Cutting tiles at 90 degrees

Cutting tiles at a corner, at 45 degrees.

Decorating a tiled corner without using a plastic corner has been gaining popularity lately. There are several probable reasons for this phenomenon: Because it is new, and is still rare. “Like not everyone else” is often the main argument. The absence of unnecessary elements in the design has always been and will be the best solution. This is the law of harmony.

There is no need to match the color of the corner to match the color of the tile.

Sawing tiles at 45 degrees at a corner.

How can you make a tile burr at 45 degrees?

Everywhere this action has different names. sidetracking, gouging, trimming, washed down a 45 ° angle or a Kremlin angle. The meaning is the same everywhere. the end of the tile is grinded and a right angle is formed from two tiles.

In order to do this beautifully and efficiently, you will need an electric tile cutter with the ability to tilt the cutting part at an angle of 45 °. Or, as a last resort, an angle grinder with a diamond disc.

angle grinder (angle grinder)

If you do not have an electric tile cutter, you can use an angle grinder (angle grinder) or simply an angle grinder with a diamond disc for ceramics / porcelain stoneware / stone.

cutting, tiles, degrees

It is much more difficult to achieve a high-quality result with such a tool, although very many masters work in this way.

You have to somehow fix the tile or hold it in your hands and gradually cut the corner of the angle grinder, which is not always possible to do exactly. the human factor here has a much greater influence than when using the machine.

To align the cut, you can use the grinding attachments. emery wheels with Velcro or “turtle”.

When working with these attachments, be sure to use an adjustable speed angle grinder. The angle grinder must be powerful enough to work at the lowest RPM. At high speeds, the ceramics will not be sanded, but simply burn (melt). this will not improve the appearance in any way.

How to properly file the corner of a tile at 45 degrees?

The most important condition for obtaining a beautiful corner from the tile is not to reach the glaze a little when grinding, 0.5-1mm.

Only the clay should be cut, not the outer glaze.

Otherwise, when cutting off the glaze, the edge of the tile will never be smooth, but will be “torn” and jagged.

If you need to cut tiles at 45 degrees, not from the factory edge, but somewhere in the middle, then this can also be done quite beautifully.

The main secret is that you cannot immediately cut the tiles at an angle. First, the tile is cut directly to the desired size, and after that it is cut at 45 degrees.

It is highly desirable to walk along the cut edge with sandpaper or the same “turtle”, then the result will be much better.

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This is what we did when shaping the corner from corrugated tiles.

Cutting tiles angle grinder

Sometimes there are cases when you need to cut a narrow strip of tiles 0.5–2 cm, and an ordinary tile cutter does not take it, because his legs are too wide.

In such cases, you need to draw a line of the notch with a pencil and make a washed down angle grinder with a diamond disc. But if you try to cut it off in one go, the narrow strip will break off in parts. Therefore, you need to smoothly and without pressure walk the angle grinder along the markings to get an incision with a depth of about 2 mm. You need to walk along the mowing line with a disc, and not directly along it, then the width of the already narrow strip will not decrease.

Using the same method, you will cut off a narrow strip by running the same seam several times. The second and next time you can drive the angle grinder faster, but try to press it to the opposite side, then there will be no chips.

It is better to do this work on weight, so the vibration will go into the hands. When you already see that the strip will soon fall, it is advisable to put something soft so that it does not break.

Tile cutting angle grinder with a special diamond-coated disc on tiles

Be sure to wear glasses when working with an angle grinder.

Techniques for cutting pipes at an angle of circular cross-section

Round pipes of different diameters are cut at an angle when the direction of the pipeline is changed, while it should be borne in mind that a straight cut at the desired angle, unlike a rectangular section, will not lead to a tight joint of the edges. Therefore, special patterns are used, in which the marked edge has a curved shape, which makes it possible to obtain a high density of the connection.

How to choose the right disc by tile

For cutting, metal discs are used with diamond plating along its edges. But they are different: for concrete, brick, stone. Tiled discs do not have any holes, the soldering on them is uniform and smooth. Discs for concrete have slots on the solder, and will chip when vibrated. If you cut ceramic tiles with them, then these chips can fly into the face.

Electric tile cutter

For these purposes, we use the well-proven Chinese water-cooled tile cutters Feida TC 200 or Feida TC 250.

How to make a simple Jig to cut 45 degree tile edges. Резка плитки под 45

Its platform rotates at an angle of up to 45 ° (even a little more) and allows you to cut the end of the tile beautifully and evenly.

Electric tile cutter

An electric tile cutter is an expensive but essential tool for cutting large quantities of tiles. Performs straight saws and burrs at the selected angle. You can set a value from 0 to 45. In practice, tiles are most often trimmed at 45 degrees. Quality models are equipped with a cooling system. Thanks to this tiles and tools, there is no danger of overheating and dustiness of the workplace is reduced. Water supply does not affect the quality of the cut.

On a machine with a cooling system, you can work at high speeds.

Consider buying an electric tool if you are trimming a hard and expensive material. porcelain stoneware. The following models are most popular:

  • ZUBR EP-200-1000S (Russia). stationary floor tile cutter. The machine is expensive (21-22 thousand rubles), designed for professionals and allows you to saw off tiles of any thickness.
  • ZUBR EP-180-600N (Russia). compact desktop model. It is used for straight cutting and bevelling of tiles at an angle of 0 to 45 degrees. It has a low noise level and no dust: water flows to the cutting site. Affordable price (4000 rubles) can be attractive for novice craftsmen.
  • Models Feida TC 200 and Feida TC 250 (China). help to accurately cut high quality chamfers at an angle from 0 to 45 degrees.
  • Tile cutting machine Einhell TH-TC 618 (China). allows you to saw and make a burr of various ceramics, provided that the cutting depth does not exceed 22 mm.
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If you touch the glaze on the tile during the cut, it will turn out to be jagged. In this case, you will have to carefully grind the cracks with sandpaper.

