Which scissors are easier to cut iron

Instructions: Mark the correct answer with a “”. Challenge Technology is a science: and dedicated to the study of historical events

school olympiad on technology

2010-2011 academic year year

Instructions: Mark with a “” the correct answer.

Task 1. Technology. this is science:

a) dedicated to the study of historical events;

b) dedicated to the study of the basics of economics;

c) on the transformation of materials, energy and information;

d) dedicated to the study of natural phenomena.

Task 2. Conversion of rotary motion into linear motion is carried out using:

a) gear transmission

6) rack and pinion

c) chain transmission

d) belt drive

Task H. What tool is chosen a quarter?

Exercise 4. Where is the cambium located?

a) between the bast and the cork layer;

6) between bark and wood;

c) between the core and the core;.

d) between the growth rings.

Task 5. What is the shape of the chisel-reyer for working on a lathe?

c) a flat straight line;

Task 6. Which of the following properties of materials are mechanical?

Task 7. Detachable connections of parts are:

6) connections by soldering;

d) bonding by gluing.

Task 8. Hardwood is:

Task 9. What is the shape of a meisel chisel for working on a lathe?

Task 10. What is the formula for determining the thickness of the spike S 1 in the corner end connection on the open end-to-end single spike UK-1, if the thickness of the bar Sо is known?

Task 11. What is the operational moisture content of wood in the manufacture of furniture?

Task 12. What diameter the workpiece can be processed on the TD120 machine?

Task 13. What is the sole of the falzgebel?

Task 14. What is the width of the wood chisel?

Task 15. What is the name of the chisel for roughing the surface of the workpiece on

woodworking lathes?

Task 16. There are various forms of division of labor. One of these forms is the division of enterprises by homogeneous products (house-building plant, furniture factory, etc.). it.

and). stage (technological) specialization;

6). detailed specialization;

in). subject specialization.

Task 17. The tools of production include: machines and their equipment; tools; instrumentation; automatic devices; human functionality. Is there an error in the list?

a) no, the scheme is correct;

6) automatic devices. They do the job without human intervention;

c) human functionality. This is not a tool of production.

a) landing in the shaft system;

b) landing in the hole system;

c) the landing system exists only in mechanical engineering.

Task 19. Automated control system of technical processes. One of its most important components is information support. What it is?

a) collection and analysis of information about all components of the technological process by means of microprocessors that feed data to the control control computer;

b) information contained in instructions, technological and route maps;

c) computer programs that provide an algorithm for the operation of technological equipment.

Task 20. The diameter of the hole in the sleeve 40 0.005, the diameter of the shaft 40 – 0.005. What is the largest landing clearance?

c) there is no gap here. This is an interference fit.

Task 21. In arc welding, the arising electric arc gives heat for melting the workpieces being welded. She burns in between.

and). electrode and workpieces;

in). two electrodes.

Task 22. On what phenomenon is the method of electrospark (EDM) machining of high-strength alloys based??

a) on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction;

6) on the active destruction of the material of the manufactured part under the influence of electrical impulses;

c) on the appearance of an electric spark between the electrodes, as a result of which the temperature rises pointwise.

Task 23. What is the main essence of marketing?

a) improving the efficiency of trade and business in order to maximize profits;

b) from the English market – the market, i.e. the trading process itself.

Task 24. Construction of large solar power plants (SPP) now

practically not implemented. Why?

a) due to economic unprofitability. Costs are prohibitively high against coal-fired power plants;

6) they can only be built in places with a hot sunny climate, in the deserts of Asia and Africa;

c) due to the design and technological underdevelopment of converters of solar energy into electrical.

Task 25. What factor, according to the majority of scientists, is currently decisive in the strengthening of anthropogenic changes in the environment?

a) technological human activity;

6) an increase in the population of the planet, approaching 7 billion people;

c) reversible and irreversible changes in nature itself.

Task 26. What technology allows you to produce materials that are hundreds of times stronger than steel?

a) plasma spraying and surfacing;

6) laser alloying;

c) obtaining nanotubes.

Task 27. What amount of chromium is contained in structural machine-building steel grade I2XNZA?

