Which drill is better by Makita or Bosch?

Drill comparison Bosch, Makita, Metabo. Which drill to choose?

Cordless or mains-powered construction hand tools are undergoing a major change today. Manufacturers have more and more opportunities to improve the performance of these products. This is reflected in the design, functionality and ergonomics of the tool. This is particularly evident in screwdrivers with electric motors. The production of such models are engaged and specialized brands, and entire concerns, entrusting development in this segment to its subsidiaries. For example, many consumers have doubts about the quality properties of AEG screwdrivers, because this manufacturer does not specialize namely on the construction tool. Nevertheless, some of its models in some characteristics may well compete with the products of the segment leaders. “Bosch” and “Makita“.

aeg screwdrivers

The manufacturer strives to follow the general trend in the development of this tool, but also implements its own developments. The focus is on the medium-power segment and in this niche, one of the best models in the series BS 12G2 has earned a lot of praise. For example, many point to the gear gears, made of high-quality metal, which allows you to postpone the repair of AEG electric screwdriver in this modification for a long time. At least, this applies to the power unit, with which other models often have problems precisely because of the low-quality element base.

Separately, owners note the use of two types of batteries. the popular lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium. Most manufacturers have almost completely switched to Li-On, but AEG screwdrivers retain the possibility of power from Ni-Cd cells for users. The owners of such modifications, in particular, emphasize the small weight of the battery packs and the ability to operate the tool in freezing conditions.

Makita screwdrivers

Makita is a Japanese company, whose products often compete with the German-Bosch. Makita electric screwdriver will help in installing drywall structures, making holes in wood, screwing fasteners in different materials. There are cordless and corded models, standard and impact devices, tools with power of both 7 and 18V.

  • Makita screwdrivers are attractive because of their ergonomics and optimal size.
  • At the same time, the power of machines is solid, sometimes even a rubberized handle is difficult to contain the vibration. Although the handle itself is very comfortable.
  • Many models are equipped with LED backlight.
  • It is believed that Makita batteries are weak, so professionals often take corded models.

Despite minor flaws, the company’s products are steadily in demand.

Popular models

From powerful devices, you can compare, for example, screwdrivers power 18 V Makita DDF453 SYE and Bosch GSR 18V-50 2 Ah. These are cordless models.

Bosch battery has a higher capacity, higher torque, more torque adjustments, maximum rotation speed. Otherwise the models are very similar. Only the price of an electric screwdriver Bosch is almost 30 percent higher.

Thus, we advise you to pay attention to the model when choosing: both manufacturers are worthy of attention. Let’s add that Bosch products are a little more expensive, but they have a longer warranty, and, according to reviews, a higher service life.


When choosing such a tool as a cordless electric screwdriver (which is better), “Interskol” is ready to offer several lines of devices. They are screwdrivers for professionals and amateurs at home.

The professional line features two speeds, high-capacity battery, high torque. Nickel-cadmium batteries allow the device to work offline for a very long time. Torque

up to 30 Nm in different models. The devices are durable, practical and infinitely comfortable. The light weight of the models will make working with them more pleasant. “Interskol”. It is a worthy electric screwdriver cordless. Which is better. the reviews will help with the choice. In general, people speak very positively about the technique of this manufacturer.

The first model on our list is a great buy for the home. It is in the green, non-professional line of all tools from “Bosch”.

German or Russian electric cordless screwdriver. which one is better? Reviews of the first one are very good. The parameters of this device are able to cover all the needs of the home craftsman, and can even give a head start to some professional equipment. “Bosch PSR 1200”. It’s compact size, first of all. Then there are the power features. It has a 12 volt battery and a torque of 15 Nm. In addition to size and power, it is quite a functional device. It is possible to regulate the torque, to block the device from self-activation. The reverse makes working with the device and at all very pleasant. If you are looking for a cordless electric screwdriver, which is better for home, the Bosch

Also on the market is a professional tool. This is the blue line of products.

The Bosch GSR 18V is the dream of those who assemble and disassemble furniture professionally. This is a reliable and powerful electric screwdriver made in Germany. It is ideal where space is limited. In addition to other advantages, this device has a high-capacity battery. The powerful planetary gear in this model is capable of delivering up to 67Nm of torque. If you choose an electric screwdriver

cordless, which one is better, “Bosch GSR 18V”. the choice of professionals.

Bosch GSR 1440 is a two-speed professional model from the blue product line.

