How To Cut Drywall Correctly

How to make holes in drywall

Next, we will explain how to make a hole in drywall. Learning how to make holes in drywall is important as it often needs to be done to install new outlets, switches and other fixtures. In addition, you have to cut out round or rectangular holes in order to repair damaged areas of drywall.

Although it is quite easy to cut holes in drywall, in order to do it professionally, you need to use certain tools and have some skills. Therefore, we advise you to work with caution and follow our step-by-step guide exactly before starting work.

To make a hole in drywall, you need the following:


  • Drywall letter


  • Flight bus;
  • Pencil;
  • Roulette and stationery knife;
  • Drill;
  • Ring drill bit;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Plasterboard hacksaw.


  • Make accurate measurements to make rectangular holes;
  • Be careful not to damage pipes or electrical wires;
  • Wear a respirator mask to cut a hole in the drywall.

How to make round holes in drywall

# 1. First you need to determine how you can cut a hole in drywall. There are several ways to do this. To do this, you can, for example, use a crown, ballerina or a small hacksaw.

We advise you to use a bit that fits into the Electric Drill Chuck. It should be said that this is the fastest and most accurate method. It can be used to cut small to medium holes.

How To Cut Drywall Correctly

A set of crowns that can be used to cut holes in drywall.

Before you start making holes, you need to make the appropriate markings. To do this, you need to determine the center of the future hole for the tent.

Mark the center of the future hole.

# 2. Select the correct size bit and attach it to the drill chuck. Now place the core bit in the center of the slot to be cut and start drilling. For a quality hole, we recommend cutting at medium speed and gently pressing on the drill.

Let’s start drilling.

The hole is ready.

Cut a rectangular hole

# 1. Determine the place on the drywall sheet where you want to make a hole. If a socket is supposed to be installed in this hole, then in the required place you need to attach a socket box and outline its outline. To do this, use a tape measure to measure the distance from the left side of the plate to the left and right edges of the box. Also measure the distance from the bottom edge of the hob to the top and bottom extreme points of the electrical box. With these dimensions in mind, use a rail to mark the location of the box hole on the plasterboard.

Marking the letter and determining the place for the hole.

# 2. With a large diameter drill, make 4 holes on the sides of the rectangle. As you can see in the picture, the holes must be made inside the rectangle and as close as possible to the cutting lines.

Drill a hole in drywall for a jigsaw saw blade.

# 3. Insert the jigsaw pollen into each of the holes cut a rectangular opening. Do this with great care, make sure that the saw runs exactly on the lines drawn.

Cutting a rectangular hole in the drywall.

# 4. After you cut a hole in the drywall, you need to check its suitability. To do this, insert a box from a switch or an outlet into the hole made to see if everything is well done.

Finished rectangular hole.

How and what to cut drywall and make holes in it

From this material you will learn how to cut drywall, in addition, we will consider how to cut drywall and make rectangular and round holes in it. To do this, you will need several tools and knowledge of basic techniques on how to do it. Plus, we’ll show you how to use materials efficiently, so you have less waste and still get great results.

We know from our experience that although the cutting process is not very difficult, it takes patience to master it. An unsatisfactory result can be obtained due to inaccurate measurements, the use of the wrong materials and tools. To learn how to cut drywall in the best possible way, read this article for tips on how to avoid common mistakes.

Preparation and marking

In order to cut drywall, you need the following:


  • Drywall letter.


  • Stationery knife;
  • Flight bus;
  • Roulette.


  • Use only a knife with a sharp blade;
  • If it is supposed to fix drywall both on the ceiling and on the walls, then at the beginning it is necessary to sheathe the ceiling, and only then proceed to the walls;
  • If you need to cut drywall along a complex path, then first cut the length and then the width.

Remember that when working and fixing drywall, it is very important to use as many whole boards as possible. This way you will reduce material costs, work will be less, and the plating process will go faster. Therefore, you need to carefully measure and study the surface with which you are working, and then draw up a plan for using the plates so that you have to cut them as little as possible.

If you need to attach drywall to a large area, we recommend using 3.6m boards instead of 2.5m boards. So you save time and material.

# 1. To professionally cut drywall, use quality tools. If the sheets are large (120 cm wide), then it is better to cut them, leaning them against the wall at a slight angle. And small sheets (up to 60 cm wide) can be cut on the floor. If this is your first time less often drywall, then it is better to practice doing it on the floor. In the beginning, you need to decide on which side to cut the drywall. To do this, make sure the drywall letter is facing you. It is on this side that the incision will be carried out.

