excellent performance and reliability of units won positive reviews from the owners. The sale of products and spare parts is carried out through a specialized dealer network, so buyers can only use original details.

Viking HB 585 Unoa Tractor

The Viking HB 585 Unoa Tractor is a compact unit with an attractive appearance. With its help, you can cultivate and harvest potatoes in a small plot of land, since engine power is only 3 liters.With.

A hard body made of metal reliably protects the power unit from mechanical damage. A device equipped with a gearbox with 4 speeds, and 2 of them are front and 2 rear, is distinguished by maneuverability and functionality.

The use of attachment equipment allows the owner to significantly expand the scope of the walk.behind tract. Launch is carried out using a cable.


Viking HB 560 Unoa Tractor

Viking HB 560 differs from his previous colleague only by the number of transmissions. This model has only 2 of them, one in advance and backward. With a weight of 46 kg, a single.based tractor is easy to operate and transported, as it is equipped with special wheels that are folded at the beginning of land cultivation.

The power of the engine Kohler Courage XT-6 OHV is only 3.3 liters.With., and the fuel tank is designed for 1.1 liters. Therefore, using such a machine on a large section will not be very convenient. That the unit especially distinguishes is a low level of noise during operation and an ergonomic steering control, on which all the necessary switches are located.


Viking HB 685 Unoa Tractor

Viking HB 685 provides comfort and convenience while working on the site, since the modern economical engine KOHLER COURAGE XT-8 is capable of developing a power of 2.9 kW (3.9 liters.With.). Increased width of the capture of the processed territory to 85 cm.

Thanks to the innovative technologies that are equipped with a single tractor, the engine noise is minimal, and the vibrations are reduced to an acceptable level. The presence of two programs (forward and back) allows maneuvering without unfolding. Transport wheels easily fold and do not interfere during the weeding.

Viking HB 445 R Unoa Tractor

The Viking HB 445 R motor-cultivator is one of the compact representatives of the garden technology due to its small dimensions and weights of 41 kg. Designed for processing the garden, garden and other landscape areas, as it has a capture width of only 60 cm. This allows the owner to easily maneuver between obstacles.

The engine of the American manufacturer Briggs Stratton is equipped with a lightweight launch system and is designed for a long service life. The power of the motor is 2.5 liters.With. Automatic blocking of one of the programs, during operation of the other, prevents premature breakdown.

Non.mounted equipment

In order for the one.toe tractor to become more functional, manufacturers provide for the use of attachments, which increases the functionality of the unit. Below is a hinged equipment for Viking motoblocks:

  • Mills, as a rule, are delivered in the kit, but if necessary, they may be bought. Used to cultivate soil of any complexity. The quality of the weeding depends on the power of the motoblock model.
  • The hip is used to create furrows of various sizes and widths, which in turn are intended for planting plants. After germination of seedlings, the device can be used to hill the soil.
  • The cultivator is installed on a single tractor instead of wheels and is used to loosen soft soil. It looks like a cutting design with sharp knives.

Disk hill hill hillock-cultivator

Divine Wicking Viking Rotor Rotor Plant Set of Metal Wheel Slime set

Adapter APM-350 Potato Dange Motoboblock KSMB potato-switch KKM-1

Snowman Lapate-Opel


The gearbox is a special device included in the design of any walk.behind. It is this detail that is responsible for the transformation and transmission of torque, which is formed from mechanical transfers. In fact, the gearbox and drives the same.based tractor, forcing it to work.

On its quality, as well as on the correct lubrication of its components, the operational period of the entire walk.behind tract, as well as its normal functioning, will depend.

Look more about the gearbox at

Depending on the model of the walk-behind tractor, whether Caiman, Patriot Ural, Patriot, Texas, the foreman or some other, gearboxes may differ in some design features. Conditionally, gearboxes can be divided into several types:

  • Gear gearboxes. In this case, the transmission of the gearbox acts as a certain intermediary between the engine and the wheelchant wheelbase.
  • Reducing gearboxes. These units achieve an increase in power indicators, reducing the total number of revolutions. Such gearboxes are most preferable, because in their design there is an air cooling system that allows you to work at maximum loads.
  • Reverse gearboxes. The main advantage of such gearboxes is the possibility of the rear block of the walk.behind tractor. However, units equipped with this type of gearbox do not show high working indicators and speeds.