Task 28. Outstanding American “car maker Henry Ford is known in history for the introduction of conveyor (continuous) lines. What technological principles ensured the appearance of the conveyor?

a) rationalization, standardization;

b) interchangeability of assembly units; flexible production systems

c) automation of production, the use of multifunctional equipment.

Task 29. The cast billet (electrode) with another electrode is placed in a container with water. When voltage is applied between the electrodes, an electric discharge jumps, causing a strong water hammer on the workpiece for which this is done?

a) to strengthen the surface layer of the metal;

b) to clean the workpiece from burnt-on and the remains of the foundry earth;

school olympiad on technology

2010-2011 academic year

Choose from the given answer options one correct.

The subject “technology” studies:

a) car production technology;

b) technologies for creating medical instruments;

c) technologies for creating aircraft and spacecraft;

d) technology of transformation of materials, energy, information.

Technological machines include:

c) lathe;

d) spaceship.

Energy machines include:

a) lathe;

b) sewing machine:

c) drilling machine;

The method of metal cutting by cutting is:

The part should be 30 mm thick and the workpiece 34 mm thick. It must be processed equally on both sides. The allowance for machining one side of the part is:

The main cutting tool used when processing blanks on lathes is called:

Smooth and smooth surfaces of wood parts are obtained using:

a) bow saw;

The way to create a mosaic on a tree is:

c) performing inlay;

The thermal effect of an electric current is used in:

Electric voltage is safe:

Control and protection devices for electrical circuits include:

c) lighting devices;

d) heating devices;

e) switches and fuses.

Transformers allow you to convert:

a) alternating current to direct current;

b) direct current to alternating current;

c) alternating current of one voltage of a certain frequency into alternating current of another

voltage of the same frequency;

d) frequency of current fluctuation at the output of the transformer.

In radio broadcasting, the transmission is carried out:

c) the sound of the image;

d) periodic signals.

in order to show your attention to another person, it is customary:

a) take into account his opinion;

6) demand his respect for himself;

c) mark his mistakes;

d) highlight its shortcomings.

Rational use of available opportunities to meet the needs of the family:

a) perhaps without taking into account all the expenses of the family;

b) represents the main task of the home economy;

c) achieving exclusively through the reduction of family expenses;

d) reaching exclusively due to an increase in the income part of the family budget.

satisfaction of basic needs is equal to 1,500 rubles per month. The subsistence minimum for a family living here, consisting of two parents and two children, is:

The consumer of electrical energy pays for:

a) the total power of the electrical appliances used:

6) mains voltage;

c) the number of electrical appliances;

d) the number of family members;

l) energy consumption for a certain time.

The purpose of entrepreneurial activity is:

a) selling people unnecessary items;

IP use of advertising;

meeting people’s needs.

Computers are used:

a) when teaching the multiplication table;

b) when teaching writing;

when mastering manual skills;

d) when studying information technology;

k) when teaching oral counting.

Allowed working time on the computer for students in grades 8-9:

a) not limited;

6) 30 min every day:

c) 25 minutes per week.

For professions such as “man. technique “include:

For professions such as “man. nature “include:

For professions like “man. nature, the main labor function is:

a) working with numbers;

6) processing of construction materials;

c) caring for animals and plants;

d) creation of works of art;

k) work with people.

Recycling of WASTE allows:

a) reduce the cost of the original product;

6) reduce pollution of the hydrosphere;

c) increase the RELEASE of the original product;

d) save resources.

The project ends:

a) the manufacture of the product;

b) the design of the description of the object;

c) assessment and self-assessment of the project;

d) presentation (defense) of the project.

Technology Olympiad tests for schoolchildren for 8th grade students

Check all correct answers.

The control and measuring tool includes:

Of the listed materials, alloys are;

To obtain a hole in a part on a machine, use:

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Check the correct answer.

Woodworking machines are:

a) power machines;

b) transport vehicles;

c) technological machines.

The size of the part in the drawing is 41_0.2. Parts with dimensions are suitable:

b. The thickness of the part should be 30 mm, and the workpiece has a thickness of 34 mm. It needs to be processed on both sides. The allowance for machining one side of the part is:

The workpiece diameter is 40 mm and the required diameter is 38 mm. What should be the depth of cut:

The method of metal forming by pressure is:

In the technique of sawing processing, you can do:

b) openwork hook;

Which machine is designed for processing cylindrical surfaces:

d) CNC milling.

