Which Tiller Is Better Than Neva Or Fireworks

Choosing the Best Tiller Which Tiller Should You Choose? At the same time, great importance is attached to the country of origin. It is also necessary to define the tasks facing the tiller.


Four classes of tilers are recognized. They depend on engine power and weight. There are ultra-light and light, medium (motor cultivators) and heavy (tillery).

Ultralight. They are distinguished by a small mass (9-12 kg), a weak engine (0.9-1.2 horsepower), the presence of one gear, the cutter captures up to 25 cm. It is difficult to say which cultivator is better, because there are no fundamental differences between cultivators from different manufacturers, the shape of the knives and the rotational speed of the cutter are the same for everyone, so they perform the same actions: they loosen the top layer of the soil and comb out the weeds on the beds and in flower beds from the soil to the surface.

Lungs. Their weight is 20-30 kg, the power is 2.5-3.5 horsepower, the cutter captures up to 40 cm. Their design is simple, but there are some differences: the drive belt is stretched in some on a fixed engine, in others on a movable engine. The belt tension can be determined by pressing the clutch lever. Where there is no idler roller, the engine will crawl on the stand. The power of such a tiller is weaker, and it vibrates strongly, which is not very pleasant.

Gearbox designs are different. The most unsuccessful option is a non-separable gearbox, in which the body consists of 2 welded halves. It cannot be repaired. Collapsible gearboxes, although they are more expensive, allow, thanks to the replacement of dustproof elements, to extend the life of both the gearbox separately and the entire cultivator by 3-4 times. 2 halves of such a reducer are connected along the perimeter either by bolts or by a removable bracket.

Distinguish between chain and worm gear in the gearbox. When using a worm gear, it is advisable to choose the cultivator where the collapsible gear housing is made by precision casting, not stamping. A front handle is provided for carrying cultivators, it also replaces the reverse gear (just lift the cultivator by the handle and turn it). The lack of a handle guarantees a burn from a hot engine.

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With the help of light motorized cultivators, you can dig up the soil. It is also possible, thanks to the trailed hiller, to cut furrows and huddle the plants. These are all functions of light motor cultivators. Pay attention to the cutter speed. For digging a garden, the optimal speed is 100-130 per minute. Perform shallow loosening and destroy weeds at high speeds. It is necessary to choose a cultivator for performing the necessary operations.

Heavy Tillery

Their weight reaches 100 kg. The models Neva 2K and Salyut are widely known. They are made with engines of Russian and American manufacturers. These machines have 4 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, work with a cultivator, a plow, and can pull a load of up to 500 kg.

Using this technique, you can plow and cultivate, plant and dig out potatoes, carry out inter-row loosening. The pump, generator, broom, snowplow and mower, woodworking attachment are driven by power take-off pulleys. It is very convenient for life in the village, because connection with a trailer is possible.

Such versatility puts it in a row of professional tillers, the device of which is significantly different from amateur units. Engine power from 6.0 HP and more. The entire oil lubrication system is made of high quality materials, which increases the engine’s service life.

The power of the engine is transmitted to the working shaft by means of a gear transmission, which changes its rotation speed. Therefore, the tiller in 1st gear is very powerful and easily pulls the plow. In 2nd gear, he deepens the cutter by 20-30 cm and digs up the soil. In 3rd gear, it loosens the topsoil and comb out weeds. In addition, there are 2 PTO shafts on the gearbox. The upper shaft is used for connection with a sprayer, pump, circular, etc. The lower one is aggregated with a trailer.

The cutter gearbox is wide and spherical because it contains a gear train. The cutter is mounted on a 6-sided shaft, which allows it to work for a very long time. The tiller half shaft turns one wheel relative to the other. This helps a lot when turning.

On non-professional tillers, during operation, the clutch lever must be constantly pressed, the hand is constantly tense and very tired. Here, the work of the engine begins with the fact that the lever is released. The upper red lever is used for stopping, which is pressed against the handle during operation. Very convenient: to stop, you just need to remove your palm from the grip, the lever will lift and stop the engine.

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Of course, a multifunctional tiller is more expensive than a usual one, but the cost of an hour of work is lower. Given its capabilities and self-sufficiency, the funds spent will quickly return.

Choosing the best tiller

Many people are trying to save money on a motor cultivator, however, it is worth remembering that this device is bought for more than one year. Therefore, you should be very careful about his choice. It is best to buy a cultivator in the middle price category of tillers in Russia, this will help the reliable rating compiled in the article.

which tiller is better than neva or fireworks

Cutter width

When choosing a tiller, the cutter width should also be taken into account so that it is not wider than the aisle.

How to choose a tiller and determine which is better

To find out how to choose a tiller and understand which model will be better, you need to pay attention to the technical specifications.

Choosing a diesel tiller correctly

In order not to make a mistake with the purchase, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Device power. It is advisable to calculate the approximate power of the desired device based on the area of ​​cultivated land;
  • Availability of differentials. It will improve the maneuverability of the tiller and speed up the process of earthwork.
  • Weight. By choosing the option with a large weight, a person can be sure that the tiller will be able to process a large area of ​​land with minimal fuel costs and can cope even with heavy soil. Lighter units are suitable for working in small areas;
  • The presence of an electric starter. It allows you to quickly start the tiller and create the best operating conditions;
  • The ability to install a variety of attachments. Will improve performance.
  • Availability of options such as plowing, weeding, hilling. In this case, the choice depends on the main tasks for which the mechanism is purchased.

Disadvantages of diesel tillers:

  • High price. But it pays off quite quickly, because the price of fuel is relatively low;
  • The need to periodically force the device to operate at maximum power. Many do not regard this feature as a negative, but still the fact that idling can lead to malfunctions is rather annoying.
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You should get acquainted with several diesel models that are considered the most popular in domestic spaces:

  • Neva MB-23SD;
  • Patriot Garden T7.0;
  • Scout 15 DE;
  • Crosser CR-M10;
  • Champion DC1193E.

Often, the frame in such units is covered with special corrosive substances, and the gearbox is made of a cast iron alloy, which protects against negative effects due to a sharp change in load.

The advantages of gasoline tillers

  • Low cost of the tiller itself. The modern variety of devices on the market will allow you to choose the most suitable option, both from a functional and financial point of view;
  • Inexpensive service. Experts are always ready to do all the necessary work, and it is also not difficult to carry out some of them at home;
  • Low noise. The device sounds several tens of decibels lower than a diesel tiller;
  • Ease of starting a gasoline engine. This can be done in any weather conditions, without the need to warm up the fuel;
  • Slight steering vibration. If a person does not have special experience in managing tillers, the petrol option is the perfect place for him to get acquainted with these multifunctional devices.

As you can see, the considered type of tiller also has a lot of rather curious and practically proven advantages.


The throttle control is made to put it mildly strange.

Salute 100-6.5

  • Tiller
  • Petrol four-stroke engine 196 cc cm
  • Power: 4.80 kW / 6.53 HP at 3600 rpm
  • Processing width: 35-89 cm
  • Attachment support

A comment

I bought it to cultivate the land. I was very pleased with everything. He digs virgin soil perfectly on one mill on each side, and then I put three on each side, grinds it to the fluff. Used a lot with a trailer for trips to the forest for mushrooms and strawberries. Children are a lot of joy, and the one who runs the gym is no longer needed. DIFFERENTIAL NO.