How to cut the tulle for the balcony door

I urgently need advice on curtains.

Oddsmakers, maybe who knows. clue! I’m sitting at the machine, sewing tulle. I want to make a tulle of two fabrics. Found out that they also do so (not necessarily to do it as a whole piece). It is more convenient to open the window and the joint is not visible from afar. My question is. these two fabrics on one curtain tape to sew or separately should be? It would be more convenient to wash them separately, but this way it will be separated in the center of the window.

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Stranamamomki, maybe who knows. advise! Sitting at the machine, sewing tulle. I want to make a tulle of two fabrics. I found out that they also do so (it is not necessary to do it as a whole piece). Like this is more convenient to open the window and this junction is not visible from afar. The question is. should these two sheets on one curtain band or should it be separate? Read completely

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Minus on health For it is much easier than fleetingly ask a verifying question “the hands that do?”

So it was not for you, and others, which proudly calls itself “disgafikami”. But for you. Eh. I would also like to make curtains. We don’t have time. We’ll have to order.

Why will they separate??? no one’s going to touch them. Curtains are made with pleats, not in a stretch. And whoever needs to go to the window will go back behind them

Yes. I had to do it that way. Tore right in the middle when opening the window (through the curtains turned the handle all the time). I had to cut it, it was very convenient and the appearance is not affected, looks like a single cloth.

Why will it go away?? As a last resort, connect with a pin. I have two, the joint is not visible, not divergent, but I have a 2-meter aperture collected 5 meters

Will not separate, you just need to fasten the last hooks obliquely-the last left hook to the last loop of the right half, and vice versa

As someone who ate more than one dog on sewing curtains, I recommend to sew on one braid, with an overlap through the fold. two pieces of fabric are folded face to face, you must sew a vertical rough stitch from the top edge in length of 10-15 cm, with 7-10 cm off the side edge. And then you overstitch the edges either to the right or to the left. You see where it’s more comfortable, sew on the braid and remove the auxiliary stitching.

Please! The advantages of this method. Curtains do not diverge at the joint, it looks like a single sheet, and the side edges are hidden to the wrong side of the curtains.

I sewed myself this way, it’s not obvious that the curtain is made of two panels! But it is very convenient to go out onto the balcony and the corner of the door is not caught by the tulle!

As someone who ate more than one dog in sewing curtains, I recommend to sew on the same braid, with an overlap through the fold. two fabrics folded face to face, give a vertical rough stitch from the top edge of the length of 10-15 cm, indented from the side edge of 7-10 cm. And then you bend the edges either to the right or to the left. Look where it is more convenient, sew the braid and remove the auxiliary stitching.

I’ve been serving the market for about 10 years, plus my own clients. But then one after the other happened a few things: the war happened, the baby was born, the lion’s share of customers lost. Now things are slowly getting better, but I can’t work at full capacity yet, the child is in kindergarten for a week, a week is sick, and with him I can’t speed up much.

I also sewed curtains for many years, did the same thing.

As someone who ate more than one dog in sewing curtains, I recommend to sew on one braid, with an overlap through the fold. You fold two panels face to face, give a vertical rough stitch from the top edge of the length of 10-15 cm, offset from the side edge of the 7-10 cm. And then you can either tuck in the edges to the right or to the left. Look where it is more convenient, sew the braid and remove the auxiliary stitching.

Here’s what came out I liked it!Thank you.

I bought ready-made photo blinds. Two cloths on one ribbon. Hang up when you hang up, hook at the junction necessarily.

No. easy to join together. They had about 10 centimeters of stitching on top, but when I shortened the length I didn’t stitch anything, just stitched side by side.

The bottom one is a tulle, the two fabrics are hung on overlapping hooks. I can’t take a closer picture, the lambrequin is in the way

I ordered in the atelier. But I saw the principle with the tulle somewhere. It’s easier to hang and unhook the two fabrics as a result

Inserting the image

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Curtains for the bedroom

We recommend watching a video with a collection of ideas to help you creatively decorate your bedroom.

Curtains for the balcony door to the kitchen, first of all, should be made of materials that are easy to wash and clean, because the kitchen room is constantly exposed to all kinds of dirt. Secondly, the curtains for the kitchen must fully complement the interior of the room.

In each case, a particular version of window curtains or blinds made of fabrics or lamellae is used.