The production of a wood part begins:

b) with the choice of the workpiece;

c) with the processing of the workpiece;

d) with stripping the workpiece.

Removing nails is possible with:

c) carpenter’s hammer;

The manufacture of a product begins with:

a) determining the size and shape of the workpiece;

b) selection of material;

c) studying sketches and drawings of the product;

d) drawing up a work plan.

When connecting parts with screws, the following are used:

The type of artistic woodworking is:

Non-ferrous alloys include:

A non-detachable connection can be implemented using:

What metals and alloys have the property of fluidity?

Which alloys are well processed on machine tools:

For cutting metals used:

For manual cutting of metals used:

d) hand saw.

For filing metals used:

d) hand saw.

Detachable connections of parts can be obtained using:

d) threaded connections.

What is the electromagnetic relay for??

a) to turn on and off the electr. devices at a considerable distance;

b) to attract steel objects;

c) to convert email. energy into mechanical.

The difference between the largest and smallest allowable dimensions of the part is called:

a) nominal size;

b) upper deviation;

c) landing; d) tolerance.

The conversion of sound vibrations into electrical ones is carried out using:

c) acoustic system;

To transmit information in television, the following are used:

c) electromagnetic waves;

d) gravitational field.

To show your attention to another person,

a) take into account his opinion;

b) demand his respect for himself;

c) mark his mistakes;

d) highlight its shortcomings.

The purpose of entrepreneurial activity is:

a) consumer deception;

b) the use of advertising;

c) meeting the needs of people.

The project ends:

a) justification of the optimal project idea;

b) the performance of the product;

c) execution of an explanatory note;

d) project protection.

School Olympiad Tests on Technology

for 7th grade students

The subject “Technology” studies:

a) technology for the production of cars;

b) technologies for creating medical instruments;

c) aircraft technology;

d) technologies for converting materials, energy, information.

Technological machines include:

c) lathe;

d) spaceship.

H. Energy machines include:

a) lathe;

b) sewing machine;

c) drilling machine;

What are the T-slots on the milling machine for:

b) for fastening parts;

c) to save metal.

With the help of which gear in the drilling machine the drill rotates:

Tap and die are tools for:

a) marking the hole;

b) thread control;

c) threading.

Information about the manufacturing process of products is given on:

a) product drawing;

b) technical drawing;

c) assembly drawing;

d) technological map.

The main cutting tool when working on a lathe:

Smooth and smooth surfaces of wood parts are obtained using:

a) bow saw; b) hacksaws;

c) a plane; d) scherhebel;

The way to create a mosaic on wood is:

c) performing inlay;

How many layers of wood does the sliced ​​veneer have:

The properties of wood to withstand certain loads without collapsing:

To set up a planer from a metal block, use:

14.What is the purpose of using overhead corners on a vice:

a) to bend the workpiece well;

b) to firmly fix the workpiece;

c) so as not to wrinkle the workpiece.

What graphic document is used to make machine parts:

c) from photographs.

Decipher the brand of the TDS-120 machine.

Which parts belong to the milling machine:

a) headstock;

18.What is the countersink for:

a) to obtain chamfers;

b) for drilling a hole;

c) for machining holes obtained by casting.

For the manufacture of hammers, chisels, files used:

a) structural steel;

b) tool carbon steel;

c) alloy steel;

The frequency of rotation of the workpiece on a lathe allows you to change:

c) a box of feeds;

d) gearbox.

The threads in the holes are cut:

To combat corrosion, you can:

a) rinse the product;

b) wipe the product;

c) cover the product with varnish or paint;

d) dry the product.

To get a hole in a metal plate, you need to use:

Steel is an alloy:

a) iron with nitrogen;

b) iron with silicon;

c) iron with carbon;

The thermal effect of an electric current is used in;

The electromagnetic action of an electric current is used in;

a) incandescent lamps;

b) heating devices;

c) fuses;

Electrical voltage is safe;

In broadcasting, transmission is carried out;

c) sound and image;

d) periodic signals.