Regardless of which gearbox is used in the design of the walk.behind tractor, all of them consist of almost the same components:

  • shaft;
  • gearbox body;
  • flange and its fastening;
  • pulmonary pulley (or chain);
  • ball bearing;
  • stars;
  • drain plug;
  • steel washer and nut;
  • input shaft.

These components traditionally form the reducer device itself. Their performance and service life will depend on how well they will be lubricated.

Otherwise, with insufficient lubrication, the details will wear out strongly, because they come into contact with each other in the process of work, and the friction that arises negatively affects their surface.

What oil is poured

Many people are interested in what kind of oil to pour in the motorblock gearbox? To answer this question, you need to take into account several factors, the main of which is the recommendation of the manufacturer regarding the type of oil.

It is also necessary to navigate the price without buying very cheap liquids, because they are unlikely to be of good quality.

No matter how reliable the native caterpillars of the snowmobile are, sooner or later, when the machine is active in the active operation of the machine, it becomes necessary to replace them. Here everything is about caterpillars for a snowmobile from the company “Composite”.

An indispensable assistant in the fight against pests is a garden sprayer. By clicking on the link you can familiarize yourself with the sprayer of a gasoline ranger garden.

MAZ-5337 appeared in the second half of the eighties of the vulgar century. MAZ-5337 is a universal, powerful and very reliable truck.

The store should also pay attention to the degree of viscosity of the oil indicated on the packaging. In addition, there are special additives. substances that increase the beneficial properties of lubrication.

In general, oils can be of various types:

  • SAE. These types of oils cope very well with sharp temperature changes, so they can be used year.round.
  • The selection process is as follows: you need to look at the figure that is in front of the letter W. the smaller meaning will say that the oil is very well adapted to low temperatures (the smallest. 0W). If the letter W is missing on the marking, then this oil is suitable for the summer period.
  • API. In this case, the letters in the marking will talk about the type of engine. gasoline or diesel. Accordingly, a certain letter will say that the oil is suitable for gasoline units, and the other for diesel.
  • The numbers will talk about the type of engine, t.e. number 4-then the oil should be used for a 4-stroke motor, etc.D. The value of EC is the degree of savings of energy, t.e. The higher the value, the better the oil.
  • Asea. The largest figure in the marking will say that oil can function in very difficult conditions.
  • GOST 17479, 1-85. These indicators characterize the degree of viscosity of the oil. As a rule, after this parameter, literal and digital values ​​are written, and their absence indicates that the oil is universal.

Transmission oils for filling in gasoline and diesel motoblocks

As for the gearbox, it is necessary to use transmission oils for refueling it. For example, a good choice will be a semi.synthetic oil ZIC 10W40, designed for gasoline and diesel motoblocks. API indicator. SM/CF, ACEA. A3/B3, A3/B4, C3.

Sold, as a rule, in 4 liter containers,

Another worthy oil is Super T-3 85W-90 from Gazpromneft. His technical data will be as follows:

  • API indicator-GL-5;
  • The degree of viscosity is 85W90;
  • The temperature indicator of the loss of fluidity280C;
  • The temperature indicator of the flash is 2170c;
  • packaging length. 270 mm;
  • The width of the packaging is 130 mm;
  • Packaging height. 240 mm.

This transmission oil is also supplied in 4 liter containers,

This is far from the entire list of oils that can be poured into a motorblock gearbox. In principle, any person who has familiarized himself with the main parameters of the oil can independently determine the necessary for his walk.behind tract.