The advantage of this model is its price. The planetary reduction unit generates a force of 30 Km. Overload protection system to increase durability.

Here you have learned how to choose a cordless electric screwdriver. Which company is better?? Each company offers several worthy product lines. Choose your model.


The Japanese company’s history can be traced back to 1915, when Japanese Masaburo Makita and three of his buddies founded a company for the production of electrical appliances in Nagoya. In the beginning they made electric motors, transformers, generators and illuminators. In 1958 the company manufactured the world’s first electric planer, and later went on to produce other electric hand tools.

Now it is the largest manufacturer of professional power tools and power tools, one of the leading manufacturers of electric tools in the world. Today the company’s products include almost 400 types of tools and about 5,000 accessories. At present the company has 8 large industrial enterprises located in European cities. England, Romania, Germany. The main buyer of the product is Europe, the second and third place is America and Japan.

Bosch or Makita drills. which one to choose

Bosch PSR 1800 LI-2 cordless electric screwdriver, 18 V Li-ion 2×1.My father bought a Bosch screwdriver, but the salesman persuaded me to buy it

Name: PeterReport: For household chores is a good electric screwdriver.Advantages: Size

Name: GevorgReport: very good one. I have been using it for more than a year and I am very happy with the purchase

Name: IbrahimReport: I bought a screwdriver in Leroy Merlin. I initially wanted a Makita professional drill, but the salesman told me to buy Bosch. All my parameters for which I need an electric screwdriver, I explained to the salesman and told my reasons why I need a Makita. The seller discouraged me from Makita in every way and convinced me that it would be better to buy a Bosch. I took it in January of the seventeenth in March, it has already refused to work in the cold. At home, something to screw in screws it still works fine. The only disadvantage is the price, but, you know, the Bosch answer is one year, but as soon as you put a little power, a square or a profile tube to drill a 6 K drill bit and boom, it goes dead in two or three twists. I do not know if I got the defect, but it’s right from the start and began.Advantages: Small Disadvantages: It is not an electric screwdriver, it is a Electric Screwdriver

Name: VitalyReview: Ideal tool for household chores and other jobs. Ideally, of course you can upgrade the grease at once and it will last longer.Advantages: Lightweight. Fast. Convenient.Disadvantages: Except for the price))) but you know, Bosch.

Name: StanislavReview: Bought, t.I thought the company is responsible for quality, but alas, not intensive work (most of the time lying in the case) electric screwdriver burned down wanted to screw in a screwdriver, and bam, went smokeAnd all of this, as evil after the warranty expired. The BoschAdvantages: The case, the batteries hold long, comfortable in the hand by weight, the presence of a flashlightDisadvantages: Most of its existence was lying on the shelf, and did not work burned out.

Name: EvgenyOf Review: I decided to buy this model Bosch for professional use, despite the fact that the green color Bosch is a tool for home use.After reviewing and testing competitors (which are already made by respected Chinese) still took Hungary (as written).I work in the manufacture of furniture with this machine for the second year, cranks powerfully (not for nothing they write 38Hm) battery charging quickly, the charge lasts long.The only downside. the quality of assembly, the button (trigger) zapodal when pressing, but over time has developed (you can lubricate with silicone grease) decided to take a second in the state! recommend!Price-quality =4,minus for the assembly

Name: MaxSnap: From the beginning of use rarely, but accurate bits began to fall out, I reconciled, but on the 5th day of purchase, the chuck jammed. I took the cartridge to merlin wanted a refund, merlin sent to the service for examination. At the examination they acknowledged the breakage, but did not want to refund the money, allegedly I Tried to unscrew the cartridge for repair, but did not unscrew it. Of course, I did not do it if the screwdriver 5 days old only WHY? OTHERWISE there are mechanical marks on the bolt that holds the cartridge, of course they will be from the bits and drills, and no expertise will not protect me (found out) They offered to change the cartridge at their own expense, strange dual situation turned out, the type went to a meeting, but I do not want then again get with the cartridge and the money is not returned. And also siris did the examination in less than a week, and merlin did not call me until I did not call myself two weeks later. As the service name, and you do not know who works in Merlin, what do you take from them. I have to wait two weeks for a new chuck, in the end I will be without an electric screwdriver for over a month.Advantages: It has a powerful twist. Lightweight. Akum.Disadvantages: The quality of the store and service. They make you look like a liar, it really pisses me off when they blame you for some snafu and say I tried to repair the tool myself, it was 5 days old.