If you cut the tiles a little less than 45 degrees, it will be easier to form a right angle.

Angle Grinder

To work in one apartment, it is not rational to purchase an electric tile cutter. You can qualitatively cut ceramic tiles at 45 degrees using an angle grinder (angle grinder). It is easier and faster to get the job done with a diamond blade. The edge is likely to be uneven. Such defects are polished with turtles. If the volume of work is one apartment, you can use a cheaper option instead: replaceable emery wheels with Velcro.

Important! Choose a high-performance angle grinder with speed controller (set to minimum during operation).

Models that are acceptable in terms of price and technical characteristics are:

  • Caliber LNA 125 / 900E 00000000955, 0-11000 rpm. 900 W;
  • VORTEX angle grinder-125 / 1200E, 1200 W, up to 12000 rpm.

Quality diamond discs:

  • BIZON 0512003, thickness 1.8 mm;
  • Union 9020-04-150x22K, h = 2 mm;
  • Expert (180×25.4 / 22.2 mm) PRACTICE 034-793 (for porcelain stoneware);
  • Professional KEOS DBP01.200 for porcelain stoneware (180×25.4 / 22.2).

The quality of work depends on the type of attachment on the angle grinder for the final stage of cutting at 45 degrees. A good result is provided by a diamond wheel (flexible, grinding) AGSHK 100 No. 30 “Turtle”.

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is more difficult to accomplish this task than on a machine, but it is possible. During work, a lot of dust is generated, so you should use personal protective equipment: a respirator, goggles and gloves.

Performing a burr step-by-step with an angle grinder for beginners:

  • A diamond wheel is installed on the angle grinder.
  • The tiles are placed face down on the table. The edge where the burr will be made hangs down a little.
  • The filing is in progress. At the same time, the angle grinder moves from top to bottom, visually check the machine, it should be at an angle of 45 degrees in relation to the tile. We retreat 0.5-1 mm from the glazed edge of the tile.
  • The place is washed down with a nozzle with sandpaper or diamond “turtles”.
  • If there are small errors, it is better to use a wooden block with sandpaper and eliminate them pointwise.

With enough experience, you can reduce the number of steps.

  • The tile is placed so that the cut edge is oriented vertically.
  • Angle grinder is buried. from the seamy side of the tile at 45 degrees.
  • When the corner is well marked, the cut edge is machined with the angle grinder again.
  • Irregularities are polished with diamond turtles. With a small amount of work and time availability, a good result is achieved by using emery wheels.
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First, sandpaper No. 40 and No. 60 is taken. For finer work. No. 80.

Electric tile cutter

The gash consists of the following operations:

  • The processed tile is placed on the work table.
  • The cut-off wheel is set at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Tiles are cut with a saw head with a diamond cutting blade, similar to the operation of a circular saw.
  • Only the clay layer is cut, the glazed surface must remain intact.
  • The cut point is ground with an angle grinder with diamond turtles or emery wheels.

Tile burr at 45 degrees: cutting tools and rules

Ceramic tiles are the most popular and practical finish for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. When working with tiles, it is necessary to clad inner and outer corners, niches, pipe boxes. In this case, it is required to cut the ceramic tile at an angle of 45 degrees. As a result, the joint between the elements will look neat, the grout will tightly close the seam and protect it from moisture. The article discusses how to grind tiles at 45 degrees at home without the use of expensive tools.

How to trim tiles at a 45 degree angle

Features of mosaic cutting

Mosaic tiles are often used in modern interior design. It is used for facing columns, bathtubs, boxes, allows you to finish in the original style, to create whole pictures. For convenience, ready-made modules from 30×30 cm are produced, consisting of small elements. When trimming, the main task is to securely fix small fragments.

Biting on the machine is done as follows:

  • The mosaic module is placed between two sheets of plywood about 1 cm thick, face down. In this case, you should retreat 1-2 cm from the edge of the tile.
  • The whole structure is fastened with self-tapping screws in 3-4 places, depending on the size of the module.
  • The workpiece is placed on the working surface of the electric tile cutter. The cutting disc is set at a 45 degree angle and all fragments are cut evenly.
  • The final grinding is done by an angle grinder with a diamond disc.
  • If necessary, the surface is additionally processed with sandpaper.

Faster way:

  • Masking tape is glued to the front side of the mosaic module: 2 overlapping strips. Distance from the edge. 1-2 cm.This ensures sufficient fixation of small fragments.
  • Grinding is done on an electric tile cutter from the back of the tile. The module is placed on a solid base such as large format tiles.
  • To obtain a more uniform and smoother gash, use an angle grinder.
  • Final finishing is done with a piece of wood and sandpaper.

Mosaic burr angle grinder consists of the following steps:

  • The ceramic module fits between two plywood pieces of the same shape and size. The upper element is placed at a distance of 1-2 cm from the edge of the mosaic.
  • From above, the entire structure is closed by a board and clamps are securely attached to the table.
  • An angle grinder with a diamond disc is used for gouging in two steps: first, the entire module is cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Then the surface of each fragment is more carefully leveled.
  • To make the cutting site smooth, sandpaper is used.

the angle grinder should be operated at minimum speed.