How to change oil in a gearbox yourself

Conducting this manipulation for the gearbox is important as well as the regularity of the procedure described above. The process is almost no different from the replacement of the lubricant in the motor and is a sequence of actions:

  • It is necessary to place the device on a flat surface;
  • Under the drain hole, place a suitable container and gently open it;
  • Wait when the entire old product merges;
  • Close the drain and open the cork of the hole for the bay;
  • insert a watering can in it, pour the product in a volume of about 2 liters;
  • Check with a probe (wire 70 cm long, bent into an arc) level. it should exceed 30 cm.

With intensive operation, the replacement will be required after 50 hours of operation.

Important! Car oil should not be used for agricultural equipment, regardless of whether it works on diesel or gasoline ICE. The equipment motor differs from the vehicle engine engine features, temperature modes and some other characteristics.

Non.mounted equipment

Most Viking cultivators are adapted for installing various auxiliary equipment. At the same time, users can choose both devices of original production and products of other companies. We give a list of attachments that can be useful to users when processing a site.


The basic tool for processing soil, which is included in the standard set of delivery of each cultivator. Quantity, shape and structural material on the type and purpose of the model.

viking, unoa, gearbox, problems, ways, eliminate


Highly specialized equipment designed to mechanize the work on planting potatoes. The user can independently choose the depth and landing frequency based on the type of site. The classic design of potato.resident is a metal bunker on wheels or soil.bearing, equipped with an assault and disc hir.


This type of attachment equipment is designed to collect potatoes and other root crops. The design of the device resembles a plow-bush, the dumps of which are made in the form of long rods separating the Earth from tubers.

One of the most popular devices designed to process virgin areas and heavy soils. Due to the features of the design of the plow, it easily buries into the ground, leaving behind even stripes of plowed ground.


Used to care for the vegetation of the site, as well as for harvesting hay for livestock. By type of design, rotary and segment mowers are distinguished. Such a hinged equipment is connected to a walk.behind tractor or cultivator using a power selection shaft, which provides the necessary performance of work.


Special equipment designed to provide comfortable operating conditions when processing large areas. The standard design of the adapter-sprout includes a seat mounted on a frame with wheels. Connection with a cultivator or a walk.behind tractor is carried out using a rigid adhesion.


Useful device designed, as the name implies, for hilling of beds after planting agricultural crops. According to the type of execution, discs are distinguished and arrow.shaped cummers.

The standard delivery kit for each Viking cultivator necessarily includes the user’s guide. an important document that describes the methods of the safe operation of the cultivator in detail, as well as the rules of the first launch after purchase, the rules of the game and the procedure for serving the model.

First launch and

The reliability of the work and the life of the cultivator depend on the correctness of the procedure. Before starting, you must make sure that there are technical liquids in the engine crankcase and the apparatus gearbox.

The is carried out with a minimum load on the engine, which will provide comfortable conditions to eliminate factory defects and the production of friction pairs. It is worth noting that after the in the engine crankcase, metal shavings accumulate. That is why immediately after the, the engine oil must be replaced, after washing the lubrication system.

Service and storage

When conducting service, it is necessary to be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer of the model. The owner of the apparatus must remember that violation of the service schedule leads to automatic cancellation of the warranty.

Between working seasons, the Viking cultivator is recommended to be stored in a dry and warm place. Before conservation, it is necessary to clean the surface of pollution, as well as get rid of fuel in the tank and carburetor.

The main malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

In the process of performing work, the owner of the cultivator may encounter various malfunctions caused by factory defects or natural causes. When eliminating problems, it is necessary to be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer. Consider the most common malfunctions.

Cultivator engines recommended by manufacturers

Consider the most famous engines for cultivators, including motor from Honda.

Consider the procedure and features of oil change in cultivators. Regardless of the type of engine, it is not recommended to use individual additives for lubricants, which are in large quantities on the market. This can reduce the performance of the composition.

The spent product should be disposed of with the least damage environment. The best solution is to take the old oil to the processing point.

In the engine

The first oil replacement in the cultivator engine is carried out after running. This is the name of the process of grinding the moving parts of the apparatus, during which small metal particles fall into grease. The duration of the depends on the specific brand of the cultivator. Subsequent replacements should be carried out, guided by the regulations for maintenance of the user managers, but at least once a year.