Name: YanaSnapshot: electric screwdriver bought by my husband, always uses it for work. Very satisfied with this product. The kit comes with two batteries, it charges very quickly and shows the remaining battery charge on the electric screwdriver itself. Yana, an employee of Leroy Marlen Kursk.Pros: Powerful, holds a charge very well, light weight.Disadvantages: No

Name: GevorgReview: great screwdriver Disadvantages: none,

Bosch PSR 18 LI-2/2 Ergonomic brushless cordless electric screwdriver, 18 V Li-ion 2×2.5 Ah

Name: Roman Yozhkin_employee at Leroy MerlinReview: The tool is perfectly balanced, no hand fatigue after long use. Shaved the door in the garage, one battery made in the metal 3mm 200 holes and screwed as many screws.Included two batteries for 2.5 Ah. Only one of these separately costs ~ 4 tons.р.Pros: A powerful tool. Quick Charging. Neighbor envy is guaranteed.Disadvantages: Small carrying case. No extra charge for the chuck. accessories.

Name: VitalySnap: Very nice and comfortable to use during the remodelDisadvantages: Easy to useDisadvantages: No

Name: Sergey Novikov Employee of Leroy Merlin KosinoReview: The price corresponds to the quality, not once have I regretted the money invested.Advantages: The battery power allows you to use an electric screwdriver as a mixer for cooking mortars, one battery can easily stir 7 bags of 25 kg of mix. Also the control buttons of the electric screwdriver (forward and backward) are very logically located and there is no confusion when switching modes. The 10mm chuck is very handy, allows very quick change from drill bits to bits.Disadvantages: Could not find

Name: Vladislav, Employee of Leroy Merlin Kazan1Feedback: Very high quality build, good brake that allows you to use the tool as a screwdriver when turned off. Minimum motor heat. Good for drilling holes.Advantages: powerful torque, high-capacity lithium-ion battery, good backlight.Disadvantages: The reverse is in a very unusual place, sometimes you accidentally switch it when you press the main start button of the electric motor

Makita drills reviews and prices

Makita DF457DWE Cordless Electric Screwdriver, 18 V Li-ion 2×1.5 Ah

Name: VladimirSummary: Looks not very strong but it works great batteries hold power for a long time may be because the model in 2019 while no complaints before used Hitachi but this Makita was much better

Name: AlexanderSee: Quality tool, powerful, holds a charge for a long time, works smoothly, easy to use.Advantages: Power, reliability, durability

Name: AlexanderSnapshot: Not bad on the whole, but probably should look at other brands of screwdrivers for this priceStrengths: High-quality body materialDisadvantages: Heavy gear switching, massive size and weight, and most importantly at maximum screwing weakly screws up by hand without problems can hold a chuck, but of course not clear economy on the backlighting which is missing.

My name: DenisSave: I had a choice between the devolt and makita. I chose makita because I have a circular saw and a jigsaw of this brand which paid their price long ago and still work. The battery of the devolt is loose, the makita’s case is worse in comparison with the DeWALT. Makita in the hand is comfortable in the beginning seemed a bit heavy then I got used to it. I used it to put together a framework for the siding and then clad the house with siding. Checked the ratchet driving screws into the pine board forty in the last moment, the screw went through the board almost through with the cap. While working with one battery the second one has time to charge. At first it seemed heavy in the hand, but I got used to it. It is half a year old, I think if used as instructed and not overloaded it will work for a long time.Advantages: Good ergonomics, reliability, quality case.Disadvantages: Overpriced, no battery charge indication, no backlight, but for me this is not a minus.

Name: Alexey Review: very bad build. Better to pay a few hundred more and buy DeWALT