Fashionable lambrequins with tassels, fringes and heavy draperies beautifully accentuate the decor of the room. In the room, the usual design of windows involves decorating the opening with curtains of thick and transparent fabrics that perform different functions. thick curtains shade the room from the sun and prying eyes, thin ones help to emphasize the style of the room.

And yes, they must have one curtain rod. If you put two, it will catch the eye and create a chaotic atmosphere in the room. You might get the impression that some slob lives in the house.

Japanese curtains. quite a common option for decorating a balcony door with a window

So, to begin with, it is necessary to understand what requirements should meet the curtains on the balcony window.

Curtains for the balcony door: buy ready-made or sew to order

The universal variant. simple blinds on all width and length of a balcony aperture. It may not be very convenient, but it won’t spoil the general design of the room in any way

If you want something big and exuberant, you can make a semi-transparent tracery, which will stretch almost from the middle of the ceiling of the room with access to the balcony. But this option is only suitable for spacious housing and if the room has an area of at least 80 square meters. And this is an average two-room apartment.

Roman blinds on the balcony door looks much nobler than mini rolls or blinds

People have different taste and vision of beauty. Before the final choice, many options for curtains for a window with a door to the balcony and choose the most acceptable by all members of the family.

Now there is no shortage of accessories for curtains. The variety of holders is sometimes overwhelming. The following solutions are interesting:

How to hem a tulle? Description of methods

Hem the tulle at home is not difficult. You need a little patience, accuracy and to have at home a simple set of tools: thread, needles, scissors.

To hem curtains made of tulle, organza and other thin fabrics, take threads 0 and thinner.

Note, for tulle, you need a thin yarn, size 0 or less. The color of threads and fabric must merge. Remember, we have to hem the sides first, then hem the bottom.

If the fabric is translucent, you can choose a color of threads lighter than the fabric, so they will be less visible to the light.

You can sew the bottom part of the fabric in several ways.

The easiest way, double hemming. The same method we worked the side seams, but its width in this case is much greater, not less than two centimeters.

There are several ways to hem the sides of the tulle. often than not, the traditional Moscow method of trimming is preferred.

The bottom of the fabric is often worked with a Moscow stitch. Fold up the hem of the fabric by one centimeter and iron it. We sew at a distance of two or three millimeters from the edge of the hem. Excess fabric must be cut. Tuck the material in again, iron it and stitch it, trying to let the stitching go exactly along the first seam.

Tucked by 0.5 cm. Ironing. The regular stitching is sewn 0.2 cm from the edge.

The excess fabric is cut off 0.2 cm from the stitched edge.

One more time fold the tulle.Ironed again. Unstitch at a distance of about 2 mm from the first stitching.

This method allows you to save the amount of material on the lining.

Often the bottom cut is treated with a bias binding, which is the trimming of the bottom cut with a special ribbon.

Place the seam allowance on the hemline and fold it. The untrimmed seam stays inside the finishing tape, which we let under the sewing machine foot. Stitch around the edge of the tape. You can buy the ribbon in a store, or you can make it yourself from whatever material you have.

The best way to sew on the hemstitch is to use a special presser foot or a snail’s foot.

Tulle with weighting material, hemming and processing methods

To give a light material shape use the weighting agents. They are made in the form of cords or plates. They give the airy product a finished look, set its shape.

If the fabric is equipped with a weighting material, there are difficulties with the length adjustment.

There are two ways to solve the problem: trim the material from above or move the duckbill. Basically, the mistresses choose the first option, because it is difficult to move the weighting material, or rather difficult to sew the seam with which the weighting material is sewn. Not every hostess will be able to repeat such a stitch.

What to do if the material is wide, and it is necessary to remove some of the width? It will be necessary to shorten the weight. So we move the seam removing a part of the end of the weighting material and cut off the extra part. After manipulation, move the stitching back to its original place. If the pattern on the fabric allows, the intervention is made only on one side, otherwise the same action must be repeated on the other side of the material.

If the tulle has a special weighting at the bottom or a decorative treatment that you want to keep, then hem the curtain only on the sides.

How many meters of tulle do you need for a three-meter window?

Often hostesses are concerned about this very question. The popularity of the dilemma is easy to explain. this width is the most common and is considered standard. In this case, the width can vary from 4.5 m to 9 m. Naturally, in the first case, the material will lie in a small, even wave, while in the second. in gorgeous, lush tresses.