The process of replacing the lubricant in the cultivator engine is quite simple:

  • The cultivator must be installed on a horizontal plane and drowned;
  • We wait for 5-10 minutes to make the oil completely glass into the engine of the engine;
  • Unscrew the crankcase plug, drain the oil into a pre.prepared container;
  • Pour new lubricant fluid. Check the level with the probe, and in its absence. pour the oil to the control hole.

Important information! When planning the frequency of conduct, it is necessary to take into account the intensity of the load. If the lubricant darkened to the color of the fuel oil, it should be urgently replaced.

In the gearbox

Oil change in the gearbox should also be performed in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

  • Install the cultivator on the stands and drown it out;
  • Find and surround the drain plug;
  • In order to avoid environmental pollution, lubricants must be drained into a pre.prepared capacity of a suitable volume;
  • We are waiting until the oil is completely dragged out of the drain hole. Since transmission lubricants have high viscosity, you will have to wait 5-10 minutes, depending on the temperature on the street;
  • Tightly twist the plug of the drain hole;
  • We unscrew the plug plug;
  • Using a funnel, pour fresh lubricant fluid.
viking, unoa, gearbox, problems, ways, eliminate

The level is checked using a probe or control opening, depending on the design of the cultivator gearbox.

Please note that most modern models are supplied with a dry gearbox, in which you need to pour oil after buying.

Is it possible to fill in car oil

Owners of garden technology, often ask themselves: “Is it possible to fill in car oil into the engine of the cultivator or walk.behind tractor?””. This topic is especially relevant for vehicle owners who are independently engaged in repair and maintenance. The use of one brand of oil can reduce the cost of acquiring lubricants.

In fact, it all depends on the brand of the device and the type of engine. Manufacturers of cultivators equipped with four.stroke gasoline engines usually allow the use of appropriate appropriate oil for classification API. Accurate information should be sought in the technical leadership of the model.

If the cultivator is equipped with a two.stroke engine, the use of ordinary automobile oil is strictly prohibited. The fact is that the lubricant, designed for four.stroke engines, is poorly mixed with gasoline, which leads to loss of lubricating qualities and accelerated wear of the cylindrical group. In addition, the combustion of car oil is accompanied by the formation of a large amount of ash, which is deposited on the piston and the walls of the cylinders, clogs exhaust channels, and also clogs the electrode of the spark plugs.

I have a Viking HB-560 cultivator, I selected on www.Stihl.RU/Viking-Produkte.ASPX, apparently, got a good one.

For that kind of money, he simply must be good, mine is three times cheaper 🙂

I have a Viking HB-560 cultivator, I selected on www.Stihl.RU/Viking-Produkte.ASPX, apparently, got a good one.

Without looking, you can kill the best mechanism. Apparently you have something almost not killed, but everything has a limit, better look at.

If there are such barbecue, then why do we need a cultivator? I honest in my frankly in 2 years did not look until it works. But now I definitely look around, maybe something needs to be added.

I have just the same Beezone, for the third year, I cracked a little frame in the steering area, drove on it with a trailer. And the bolts were reproached from vibration, put on glue there are no more problems. Great apparatus for its price,

I agree, for the most part I have a jamb due to a little careless handling, an uncle 2 for 2 plows, all my life worked on the KAMAZ)) the gearbox only upset me, more precisely assembly

I have not yet analyzed, I will soon strengthen the frame, I’ll look there, and so it is written in the manual before work to pour oil into the gearbox, I poured a transmision from the beginning, then something like nigrola, it runs more slowly. Everything would be good good, but the oil seals would not hurt, and the second speed

I have nothing in Russian and it was written)) But I think there should not be oil in my oil, for which it is mixed there with the solidol?

I have a plug plug on the side. Yes these Chinese you will understand the hell! The oil should dissolve the salts of the dol, and this is lubricated with the chain In short, the hell knows, you need to introduce the oil seals

here, too, there is a type of CHAPKA. I think to buy a kg of good lubricant and fill it, with the oil seals, the trouble will come out

The gearbox for the cultivator is no less important than the engine or working parts. The widespread opinion that this is just a passing detail is completely incorrect. Consider which criteria it is better to choose a gearbox for a motor.cultivator and how to use it correctly.