Name: MichaelReport: I bought this electric screwdriver in 2016 when it was decided to build a frame house 6 to 8, as well as the front of the fence to do with corrugated board. I liked that the self-tapping screws, even 127mm long, with a diameter of 4.8mm, drives into the pine beam without pre-drilling. Duri enough to drive and 150mm, but you have to drill, otherwise the screw has to push hard, why screws of this length bend. When I was assembling the rafters, I fixed the 200×100 timber on mounting brackets, and used wood screws 80×8 with a 13mm diameter head instead of self-drilling screws. Drove it quietly without drilling. When installing the frame posts to the strapping mounting bracket was attached to 65-meters screws, the frame posts to 45-meters. Both sizes have been run up to a couple of hundred or three hundred on a single battery charge. I once took a fully-charged battery out of curiosity and twisted the self-tapping screws 55 to 3.8 into the bar 100 x 100 mm. I had 322 pieces, I was just counting.In the second speed mode in the drilling easily copes with both twist drill bits and drills on wood, and with feather, with a diameter up to 45mm, as well as drills and Forstner. On the first, in screwing mode, easily allows you to drill a beam 200 to 200 auger drills with a diameter of 25mm. It also handles wood screws just as easily. The maximum cutting diameter of the crown was 127mm in a 50mm board. At first speed, of course. As for the roof of corrugated board, as well as the fence, in the roof sheathing, as well as in the guide profile 4020 1.5, roof screws and drill bits on the end, driven without problems. I also used it as a mixer, when I put a 45 quill in it and beat eggs for scrambled eggs with it.In general, the tool worked perfectly without any problems with the construction of the house. I like the fast charge, the 13mm chuck, the lithium batteries and the fact that it is not too heavy.Also very decent torque, intelligible torque limiting clutch. So for intensive construction work is quite suitable, in principle, the impossible for him little.Advantages: powerful, fast charging, lithium battery, clear gear.Disadvantages: Still too expensive. For this price they could add at least five bits in the kit.

Name: Kirill Shop employee New RigaSignature: handy in daily useDisadvantages: sturdy tool, easy to use.Disadvantages: the battery runs out quickly

Name: KirillSnap: I bought this model before the new year (planned to make repairs), when buying and punching a warranty card to check the performance of the product failed because of the complete discharge of the battery. The manager was told that I should check the product myself at home and if there are any problems I can return and return it at any time, on arrival home and charging the battery found that the screwdriver sparks, even at low speed, and after 3 clicks it did not work at all. Upon returning to the store, I was refused to take the tool back and took it to the examination of 45 days, as a result, I was left without a tool and without money.Defects: they do not have disadvantages: Broke without working and 2 minutes.,

Impact drill Makita HP1630, 710 W

Name: Oleg OlehsandrovichDescription: Good afternoon. This tool was bought in r. Saransk. On the day of purchase was tried out. The first thing that mutilated, when you insert the drill into the chuck and tighten it, the wrench began to skip over the teeth. But no teeth are made of some kind of alloy, well, very similar to silumin. So this is the alloy crumbles. Crumbles-Karl. And this is a product of world-renowned Makita! At that point I had to refuse to use the tool because I was afraid that I would break all the teeth on the chuck (and under-tightening the drill in the chuck would cause it to rotate and other troubles). I am extremely dissatisfied with the tool.,Strengths: Looks.Disadvantages: The quality of workmanship. Soft, crumbly material in the teeth of the chuck


Japanese chuck fits better on the shaft and is not floppy, the bit is not caught tightly and without any play. accurate centering, balance and runout than the German brand. Quick-change chuck for up to 13mm diameter that enables tool changes with one hand. Impact drilling mode is useful for tougher materials. The 13 mm hole diameter extends the limits of the tool’s application.

German chuck can only fit a 10 mm drill bit. But tightness of jaws allows to use the thinnest tooling without adapters.

Before buying a tool it is desirable to determine the choice of manufacturer. There are many companies like this today. But among them stand out the most popular, which include the following.

  • Bosch produces household and professional class tools, each of which perfectly copes with their tasks.
  • Metabo is known for its production of versatile and reliable models. The brand is characterized by a high-speed chuck, as well as a flawless motor cooling system.
  • Makita makes construction tools using constantly emerging technological innovations and improving the existing models.
  • AEG makes universal devices that can make different holes and join parts with screws and nuts.
  • DeWALT is not known for its wide range of models. But each of them is high quality and highly efficient.
  • Ryobi, as a company that specializes in the production of motors, won the trust of consumers when it began producing screwdrivers. The tools have different capacity, quality and reliability.
  • Hitachi makes ergonomic, modern appliances that are lightweight and quiet.

The best cordless screwdrivers with 10.8 V

The models are suitable for domestic use and are able to assemble furniture as well as drywall construction.

The best screwdrivers with 12 V battery

These models also serve the home. They are more popular than the 10.8V screwdrivers. This is due to the wider range of applications. The tool is capable of working with wood and even metal.

The best 14,4 V screwdrivers

The tool refers to professional models, more suitable for work in a workshop or construction site than at home.