Waste processing allows:

a) reduce the cost of the original product;

b) reduce pollution of the hydrosphere;

c) to increase the output of the initial product;

d) save resources;

The project ends:

a) the manufacture of the product;

b) the design of the project description;

c) assessment and self-assessment of the project;

d) project protection.

School Olympiad Tests on Technology

for students in grade 6

Circle the letter corresponding to the correct

There is no stage in the implementation of a creative project:

What is the widest part of the board called?

H. How are wall objects attached to wooden walls?

A. Screws, dowels;

B. Nails, dowels;

B. Screws, nails.

What is the “headstock” of a wood lathe for??

A. To install the measuring tool;

B. To fix the workpiece and transmit rotational motion to it;

B. To install the cutting tool.

What is called an electromagnet?

A. Copper core coil.

B. Coil with steel core inside.

B. Coil with aluminum core.

How can you replace a plastic dowel?

What properties should steel have to make a spring??

What is meant by plumbing operation “filing”?

A. Working with a hacksaw.

B. Chopping with a chisel.

B. File processing.

Where is the thickness gauge used?

B. When chiselling.

How should the spike fit into the eyelet?

What alloy is called steel?

A. Iron-carbon alloy containing 10% carbon.

B. Iron-carbon alloy containing 2% carbon.

B. Alloy of iron and carbon containing more than 2% carbon.

How can the magnetic poles of a coil be reversed??

A. Remove the core from the coil.

B. Replace core.

B. Change the direction of the current in the coil.

When to use a miter box?

B. When chiselling,

What is the name of the working shaft of the “headstock” of a lathe for wood?

How to cut thin sheet metal with a hacksaw?

A. Between wooden planks.

B. Between the steel leaves.

B. Doesn’t matter.

How do household appliances repair?

A. On the switched off appliance.

B. On the switched off electrical appliance, but not disconnected from the network.

B. The device is turned off and disconnected from the mains.

What tool is used for the locksmith operation – “felling”?

A. Hammer and chisel.

B. Hammer and chisel.

V. Hammer and punch.

Define the kinematic diagram of the lathe.

A. The kinematic diagram is a conditional schematic representation of the moving parts of the machine..

B. The kinematic diagram is a conditional schematic representation of the stationary parts of the machine..

B. Kinematic diagram – one hundred view of the electrical diagram.

How files are subdivided by cut?

A. Drachevy, personal, velvet.

B. Triangular, diamond-shaped.

B. Round, square.

What tool is easier to separate the F 6i wire into parts?

A. Nippers, pliers.

B. Hacksaw for metal.

What parts does the chain drive consist of??

A. From 2 pulleys and a belt.

B. Of 2 cogwheels.

B. From 2-x sprocket wheels and an articulated chain.

What is the gap between the handguard and the part on a wood lathe?

Chipboard consists of:

A. Sawdust, shavings, glue.

B. Reiki, shavings, glue.

B. Grooved boards.

What is the accuracy of measuring the caliper ШЦ-I ?

The fuses are triggered under the following conditions:

A. In the absence of current in the network.

B. In case of short circuit, overload

B. Under normal operation.

What tool is needed to drill holes in concrete?

A. Drills of different diameters.

B. Electric drill and carbide drills.

How can you strengthen the corner tenon connection?

A. Spike size.

B. Nagel on glue.

B. Increase the amount of adhesive applied.

What tool is more convenient to cut thin sheet metal?

A. Scissors for metal.

B. Locksaw hacksaw.

What electrical safety rules must be followed when working with an electric drill?

A. Stand on a rubber mat and wear rubber gloves.

B. Work in mittens.

B. Work without gloves.

What mechanical properties does wood have??

Why should a child be able to use scissors

For an adult, the ability to use scissors is simply necessary, starting from banal everyday situations (from the category of “cutting a thread” or “cutting a piece of paper”) and ending with assistance in preparing paper crafts for school for a child.

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And the sooner this skill is mastered, the better..


In addition, many children are very fond of making paper crafts on their own, girls adore needlework. Also, you may often just need to cut a piece of paper, for example, for testing at school..