Oil replacement in a walk.behind tractor: what and how much to pour into a gearbox

The presence of a walk.behind tractor in a personal economy can be surprised, because this technical device has been known since Soviet times. Thanks to him, the fast and high.quality cultivation of the soil became possible, which previously occupied quite a long time, and also took a lot of effort.

However, so that your uniform tractor, as they say, serve you faithfully, regularly plowing the earth and performing its other functions, you need to properly operate it.

In particular, you need to know how much oil to pour in the motorblock gearbox so that it works in optimal mode, and its details are not erased from the lack of the necessary grease.

In principle, all the necessary information, as a rule, is indicated in the instructions for the specific model of the walk.behind tractor, where stamps and varieties of recommended oils are explicitly indicated.

However, there are times when a single tractor is purchased from hand, or in another way, but the point is that such motoblocks are supplied mainly without any instructions.

A person can be at a loss, not knowing what oil is poured into the motorblock gearbox, so it will be useful for him to know about his main types, as well as the methods of filling in a single tractor.

Assortment of viking

Viking does not produce motoblocks, but it produces motor cultivators. small.sized and easy to operate gasoline tools designed to loosen and cultivate the upper soil layer with cutters with cutters. Viking motor.cultivator not only loosens the earth into fluff, but also very easily copes with weeds and their roots. He grinds them so that they reinforce in the soil and become natural fertilizer for it.

Compared to heavier technology. motoblocks. cultivators are characterized by limited functionality, but are attractive due to their simplicity and convenience in use / maintenance / transportation and movement.

The features of Viking brand motor cultivators are:

  • reliable and hardy gasoline engines from trusted manufacturers who work flawlessly both in the heat and in the cold;
  • Simplified launch system “SMART-shock”;
  • reverse expert with a significant service life-up to 3 thousand motorcycles;
  • non-instrumental adjustment of handles, which is extremely simple;
  • an effective system of vibration-flamer absorption;
  • modified milling mills for high.quality plowing on any substrate.

Viking cultivators with Briggs and Stratton engines

  • Motoculture HB 445.0 is equipped with a compact gasoline four.stroke engine Briggs Stratton Series 450 E OHV, with vertical crankshaft, air cooling. The working volume of this motor is 148 cubic centimeters, its power is 3.3 kW, or 4 liters.With. (at an engine speed of 3100 rpm). Valve location. upper. The motor cylinder is made of aluminum. Dry weight of this engine. 8.2 kg. The capacity of the standard fuel tank for it is 0.8 liters.The HB 445 cultivator is very light (its weight is 40 kg), which has excellent maneuverability, thanks to the compact design. 45 cm width can be reduced to 25 cm, or, conversely, increased to 60 centimeters. The diameter of the milling cutter is 300 mm; the number of plowing elements. 2 and discs. The drive of the set for plowing. 1V. The guaranteed level of sound power is not more than 93 dB (a). Measured sound pressure level. 79 dB (a).
  • There is also a modernized model. MH 445 motor.cultivator.0. more modern, exclusively maneuverable, due to its narrow and compact design, as well as an additional rear passage. A standard 45-centimeter capture width of 45 cm, if necessary, can decrease to 25 cm, or, conversely, increase to 60 centimeters.
  • Motoculture HB 445.0R is the same model, but still with reverse (the possibility of movement in the opposite direction).
  • Its more modern version is the MH445 motor.cultivator.0R with reverse, ideal for use in small areas of the Earth, in greenhouses and flower beds. Compact dimensions and standard processing width of 45 centimeters provide a high degree of maneuverability during operation. You can reduce the working width to 25 cm. for plowing of especially narrow rows. Height.adjustable brake spur guarantees control accuracy. The anti.vibration system absorbs most of the vibrations of the motor, which minimizes fatigue, allows you to work longer and work more efficiently. Perfectly verified balancing and central steering wheel adjustment provide convenient control, allowing the cultivator to be more convenient, ergonomic and with minimal efforts.
  • Motoculture HB 445.1. a similar model that differs from HB 445.0 other design.
  • Motoculture HB 445.2 R. related model HB 445.1, but with reverse (reverse). The mass of this version of the cultivator is 41 kg.
  • The VH 660 motor.cultivator with a chain gearbox is intended for processing sections with an area of ​​up to 1200 square meters. Working processing width varies from 45 to 85 centimeters. Reliable and powerful four.stroke gasoline engine of the Briggs Stratton model provides light start and significant power output. The pen is adjustable to the growth of the operator, it can also be folded for simpler transportation and storage. Power of this engine: 5.5 l.C. Its working volume: 205 cubic centimeters. The volume of the fuel tank is 2.8 l. The mass of the cultivator of this model is 71 kg. His

