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ANCHOR angle grinder

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ANCHOR angle grinder Bosch GWS 10-125, 7-125, 8-125YB-67180.00
ANCHOR angle grinder ARSENAL 125 (970W)YB-93175.00
ANCHOR angle grinder PARMA 2 MYS-17420.00
ANCHOR angle grinder Bosch 23-230 (L = 220 mm)YB-71490.00
ANCHOR angle grinder Bosch GWS 14-125 CE (Bosch GWS 14-125 CE) d8 koroYB-69210.00
ANCHOR angle grinder Bosch GWS 14-125 CIE (Bosch GWS 14-125 CIE)YB-68220.00
ANCHOR angle grinder Bosch GWS 20-230YB-70450.00
ANCHOR angle grinder Bosch GWS 6-115 (Bosch GWS 6-115) d8, L153YB-95170.00
ANCHOR angle grinder CRAFT CAG-125Yak-61150.00
ANCHOR angle grinder CRAFT CAG-180/1600Yak-1240.00
ANCHOR angle grinder CRAFT CAG-180/1900Yak-9240.00
ANCHOR angle grinder DeWalt 125 (for thread)YB-94320.00
ANCHOR angle grinder DWT 125 SLYak-24190.00
ANCHOR angle grinder DWT 125 SSYB-36130.00
ANCHOR angle grinder DWT 150-SLYB-38240.00
ANCHOR angle grinder DWT 180Yak-41240.00
ANCHOR angle grinder DWT 180 DLYak-44260.00
ANCHOR angle grinder DWT 230 DLYak-42350.00
ANCHOR angle grinder DWT WS-125L / LV 08-125TYak-40170.00
ANCHOR angle grinder DWT WS-230SLYak-38450.00
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Buy anchor for an angle grinder

To check the angle grinder for a malfunction, you need to disassemble it. And we start by extracting the anchor. Be sure to release the brushes before removing the anchor. We take a small screwdriver and pull them up a little so that they detach from the collector lamellas. Next, unscrew the bolts that secure the gearbox housing, and carefully take out the anchor.

In the next step, we disassemble the angle grinder gearbox. First of all, we unscrew the bolts that secure the gearbox flange, and easily remove it. There will be a gasket under the flange. Remember to put it back on when reassembling. Otherwise, the distance between the large gear and the small gear will not be respected. This will lead to rapid wear of not only the conical pair, but also the armature itself, because the load will increase. To disconnect the armature from the gearbox, you need to unscrew the nut or remove the retaining ring (with a special puller) that secures the small gear to the anchor. It often happens that the armature shaft is very tight and is pinched in the bearing. In this case, insert a screwdriver or a pry bar between the seat for the gearbox shaft and the end of the armature, and remove the anchor using the extrusion method.

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After buying and installing an anchor for people who are just starting to use angle grinders, the question often arises of how convenient it is to adjust it to their hand. There are two main customization options at hand. First. this is the direction of rotation of the disk (the question is where it is convenient for you so that sparks fly from the disk towards you or away from you). For example: when cutting metal, this is not very important. But when cutting stones or tiles, it is advisable to adjust all the same so that the dust flew from the angle grinder. And the second point. this is the position of the hand itself (right or left). In some angle grinders, in order to turn the gearbox, you need to free the brushes, pull the gearbox itself out of the housing a little and turn it where we need to. Probably everyone has come across a situation where an angle grinder jammed the disc. Some resort to rather serious measures, namely, they put a wedge in the hole in the nut, beat with a hammer and grind the washer. Others very often break the button that secures the disc. But there is a simple solution to this problem. You just need to cut off a ring from the bottom of the plastic bottle cap. Slide it onto the shaft after the disc and tighten with a nut. You will get a good gasket that will not allow the nut to jam.

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You can order a rotor for an angle grinder on the website or by phone numbers indicated in the contacts.

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Mechanical damage

Bosch angle grinder is designed for cutting, grinding, polishing work. The operation of the tool in dust under heavy loads has a particularly detrimental effect on the durability of the gearbox, namely its gears.