Important! You don’t measure the window width by the frame or the opening, but by the length of the curtain rod. Decorative elements, such as knobs on the sides of the ledge, are not taken into account.

On the ledge it is necessary to measure the part on which the hooks will walk. the working length of the ledge

As a rule, if the curtain rod is 3 m long, then how much tulle you need to take depends on the chosen type of assembly. If the length of the rod is 3 meters, then the calculation is done according to the same formula given above. First we must decide what kind of braid we are going to use. Accordingly, then the CS: GO will be known, which will be needed to calculate the width of the material for sewing curtains.

So, let’s find out how many tulle you need for a 3 meter window. Suppose a braid is chosen with large side pleats, k=2.5.

3 m x 2.5 (CS: GO) = 7.5 m 6 cm (allowance for side hems) = 7.56 m.

That is, for a three meter window you will need 7 meters and 56 cm of tulle for the side folds.

You also need to consider the frequency of pleats, because they may be located at different pitch

Calculation of the tulle by curtain rod: degree of filling

To calculate the material according to the length of the curtain rod, you need to know what the filling is. This is one of the most important criteria in the calculation. On it depends on how luxurious the curtains will look in the end. The filling comes in three kinds:

    Small. The minimum allowed level. Designers recommend to use not less than 1:1.5 material. That means, if the window is 3 m wide, the minimum quantity of fabric for sewing is 3 m x 1.5 = 4.5 m. If you take a smaller amount of organza or veil, the appearance of the product will be more than modest.

There are a few more nuances that can affect the calculations:

    Density. The denser the material, the less filling should be. Otherwise we will get very little light in the room. And on the contrary, the thinner and more transparent the texture, the more filling you have to choose.

Tulle can be so thick that it will block a lot of sunlight

A big pattern on the tulle itself looks nice, you do not need to hide it in the folds

Common ways in which you can cut the tulle evenly:

By pulling the cross thread. Instructions

  • Mark the required length on the fabric with a crayon or a pencil.
  • Make a clean cut on the edge of the fabric.
  • From the edge we pull out the thread that goes on the weft.
  • Using scissors or a utility knife we cut the fabric along the appeared track.
  • We obtain a perfectly straight piece of tulle.

This method is considered the most reliable and easiest. If you use a penknife, make sure it is sharp, otherwise you will damage the fabric. Measure on a flat surface, gently lay and smooth out the fabric. An ordinary table or side table is suitable for this. If the fabric does not fit perfectly on the table, spread it on the floor. The material should be stationary when cutting.

Attention! Do not forget to count on the hemming for the curtain tape and stitching the bottom edge.

Using notches in the fabric. Instructions

  • Fold the fabric in half, overlap the edges. You can immediately see the size of the bias from the bottom edge.
  • Notch where the edges diverge. The mark should be on both sides of the material.
  • Fold in half again, carefully smooth out and align the fabric. Align the edges with the bend, make a cut on it in the same place where there are already marks on the edges. All three notches should be symmetrical.
  • Unfold the fabric backwards, taking care not to move it out of position. Now it is again folded in two layers. Use a ruler to connect the marks on the edges to the mark on the bend and draw a line for the trimmer with a crayon or pencil.
  • Carefully cut the material with scissors, we get straight edges.

You can use this easy way to even out both sides of the curtain.

If the curtain is not the right length for your window, set aside the required length on the fabric, run a solid line for the trimmer. Bend the excess piece along the line and align the edges on both sides. If the edges match each other, you can cut the tulle.

tulle, balcony, door

How to hem a curtain tape

You can also sew a ribbon to the bottom edge, which will act as a weighting material. This method is used for hemstitching fine and netted curtains. But it can also be used for denser, textured curtains. the weight of the tulle should be more dense in texture and greater in weight than the tulle itself. With the help of this element, curtains are more quickly straightened after washing, do not crumple and are less exposed to mechanical damage.

To sew the ribbon, you will need to prepare the following materials:

  • tape. It must match the shade of the main fabric and be dense in texture;
  • thread. Their color must also be in harmony with the tulle and the selected braid for weighting;
  • A tape measure for measuring;
  • sharp scissors or a utility knife;
  • small sized metal pieces.