  • Motoculture HB 560.1 is equipped with a four-stroke single-cylinder gasoline air cooling engine Kohler Couraage XT-6.75 OHV SC with the upper valve arrangement (OHV) and the vertical location of the power shaft of power. It has the following design features: a steel forged crankshaft, a cylinder cast.iron sleeve, a grease system under pressure. The working volume of this motor is 149 cubic centimeters. Its maximum power is 3.5 liters.With., or 2.6 kW, at 3600 rpm. The diameter of the cylinder is 65 cm, the piston stroke is 45 cm. The greatest torque is 8 N.m. Compression degree. 8.3: 1. Dry engine weight. 10.8 kg. Dimensional dimensions: mm 406 x 335 x 275 mm.The full.time capture width from the HB 560 motor.cultivator is 60 centimeters. Special reinforced milling knives quickly and effectively loosen even hard and compacted soil. The weight of this walk.behind tract is 43 kg. Its diameter is 320 mm.The number of plowing elements is 2 x 2 and discs. The drive of the set for plowing. 1V 1R. The instability coefficient K is 2.2 m/s².Measured sound pressure level. 80 dB (a). Guaranteed sound power level 93 dB (a). AHW vibration level is 4.4 m/s².
  • Motoculture HB 585 is a similar model with the same engine, but with increased to 85 centimeters. If it becomes difficult to work, then it is possible to reduce to 60 cm. Additional accessories, for example, the perch or additional loads provide HB 585 models for multilateral use. The fuel tank capacity is 1.1 liters. The weight of HB 585 is 49 kg.
  • Options for the performance of this model: Viking HB 585.0 (weight 46 kg), hv 585.1 (tank 1.4 l). Any of these modifications is equipped with: an ergonomic folding steering wheel with a side turn equipped with special anti.slip pads; wear.resistant worm gearbox associated with belt clutch; a compact metal case completed on the sides with plastic protective gaps; reduced launch resistance of the starter cable; a special form of roller knives, on the side of closed discs to protect cultivated plants from damage.
  • Motoculture HB 685.0 has a capture width of 85 cm (can be reduced to 60 cm), a capture depth 32 cm; Equipped with rear speed. Number of rowing elements: (21) x 2. He is able to dig quickly or hill even heavy soil on the average in size of the areas. The KOHLER COURAGE XT-8 OHV SC engine develops at the operating frequency of 3200 rpm of the rated capacity of 2.9 kW / 3.9 liters.With. The fuel tank capacity for it is 1.9 liters. The mass of this motor cultivator is 48 kg.
  • Motoculture HB 685.1. a modernized version of the previous model, helps easily cope even with heavy soils. Has a number of practical options. Among them are the movement of both front and reverse, a folding handle with height adjustment and side adjustment, a limiter with convenient drives on the steering wheel and special hardened knives. To transmit serious efforts, the belts, gears and bearings, which are part of the transmission, are replaced in this model with more durable and reinforced with additional ball bearings. Thanks to this, the motor.cultivator of this model is an exceptionally strong, compact and magnificently.alerted tool with a low center of gravity.
  • MOTOCHANTER MH 685.0. version of execution equipped with a modern anti.vibration system.