For example, children cut out various figures from paper, sew, embroider, for this you need to be able to use scissors to cut off a thread or a piece of fabric, and so on..

To understand how to teach a child to cut with scissors, it is unlikely that you will be able to remember your experience, since it is recommended to start comprehending this skill very early..

Cutting snowflakes with scissors

The question of how to teach a child to cut with scissors must be approached responsibly and creatively. A two-year-old child is not interested in the fact that “it is necessary”, interest is important to him.

You can practice cutting a snowflake. This is a very exciting activity and a topical craft for the New Year..

To help your child understand how to cut a snowflake, show him a trick familiar from childhood: Fold a sheet of paper and cut out some patterns. Then expand. the snowflake is ready.

So the child will understand how to cut a snowflake, and soon, perhaps, he will not even need templates..

which, scissors, easier, iron

You can also make bulky paper snowflakes. It can be interesting for older children, from 4-5 years old. The child will surely be fascinated to take part in the manufacture of an incredible product. You just need to make even cuts on the paper. The main job is to properly fold and glue the paper strips..

Safety engineering

  • Even if you gave your child baby scissors, immediately teach him how he should behave with real ones. Explain why you can’t swing them, how not to cut yourself.
  • Scissors should not be gnawed or poked in the face of oneself or another. Ideally they should be kept away from your face..
  • Scissors. This is not a toy. They should only be used for their intended purpose..
  • For older children, if it is necessary to cut the fabric, paper scissors may be unsuitable or just uncomfortable. You may need to use a different model.
  • If the scissors break, it is better to replace them, as a faulty tool can cause harm to someone..

Paper butterfly

Paper fakes can be made not only for the holidays. The beginning of spring. is not a reason to revive the room?

Beautiful paper butterflies can be a wonderful decor. In addition, you can practice cutting on them..

You can draw templates for cutting paper butterflies yourself. If you have a ready-made template, then you need to transfer the drawing to paper in any convenient way: through a copy film or immediately print the outline on colored paper. In any case, a butterfly stencil for cutting out of paper should be convenient for a child: a lot of adjacent thin lines and an abundance of too openwork patterns can confuse him, upset him in case of failure.

It is best for a kid to learn how to cut out only the outline of a butterfly, which can later be painted with colored felt-tip pens or paints, and to switch to openwork products at an older age.

The product, combined of butterflies of different sizes, looks beautiful: the smallest butterfly is glued to the larger butterfly. So it will look voluminous..

When to give scissors to a child

Since the scissors. not the safest item, you cannot rush to hand it over to your child. However, there is no need to delay. experienced teachers recommend starting to teach a child to use scissors at the age of two. It develops fine motor skills, trains mindfulness and teaches caution..

Of course, the first scissors should be as comfortable as possible and adapted for the child..

How to teach a child to cut with scissors? Cutting templates. Baby scissors

Ability to use scissors. a very necessary skill for both a child and an adult.

Children need scissors for making various crafts in labor lessons or just for fun, adults need this tool in everyday life and in many types of hobbies.

How to teach a child to cut with scissors: rules

Don’t force your child to learn to use a new tool if they are not in the mood. It is recommended to observe the following rules:

  • Start training during the cold season. In the summer, the kid wants to do something completely different: the beautiful weather, many playgrounds, communication and games with other children will surely take their free time. In the fall, you will often have to stay at home because of the rains and the coming cold, and at two years old, few people send their children to kindergarten. A lot of time will be freed up, you can try to interest the child in a new type of activity.
  • First, show your child how to cut squares and stripes out of paper. You can outline the cut line mowing line. It is better to move on to cutting something round or oval in shape by about three years of age, when the child has already mastered straight mowing lines..
  • Do not throw away the scraps of paper, they can be used for further crafts..
  • Turn learning into a game. The child must enjoy learning how to use scissors, otherwise he will quickly lose interest. Alternatively, you can try to make appliqués or garlands of paper..
  • When the child is already confident enough using scissors, show him that you can cut out figures of very interesting shapes..
  • With older children (6-8 years old), train not only on paper, but also on fabric. Most likely, it will still be needed in labor lessons at school, and even earlier in some kindergartens. The child needs to learn to feel both the scissors and the material itself..
  • Alternate between different activities, otherwise the child will quickly get tired. For example, after a butterfly or bird is cut out of paper, take pencils, felt-tip pens or paints and color it..
  • Do not give up this activity and return to it periodically. Leave your child’s crafts made with scissors in a visible place. So the kid will remember that he made this product with their help, perhaps he himself will express a desire to repeat the creative process.