The best 18-volt screwdrivers

The most professional models able to tackle all construction, assembly and renovation work. Great for when you need to make fasteners regularly and a lot.

Comparison and differences

Bosch. a large German company that produces tools, car parts, household appliances. The Japanese Makita Corporation has a more specific product profile: these are tools and equipment. The assortment of Japanese measuring equipment is scarce, and pneumatic equipment company does not produce at all.

All German appliances are divided into household (“green series”) and professional (“blue series”). Makita makes only the professional series, which amateurs are happy to buy because of its reliability. Since the functionality of Bosch household products is limited, it is possible to compare only its “blue” series and Makita. Interestingly, in the 90s Makita used to produce trimmer lines for household power tools. Today this trimmer blade is produced under the Maktec brand.

The main advantage of German technology over the Japanese is in innovation and new developments. Bosch was the first to develop most of the new technologies, which are now widely used in the production of other manufacturers’ tools. Many novelties are first tested in products of household series, then after taking into account the defects more advanced models are made in Professional series.

  • Both brands are comparable in terms of power. Some professionals (for example, working with concrete) note the higher power of Bosch products.
  • The Germans are traditionally in the first place in terms of functionality, because their products are the first to introduce new technologies.
  • In terms of ergonomics, all the advantages of Makita, because the products of this very company have less weight. For example, a Japanese angle grinder has a weight of about 0.5 kg less than its German counterpart. But the power of such an angle grinder will be almost 100 W less at the expense of low weight.
  • For reliability and durability, professionals put Bosch tools in the first place, and Makita is slightly inferior in durability of use, though not by much. This is immediately evident in the warranty period: for Bosch it is 3 years, for Makita. only 1 year.
  • And finally, the price. Products of German company on average are more expensive for its customers, but in every segment you can find a model to match the price.

Available platforms

So, the tools that work on a voltage of 18 V, are even. Voltage value allows to achieve a good torque

Up to 100 Nm, and the weight here will be quite light. This voltage is used to create most of the models for experts, and in addition some members of the amateur group.

24 V platform is used mainly for the creation of very high quality and more expensive equipment. It has the most powerful motor, less sensitivity to overload, high reliability and long service life. which cordless electric screwdriver is better? Here it all depends on the needs and work to be done.

Models designed for 12 and 14 V are a huge number of amateur devices.

Here compactness and lightness are of even higher value than the highest power, performance and working life. It is necessary to notice that often on this business some series of tools for experts from favorites of the market are allocated. If you intend to use this popular device often and seriously, then your choice is. cordless electric screwdriver. The best choice among the whole mass of available models depends on certain requirements. But should not be too flattered. Such “bisons” like “Bosch” or “Makita”, positioning their devices as the equipment for experts, but any representative on this platform will not be able to screw into a solid wood 120-mm screw.

A brief literacy about power tools. sold in Russia. Part 4.

I will continue this post about popular tool brands in Russia. But after reading the Комментарии и мнения владельцев I realized that it wouldn’t hurt to tell a little bit about the world’s brands. The previous article about the most popular brands is here https://pikabu.ru/story/kratkiy_likbez_pro_yelektroinstrumen and here https://pikabu.ru/story/kratkiy_likbez_pro_yelektroinstrumen and statistical data on Russian and world market. here https://pikabu.ru/story/kratkiy_likbez_pro_yelektroinstrumen

Before that I would like to make an important clarification: If you are comparing tools of different brands. you do it for a tool of the same year of manufacture / purchase and under the same operating conditions. Let me explain: the peorator retail price of 4000 in 2013 and now are 2 different peorators. The cost of the first at the factory will be 40-45. the second. at most 25 ( approximate figures given for the Russian STM).

So. One of the biggest and one of the youngest players on the world market for instruments: tti group (china). Milwaukee, Aeg, Ryobi brands are included. The brands themselves have a long and glorious history. and were bought out by the new owner.

11) Milwaukee is a really cool brand. the main competitor of DeWALT on the native american market (which accounts for the majority of sales). Do not consider it advertising. the brand almost does not deliver. even if it occurs from time to time. then the price is clearly above the market and often the point of buying for such a price is gone. For those who live in the States. large local chains often have Milwaukee sales and the price is just chocolate.