The lineup is the technical characteristics and which is better to buy

Features of the brand

Each modern model of the walk-behind tractor is equipped with a modern 4-step Austrian Kohler Austrian engine with valves located on top (T.n. OHV). It is located on the frame quite low, which provides reliable balancing.

The launch process noticeably facilitates the Smart-Choke system. Inhibition occurs using a 3-position brake, easily accessible in the control segment. For uninterrupted operation, the device is equipped with a fuel and air filter.

Dsg gearbox problem megatronic problem

The reverse gearbox provides the reverse function for greater maneuverability, turning, trips from the tech, but working on the reverse is not recommended.

The gearbox is designed for three hundred working hours, which corresponds to the decade of operation. For lubrication, the synthetic oil Klüber is taken, which is poured into the gearbox for the entire service life.

Handles are regulated without the help of tools. In order not to step on the already plowed ground, the handle can be expanded to the side, and the unit will continue to work in its direction. If it is planned to transport a walk.behind tractor or its conservation for the storage season, the handles are just folding.

The handles are connected to the walk.behind tractor through the vibration.absorbing system, so the operator, even having worked for a long time, does not feel fatigue of the hands.

All Viking motor cultivators have a plowing kit with which you can adjust the working width using the device for both potato processing and more delicate crops. Additionally retain plantings during plowing side wheels.

Helicoid mills are bent over the entire length, so they cut into the ground evenly. Mills enter the soil one after another sequentially. This design and location provide more simple work in a heavier soil.

viking, unoa, gearbox, problems, ways, eliminate

Here you will find a description of the Viking motoblocks of a modern model range, which is fundamentally different from the previous, morally obsolete models.

VH 540

Viking VH 540 motor.cultivator is the last model equipped with a powerful American Briggsstratton engine with an upper valve arrangement and with a light launch. Immediately after it, the brand switched to Austrian engines Kohler.

The scope of the unit for the Viking 540 Tiletor is the same as that of its more modernized counterparts. processing heavy soils, plowing, hilling, leaving planting.

HB 560

Powerful gasoline uniform tractor HB 560 of the middle class with a capture width of 600 mm will quickly plow the largest fields. With a standard width, it is ideal for processing lawns and extended gardens.

Having reduced the width even to 30 cm, the one.axic tractor can be used in small areas, for example, for processing vegetables. Change of capture width is regulated by several simple actions. The depth of processing is regulated by pressing the limiter into the ground.

HB 560 is created for processing heavy and rocky soils. The knives of the unit will easily chop the toughest Комментарии и мнения владельцев to such a small fraction in which moisture can calmly penetrate the depths of the soil. The same.based tractor is ideal for cutting, hilling and crap of tubers.

Currently, millions are engaged in agriculture and gardening, manually plow the earth and do not regret their health. With cultivators for the garden, you will save your health, effort and time.

Huter snowmers are represented by various models that are suitable for a variety of work. Here you will find all the information about this beautiful snowman.

KAMAZ-55111 is indeed a leader among representatives of this class. By clicking on the link, get acquainted with the characteristics of this tractor.

A large number of components make the one.based tractor truly universal. Removable protective wings are on the sides of the milling. This is the perfect equipment for amateur gardeners.

Viking HB560 is oriented for easy and simple work, even with long management, the user does not get tired. The height of the handle easily adapts to a person’s growth. Rubbed handles do not allow the hands to slide during work and control.

Thanks to the anti.vibration details between the steering wheel and the gearbox body, the level of vibration is much reduced. The unit is perfectly balanced and stable.

  • Weighs the tool 43 kg.
  • Maximum power 6 liters.With.
  • Processing width 600 mm.
  • Depth up to 320 mm.
  • Number of loosening stars: 6 pcs. (2 × 3).
  • .

The compact model is equipped with 850 mm width, thanks to which you can quickly process the widest areas. This is the exceptional merit of a powerful 4-step Kohler Courage with valves placed at the top. If necessary, the width can be adjusted to 600 mm or 350.

  • you should install the tool in the service position,
  • Open 2 Shplint,
  • Remove the set for plowing,
  • shorten it by the required number of cutting elements.