If you do not know the best way to cut drywall, then from our experience we can tell you that in most cases, it is best to use a good utility knife. But sometimes you have to use other tools. For example, a drywall hacksaw, it is convenient to use for cutting holes of various shapes.

The minimum set of tools you will need when cutting drywall.

# 2. First, you need to use a tape measure to determine the size of the cut plate. Do this very carefully, otherwise the stove may simply not fit. It turns out to be either too small or too large. Also, make sure the vertical edges are aligned with the center of the battens, otherwise the joints of the slabs will not be rigid enough. Measure with a tape measure and mark in the desired place with a pencil. In our example, we want to cut the slab in half, so we mark in the middle.

Drywall sheet marking.

# 3. To Get the Perfect Straight Cut, Use a Tire. If you want to achieve professional-level results and you have to cut drywall often and a lot, then we advise you to get a large flight tire and DO NOT use homemade or handicraft tools.

Move the bus along the drywall until it reaches the desired mark.

Using a racer to cut drywall

Cutting drywall letter

# 1. Gypsum board consists of two layers of paper, which are covered on both sides with a thick layer of gypsum. This combination creates a very durable building material that is also fire resistant. Therefore, in order to get an accurate and high-quality cut, it is enough to walk on the plate with a sharp knife and then in this place of its break. To make an incision Run the knife over the drywall sheets from top to bottom several times. To make a correct cut, you need to guide the knife confidently, without jerking and exactly along the marked mowing line. When cutting through the paper layer, you need to firmly hold the tire in one position, otherwise the cut may turn out to be uneven.

The same procedure should be performed if you are less likely to drywall not in the floor, but leaning against the wall. While holding the bus down with your foot, run the knife across the drywall several times from top to bottom. All need to cut through many times, so you only blunt the knife blade.

Letter with cut paper base.

As you can see in the picture, the cut should be perfectly straight. Otherwise you won’t succeed in exactly breaking the slab. The goal is to completely cut through the paper layer and lightly grip the plaster.

# 2. Now you need to break the slab along the notch. If you followed the previous steps correctly, then the drywall sheet should break along the notch. Holding the letter with your feet, just fold it.

Of course, there are a lot of options for how you make yourself break. It is rather difficult to explain all these procedures in two sentences, but I assure you: in practice it is very easy to do it. The most important thing. Make the correct incision. The way you break it is not important.

But if you find it difficult to grab a large sheet with your hands in order to bend it, then press it down with your knee. If you are NOT sure if you can cut the slab well, practice on the waste leaves first.

Scrap plasterboard.

# 3. After the letter is broken with a stationery knife, cut the paper layer from the back of the drywall. If you broke the plasterboard correctly, then you should have no problem cutting the back of the paper.

Trimming the cardboard layer from the outside.

# 4. Bailiffs cut the slab to the attachment point to see how accurate the cut is. If the cut plate is slightly larger, remove the excess material using a rasp. Remember that working with a rasp will create a lot of dust. Therefore, try to make accurate markings.

Cut sheets.

How to cut drywall correctly

Drywall. The material is quite fragile, requiring careful and careful handling. Incorrect cutting is one of the most common reasons for wasting material, although there is practically nothing complicated in this operation. Once I had to give detailed instructions over the phone while driving a car. For the first time, a person faced the need to cut a letter according to a rather tricky pattern, and, nevertheless, he came out of this situation with dignity.

Reversible cut

It is required if there are any obstacles on the way of the structure being constructed, for example, a beam, a window or a doorway. In such cases, on one side of the sheet, you have to make a cut of the appropriate shape. This is usually a square or rectangle. Cutting it out will NOT be difficult. You just need to cut one side with a hacksaw, and cut the other with a knife. After that, we break the letter and cut off the cardboard from the back side, as described in the previous example. All. The cut of the required dimensions is ready, it remains only to process the edge with a roughing plane.

Straight cut

Its main task is to reduce the standard letter to the desired size. This is done easily and simply. Mark the size you want on both sides, then apply a metal ruler or a suitable profile and cut the top layer of cardboard with a knife. Do NOT draw a line with a pencil, but only after that make an incision. In this case, it turns out to be not very even, it is better to cut along a ruler. DO NOT be lazy to groove cut two. Three times, then your letter will probably break in the right place, and not where he pleases.

Then you need to put the sheet on the edge, go from the side where the cardboard is not cut and lightly knock on it with your knee. After two. Three light blows, the gypsum core will NOT support the load and will break exactly according to your markings. You will only have to cut the cardboard holding the two halves, and we can assume that you have successfully coped with the task.