12) AEG is inferior in status to Milwaukee. But on some AEG models, some parts are interchangeable with Milwaukee. The brand has a difficult fate. imported a limited and often the cheapest range of products. which at the same time puts a shadow on their reputation. And the price tag should be lower (and certainly not higher than Makita and Bosh). Parts are often a problem. Here it is worth explaining. that AEG appliances and AEG tools have absolutely nothing in common. except the brand name. They have different owners. The brand is now being withdrawn from the range of a number of chains. And you can get it for a bargain.

13) Ryobi is another good brand. famous for. that he was one of the first to suggest the use of universal batteries for the whole line of tools. and in general has done much to popularize the cordless direction of power tools. The main problem in the Russian market. even less adequate price and lack of spare parts. Savvy retailers will often give you a Ryobi at the same price as or slightly lower than a Makita. telling. That it is also a Japanese brand. Why ? Because the product should cost at least 30-40% cheaper than its Makita counterparts. and salesmen are motivated to sell marginal products. And it was because of the greed of the retailers. The key models and top of the line cordless range can now cost more than Bosch, Metabo or even DeWALT. That said, in the States, Ryobi can be recommended for purchase. especially in sets ( sets) with a battery system one There you can easily find a similar set of electric screwdriver. angle grinder. circular saws. lantern. 2 Li.Ion 3Ah battery and charger for only 11-12 thousand We sell a similar set of Ryobi in 2 times more expensive.

14) Hitachi. Hitachi power tools no longer have anything to do with the parent Japanese engineering company. owned by an American foundation, which in turn owns the Metabo brand. Hitachi shipments to be discontinued. The remaining tools can be found in stores at pretty sweet prices. From next year the brand will be called HiKoki, will increase. The tool itself was quite innovative. But with the rise of the dollar in 2014, most of the technological innovations are not being shipped in. Budget series is labeled SS at the end of. But remains a pretty good tool. Especially angle grinders and woodworking. As for the prospects in the most likely. Concern will focus on promoting its 2 brand. Metabo.

I read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and wrote out a list of brands. which should also be mentioned. But 1 post is difficult to fit the answers to all questions. In any case. ask. in the near future to answer all questions.

8 place. Interskol DU-13/780ER 421.1.0.00

Good drill for home use with a diameter of up to 30 mm in wood, up to 13 mm in metal and up to 16 mm in concrete. The power of 780 Watts is enough to do any job around the house. For more comfort, the design is supplemented by a second handle, making it easier to hold the tool during repair work. A key chuck with an adjustable diameter from 1.5 to 13 mm ensures the reliability of the drill bit clamping.

Reverse function extends functionality, allowing you to unscrew the screws you want. If you need to make a hole of a certain depth, then use the depth stop. It can be found on the handle. Up to 30,000 strokes per minute and up to 2,700 rotations. RPMs can be adjusted depending on the material to be worked with. The power button can be locked for safe storage.

  • Built-in bubble level;
  • Depth limiter;
  • Additional Handle;
  • Small size and good ergonomics;
  • Metal shaft on gearbox bearings;
  • Spindle does not play when in drilling mode.

7th place. Makita HP1640

The Makita HP1640 gets into the power drill‘s reliability rating for its durable metal gearbox. The HP1640 variant comes without accessories. If you want to get carrying case and drill set in kit, choose HP1640K. Equipped with 13 mm chuck, it can produce 30 mm holes in wood, 13 mm in metal and 16 mm in concrete with a power consumption of 680 W.

Achieves 2,800 rpm and 44,800 blows per minute. Impact mode is no substitute for a torch, but it opens up the possibility of drilling in hard materials. Additional handle provides a more stable operating position. rubber-coated handle that prevents it from slipping out of your hand. The depth stopper makes it possible to obtain the right depth of cut.

  • The chuck is made of durable steel;
  • Comfortable to hold when working thanks to the rubberized handle;
  • Powerful enough for home use;
  • Robust design;
  • Smooth operation and quiet bearings;
  • Value for money;
  • Almost no heat;
  • Good torque.

6 place. Bosch GSB 13 RE Professional

In 6th place in the ranking of the best impact drills for the home falls Bosch GSB 13, which will be easy to use thanks to the modest weight of 1.8 kg and the small size of the body. Impact mechanism performs 44800 movements per minute and rotational speed is limited to 2800 rpm. It makes it possible to make holes up to 25 mm in wood, 10 mm in metal and 15 mm in concrete.