The possibility of various applications is provided by the Viking 585 Naughty equipment: for example, a hip or weighting.

  • The control handle is equipped with protection from simultaneous pressing;
  • hard casing of metal with protective polymer wings;
  • powerful missing knife;
  • stable chassis;
  • The limiter is adjustable from the handle.
  • Weighs the tool 46 kg.
  • Maximum power 6 liters.With.
  • Processing width 350-600-850 mm.
  • Depth up to 320 mm.
  • .

Hinged equipment for a motor cultivator

Additional accessories expand the capabilities of the Viking motor.cultivator. The cupcach allows you to use the unit in potato breeding. For greater efficiency of work on heavy ground, it is recommended to purchase weighting.

For winter operation, you can purchase a special shovel for racing snow.

And for the spring, an indispensable object will be a plow (for example, PSK plow).

You can purchase a kit, which includes everything that is necessary for garden events. This is a plow, the oscillator IA2, a potato.cutter of KV 3, a pair of soil with a diameter of 360 mm and 25 mm for the shaft, a pair of high.pergusability soil with a diameter of 500 mm, as well as a hitch.

Large wheels are suitable for work with hinged equipment, and 360 mm are suitable for hilling.

Cultivator, thanks to the use of additional equipment, you can use year.round. In summer. this is an agricultural machine for cultivation and plowing land. Awesome equipment for a walk.behind tractor allows you to dig soil for planting potatoes, after a month to spill it out, dig tubers in September.

In winter, it can be used for snow removal, with a shovel it can clean the tracks from snow, and with the trailer, transport small goods up to 500 kg.

Safety and proper storage rules

Basic rules for the operation of cultivators Viking:

  • Before starting work, check the serviceability of all parts and spare parts;
  • In the process of working with equipment, periodically check the indicators of engine oil and gasoline;
  • are at a sufficient distance from rotating mills;
  • Do not leave the unit under direct sunlight for a long time;
  • After completion of work, be sure to clean the unit from lumps of dirt using a brush with water.

Causes of breakdowns and elimination of problems

Independent repair of cultivators is possible in case of other problems. For example, it happens that you need to replace the candle when the device does not start or swimming when loading. When carburetor is polluted, gasoline enters the air filter.

Candle replacement may be required due to the oxidation of contacts, insulation violations, and soot accumulations. The element is considered completely failed in the absence of a spark of ignition. Sometimes it is enough to clean it, rinse in gasoline and can be installed again in place.

When the engine speed swim, the piston and other components are broken down. The regulation of the ignition system will help to avoid premature wear.

  • Inspect the engine flywheel and check it with opening the contacts that are inside the unit.
  • Check the distance between the “anvil” and “hammer”. one of the important components of the system.
  • Manually carry out the movement of the flywheel before the piston squeezes.
  • Return the part to the place. The emerging one.time knock indicates the operation of an overall coupling.
  • Turn the flywheel against the passage of the hours until the points located on the case.
  • Adjust the distance between the contact and the “cam”. For good ignition, the minimum is the minimum. 0.25 mm, and the maximum is 0.35 mm.
  • Further, the adjusted part is fixed with a screw.

Compliance with the rules for servicing a cultivator air filter is one of the important conditions of long.term operation of the unit. In order not to worsen the quality characteristics of the motor, the filter must be cleaned after each use of the device. For this:

  • Gently remove the lid;
  • Take the paper filter in your hands and inspect;
  • peel a soft rag or brush;
  • Wash the space thoroughly before the intake hole;
  • It is recommended to wash the tube in soapy solution;
  • The purified element must dry;
  • For better work, you can lubricate the part with oil;
  • Be sure to remove excess lubricants;
  • return the element to the place, making sure of the correctly collected components;
  • If there is too much dirt, replace the spare part.

The car will provide the correct storage for a long service. Before conservation, the cultivator must be cleaned of dirt. The purified surfaces are wiped dry by a rag and treated with lubricants that prevent corrosion. To store the cultivator, you need to choose a dry and clean place.