How to sew a ribbon to a tulle made of organza or other rigid material:

  • The first thing you will need to measure, the size of the tape should correspond to the length of the tulle on the bottom edge;
  • Lay out the fabric on a flat surface, apply a weighting tape, make the first seam along the entire length. In parallel, you will need to make sure that the stitching is even and not crooked;
  • Make the second seam, which will be located at a distance of 3-4 mm from the first. During the stitching, you must also make sure that the edges are perpendicular to each other.

Now you can iron the tulle and hang it on the window.

Please note! Organza can also be sewn by hand, if the mistress has experience in sewing.

Attaching the tulle at home is a must when purchasing new curtains. It is not always possible to find a curtain of a matching design and the right size. In this case, you can give the thing to an atelier, or you can hem the curtain yourself. You only need strong, color-matched threads, scissors and a sewing machine for the job. Also at home you can process the top and side edges, and sew weights to the tulle, so that it is less crumpled.

How to remove patterned inserts?

Any textile cover tends to get dirty and lose its attractiveness. Especially when it comes to the kitchen or children’s room. It’s harder to keep things clean. Therefore, it is important to know how to remove openwork decorative inserts.

If you used good quality new tulle for pasting the windows, you can take it off several times, wash it and glue it back on

It is very quick and easy to detach a patterned cloth from a windowpane. After all, an environmentally friendly glue was used during the work. To get it off the surface, you’ll need a basin of hot water and a sponge. A soft cloth can be used instead of a sponge. The main thing is for it to absorb the water well. It is easy to remove the patterned insertion. To do this, you need the following:

  • Sponge or cloth to dip in hot water and let the liquid soak well.
  • Then the tulle is wiped with a damp sponge. The surface is treated so that it is well saturated with water.

You can also use a hand sprayer to get the fabric wet

After soaking the starch the cloth is easy to remove

If you do everything correctly, following the instructions, then after removing the textile no streaks remain.

How to glue the tulle on the window pane

It is not difficult to fasten the fabric, but the blanks are made beforehand. Instructions:

  • Measure the glass surface vertically and horizontally with a tape measure or an ordinary ruler. Draw a rectangle on the paper with the obtained parameters.
  • Make an allowance on each side, 5 mm wide. This is necessary, as gluing leads to shrinkage of the lace.
  • Cut out the pattern and put it on the ironed and stretched on the table tulle. Pin to the material with pins.
  • Use a roller knife to draw along the edges of the blueprint.

If you decorate several panes of glass, it is easier to prepare all the patterns at once.

There are 2 methods of fixing the lace on the window. with the application of glue on the surface and with dipping the tulle into the solution.

  • The glass is washed and degreased.
  • Wait for the surface to dry.
  • Moisten a brush with glue and squeeze a little on the edge of the container.
  • Light strokes are applied to the window.
  • Apply the tulle and carefully smooth out the wrinkles.
  • If necessary, additionally impregnate the edges of the fabric with a solution.

Work quickly, making sure the solution does not get on the plastic frame and does not harden.

  • Prepare the glue in a spacious container.
  • Rinse the tulle in warm water, gently twist it and put it in the solution for a few minutes.
  • Take out the material from the basin, wring it out, and carefully smooth it out on the glass, straightening out all the folds.

It is better to re-soak the fastened fabric with glue.

Do not decorate several windows at the same time. The applied compound dries quickly. You will have to wash the surfaces and glue the lace again.

Peculiarities of window blinds selection for a window with a balcony door

First of all, the curtains in the kitchen with a balcony should not create obstacles to the free exit to the extension. The door should be easy to open, nothing should interfere with it: neither the presence of bulk, wide lambrequin top, nor the curtain itself on the side, nor heavy, tangled “under the feet” and lying on the floor flounces.

tulle, balcony, door

A curtain must not obstruct the free passage to the balcony

To choose the most successful drapery option, you should consider a few important nuances of drapery selection and familiarize yourself with their range.

Requirements for curtains with a balcony door

In order to make the right choice of curtains for a kitchen with a balcony door, you must consider several points at once. Check them out.

Drapery should not only be stylish, but practical and undemanding in maintenance

  • Practicality. Kitchen textiles must be practical. Cooking is always accompanied by unpleasant “companions”: soot, smells and all sorts of drops of fat. Even the hood does not always cope with them, or it does not turn on immediately.

Window textiles are often saturated with food aromas, so they must be easy to wash

Even when you open the door to the balcony, the air from the stove will move in the direction of the curtains. Therefore, when choosing curtains, you should prefer fabrics that are hard-wearing, easy to wash, and do not shed.