The reverse function is useful in case of jamming and allows you to use the Bosch GSB 13 as an electric screwdriver. The toothed quick-action keyless chuck securely holds tools with diameters from 1.5 to 13 mm. Torque. 10 NM at a low power consumption of 600 W. Has speed control and an auxiliary handle that reduces transmitted vibrations. Additional handle rotates, allowing you to put it in a comfortable position.

  • Lightweight and miniature body;
  • Quiet enough;
  • Sturdy teeth on the outside of the quick-change chuck;
  • Convenient speed setting;
  • 3-year warranty from the manufacturer;
  • Long mains cord;
  • Can replace an electric screwdriver;
  • It is a pleasure to hold;
  • Toolholding does not loosen as you drill.

5th place. Makita HP1630

Makita offers the best inexpensive electric concrete impact drills designed for high volume installation and construction work. Power rating of 710 watts is enough for fast drilling in concrete, wood, tile, metal and other materials used in construction.

The power button lock is useful when drilling in high-density materials for long periods of time. Less hand fatigue and no tingling of the fingertips due to prolonged vibration. Delivers up to 3200 rpm and up to 48,000 blows per minute. Can drill 30mm diameter holes in wood, 13mm in metal, 16mm in concrete.

Drill bits can be replaced quickly and with a key chuck of 13 mm diameter. There is also no regulator, so you can only regulate the speed by pulling the trigger. Reverse function allows you to pull out a jammed drill bit or unscrew a screw. Depth limiter makes it possible to make the right depth hole.

  • Comfortable and lightweight drill;
  • Copper wire winding;
  • Metal insertion for improved heat transfer;
  • You can stir building mixes;
  • Intelligent ergonomics;
  • Performance.

4th place. Bort BSM-1100

Bort produces the best budget mains impact drills for the home, to the strengths of which is to write reliability and high performance. Key chuck for secure fixture in tough drilling applications in a wide range of materials. Adjustable clamping diameter from 1.5 to 13 mm.

The pistol drill has two speeds, unlike the above-mentioned competitors. 1000 and 3000 rpm, and the power consumption reaches 1100 watts. Secondary handle gives better drilling stability and the trigger can be locked for safe storage. Comes with drilling depth stop, brush set and chuck wrench. Bort BSM-1100 can make a hole with a diameter of 30 mm in wood, 13 mm in metal and 16 mm in concrete.

5th place. Interskol DAU-13/18VK 573.1.2.70

For value for money, the best cordless impact drills offer Interskol, whose products are equipped with a brushless motor. Torque reaches 45 NM and has 21 steps of adjustment, so you can adjust it to your current usage scenario. Uses a 2-speed gearbox and 13mm quick-action chuck.

The tool can drill holes up to 36 mm in diameter in wood, 13 mm in concrete and steel. There is a brake and electronic protection of the engine, which prolongs its life. Backlight makes it easy to use in the dark, and store the Interskol DAU-13 in the plastic carrying case.

Up to 400 rpm in 1st mode and up to 1700 in 2nd mode. Maximum number of blows. 25500 per minute. It comes with a pair of interchangeable 18-volt lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 1.5 Ah. Charges from 0 to 100% in 60 minutes.

  • Charging speed;
  • The size, weight and ergonomics of the case;
  • Powerful torque;
  • The case included;
  • Brushless motor with electronic protection;
  • Will drill a hole with a diameter of up to 36mm in wood and 13 in metal;
  • Rubberized handle won’t slip out of your hand;
  • Lives for a long time on a single charge.

4th place. Bosch GSB 120-LI Professional 06019G8100

Electric screwdriver features pleasant ergonomics and compact dimensions. Electric tool suitable for home and professional use, delivering high torque of 30 NM with 20-step adjustment. There’s a slider reverser, 2-speed gearbox, and the number of blows per minute is limited to 22500. Infinitely variable speed from 0 to 400 rpm, or 0 to 1500 rpm.

Planetary gear with steel gears for longer life. The tool performs well in unscrewing and tightening screws, bolts and screws. This makes it the best helper for assembly and disassembly work. Powerful enough for you to drill up to 20mm in wood, 10mm in steel and 8mm in concrete. Quick-change chuck for easy tool changes. It is designed for drill diameters from 0.3 to 10 mm. Comes complete with a pair of 1.5 Ah lithium-ion batteries and a convenient storage case.