Thus, we teach children to cut with scissors. Templates for children at first help a lot, because the child gets used to holding the scissors correctly and using them carefully, observing safety precautions.

13 Ways to Cut Metal

Download 13 Scissor Templates | pdf

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  • Hey! You have visited an unusual blog that a whole family is working on: dad Kostya, mom Sasha, daughters. the weather Ksyusha and Sima. You can read more about us here.

    Montessori activity: learning to work with scissors

    My daughters love working with scissors. Sometimes, I go into a room, and there everything is in scraps of paper and happy girls! To deepen this activity, I decided to create special worksheets with marked lines, along which girls will try to cut strips of paper. This is already the second material on the practice of working with scissors on our blog, the first was more colorful, but simpler 🙂 Cutting the curves of the mowing line is not at all easy, but having mastered this skill, the child can easily cut out complex shapes and forms.

    How to prepare a lesson?

    • Print the worksheets on colored paper, cut them along the dotted lines, fold stacks of strips of the same size.
    • Prepare a tray, scissors and a scraps bowl.
    • Place several identical strips (or strips of the same size, but with different lines) on a tray on the left side, a scrap bowl on the right, and scissors in the middle..
    • Invite your baby, show him how to cut a strip along the marked lines, and invite him to try it on his own. Usually children are very fond of working with scissors, because they often associate this activity with adulthood 🙂

    I hope that your children will enjoy this activity and help them develop fine motor skills of hands, coordination of movements, attention and dedication..

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    If you liked our Montessori material, share it with your friends on social networks, because working with scissors is a difficult and useful skill that every child aged 3-6 years can easily master..

    To regularly receive useful materials for activities and games with children, subscribe to the news of the blog “Grow Smart!”

    We wish you fun activities with your baby!

    How to hold the scissors correctly

    • The child’s hand should be positioned so that the thumb is up.
    • Index and middle finger below – inside the second scissor ring. Choose scissors that fit two fingers in the ring. This will make it easier for the child to cut.
    • It is advisable that the little finger and ring finger are tucked in.

    When the child learns to open, close the scissors and make the first cuts, you can start playing the scissor games.

    Learn to cut with scissors. Game “Feed the Beast”

    You will need several animal figures for this game. Very, very hungry. And food for them. A large piece of food. A cocktail straw will serve as food..

    We give the child scissors and a straw. Let it be a sausage, or a piece of meat or grass. The task of the kid is to cut the straw into pieces to feed all the animals.

    Learning to cut with scissors: patterns and games

    Good afternoon, dear readers!

    Our youngest daughter Sofiyka is learning to cut with scissors. She is now 2 years and 2 months old. Earlier I already told how to teach a child to cut with scissors using the example of our experience with Anyuta. Today I will show games that will interest the child in cutting with scissors and strengthen the hand..

    Before teaching your child to cut with scissors, read my first article from the link above and make sure your toddler is holding the scissors correctly..

    Cut with scissors: release the beast pattern

    Before playing, you need to download the template, print it on A4 sheet and cut it into 8 blocks.

    We show the child a card and tell that the animal is locked in a mink / house. The kid’s task is to help the animal get out (cut a path along the dotted mowing line). The template is aimed at toddlers taking their first steps in cutting with scissors. Therefore, the blocks are small so that the child only needs to make 1-2 cuts.

    Bonus: The animal pattern can be used to play memorials. To do this, cut out the circles, we get 8 round cards. Turn over and play. For strength, it is better to stick them on cardboard and strengthen with tape.

    There are two options for templates in the archive – color and black and white.

    Cut with scissors: barber template

    Now let’s play hairdresser? All kids love to do their hair! To create a game, you will need a face template, colored paper, scissors and glue.

    I prepared 2 templates, Anyuta multiplied them and painted on each face with different emotions. Made hairstyles and a beard out of colored paper.