In addition to wear and tear of the gear teeth, mechanical failures include the destruction of bearings and housing. Repair of a Bosch angle grinder in terms of replacing failed bearings, restoring the case is easy to perform if there is a desire and need.

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Bearing sprinkled

The weakest link, and not only in an angle grinder, is the bearings. High rotational speed quickly wears out the mechanism. The good news is that changing the bearing is easy. Replacing a sprinkled bearing at an angle grinder must be done in time so that a breakdown does not occur that cannot be fixed.

Replacing the gearbox bearing

Bearings are very important parts of a power tool. After a bearing breakdown, it must be replaced immediately, as its failure can lead to other mechanical failures and damage to the stator and rotor. Bearings can be adversely affected by:

  • Long-term operation of the angle grinder with high load;
  • Lack of lubricant;
  • Ingress of foreign particles;
  • Increased rotation speed.

Unpleasant abnormal noise occurs after bearing wear or destruction. You can check the condition of the bearing after disassembling the angle grinder and checking the bearing play on the shaft. When swinging the bearing in different directions, the backlash should be absent or minimal. After detecting bearing malfunctions, it must be changed using a puller, and the collar of the destroyed bearing can be removed using a tap screwed into the cage. You can also remove the bearing according to the folk method, using two open-end wrenches, a vice and a hammer.

disassemble, gearbox, angle, grinder, bosch

Simple electrical faults Bosch angle grinder

If you turn on the angle grinder, and it refuses to work, start looking for the problem with a break in the power supply wire. Most often, a wire break occurs at the point of entry into an angle grinder or plug. Do not twist, this will cause a short circuit in the tool.

Angle Grinder Disassembly

To determine such a malfunction, it is necessary to open the covers of the handle of the angle grinder. In Bosch angle grinders up to 1000 W, the cover is fixed with one screw at the end. For Bosch angle grinders over 1000 W, the handle cover is secured with several screws.

Using a tester, ring the power circuit from the input plug, pos. 5, to the switch. With a complete circuit, proceed to test the operation of the switch. Bosch angle grinders use simple switches controlled by an on / off lever.

But the electrical contacts of the switch burn out and cause the angle grinder to malfunction. It is impractical to restore the contacts of the plastic switch, it is necessary to change to a new one.

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If the switch is intact, use a tester to check that there is a continuity from each pin of the plug to each carbon brush. For complete circuits, the angle grinder should turn on. If it does not rotate, then there is a mechanical problem. Seizure of gears or destruction of bearings is possible.

Malfunctions of the electric circuit of the collector motor

Most often, breakdowns in the electrical circuit of an angle grinder occur for the following reasons:

  • Collector wear;
  • Breakage of the start button;
  • Wear on carbon or graphite brushes;
  • Overheating and short circuit in the stator winding;
  • Overheating and burning of the rotor winding;
  • Damage to the power cable.

Such malfunctions are the most frequent, but there are other breakdowns associated with an open circuit.

Broken gear teeth

It mainly occurs when jamming occurs. If a rumble is heard in the gearbox, this is a symptom of just such a malfunction. When more than one tooth is broken on a gear, the angle grinder will not be able to cut the required material.

disassemble, gearbox, angle, grinder, bosch

Defective graphite brushes

The main cause of the problem may be the brushes. Depending on the loads and the duration of operation, the angle grinder of the brushes can last six months, a year or two, then wear out, and the tool may stop working. Replacing old parts with new ones is done with the cable disconnected and the case disassembled. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the brush holders and remove the old brushes. They can also be closed with plugs in the case, and then the case does not have to be disassembled.

The brushes should be changed only for those of the same size and material of manufacture, and after replacing the brushes, they rub in. the angle grinder idles for some time. Do not operate the angle grinder if the start button is faulty, as this can lead to jamming of the cutting disc, its destruction and unpredictable consequences. The speed controller is a soft starter for an angle grinder, and after a malfunction occurs in its operation, it requires replacement, since repair will be difficult and almost impossible.

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