  • There is a backlight and a motor brake;
  • Case for storage and transportation;
  • Two 12 V batteries included;
  • Quick-action chuck;
  • 30 NM of torque with 20-step adjustment;
  • Handy and lightweight. Only 0.9 kg;
  • Quality construction;
  • Runs for a long time on a single charge;
  • Convenient mode switch.

3 place. Metabo PowerMaxx SB 12 601076500

The Metabo PowerMaxx SB 12 is in fourth place on the list of best impact drills. It is powered by a 2 Ah battery. It lasts a long time, and charging is fast. in 46 minutes at 100%. Indicator tells you when it is time to put the battery on charge. Comfortable work even in the dark, thanks to the backlight. Motor brake stops rotation instantly.

Includes convenient carrying case as standard. The tool has two speeds and can handle a high volume of assembly, disassembly and finishing work. Quick-action keyless chuck means you can fit a drill with one hand in a minimum of time.

First speed chuck speed is up to 350 rpm, which is optimal for driving and unscrewing screws and all threaded fasteners. In the second mode, it speeds up to 1400 rpm and can drill holes up to 18 mm in wood, 10 mm in metal and alloys. Impact mode allows you to drill in tough mineral materials.

  • High torque of 40 Nm;
  • Handy quick-change chuck;
  • A pair of fast-charging high-capacity rechargeable batteries are included;
  • Backlight for comfortable work in the dark;
  • Case included;
  • Lightweight body with rubberized grip;
  • Holds bits and drills securely in place;
  • Charge level indicator.

2nd place. Makita HP457DWE

Japanese electric screwdriver drill offers an excellent balance between price, power and maximum hole diameter. Torque up to 42 Nm for metal, concrete and wood up to 36 mm. The impact mode is not a substitute for a torch, but allows you to drill holes in tough materials.

Two speeds available at the user’s discretion. Up to 400 rpm, which is optimal for threaded connections and up to 1400 rpm for everything else. Up to 21,000 strokes per minute. The Makita HP457DWE comes with a carrying case and a pair of 1.5 Ah 18-volt batteries. In 70 minutes they are 100% charged. The quick-change chuck makes it possible to change the accessory in a matter of seconds.

At the base of the handle there are holes for securing the belt. But you have to buy it separately. It is shoulder-mounted, so you do not have to constantly hold the tool in your hand. The electric screwdriver lies well in the hand thanks to the rubberized handle with intelligent ergonomics.

  • Warranty of 3 years from the manufacturer;
  • It has a belt clip;
  • It handles all screws and makes holes in tough materials;
  • Two speed modes. First one for tightening, second one for tightening. for drilling;
  • Built-in motor overload protection;
  • A comfortable hand grip.

Bosch screwdrivers

Bosch has been making appliances for over 100 years, and its products are synonymous with quality. Screwdrivers also in assortment. Users note that the Bosch screwdrivers are characterized by:

  • A fast and durable motor with high torque ratings;
  • compact and lightweight: easy to hold and work at height;
  • Many rotation speeds;
  • A wide selection of screwdrivers;
  • versatility: there are devices both for wood and for plastic, stone, plasterboard and other materials. corded and cordless models are available. take your pick!

Professional models are painted blue, while the housing is green for home use. The Bosch electric screwdriver is a worthy purchase!

Makita screwdrivers

Makita is a Japanese company whose products often compete with the German-Bosch. A Makita electric screwdriver helps in installing drywall constructions, making holes in wood, screwing fasteners into various materials. There are cordless and corded models, standard and impact devices, both 7 volt and 18 volt tools.

  • Makita screwdrivers are attractive because of their ergonomics and optimal size.
  • At the same time, the power of the machines is solid, sometimes even the rubberized handle is difficult to contain the vibration. Although the handle itself is very comfortable.
  • Many models are equipped with LED backlight.
  • It is believed that Makita batteries are weak, so professionals often take corded models.

Despite minor flaws, the company’s products are steadily in demand.

Popular models

From powerful devices you can compare, for example, screwdrivers power 18 V Makita DDF453 SYE and Bosch GSR 18V-50 2 Ah. This is a shockless cordless model.

Bosch has a higher capacity battery, higher torque, more torque adjustments, maximum rotation speed. Otherwise, the models are very similar. Only the price of an electric screwdriver Bosch is almost 30 percent higher.

Thus, we advise to pay more attention to the model when choosing: both manufacturers are worthy of attention. Let’s add that Bosch products are a little more expensive, but their warranty is longer, and, according to reviews, it has a longer service life.