A few words about the tool

Let’s immediately agree that we will talk about the most common and necessary things. The tools recommended in the manuals and textbooks are not cheap and are needed for the most part by professional decorators. If you do NOT belong to this category, you can completely limit yourself to the following minimum set:

Roulette and pencil. Usually every self-respecting man has them. There are some special requirements for them. The pencil should be well sharpened, and a tape measure, preferably at least three meters.

Metal ruler. The longer the better. If it is not there, you can completely do with a metal profile. Their trimmings often remain after assembly of the frame. Or a rule designed for plastering work.

Knife. Here I can offer you two options: use an ordinary stationery knife, NOT too flimsy, which, in principle, is not always convenient, or buy a utility knife with replaceable double-sided blades.

Hacksaw. An ordinary saw for wood, even an old and poorly sharpened one will do. The only condition is that it should be narrow. Perfect option. A hacksaw for cutting knots.

Rough planer. This is perhaps the only professional tool you should buy. It is needed for high-quality processing of the cut edge. Do not even try to replace it with a kitchen grater or file like some craftsmen, especially since its price is only a couple of hundred rubles.

Now it’s time to talk about what you can do with drywall at home.

Round holes

Usually, the need for such holes arises when installing spotlights in a false ceiling. There are two ways to get what you want. In the first case, a special nozzle is used, which is used when inserting a lock into an interior door. It is put on a regular drill, after which a hole is cut out. In the second case, you can do without power tools. Simply cut a circle of the required diameter with a knife, and then gently knock it out with a hammer. Of course, it will not work out as quickly and beautifully as with a nozzle, but it is quite acceptable.

Uneven cut

Such cutouts are often used in the bathroom and toilet, where there is an extensive network of water supply and sewerage. The main difficulty is the correct calculation of the future cut. I advise you to be sure to double-check the contour of the cutout before you take it. If it turns out more than necessary. There will be difficulties in attaching the sheet to the frame, since there may be little space left for the screws. If less. You will have to spend time and effort on fitting.

Next, you need to decide on the procedure. Look closely at the resulting drawing. In most cases, all jagged cuts are a hybrid of straight lines and a semicircle. You have your own instrument for each of them. On straight sections, the intended cut is made, if possible, with a hacksaw. All bends and semicircles are cut with a knife.

That’s all the difficulties, or rather their complete absence. As you know, experience comes with practice, so it’s time to consolidate the knowledge gained and learn how to cut drywall at your own will. As they say. The eyes are afraid, but.

Round hole without the aid of a power tool

This is the second way, which will require a lot of effort. The markings are made as in the first option, while you need to draw a circle of the required diameter with a compass. Once the markings are ready, you need to make a small hole at the edge of the circle. It can be drilled with a brace. Then you need to take a thin hacksaw with sharp teeth, insert it into the hole and start sawing drywall strictly along the mowing line.

Cut the drywall letter in a straight mowing line

Plasterboard plate. This is a sandwich in which the gypsum core is surrounded on both sides by thick cardboard. The material is quite durable, it can be moisture resistant and fireproof. You can cut drywall from any side. Cutting the material is not difficult, with a rather sharp blade cut through one layer of cardboard and break.

It is worth remembering that the knife must be guided confidently and strictly along the mowing line that was drawn earlier. If the first time it was not possible to cut the cardboard, then it is carried out through this place several times until the cardboard is completely cut. The treadmill must be stationary during cutting. It is pressed tightly against the material, otherwise the cut will turn out to be uneven. A layer of paper is cut through with a little bit of plasterboard delight. This will help break the material evenly without chipping. Once you have cut one layer of cardboard on the board, you can proceed to the next step. Breaking the material along the cut. If you did everything correctly, then it will not be difficult to hold the letter with your feet and fold it in the opposite direction from the cut.

You can attract a second person if the layer of material is large. In principle, it does not matter how the material is broken, the main thing in this matter. Smooth and high quality cut. Once you’ve folded the drywall cut, you need to carefully cut the second layer of cardboard. In fact, cutting drywall is easy. When in doubt this process will be done correctly. Try to cut the material into a small piece first.

How to make a round hole in the gypsum board

It is important to learn how to correctly make holes in sheets of material, since installation often involves the installation of sockets or switches. In addition, sometimes it is necessary to repair damaged areas in drywall. To make holes professionally, you should use a special tool and have some skill. Consider how to cut drywall at home, step by step:

  • First of all, a ready-made tool: an electric drill and special crowns for drywall, you can Ballerinas.
  • The crown needs to be fixed in a drill or screwdriver, this is the fastest and most accurate way to make a hole in small to medium sized material.
  • Before starting the process, you need to make a markup to determine the center.
  • Take a crown of the correct size and clip it into the drill chuck. Step-by-step process for cutting a circular hole in drywall

Place the drill in the marked center and start the drill. The drill should be set at medium speed, while the pressure on it should be minimal and smooth.