Kitchen textiles will have to be washed often, so it is better to choose a non-shedding material

  • Correspondence with the decor. The curtain in the kitchen with a balcony must be in harmony with the overall interior of the room. For example, if the kitchen design is a minimalist or high-tech, the presence of massive drapery and carved wooden curtain rods will be completely inappropriate. The fact is that the curtains are the final touches in the design, with which to give integrity to the chosen style.

Drapery should be made in the same style as the interior of the room

  • Functionality. The chosen curtains should be easy to move on the ledge, so you can comfortably regulate the level of light in the room. Also, depending on how and where the kitchen is located, the curtains must be able to protect from the too bright sun, from prying eyes, and still let in plenty of sunlight.

The curtains should be easy to move on the ledge, thereby quickly adjusting the level of light

tulle, balcony, door

Choice of Shades for a Kitchen with a Balcony. 6 models

In this section we will look at the most appropriate drapery options that you can use to decorate a window with a balcony door. Depending on your existing kitchen interior, you can choose one or the other of the presented models.

There are several options for decorating a window with a balcony door at once: Roman, roller, tulle, combined, blinds

  • Roller blinds. Roller blinds for kitchens are a very practical option, helping you to simply but elegantly decorate your window with a balcony. Such models consist of decorative ribbons or special cords that allow you to adjust their height. Grips themselves can be decorated in different ways: the nautical style can be represented by deliberately rough, thick twine, high-tech style. by a thin nylon cord.

The length of the roller blinds can be conveniently adjusted by means of decorative grips

Most often, different size cloths are chosen: the cloth is chosen that just reaches the window sill for the window, and the cloth reaches the floor for the door.

Roller blinds allow you to decorate the window without blocking the way to the window sill

  • Vertical blinds. Practical and modern curtains for a kitchen with a balcony, which do not hinder free access to it. Their main disadvantage is the same height both in the door and window area. This makes it difficult to access the window sill.

Vertical blinds to the floor are bad in that you can not adjust their length

  • Tulle. A classic variant, which has not lost its relevance today. Light drapery fills the kitchen with a sense of lightness and airiness.

Translucent tulle will add lightness to the interior

It is best to refuse a single wide cloth, dividing the tulle into two halves and frame them with a decorative garter strap. This way both the window sill and the balcony door will be open.

For more convenience, the tulle is worth to be divided into two cloths

  • Roman. These beautiful curtains for a kitchen with a balcony. one of the most practical options. A wide choice of mounting methods and affordable price allows you to hang two Roman fabrics separately from each other. That way both the window sill and the door will be open for access.

Roman blinds. one of the most practical options for drapery

Roman cloths look very stylish and are able to fit into any interior. In addition, it is easy to make them with your own hands.

Features of Choice

Deciding on the model of drapery is only half of the job. It is equally important to choose the right design of curtains for a kitchen with a balcony, material and length of curtains. The instructions offered in this section will tell you how to do it.

When choosing a trimmer, you need to pay attention to its color, material and size

  • Material. As already mentioned, the material of the curtains must be practical, easy to wash, not shed or burn in the sun. The best option would be a product made of natural fabrics (chintz, linen or cotton). Blended materials, which are made on a natural basis with the addition of synthetic elements, are no less popular.

Blended materials are highly durable and unpretentious in care

  • Length. Long curtains are not the best option for a kitchen with a balcony. It’s best if the drapery exactly matches the size of the opening, reaching to the window sill or falling from it by about 10-15 cm.

Floor-length curtains are suitable for spacious kitchens, while short curtains will fit in any room

  • Color scheme. In a spacious room, curtains in chocolate, red-brown or dark green will look optimal. In the case where the finishing in the room is done in neutral colors, you can choose bright fabrics for the curtains, which will turn them into an interesting interior Accent.

The intensity of the color of the curtains directly depends on the area of the kitchen

Don’t forget about the light side of the window. For the north side it is better to choose fabrics with a warm palette, for the south side. with cool colors.

  • Pattern. It is best to choose curtains, the pattern of which will echo the pattern on the wallpaper, kitchen textiles or accessories. Do not forget about the size of the room. Drapes with horizontal stripes will help to visually enlarge the kitchen, to raise the ceilings. fabrics with vertical patterns. Using large motifs can make the kitchen visually even smaller.

Chalky pattern is only suitable for a spacious room, small it will visually make even smaller