    Here’s what she did:

    Below is the result of the work of a young hairdresser. First she cut her hair, then she began to cut her ears. The first time I helped – supported the heads and guided them. But when it came to ears, neck and other things – Sofiyka cut already on her own.

    A book that will help teach a child to cut with scissors

    In addition to the games we made ourselves, Sonya and I use Kumon’s workbook. Let’s cut.

    It is of a small format (A5) with thick sheets and bright pictures. Assignments are structured from easy to difficult.

    First, the child learns to make small incisions, literally one or two. Then the cut becomes longer, the mowing line begins to bend, zigzags are obtained, wavy mowing lines, and finally, the child begins to cut shapes along the contour.

    At the first stages, having made the necessary cuts, the child receives an animation picture: the bear moves its paws, the clown shakes its legs, the hare opens its mouth, and there he has a carrot.

    The spreads of the book can be viewed in the Labyrinth at the link above..

    The book is good, but to consolidate the skills in the very early stages, you need to cut out more often. Our games will help you with this! They will motivate the child, create interest and help to love cutting..

    I would be glad if our games and cutting templates are useful to you.!

    angle grinder and band saw

    The locksmith, the person who cuts metal, uses the angle grinder only for small and medium-sized parts. It is much easier with the machine to perform small tasks – to make a shallow cut, remove excess, etc. It is much more convenient to cut a metal sheet using a band saw. In this case, the workpiece is placed on the bed, and then moves exactly along the runners to prevent an incorrect cut or deformation. This results in a perfect edge that does not require further sanding..

    We cut

    We use an ordinary hacksaw, while it is required to fix the product well in a vice, otherwise it will slide following the movements. Sometimes this method is not used for full sawing, but as a preliminary step before bending. In this case, a file may be suitable.

    We break up

    You can direct a chisel with a sharp end to the desired area, and beat on the top with a hammer. This is a primitive but simple option. To prevent the blade from going to the side, you can first use a nail, but it is better to fill a dent with a core.

    How to cut metal: how best to cut thick iron at home, methods and types of equipment

    Locksmiths in large industries usually use special presses with tool steel blades for the most accurate cutting of metal sheets. But this technology is not used at home, they are too bulky and energy-consuming. In the article we will tell you how and how best to cut thick metal.

    Pipe cutters – what to cut metal

    Structurally similar to a hand saw, but much more practical. The cutting part looks like a small disc located inside a vise – the pipe itself is chained in them. The movements are fast and the result is of high quality. The maximum diameter is 4 inches, the minimum is? Usually the structure consists of three rollers, two of which are movable, and the third is static..

    Saws – a device than sawing metal

    There are many of them, the choice depends on the purpose of use, the desired result. Below we will talk in more detail about some of the most common types, but for now we present a complete list:

    • Manual cut-off. This is a frame that has 3 sides from a quadrangle. A tape with teeth is inserted into the quadruple. They quickly become dull and require replacement, but the cheapest. Have one handle.
    • Disk. It has an electric drive, a comfortable shape (can be held with one hand) and replaceable discs.
    • Tape. The cutting blade moves in a large circle with the workpiece resting on the bed. The operator must move the steel sheet. Suitable for cutting straight elements.
    • End or miter. She is comfortable working with small records. You need to put and fix the part into the mechanism, a circular saw is lowered from above along a given radius.
    • Pendulum. A variation of the previous one, but on a large scale.
    • Circular. Very easy to use, has more power than the first 2, but more maneuverable than the rest, as it is manually controlled.


    They are used universally for cutting small wire or rods. But there is also an analogue for more durable incomplete cylindrical products – a bolt cutter. It is designed for breaking through fittings and bolts, it is equipped with double springs, so the lever doubles the applied force.

    Mechanical metalworking

    A blade with a high degree of sharpening made of the hardest steel is used. Usually, it undergoes preliminary heat treatment – hardening. After that, its chemical structure, graininess changes, and intermolecular bonds become stronger. A press or other indirect force using force is also required. Examples include:

    • band saw machine (it can be made at home);
    • guillotine – works on the principle of lowering the cutting part with acceleration;
    • Circular Saw.

    Below we will take a closer look at some of the tools..