Advice! Take your time and put a lot of pressure on the tool. This can lead to damage to the material, since the crown can simply be clamped in drywall.

Drywall cutting and tools needed

When working with drywall, many people ask themselves: how to cut drywall correctly? This process will NOT be difficult if you properly prepare the tool and apply markings to the material. How to cut drywall at home so that the minimum amount of waste is obtained? Which drywall tool should you have on hand? Let’s consider in more detail.

Drywall Cutting Tools

Full material

Wavy cut

It is not difficult to perform it with a jigsaw, the main thing in this process is the correct marking. If you want to make a wave, then it is enough to draw a wavy line of the desired curvature over the entire surface of the sheet and carefully, from the edge of the plate, dust the material strictly along the mowing line. In the case when a wavy cut needs to be made in the middle of the sheet, then the following algorithm should be followed:

  • Mark up and draw a curve;
  • Using a drill with a drill of the correct diameter, you need to make holes along the edges of the mowing line on each wave and at its top. This is necessary so that the jigsaw saw does NOT break during the sawing process;

Sawing with a jigsaw of a wavy cut on drywall

  • Insert the pollen of the jigsaw into the hole and gently start sawing along the marked line.
  • Advice! If the curve has strongly pronounced waves, then you need to drill holes at a distance of 15 cm from each other, then the saw will go much easier, and it will be easier to cut it. If the edges turn out to be a little uneven, then they can always be earned with a rasp.

    Tools and material

    Before you start cutting drywall at home, you need to prepare the tool. For this you will need:

    • Drywall;
    • Roulette;
    • Flight bus;
    • Stationery knife.

    Important: it is better to cut drywall only with a new, sharp, stationery knife.

    Introducing the toolbox

    The obligatory list of tools for cutting gypsum fiber with your own hands includes three groups of objects

    1. Devices for marking on a sheet of gypsum board. Simple pencil, tape measure, long ruler.

    2. Actually cutting and sawing devices.

    • Knife. You can cut GVLV with a clerical knife, as well as with a specialized construction knife with a double-sided replaceable blade (suitable for thicker materials).
    • Hacksaw. It is better if it is a tool for processing metal than wood.
    • Electric jigsaw. Ideal for cutting rounded parts. Least of all, high-quality saws for metal with a fine tooth leave chips at the ends of drywall.
    • Electric drill. Needed for making holes. For gaps of large d, you will need round crowns (which cut into the core of the door snap locks) and feather drills.

    3. Devices for processing edges:

    • Rough planer;
    • Chamfering planer.

    This list clearly shows how the home craftsmen cut drywall. Of course, it is far from complete. The arsenal of experienced craftsmen may include professional equipment, for example, a special cutter for GVL. However, for those who are working with the material for the first time, this set is quite enough. In order to better understand how to cut drywall correctly, you need to clearly present the structure of this material.

    The structure and purpose of drywall

    Plasterboard is a layer-by-layer combination of two types of materials. Gypsum (inner content) and sheets of thick cardboard glued to it on both sides. It is clear that if the cardboard layers are damaged, cutting the rest of the day is not difficult.

    Therefore, in order to be able to quickly cut out a sheet of gypsum board, it is not enough to know the best way to cut drywall. It is important to know the basic principle of this action: after the continuous smooth cutting of drywall is carried out, the second step immediately follows. Fracturing letter.

    Dusty drywall, like any solid porous material, is not difficult. It also lends itself well to drilling.

    The functions of the material make it possible to differentiate it into varieties: moisture-resistant, fire-resistant, standard, high-strength (for example, gypsum board or gypsum board, performed using Knauf technology), acoustic gypsum board, etc.

    Despite the large assortment of GK, panels of any of its varieties lend themselves well to division into parts by means of the available material at hand.

    Choice of methods for cutting HA

    Which method of cutting drywall to resort to will become clear after studying the options available for THESE purposes.

    Drywall cutting

    Newbies in the construction business do not know how and how to cut drywall in the best way. After all, any work, whether it is the creation of a ceiling structure, partitions or a complex decorative element, requires knowledge of the rules for cutting gypsum boards and strictly following them in practice. The tool for THESE purposes is used differently. It all depends on the chosen cutting method. So, how to cut drywall at home, the recommendations below will tell you.

    What is this article about

    Standard cut

    Cut the sheet in a straight line. The easiest way to cut. It boils down to the following:

    GVL is placed on a hard and flat surface. Then mark the future cutting line of the cut.

    Whichever knife is chosen, they should be cut strictly, placing a ruler on the side. An uneven cut is guaranteed if you decide to handle it without a ruler. Cutting begins from the back side (here a thicker cardboard layer). The front part of the Civil Code is somewhat different, as it is intended for finishing work. When cutting the knife, try as deep as possible into the gypsum content.

    At the end of the process, the GK is turned over and bent in the direction of the solid (without mowing line of the cut) side. The plaster, rather than being hit by the knife, will break in the desired direction. The cardboard from the opposite side is cut along the formed mowing line of the fold.

    It is not particularly important which side to start cutting drywall. However, on a flat, dense surface, this is much easier to do than when holding the GL in weight.

    Before you cut drywall with improvised devices, you should familiarize yourself with two more types of simple cutting, feasible for independent implementation.

    Double-sided cutting. Most often, cutting in the form of any rectangle is performed in this way. With a hacksaw, they saw one side, the other. Simply cut with a blade. After that, the material is broken, and from the opposite side the cardboard is cut off (as with simple cutting). The finished cut is brought to perfection using an edging plane.

    Cutting on uneven mowing lines. To cut material along uneven lines, you must first prepare a drawing.

    The nuances of making circles

    Circles in the ceiling structure are made primarily for mounting luminaires. The easiest way. Cut a circle of a given diameter in the gypsum fiber with a blade. And gently knock out the middle part with a hammer. However, it will be easier to implement the plan with a drill with special equipment. Cylindrical nozzle. The same one that is used when cutting into the door of a locking mechanism with a latch.

    How to cut drywall correctly

    There are some helpful tips to make your job easier:

    • Drywall. Flexible material. In order NOT to break it during work, you need to put the sheet on a stable, flat surface.
    • When cutting a large letter, do it gradually.
    • The workplace does not have to be wet, otherwise the material will get wet and become unusable.
    • Which side to cut drywall on is not so important. However, it is best to spray on the surface where it will be attached to the wall.
    • We cut the profile, do not worry about uneven edges. They will subsequently be covered with a drywall sheet.
    • When working with the material, it should be understood that it can crumble strongly and create dust. Be sure to protect your eyes and respiratory system.

    The better to cut drywall

    A hacksaw for metal differs from that with which a tree is sawn in a thinner blade

    With a construction knife with a double-sided sharp blade, you can easily cut a dense sheet of drywall. To make the edge of the sheet straight, you should first draw a line of the marking and attach a metal ruler to it. An incision is made along it with a knife. In the case when the drywall is thin enough, you can replace the construction knife with an ordinary stationery, which is used for paper.

    It is convenient to make curly cuts with an electric jigsaw. When working with drywall, it is recommended to purchase saws with fine teeth, which are used for metal.

    How do you cut drywall? How to cut drywall correctly

    Today drywall is widely used in construction and renovation. You can work with this material yourself. However, you should first find out what the drywall is cut with so that there are no problems during the repair process. Below are the main ways to work and the tools you will need.

    Edge processing

    When the drywall is cut, its edges should be slightly aligned so that they do not have

    The final stage of material preparation includes its fascination. To do this, you need to cut off a few millimeters of gypsum from each edge (approximately two-thirds of the sheet thickness). The chamfer is removed with a plane or knife at an angle of approximately 45 degrees.

    After installing drywall, all gaps between the material canvases must be putty. When the seams dry, you can start painting the surface or pasting it with wallpaper.

    Cutting tools

    How do you cut drywall? There are special devices for cutting it, which

    First of all, you need to mark out the drywall letter to cut it straight. This is done with a tape measure, a simple pencil and a long ruler.

    Several tools can be used to cut the material. So, than the drywall is cut:

    • A hacksaw for metal;
    • Construction knife;
    • Jigsaw.

    In rooms with high humidity, moisture resistant plasterboard is used. It differs from ordinary material in the presence of antiseptic additives in its composition. Some people have a question about how to cut moisture resistant drywall. It doesn’t differ much from regular material. It can be easily recognized by its green color. The same tools can be used to cut it. We will tell you in more detail how to work with each of them.

    Curly cutting

    There are situations when you need NOT a straight cut, but curved or round.

    They need to work. Do not rush, following clearly on the marked lines. The saw should be narrow with small teeth. It must work at high speed. When carefully cutting, the edge will turn out to be even.

    If you have a jigsaw, you can use a hacksaw or a construction knife and hammer. Make deep cuts strictly along the markings. Place the drywall on a flat surface from the recess so that it is under the hole to be cut. Now hit this place with a hammer. After the unwanted part has fallen off, turn the drywall over and cut off the excess paper.